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Chelsie's Dilemma - Part 3

Derek pays Chelsie a visit, almost ruining her date with Shane...
Chelsie happily walked into work the next morning feeling like nothing could bring her down from the high she was feeling after the day before.

Not even looking at Shelby could make her mad. After all, she finally got some.

Everyone seemed to notice that something was different about her. She was glowing, smiling bigger and she just seemed more vibrant. She had an extra bounce to her step and was acting more upbeat.

“Damn girl, what happened to you?” Shelby asked as Chelsie made her way behind the counter.

“Nothing, I’m just in a good mood,” she replied, flashing another big, bright smile.

“Hmm, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you got some dick last night…”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t,” Chelsie winked before heading for the food to be served at table six.

“Whoa, wait, did you?” Shelby yelled out after her friend as she made her way back to the front of the café to deliver the food.

“What do you think?”

“No way!”


“Oh, that explains why Derek was here yesterday.”

“Wait, what? No! That’s not who I fucked last night,” Chelsie whispered to Shelby.

“Then who was it?”

She grabbed Shelby by the arm before pulling her into a secluded place so they wouldn’t be over heard by anyone – especially some of the customers that were a little nosey from Shelby’s loud mouth.

“Shane,” she said before giving Shelby that knowing look.


“Are you that dense? Shane! The Shane that’s in here all the time.”

“Ohhh!! Nice! How was it?!” Her neck turning a slight shade of red.

“Fan-fucking-tastic. I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time…” Chelsie trailed off as she began thinking about what happened, her panties beginning to slightly dampen.

“I might have to find out for myself…”

“Don’t you even fucking think about it. I mean it, Shelbs. Don’t do it,” she warned her friend even though she could still see the wheels turning in that slutty head of hers.

“Okay, okay, I won’t do it. And only for you, baby.”



May 12 th , 2011

Shane and I have a date tonight. He’s planning on taking me out to The Olive Garden. I’m so excited! I haven’t been there in so long. I don’t know, maybe we’ll go out for some drinks later. Or we can possibly drink there. Who knows? Hmm, I wonder if he’ll take me to a movie as well…?

Anyways, I’m definitely looking forward to this night! I can’t wait to know what exactly happens.

I’ll be back later with the details.


Chelsie laid out three of her favorite dresses on her bed before trying to decide which one to wear. The first was a simple white sun dress that hugged her breasts and stomach before freely flowing around her waist and thighs. The second was the always dangerous and sexy little black dress. She was highly considering this one just to gauge the reaction of Shane and everyone else at dinner. The third was a strapless blue dress that hugged every curve her body had to offer, ending mid thigh.

Hmm, decisions, decisions. They suck and I hate them.

She picked up the white sun dress before holding it against her body, closely inspecting herself in her full length mirror.

I like this one, but I’m not too sure it’s exactly…appropriate for the setting we’re gonna be in. Well, then again, yeah it is. But I don’t have enough of a tan to pull this one off.

She carefully laid the dress back on the bed before picking up the black dress. She held it close to her naked body, admiring the way the dress would look on her. She knew this dress would get her anything she wanted that night: whether it is drinks, sex, or whatever. But would it be too sexy for where they’re going?

Fuck…I love this dress though…

She picked up the strapless dress next.

Form-fitting dress that’s only going to show off the curves my body has to show off. Hmm, but is it really necessary for tonight?

She laid the dress back in its original place on the bed before making her decision. Going on a whim, she decided to go with the white dress. Mostly because it allowed her freedom from the waist down. Who knows? Maybe she had a little something extra planned while they were out and about…

She slipped into the white dress before inspecting herself in the mirror. She ran her hands over her stomach and down her ass and thighs before doing a subtle twirl to see how much of the fabric would flow with her. She felt beautiful and enchanted at that moment, admiring the way she looked, the white dress hugging her upper body, the flowing fabric caressing her smooth thighs. She thought she felt the subtle hint of moisture building in her panties until a knock came on her door.


Shane began making the final preparations for the night. He already had the reservations for the restaurant made, so all he really had to do was get everything ready for afterwards. Derek was going to be gone for the night so he figured he’d bring her back to his place and let her see his living arrangements since he’s already seen hers.

He sat the bottle of wine on the counter before heading to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the night. He told Chelsie to be ready by 7 and he fully planned on sticking to that. After all, the reservations were for 7:45.

