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Claire - pass the parcel

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A few years ago I met a lady online, a fair bit older than myself but became very good friends and now meet on a regular basis. The better we got to know each other the more she told me about things that had happened to her while she was married, eventually asking me to write about her experiences.

Her name was Claire, thirty five years old, with medium length blonde hair, blue eyes and five feet three inches tall. She was solidly built, without being fat, doing a lot of horse riding when younger and thirty four ‘D cup boobs, most people view her as being very sexy.

This particular recollection happened about seven years ago when she was living in a small town in the north of England. At that point in time she’d been married for nearly ten years to her, then husband Paul. She had a good life; Paul was a very well paid Accountant, working half from home, the rest of the time from an office in town. She’d do a lot of secretarial work for him at the busiest times of the year but had enough time to what else she wanted to.

Married life began normally enough, having what she described as a great sex life, taking every opportunity they had to make love but as time went on they became more experimental and quite daring. They’d go out with friends, Paul would give her a look and they’d disappear to somewhere more private for a quickie. Before returning, he’d insist that she leave off her bra, underwear and tights if she’d been wearing any, which made her feel so sexy. It was incredibly exciting at the time, feeling his cum dribbling out of her as they sat talking, knowing that her hardened nipples were easily visible through her top and that they’d been noticed by their friends.

They reached a stage where they were making love less and less, more and more he’d simply like to undress her or to watch her strip and watch her masturbate. They were no less risqué when out though, he’d still give her his look and they’d hurry elsewhere but instead of full blown sex, she’d give him a blow job, him cuming on her breasts but more often than not he’d eat her out, loving the sound of her moaning.

Then, one night on the way home, in the car, he told her to undress and touch herself. Although it was dark, she was seen, getting looks of amazement as they were stopped at traffic lights. At the end of our journey Paul suggested she walk from the car to the front door naked. This was definitely something she’d not expected, taking time to decide on whether to do as he asked. She was so turned on but considered that going to the door nude was a little too daring but then she thought, why not and as fast as she could, ran to the front door. Paul took his time picking up everything from inside the car and to open the front door for her, Claire’s heart pounding as she wondered whether any neighbours had seen what had happened.

A few weeks later, they went shopping at one of the big mall’s close by. He’d asked Claire to put on a very short skirt, no underwear, fairly high heeled shoes, with bare legs, blouse and bra. As they shopped, he was getting her to bend over a lot, picking up items off low shelves. At least when she looked at him he’d got a massive bulge in his trousers, making her feel incredibly sexy, encouraging her act more seductively.

With the shopping completed and back to the virtually full car-park, she sat down in the passenger seat, feeling pretty turned on. Immediately he told her to take off her shoes, the doors to the car still open, unbutton her blouse and take it off, followed by her bra and finally her skirt. He laid back the driver’s seat, undid his trousers and took out his cock, looking into her eyes. Without hesitation, she went to work licking and sucking him, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth, all the time hearing shoppers walk by the open car, either offering encouragement or disgust at what they saw. It was no quick job though, Paul wanted to last but eventually, with his knob down her throat, he came with one of the biggest orgasms he’d ever had. Needless to say, Claire stayed naked for the entire journey home, once there, again instructed her to go to the front door with nothing on. This time, Paul went to the back door, leaving her standing in full view for at least five minutes.

From there their married life developed further. He chose the clothes for her to wear; skirts would get shorter and shorter, tops a lot tighter, lower or more revealing, Paul seemed to get very satisfied by his or their friends ogling her but despite sleeping nude and him watching her finger herself to orgasm, it was a rarity to see him with an erection, he was fucking her, maybe, twice a month if she was lucky.

Claire was still far from unhappy, enjoying the risks, masturbating for him was great fun and on the occasions where they did have sex she was more than satisfied. She’d never been on the pill or used birth control of any description, always planning to have children but as the years went by simply accepted the chances of being made pregnant were pretty remote, sex seemed to come at the wrong point in her cycle.

They developed a group of friends that they’d see once or twice a week, including Paul and Claire, there were five couples, three of which had got children. They’d go out as a group occasionally but more often than not, it would be guys nights or very occasionally, girls’ nights. The men were all big Rugby fans, televised England internationals were big events for them and as they had the biggest TV, they’d always watch them at their house. Claire would be the guys’ waitress for the day, making sure they’d plenty to eat and that their beer glasses were never empty. The way the matches fell, it meant a full house, five weekends out of seven.

She hadn’t considered there was ever a problem but the longer they knew them the more familiar the guys got with her, suggestive comments, touching her at every opportunity and kisses that went beyond friendly, Claire simply ignored what was happening and Paul didn’t seem to mind, in fact, he encouraged it.

There had been no sex for at least three months when the next group of Rugby internationals came around. Claire was going crazy, desperate for sex, masturbating at every opportunity but always wanting more. The day of the first match arrived, she showered as normal and went back to the bedroom to get dressed. Paul had laid out clothes for her on the bed but before she had chance to say anything, he quipped that she always did a great job as a waitress and might as well dress the part. There was a white thong, a lacy push up bra, very short frilly black skirt, white stockings leaving enough of her thighs visible to tease the guys and red blouse that he insisted was tied up to reveal her stomach to above her belly button, oh, of course, don’t forget the high heeled shoes. When Claire saw herself in the full length mirror thought she looked somewhat tarty but at the same time, felt incredibly sexy knowing she’d definitely be getting lots of attention that afternoon.

