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Chris and Sarah Part 1

Is their faith strong enough to fight a desire hotter than hell?

Sarah pulled up to Chris's house, smiling as she saw him race out of the house towards her. She shut off her car and giggle happily, squealing as he yanked her car door open and snatced her out of her Cirrus, lifting her in the air for a great big bear hug. "I'm so glad you're finally here!" He exclaimed, burying his nise into her rose scented hair, breathing deeply. Sarah, still suspended up in his arms, blushed lightly, feeling his well muscled body held tightly against her own softer, supple body.

"I'm so glad to be here! Thank you for letting me come!" She sighed as he set her back down onto her feet. She stepped back, wrapped her arms around herdelf and took a good look at him for the first time. He was about 6'5'' tall, light brown hair, dark eyes, a wicked sensual mouth and strong chin. Handsome in every aspect of the word. Sarah kept her eyes from skimming over his body, she'd already felt it. And she'd enjoyed it, maybe a little too much. She giggled at the fact that she had to really crane her neck to look up at him, he was so much taller than her.

Sarah spent the summer moving to columbia, in with her sister Denise, after graduating two months ago. She'd planned on going to one of the local community colleges, and working to put herself through school. It was the beginning of September and the weather was starting to turn colder. The tree's changing colors, sheding their magnificent leaves all over the ground. Chris lived close by in another town about thirty minutes away from where she lived. She had met him online about 7 months ago and they had been fast, steady friends ever since then. They were both deeply rooted in a christian background and put God before everything in their life. They'd shared many of their experiences with Him and had many of the same thoughts and ideas pertaining to christianity. Every sunday after church she would get on the phone and call him, and they would have their own small fellowship over the phone and she would talk about what she'd learned in church. He was always working at the female prison so he never had a chance to go to church.

The first three months their conversations were relatively innocent, Chris had many bad things experiences in his past that he shared with her, and Sarah shared some of her own. They'd touched base on just about every issue and soon Sarah began to feel something different for him. Everytime she'd pick up her phone, and his deep voice would be on the other line asking her about her day and she would blush. Trying to play off that the reason why her voice was so breathless was because she ha'd been running around the house. Even though that wasn't the case. She'd spent the past few weeks analyzing her feelings for him. She cared deeply about him, and he cared about her too. They'd decided to pray about it and wait to see what would happen.

He was always respectful of her, never talking about things that he'd thought would embarrass her. She'd sent him a file of all her pictures and was amazed at her beauty. He never told her but sometimes he'd spend hours staring at her. Taking in the tilt of her head, the curve of her lip. The way she always had her left arm wrapped around her body and right elbow resting against it, leaning her head agaisnt her hand, her fingers slightly curled against her cheek. He looked through her photos, observing how in just about every one she'd had her arms wrapped around herself, like she was trying to keep something in, or something away. Like she was protecting herself. Chris stared at her now, she had her right arm pressed against her stomach and her left arm was across her chest, her hand gripping her shoulder. He thought it was incredibly cute, but training let him know that there were some reasons as to why she always held herself. Like she didnt want anyone to get too close.

He studyed her profile. She was insanely beautiful. Though from past conversations he knew she didn't think so. He always held back from telling her what he really though about her. So all he did was assure her that she was beautiful, had the biggest, gorgeous eyes he'd ever seen in a female. She looked Native American, had all the features though he knew that she was hlaf black and white, with a bit of native american. But you couldnt tell just from looking at her. She looked like she belonged in a deerskin dress. A smile quirked his lips as he thought about how sexy that would look. She was 5'4, she was curvy, had a nice flat stomach, firm round hips, shapely legs and small, pretty feet. She was wearing open toe sandals and she had a annkle braclet and toe ring on her left foot. Chris had to refrain from looking at her chest, five years of military training teaching him discipline should have made that easy. But it wasnt.

He studied her face more. Chris fell in love with her skin. Traveling around the world and being to several different countries didnt prepare him for the beauty of her golden skin. She was practically glowing, and her skin looked so soft. He reached out and touched his fingertips lightly to her cheek. Sarah lips parted at the contact, totally unprepared to be touched by him. Chris's eyes took in the motion. His eyes darkened as he stared at her moist, pink lips. Lips he wanted to kiss, very badly. His hand moved her long, straight hair out of her face and behind her ear. Sarah had told chris that she always used to wear her hair straight but she'd wanted a change of scene and had been wearing it naturally curly for almost a year now. But yesterday she had decided to straighten it and she was amazed at how long it'd grown. It hung straight down her back, and rested against her hips. Her bangs fell into her eyes, giving her face and almost childlike look. Chris took the time to admire how silky her hair was, threading his fingers through the strands and tugging slightly. She giggled and turned her head slightly, showing him a new piercing that she had just got a couple days ago.