But I’m sure I’m gonna be waiting on her to get ready. I’ll be waiting on a woman… sheesh.

He showered, shaved and then got dressed in a simple polo shirt with a nice pair of dark jeans. After doing some final inspections, he decided to make one final stop before going to pick up Chelsie.


6:27 P.M.

Chelsie had just finished checking herself out when a knock came to the door.

He told me to be ready by 7pm… what the hell?

She got up to answer the door, fully expecting to see Shane standing there with flowers in hand – or something along those lines – but for some reason, her expectations and reality didn’t want to line up at that moment.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, staring blankly into the face of her ex, Derek.

“What? I can’t stop by and say hi?” he asked with a smug look on his face.

“No, it’s just that I wasn’t expecting you…” she shot back, trying to discretely look him over without getting caught.

“I should’ve called first. May I come in?”

I do have some time to kill…why not?

“Yeah, sure.”

She opened the door for him before walking back to her room, sensing his eyes penetrating the thin fabric of her dress to stare directly at her ass.

“What are you all dressed up for?” he asked, following her into her room.

“I have a date…” she reluctantly answered.

“Ohhh, I see,” he began before moving closer to her, “is it…romantic?”

“Eh, could be. What’s it to ya?”

She shrugged her shoulders before stepping away and towards the mirror to finish her make-up. She pulled her up into a loose ponytail before reaching for her eye liner.

“Maybe you should call off that date,” he stepped closer, trying to catch her eye in the mirror, “and stay in tonight, with me, here…”

He moved closer until his hips where against her ass.

Chelsie tensed up.

“It’ll be like old times,” he put one hand on her waist, pulling her tighter against the bulge in his pants, lewdly grinding his hard-on into her, “you know, when we spent all those nights in here, doing all those dirty things you love to do.”

His other hand began gently grazing the bare skin of her neck before lowering his mouth to her soft flesh.

“No, Derek, we can’t…fuckkkk,” she felt him against her ass and his lips on her neck, sending chills down her spine at the memory of how he used to feel against her, “be doing this. He’ll be here soon. Mmmmm,” she softly moaned out, catching herself subtly grinding against him. “I like him…”

He ran his hands over her taught stomach, up to her breasts, as he dug his cock deeper into the swell of her ass.

“I know you want this. I can feel the way your body is reacting to me.”

And he was right. Her pussy was beginning to ache for a cock – for his cock – but she wasn’t going to admit it. She made the attempt to remove his hands from her breasts, but for some reason, her hands couldn’t move that high. The way he was tweaking her sensitive nipples through her dress was driving her crazy, sending waves of pleasure directly to her hot core. His gentle kissing and biting on her neck all but caused her to melt in his arms.

“This isn’t right, Derek. We can’t…ohhhhh…” she moaned out, quickly losing control.

“Then why are you moaning like a bitch in heat?” his hand going down to her pussy, “I feel how hot you are through all of this fabric. I know that little cunt of yours wants me, no, needs me,” he hissed in her ear before rubbing over the fabric of where her clit would be.

“Oh fuckkkk!” she moaned out as his fingers made contact with her hard clit, almost sending her over the edge.

“Tell me what you want, what you need…” he hissed once again, applying more pressure to her clit.

“Shit! Fuck…I need you. I need you inside me. I need you to fuck me…” she said, totally surprising herself.

Deciding it was too late and that the line had already been crossed, she bent over, pulled her dress over her waist, revealing her soaked panties to him.

Derek quickly freed his throbbing cock before hooking her panties with a finger and guiding his hard member into the familiar confines of her tight, wet pussy. He gripped her hips before thrusting in and out of her pussy, building speed and intensity with each blow.

Her moans grew louder and louder the harder and faster he fucked her. He could feel her walls tighten up, her breathing becoming labored, just before a quick orgasm crashed through her. He wasn’t exactly concerned about her getting off as much as he was planning to dump his load inside her before taking off. He didn’t plan on sticking around all night, considering he actually had his own plans that wouldn’t involve sex.

He continued driving away at her tight pussy, using her for his complete pleasure. He could tell she was cumming but the thought never really registered with him because he simply didn’t care. Yeah, he wanted her back and all – mainly because she’s a really great fuck – but he wasn’t about to jump through all the fucking hoopla to win her over. If she wanted him back, she’d simply take him back. And up to this point, he wasn’t sure if that would be possible. But the burning question: who the fuck was she going on a date with?

