Chris and Sarah Part 2

By SarahBeara18

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a continuation of Chris and Sarah Part 1. Gets a bit more intersting this time around....

Sarah waited patiently as Chris locked up the house, and she put her hands in her pocket, walking side by side with him. They talked about a ton of subjects from what was going on in the country and how it was affecting his job, to the classes she was gonna be taking in school. After about an hour of walking they turned and headed back home.

"Well, the move was a hard one." She said, looking up at the sky, which was a hue of pick and orange, blue and purple. It was getting darker, and colder. She shivered slightly. Chris moved closer and put his arm around her shoulders. "Thanks. So anyways, i know I'm gonna miss my mom and family and my old life. But, it's time to start a new one. It's like a fresh beginning."

Chris was becoming increasingly distracted by the bump of her hip against his leg as they walked. He squeezed her shoulder lightly. They we're not quite a mile away from his house, walking past a big patch of woods that seperated his house from all the others in that neighborhood.

"You know, I've been thinking alot about us." He started, staring off into the trees as he spoke. "We've known each other for a while. And its quite obvious that our relationship is getting pretty serious. I want you to know that i would never hurt you. I'll be here for you always. There's nothing that you cant share with me. We have always been honest with eachother and I'd like very much to keep it that way." He trailed off. Letting his words sink in.


"Chris, i really care about you. And I'm feeling some things inside that I've....never felt before. And it's scary." She started.

Chris stopped and turned towards her. Saw that she was crying. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes and he leaned down and kissed each tear, then her lips.

"You can trust me," He whispered against her lips. He put his arms around her waist, puller her flush against him as something broke inside of him. He loved her, his heart yearned for her. He needed to have her for his own. Completely. His mouth took hers in a desperate mating of mouths, his hands tightened on her waist and he pulled her even tighter against him. Like he was trying to absorb her into himself. He felt her trembling slightly against him, and she sobbed once, wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing her breasts higher and trapping them against his chest. His hands quickly went under the material of her hoodie and shirt, he walked her back wards, pushing her up against a big oak tree. His hands made quick work of her hair, pulling it out of it's bun, watching as it feel like a waterful down to her hips. He grasped her hips tightly in his hands and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips tightly and moaned as she felt his hardness settle against her most secret place. Chris pulled up her hoodie, shirt and bra, revealing perfectly proportioned breasts, with tight, pink, long nipples.

Sarah panted and squirmed as she saw his head lower to her nipple. She cried out as he sucked it sharply in his mouth. She arched, moaning as he scraped his teeth around her nipple, tugging hard. Chris swelled uncomfortably in his pants and he bucked against her to ease the ache. It only intensified it. He groaned, the act casuing his tongue to vibrate against her nipple and Sarah's moth fell open, her head tilted back as he puled his lips from her. Her nipple was swollen, bruised red from his mouth. He looked up at Sarah, her long slender throat arched to the sky. He grabbed her breasts, his thumb flicking back and forth over her abused, wet, tender nub. Sarah lowered her head down and looked at him, her long, glossy tresses falling over her shoulder and covering her nipple and his hand.


"I'm taking you home. Now. I need to fuck you." He said, bending forward to bite her other nipple, he nipped it with his teeth, causing the air to escape Sarah's mouth in one long hiss. He pulled away, his teeth tugging and scraping her nipple, tongue flicking the tip. He released her nipple and pulled her clothes down, setting Srah on her feet and steadying her as she swayed slightly. Sarah's breasts were heavy, aching. Swollen and sore from his mouth. He grabbed her hand and set a fast pace to his house. In no time at all they arrived at his door. Chris, not being able to wait to get the door open, picked Sarah up, her legs wrapped around her waist, and pushed her up against the door. Sucking her tongue into his mouth Chris fumbled with the keys, trying to get the door open. When he managed to get it open he walked through, closing the door with his foot and slamming Sarah up against the wall, his pictures falling to the floor around them. He pressed his hips against hers, holding her agianst the wall. He quickly pulled off her hoody and her sweater. He unclasped her bra and flug it to the side. His mouth made quick work of her nipples, sucking and tugging untill the were standing out, rock hard from her beautiful breasts.