"Mom wasn't too happy about it. She said "its ok to have one piercing Sarah but TWO! what were you thinking!!! Thats UNGODLY!" Sarah smiled, doing an awesome job of imitating her mother. Chris chuckled and contemplated her ear. Perfect, it was small, slightly pink and all the piercing served was to enhance the beauty of it. Chris wondered what it be like to nibble on it, to run his tongue around the outter shell.

He shook his head clear of all those thoughts, realizing that Sarah had been waiting for him to say something.

"Well, i think its very nice." He smiled. "Come on, let me show you my home. Do you have enough clothes? How many days did you wanna stay? I took a two week vacation just in case."

"I have three or four bags in the back on my car," she started, turning with him as he opened her car door and got the bags out. "And its fall, my classes dont start, for another three weeks. And i packed a few hoodies but i need to go shopping for a decent fall jacket and a coat for the winter. Two weeks sound just fine." She moved forward to grab her bags from him but he shook his head. Sarah was amazed at his strength. He lifted all four of her bags effortlessly. Muscles bunching up under the tight long sleeved shirt he had on.

"I got this, just lock your car up and grab your purse. Could you get the door for me though?" He threw over his shoulder, walking towards his house.

Sarah had to run to catch up with him, he was so much taller than she was and walked with long, sure strides that she found difficult to keep up with. Chris smiled, watching her bounce along in front of him, her hair swinging side to side. Sarah got to the door and opened it, standing back as he passed her. She closed the door and turned around, gasping as she saw his house for the very first time. It was...beautiful. Everything was intricatley decorated, the walls a delicate dark tan color. Masculine, but not so much so as to scared the ladies away.

"Are you hungry?" He asked. Setting down her bags in the living room. Sarah didn't answer, mesmerized by the pictures he had on the wall. Photos of him in iraq, italy, japan, and countless other places filled the wall. Sarah was speechless. She touched a picture of a japanese temple, set against the sunset, with cherry blossom trees blowing their leaves across the photo. It was so beautiful. She jumped as she felt his warm hand press against her lower back. She drew her hand away.

"Did you take this?" She asked, staring up at him.

"Yes. Every picture that you see in this house that doesn't have me in them, except for the obviously professional ones, are ones i took. I'd like to take you to Japan one day. It's very beautiful." He aid, staring into her eyes. Sarah looked away hurridly, away from the heat in his eyes.

Lord give me strength. He thought.

"So! What do you want to eat?" He asked, taking her by the arm and pulling her in the kitchen.

"Well that depends on what you have now doesn't it?" She teased, plopping down on one of the high stools against the island. She'd rested her head on her hand again, staring at him with big doe eyes.

"I have everthing! Just tell me what you want my fair lady and i will cook it for you!"

"How bout double chocolate chip cookies?" She asked, licking her lips unconsciously.

Oh my God! Chris thought, feeling himself hardening. If she does that again i might blow my load in my pants. I need to get a GRIP! I should not be thinking of her like this! He turned away from her.

"Cookies it is!"

"On one condition." She said, Chris turned around and jumped at how close she was. Somehow in that two second period she had managed to get right behind him without him realizing it.

"Oh really now?? And what might that be, Sarah?" He said, a playful smile tugging at the corner of his lip.

"I get to help!" She said, a big smile breaking out on her face. Chris held his breath. He'd never seen anything so beautiful. He reached up and tugged a strand of hair behind her ear. A gesture that was becoming more habitual every second. She bit her lip softly waiting for his reply.

"Alright, just let me get the cook book." He said, reaching around her for the shelf where he kept all his cook books and family recipies. Sarah tried to step back a little bit, nervous at how close she was to him. Her hips hit the counter behind her and with a gasp she realized she was traped between his strong body and the counter. Chris looked down at her, catching the little sound she made. She gazed up shyly, not quite knowing what to do.

Chris couldnt help himself, her moist, parted lips called to him. Just begging to be kissed. He placed his lips lightly against hers for a small, chaste kiss. Wanting to keep it simple since he knew it was her first kiss. But Sarah wasnt prepared for the new feelings that had risen up inside of her and she gasped into his mouth. Chris groaned, as her sweet breath filled his mouth. Almost like a drug. He let his tongue slide gently past her lips and into her mouth. Stroking her tongue ever so gently with his. Sarah whimpered at the contact. Chris placed his hands on either side of her waist, lifting her up and onto the counter. He nudged her legs apart and stepped between them. Careful not to touch her down there. There was nothing wrong with a little kissing but it was too soon to take it further. He buried his hands into the silky tresses at the sides of her face, holding her there. Sarah gasped as she felt him setting her on the counter, her legs clamped his waist gently as his tongue plundered her mouth. Sucking her lip into his mouth Chris groaned.

God she tastes so sweet.

With a deep breath he pulled away, rested his forehead on her shoulder. Her fingers shifted through his hair lightly.

"We'd best get started." He said, pulling her off the countertop.