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…ohhhh, fuckkkkk!” she screamed out as another orgasm hit her.

He buried his cock as deep as he possibly could before going back to pounding her tight cunt. He was close to cumming, but decided to let her enjoy her own. After all, it was happening, so why should he rob her of some pleasure for his selfish acts?

“You’re still fucking tight as ever…I’m about to fill this cunt full of cum…” he moaned out, looking up at the ceiling, as he was about to fall over the edge of complete bliss.


He slammed deep once more before unloading a massive load of cum as far in as he could possibly drive it. The intensity from the built up load in his sack just about knocked him out as it raced down his shaft and into the deepest part of her pussy. He groaned out just as loud as she did, almost collapsing on her from his orgasm. He took a moment to catch his breath before sliding out of her and doing up his pants.

“Finish getting ready, you don’t need to be late for your date,” he said as he pulled the dress back down before leaving her house.

Dazed and confused, she stumbled to her bed before collapsing on it, finally realizing what just happened. She sat up and buried her face in her hands, guilt beginning to consume her as she thought about Shane and what he’d think about her if he found out that she fucked her ex while getting ready for a date with him. She looked over at the clock.

6:49 P.M.

Oh, fuck! He came inside me!

She ran to the bathroom with a new pair of panties, quickly trying to get Derek’s cum out of her before Shane showed up. She figured she could finish up her make-up in the car, so getting rid of the evidence before it was too late was number one on her priority list for the time being. She didn’t need things to already be fucked up between the two of them. After all, like she told Derek, she likes him. Why fuck that up right away?

Okay, girl, pull yourself together. He’ll be here soon.


7:05 P.M.

Shane was close to her house when he received a text from Chelsie.


Good, he thought to himself as he pulled into the driveway. He got out of his car before going inside her house to find her sitting on her bed looking like she was in deep thought.

“Hey,” he said, propping himself against frame of the doorway.

“Oh, shit! You scared me,” she said, her hand going to her chest to cover her heart.

“Oh, sorry, babe,” he chuckled before sitting down next to her and putting his arm around her shoulders. He pulled her to him before kissing the top of her head. She quickly buried her face in his chest, not letting him see the guilt that was trying to show through.

“It’s okay. Let’s go eat, I’m starving.”

“Me too.” He got up before taking her hand, lacing his fingers with hers, and walking out to his car. She kind of seemed distant, but maybe she was just tired from work?

The drive to The Olive Garden was quiet to say the least. He was beginning to feel a bit concerned by this because she usually was the one talking. He tried to make small talk with her, but her answers were short and she kept avoiding his eyes. Most of her attention happened to be focused out the window or anywhere but Shane.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” he asked as he tried to take her hand.

“Nothing,” she shot back, closing herself off some more, “I’m fine.”

“You don’t seem fine,” he said before tickling her thigh just above the knee.

She screamed and jumped before grabbing his hand, laughing at the way he surprised her.

“Babe! Stop that!” She grabbed his hand and held on to it. It’ll be okay, it was just a stupid mistake. Calm down and get over it, enjoy yourself.

That’s when she began to open up and actually participate in the conversation without acting like her dog was run over. She was more playful, more vibrant, the further away she got from the memory of what happened with Derek. She figured she could suppress that image and forget about it for the time being. But if she was actually going to be with Shane, she had to eventually tell him about it. She just didn’t know when or how to do it.


Dinner went well. The food was great and, with more and more alcohol being consumed, the more playful the two were. Throughout dinner, Chelsie kept rubbing her bare foot over the crotch of Shane’s jeans, especially while he was trying to order. As the night progressed, the more bold and daring she became with her little game.

She could feel everything against her foot and that made her want it that much more. Fuck everything else for the night – she just wanted him to fuck her. She didn’t care if he had anything else planned; she was going to get what she wanted. She was going to make sure he took her back to wherever they were going to end the night. She wanted to be there, with him, and have him fuck her like he did a couple days prior.

He couldn’t pay the bill fast enough. He wanted it just as bad as she did. After all, she was the one teasing him like that. He planned to make her pay for what she had done.