He took off his shirt and pressed himself against her while he captured her lips with his. He groaned into her mouth. The feeling of her soft breasts and hard nipples pressing against his hest was almost too much to bear. He carried her up the steps and into his room, where he pushed her down upon the bed. He quickly slipped off her shoes and socks, peeled her pants of her beautiful curvy legs.

Sarah moaned and tried to close her legs, but Chris held her wide open for him. He ever so slowly puled of her panties. Uncovering the hidden treasure beneathe them. Her lips were swollen, a nice dep pink. He took her cunt lips between his fingers and massged them. Making Sarah jerk against him, her juices leaking out and down her buttocks. He leaned down and lapped them up and Sarah froze with shock. Chris took one lip into his mouth and sucked, scaping his teeth ever so gently against her. He did the same to her other one finally before moving upward and flicking her clit with his tongue. Sarah held her hand against her mouth, stifling the noises she was making. He moved up her body, kissing and nipping at her here and there.

Chris settles his weight on her, pressing the head of his cock against her weeping pussy. Sarah was panting heavily. Tears swam in her big brown eyes, threatening to spill over, her cheeks were pink, flushed, her lips were swollen and bruised from his kisses. She turned her head to the side as he began to push himself slowly inside of her. She moaned as he went past the first ring of tight clenching muscles. Chris growled as her pussy clamped down hard on him. Sarah made a noise between a sob and moan as he pulled out and reinserted himself, only sinking in another inch before her muscles clamped down on him again, denying him entrance. He lowered his head to her ear.

"Let me in Sarah," He said, tongue swirling around the outter shell before dipping inside. Sarah's whole body tensed up. Sarah felt so hot. Chris nibble and licking at her ear only intensified the pleasure she was feeling.

"You're too big." She sobbed, her nails digging into his back. Chris barely felt it.

"Open up for me baby." He breathed, sucking her earlobe into his mouth. He groaned with delight as he pushed another couple of inches in. He felt her barrier and pulled back and thrust hard. Feeling her arch beneath him.

Sarah flung her head back, feeling his sink deeper and deeper into her. He was so big!!! He was still pushing himself into her.

"Oh God Sarah....i love you, so much," he moaned, pulling his hips back and thrusting slowly into her.

"I-I...OHHH!!!!" Sarah cried out sharply as he took her nipple into his mouth at the same time he thrust himself hard into her to the hilt. Sarah's hands clamped down on his shoulders as he chewed on her nipple, banging into her over and over again. He pulled all the way out and pulled her hips to the very edge of the bed, pulling her legs wide. He stood up, widening the stance of his legs to get just the right angle and he thrust into her hard and fast once more. Pulling all the way out and slinging his hips forward agan, and again, and again.


"Your so tight!" He exclaimed, watching as she threw her head back, her hands fisting up into the silk sheets under her as one particularly deep thrust hit something high in her.

"Yea baby. You feel that? Huh? Thats your g -spot." He moved his hand and pinched her clit, making Sarahs legs bend up and back with the pleasure. "You see when i nudge it just so-" He circled his hips and sank into her once more. Sarah Arched high off the bed screaming as an orgasm slammed through her body with a force that was unreal.

Chris pulled out and pushed his fingers into her pussy, and moving lower her spread it around the tight, puckered hole of her ass. He repeated this several times till she was properly lubricated. He slowly began to push his finger into her. Sarah grabbed his arm.

"Not there, oh god...please...Chris..." She whimpered as he just stared at her, sinking his finger all the way.

"You will take it anywhere and everywhere i want you to." He ground out, pushing another finger into her. He pulled them out and, placing her legs on his shoulders leaned down, taking a pink, distended nipple into his mouth.

"Mmph!" She breathed harshly, feeling the liquid smack of his lips on her nipple, drawing it into the hot cavern of his mouth.

He pushed hard again her ass, squeezing the head of his cock inside. He slid deeply into her. Drawing a harsh sigh from her lips.

He rocked with her gently, moving his head up to kiss her mouth softly. After a while he became more urgent, thrusting faster and faster till she was moaning and arching beneath him.

Suddlenly she screamed, scoring her nails down his back, clamping down tightly on his cock. Chris didnt feel a thing except this cock swelling and bursting within her.

He nibbled on her lip lightly as he pulled out of her and pulled her back up on the bed. He settled next to her, watching her breasts rise up and down with her breathing.

He began to harden again.

It was going to be a VERY long night.