"Oh, Chris?" She said, staring up at him.

"Yeah, babe." He asked, staring at her swollen lips.

"I dont do cookbooks." She sausily said, going to the cabnient and began to pull ingredients out on and placing them on the table.




Hours later, after Chris had spilled a tub off flour all over the counters and floor and Sarah slipped on it and spilled vanilla flavoring all over him. The sat back, with their backs against the counter gasping for breath after they'd had a big food fight. Chris had payed her back by taking eggs and pouring it on her front, steering clear of her hair. Sarah picked up a big gallon of apple juice and had turned it over his head while he had his back turned. That led to a dangerous chase around the kitchen, both of them slipping and sliding and runnng into walls. Once Sarah slid the length of the kitchen on one foot. Making Chris bust out laughing harder than he'd laughed in months. She got up, face red but she couldnt help herself and started to giggle too, and pretty soon they were on the floor holding their stomachs, tears streaming down her eyes. They had to take a quick shower and change into some comfortable clothes. Sarah changed into shorts, toe socks and a jersey shirt with a light jacket. Chris changed into casual jeans and light t-shirt.

Somehow they'd managed to make two dozen cookies. While they were baking Sarah and Chris cleaned the kitchen, not stopping untill it was spotless. When the cookies were done sarah ate five alone but Chris had a good ten or eleven cookies. He patted his stomache.

"Well, its six thirty right now so why dont we get changed into something a bit warmer and take a walk?" He said. That was one of the many things they'd had in common. He loved taking long walks and so did she. And the weather was just right for it.

"Yeah! That'd be great!" She said, getting up and stretching.

"So your room is upstairs, second door on the right. My room is right across from yours. So if you need me call me." He said, getting up and heading toward the steps.

"Race ya!" He heard from behind him and turned around to see Sarah running past him, bumping him gently as she took the first three steps in one leap. But Chris was faster, his hand snaked out and grabbed her foot, causing her to fall and slide down the steps. She turned as he crawled up her body, like a panther hunting his prey. He settled the cage of his limbs around her. He lowered his head and kissed her bare shoulder, where the jersey and jacket had slipped down her arm. He pulled her clothes back on her right. He looked down at her, his mouth a couple inches away from hers. Sarah could almost taste the alluring spice of his breath as he spoke.

"You have to realize by now that i am faster than you are. You wont ever be able to get away from me." He bent his head, closing the last couple of inches between them and ran the tip of his tongue across the seam of her lips. He wrapped his arm around her, holder her closer to him.

Chris's body harded, every muscle going taunt when she wouldnt open her mouth for him. He nipped her bottom lip sharply, growling deep in his throat as she gasped and arched against him in shock, pressing her soft, full breasts against his chest. He felt her nipples hard against him. Her hand was curled around his waist, nails digging in ever so slightly. He took her mouth again in a slow hot kiss, this time she opened for him. His hand snaked up her belly and grazed the underside of her left breast. She whimpered, jerking against him. Her pussy growing hotter and wetter as the seconds ticked by. He distracted her totally with his mouth, nipping and sucking at her full, generous lips. Sarah was unprepared when he suddenly moved his hand up and pinched one aching, distended nipple hard between his fingers. She screamed, the sound muffled by his mouth, she bucked her hips hard against him. So aroused she was, almost to the point of pain. He pressed himself harder against her, holding her hips down with his. He continued to manipulate her nipple , making Sarah gasp and squirm beneath him. Every twist of her hips made him harder and harder.


She pushed at his chest gently.

"Chris! We cant! It's wrong, we just met eachother! And we're not married!" She gasped, brething harshly as he removed his hand from her and layed his head in the vally of her breasts, breathing deeply. God this woman was intoxicating. Making him loose much needed control. But she was right, they weren't married, and what they were doing was a sin. But damned it felt so right. It never felt this good with anyone else.

He pushed himself to his feet and helped her up.

"Let's get changed and we'll go for that walk." He said, turning to grab her bags out of the living room. He carried them up the steps and placed them in her room and hurried out to change his own clothes.




They met by the front door ten minutes later. He noted she had her hair up in a heavy bun and earings with three feathers on them dangled from her pretty ears. She was wearing light blue jeans, and heavy black sweater that just barely clung to her shoulders. Beautiful.

"You-uh...think you should put on a hoodie or something? I think its a little nippy outside." He asked, mentally slapping himself for the use of that word.

Sarah turned slightly pink.

"Yeah, uhm....I'll go get my hoodie." She walked past him and the scent of vanilla ligered in her wake. Chris rubbed his neck trying to relieve some of the tension in his body. A couple seconds late she came down the steps with an oversized dark green hoodie on that swallowed her small, curvy frame.A few strands of hair escaped in the back, curling up against the golden skin of her nape.

She walked through the door and he followed her, into the coolness of the evening.

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