Shane slid the key into the lock and quickly turned it, opening the door to his apartment. He pushed the door open and waited for Chelsie to enter before stepping in behind her and closing the door. She pushed him against the door before locking her lips tightly to his, running her hands through his hair. She wanted him bad – no, desperately needed him – her hands running over his body, moaning into his mouth as his hands began squeezing her ass.

Using her ass, he lifted her up before wrapping her around his waist, the kissing growing with intensity and passion. Her breathing growing heavier, her moans rising, she began grinding herself against him, desperately wanting to feel his hardness against her aching pussy.

“Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear, grinding even harder against his hard-on.

He turned around before placing her back against the door. With one hand, he unzipped his pants, freed his hard cock, and even worked her panties to the side before working his hard member into her soaked cunt. He thrust hard and deep, taking her against the front door of his apartment, not even having the courtesy to remove her clothes – not that he really cared.

He bit down on her neck as he fucked her hard against the door, eliciting moan after moan from her pretty mouth. He kept driving as hard and deep as he could. He wanted to make her scream, to scream for him. He loved the way she sounded as the height of her pleasure had both of them lost in the throes of their wild antics.

Each wave of her orgasm crashed through her body like the waves of the wind-swept ocean slamming against the rock of a shore line. The thought of being fucked like that was more than she could take. All she could do was scream out as the force of her own orgasm took over.

Every thrust brought him closer to that blissful edge. He held her up by her ass as he continued to pound away at her tiny pussy. He wanted that sweet release – craved it, actually – and wanted to fill her again. He wanted that little pussy of hers to be full of his cum, to be leaking out of her and down her legs. He wanted to see all of that. He exploded his load deep inside her welcoming cunt.

“Fuckkkkk,” he groaned, releasing rope after rope of hot semen into her cervix.

“Ohhhhh, God…”

He kissed her deep and hard as he held her against the door, the last of his cum being milked into her depths. He could still feel her pussy spasm and clench his dick as it softened; quickly reminding him how sensitive his cock was after cumming. He kept her tight against him as he backed away from the door before heading down the hallway towards his room. He wasn’t done with her – not even close.

He kicked open his bedroom door before sitting her down and properly removing her clothes before removing his own. He took a quick second to admire her body before she decided to make a move.

It’s time to show you what I can do.

She sank to her knees before looking up at him with those sexy, seductive eyes. She made eye contact with him, making sure he didn’t look away so he got the full effect of what she was going to do to him. When she knew she had his full attention, she engulfed the head of his cock into her mouth, willing his member to come back to life.

She felt sexy and in control while on her knees with his cock between her lips. She knew she could manipulate him with each stroke of his cock, to make him do what she wanted. She didn’t think he would recover that quickly, but it still gave her a rewarding feeling knowing that she caused him to return to full glory that fast. She had to have him again, but she wanted him to beg for it.

Over and over again, her mouth took his hard cock. She forced herself as far down as she could possibly manage before having to come up for air. She could see the look on his face; see that he loved the attention she was giving him. The more he moaned out the wetter her pussy became. It was becoming a soaked mess but she didn’t care. She felt dirty knowing that her juices – mixed with his cum – were running down her legs. She could feel the sticky mess getting worse and worse the more she sucked his cock.

“Fuckkkk,” he moaned out, his read rolling back, as she devoured his cock.

“You like this, baby?” she asked as she came up for air, stroking his spit-soaked cock in her tiny fist.

“Fuck yes…I need to fuck you again.”

“Oh yeah?” She looked up at him again, still stroking his cock, before letting that mischievous grin form on her face.

“Yesssss…I need you bad…”

“That’s nice.” She shrugged her shoulders before going back to sucking his cock.

“I am going to fuck you again…”

She just shrugged her shoulders and sucked even harder on his cock. She wanted him just as bad, but she also wanted him to work for it. She wanted to see how far she could get before he decided to do as he pleased to her. Her pussy tingled some more at the thought of him taking control of her.

He gripped her hair before shoving his cock down her throat, catching her off guard, causing her to fight her gag reflex. She began sputtering around his cock, fighting for air, as he began fucking her throat. She tried to quickly inhale as he left her throat, but keeping up with his rhythm was no easy task. Over and over again, he rammed his glorious meat pole down her throat, threatening to touch the line of no return.

She placed her hands on his hips and tried to slow him down. She wanted him.

“Okay, okay, fuck me now…” she said after freeing herself from his rampant cock, noticing how wet her face and chest was.

He never let go of her hair. He picked her up, a handful of her hair, before bending her over the side of the bed. Something changed inside him when she tried to deny him her little cunt earlier. He planned to make her pay for that – not to mention her little antics during dinner.

Her gripped his hard shaft before shoving it deep inside her pussy.

“Oh, FUCK!” she screamed out as he slammed hard and deep.

Shane gripped her hip with one hand while his other hand continued to have her hair balled tightly in his fist. He slammed deep inside her as hard as he could, the sound of slapping skin ringing throughout the room that was mixed with her screams of pleasure. He loved the way everything sounded as it mixed together, giving him confidence and satisfaction that he was doing the job properly. He wasn’t into the sex just for himself; he wanted to make sure she got hers as well.

He began delivering a series of slaps to her ass, leaving a red handprint in its wake. He loved seeing his work come to fruition as things progressed along. He was leaving his mark on this girl, and that alone, was enough to bring him is own satisfaction. Hearing her moans increasing with each slap was even more rewarding, letting him know that she definitely approved of everything that was going on. He kept pounding away at her pussy until he finally felt the walls of her tunnel constricting tightly around his hard shaft, signaling that she was finally cumming.

“Oh, babbyyyyy,” she cried out, her orgasm ripping through her body.

His hand shot down to her clit before he began rubbing it, prolonging the pleasure she was receiving as he continued to drive his cock deep inside her. Her moans kept their high pitch and tempo as he circled her little love button with his free hand. He finally let go of her hair before fondling her pert breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples as he went along. He quickly learned how quick that would make her cum. She screamed out again, almost forcing his cock out of her pussy, as she was rocked by another orgasm.

He pulled out of her dripping pussy before turning her over onto her back. He slowly worked his cock in and out of her, trying to tease her. He left just the head of his dick inside her while giving her an evil grin. She tried to thrust her hips up to take more of his cock, but he stopped her in her place, making sure to keep his cock just at the opening to her pussy.

“Ugh, baby! Why are you doing this?” she pouted, as he fed another inch of his cock inside her before pulling completely out of her. “What the fuck?!”


“Oh, Godddd…” she sighed out as he slid deep inside her, filling her completely again. “Oh, come on!”

He slid out of her again before running the head of his dick up and down her wet slit, collecting more of her juices than were necessary, considering she was already soaked as it was. He started laughing as the frustration on her face became more and more obvious. He was going to give her what she wanted; he just wanted to have his fun with her.

He placed just the head inside her, again, before acting like he was going to thrust himself deep inside her. She groaned again as he slid back just a bit, keeping her on the edge of not knowing what’s going to happen next. She was getting very frustrated but decided to go along with it and see what happens.

“Oh, fuckkkkk!” she screamed out as he slammed deep inside her. He held deep while not breaking eye contact with her.

He pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the head inside her, before slamming deep again. Her cries began filling the room as he built up the pace of his thrusts until he was fucking her with a hard, deep rhythm. She did her best to keep up with every thrust he was delivering her until he ended up out pacing her. She ended up lying there; taking the cock he was giving her.

He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders to drive even deeper inside her. He used the new leverage to his advantage, making sure his pelvis made contact with the back of her legs, his cock as deep as it’s ever been. His built his speed up until his hips were nothing but a blur. He was going to make her cum again before he filled her with his hot seed for the second time that night.

The new angle felt amazing for her. His cock hit a new place inside her, causing her orgasm to build even quicker. Every one of his thrusts brought her closer and closer to heaven. She wanted to delay it and make him cum with her, but the feeling was too much for her to pass up. She wanted – needed – that sweet release, to wash over her, to make her melt under him. It was the only thing she could think of at the moment, and she needed it more than ever.

“Oh, baby! I’m gonna cum!” she moaned out.

“Cum all over this hard cock, babe. Cum all over the cock that’s pounding your tiny little cunt,” he willed her, noticing that he was close to cumming as well.

“Ohhh, fuckkkkkkk!” She clenched his cock as tight as she could as she was consumed by her orgasm.

“Mmmmm! I’m gonna fill this tight little pussy full of cum again,” he hissed just before he shot his load deep inside her pussy. “Fuckkkkkkkk…”

“Oh, babyyyyyyyy…”

He pushed her legs apart before lying on top of her, kissing her neck as the last of his cum filled her hole.

“That was…amazing…” she sighed, rubbing his back as they both came down from their high.

“Wow, no joke…”


May 13 th , 2011

I really don’t know what I’m doing right now. I can’t believe I let Derek fuck me right before my date with Shane. God, I’m such a terrible person. I mean seriously, who does that shit? I really like Shane yet I let my ex-boyfriend come into my house and talk me into fucking him?

I didn’t realize exactly where Shane lived until this morning. I was so horny and needed him so bad, that I didn’t pay attention to where we were going. I noticed the place looked kinda familiar, but I quickly forgot about that when he decided to fuck me against the door. Everything dissolved at that moment and he was the only thing that mattered. Wow, that man can fuck…

Anyways, like I said, I didn’t know where I was until this morning…

Chelsie slipped out of Shane’s bed before sneaking down the hallway to use the bathroom. She knew the layout of the apartment all too well. It used to be a place where she went to all the time. Now she’s back in the apartment, but under different circumstances. And this particular circumstance would be very awkward if she were to be…

“What are you doing here?” Derek said as he stood in the doorway of his room, watching Chelsie venture down the hall.

She jumped, the familiar voice piercing her before she turned around to finally face the music, “why do you think I’m here?” she asked as she reached the bathroom door.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe last night wasn’t enough for you,” he said, giving her that cocky look that she loathed so much.

“Oh fuck off. That never should’ve happened,” she shot back, glaring at him while a smile formed on his face.

“Whatever, you know you liked it. Come back to my room when you’re done, I’ll give you a proper fucking this time. Nothing like that quick shit from yesterday.”

“Fuck. You.”

She slammed the bathroom door shut before sitting down on the toilet and burying her face in the palm of her hands, tears threatening to escape her. She felt guilty all over again. She was under the same roof as Derek and that was the last place she wanted to be. She needed to go wake up Shane and have him take her home as soon as he possibly could. She couldn’t stand to be in the same place as both of them, especially knowing what had happened in the past 24 hours.


Derek must be home now.

Shane sleepily rubbed his eyes before noticing that Chelsie wasn’t in bed anymore. He sat up before looking at his closed door.

Did she leave?

SLAM! Came a door from down the hall. It had to of been the bathroom door since he could hear Derek talking from across the hall, but he couldn’t make out what he was saying.

He must’ve introduced himself to Chelsie or something. But why did she slam the door?

He continued to sit up in his bed and rubbed his eyes some more before looking over at the clock.

7:08 A.M.

“Why the fuck am I awake?” he asked out loud before laying back down, hoping she’d come back to bed quickly.

He laid there for a few minutes before she came back into the room, looking like she was either upset about something or she was feeling like shit from the wine she consumed. She slid back into bed before tightly clingy to him, wishing everything to just go away and be normal like it should be.

“Hey,” he croaked before putting his arms around her.

“Hey, you,” she said with a sleepy smile before kissing his neck.

“How’d ya sleep?”

“Not too bad. Yourself?” She continued kissing his neck, placing soft, wet kisses over his flesh. She could see and feel the goose bumps rising on his skin.

“Good…that feels good…”

“Good…” she said before letting her hand graze over his bare stomach, heading towards his inflating member.

“Mmmmm,” he groaned, his eyes closed, as she wrapped her hand around his shaft before slowly stroking it.

He kissed her lips before rolling on top of her, pulling her panties down before sliding himself inside her. He noticed she was wearing his shirt, and for some reason, this was a turn on to him. He decided to leave his shirt on her while he fucked her, leading them both to a mutual orgasm.


…I just wish he hadn’t come out of his bedroom when he did. He even had the nerve to try and invite me back into his room! Hmm, I wonder if he figured out who my date was. I mean, obviously, if he thought it about, he would’ve put two and two together and realized why I was wearing his roommate’s shirt – if he even noticed at all. It didn’t really help that I was wearing just the shirt and panties.


I’m just glad Derek left before Shane and I got out of bed. I really would’ve hated to be in the middle of what could’ve happened. I don’t want those two to get into a fight because of me. Maybe I should tell Shane that his roommate is my ex-boyfriend. Gah, I hope he doesn’t hate me for this, but it must be done.

Oh, boy… this is gonna be interesting…

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