Not long after the guys started to arrive, a lot earlier than they would have normally, Claire hadn’t even prepared any of the food, so, went straight into the kitchen and got to work. One by one they turned up, first, Dave, then Adam and Tony and finally Steve. All went into the kitchen to say hello, passing comments as to how good she looked. When Steve arrived, Paul’s closest friend, he went straight up behind her, wrapped his arms around her body to pull her tight against him, kissing her neck and cupping her left boob, squeezing with his left hand. She was certain his cock was hard, feeling it as it pressed against her arse and as she turned around, in shock, her mouth open, he put his to hers, snogging her hard. Claire struggled to break free, feeling that Steve had gone too far but knew she was in trouble when she saw Paul standing there grinning mischievously.

They started drinking not long after arriving, Claire guessed that it was going to be a long afternoon if they’d be drinking the whole time and needed to keep her wits about her. Each time she went past one of them their hands would be under her skirt groping her arse and as her thong covered very little, clutched at her bare flesh.

The game finally kicked off, their attention focussed on the action, almost forgetting about Claire. She took the time to relax and have some time to herself but then heard them getting rowdy, the match wasn’t as good as they hoped and called for more drinks. With a hint of dread she put her shoes back on and headed to the TV room but before she could ask what they wanted, Steve exclaimed, “This game is shit. We need some proper entertainment. I think Claire should do a striptease for us”.

Paul laughed and said, “I don’t think so guys. But, I have another thing we can play”.

There was silence but excited anticipation; he’d already turned off the TV and continued, “I’ll sort out the music. The four of you can play pass the parcel”.

A unified cry of, “What the hell are you on about!”, followed by Steve asking, “Pass the parcel. Pass the parcel with what. We have nothing to open”.

With a chuckle, Paul retorted, “Oh yes you do. What about Claire!”

Claire was horrified, the door had been closed by Paul, there was no escape as he and Steve held her tight. The other three adjusted the furniture so they could sit in a circle and pass her around. They quickly made up a few rules, of which there was, effectively only one, when the music stopped, she’d be held and the guy who Claire ended with, would take off one piece of her clothing.

Claire made an effort to protest but part of her hoped she’d not be listened to, she was turned on and hoped she’d get to see them naked too.

Paul got out a coin and several tosses were made to see, in what order the guys would be sitting and on whose lap Claire would start on. Dave won but then another series of tosses took place to determine an additional order that went: Dave, Tony, Steve and finally Adam but Claire wasn’t told what that was for, making her extremely nervous but excited too.

The four guys got settled into their positions, Paul the other side of the room by the stereo and Claire was thrust onto Dave’s lap, who immediately held her tightly, an obvious bulge pressing into her arse. Paul, looking away and started the music, the guys, lifting and passing her one to the other until the music stopped with Claire finishing in Adam’s hands. Steve and Tony took hold of her whilst Adam decided which piece of clothing was going to be removed first. His choice was her blouse, undoing the buttons before pulling it off her arms. They all whooped at the sight of her boobs trying to burst out of her bra and hard nipples showing through the lacy material. The music was started again, this time as they passed her, one to the other; they all took it upon themselves to grope her breasts. The music stopped, the lucky one was Steve and to Claire’s surprise his choice was her right shoe.

Claire began to think that the entire day had been planned in advance; the guys were nowhere near as drunk as they should have been, considering they’d been at it for at least three hours and were definitely in charge of their senses.

The music started again but was stopped quickly, Dave won and removed Claire’s other shoe but before Paul started the music again, he said, “Next time the music stops, as well as a piece of clothing, the winner can snog Claire for thirty seconds”.

Claire’s body was giving away her true feelings, thong getting wetter by the second, she was very turned on. The guys whooped excitedly as the music began again, hands still groping her body at every opportunity as she was passed effortlessly around the circle. The guys were getting frustrated, she was well into the third circuit before the CD was paused, landing on Adam’s lap. He cheered with delight, his erection obvious, Claire feeling it pressing into her, without hesitation, unclipping her bra, throwing it eagerly to the floor.

She was proud of her body and that she was in good condition, considering their size, her breasts held their shape, even without a bra. The reaction of the guys to seeing Claire topless gave her a real buzz, starting to really enjoy being groped, her anticipation heightened when Paul announced the prize for the next winner. Of course, she’d be losing another piece of clothing but then, the guys either side, would be able to suck one of her nipples for thirty seconds.

By that time Claire was extremely turned on breathing was fairly heavy, nipples felt like they were going to explode and thong drenched. Once more the music blared away, each guy taking his opportunity to squeeze her breasts before passing her onto the next; twice around the circle she went until she landed on Steve and the pause button was pressed. Her heart pounded more as he removed her skirt and took a firm grip of her arms. David was to Claire’s right, Tony the left, them eying her nipples as Paul asked if they were ready, followed by, time starts now. They went to work quickly, sucking, licking, biting and pulling, no subtle seduction. She was being ravaged and had to admit, any more attention on her breasts and she’d have cum there and then, so was a little disappointed when Paul shouted stop.

All she had left on was her thong, given how wet it was, her trimmed pussy hair and lips were clearly visible and stockings, three more rounds and she’d be naked. What would happen then, all four guys were fully hard the atmosphere was sexually charged.

No sooner had the music started than it was stopped, being passed just twice between guys, to land on Adam. He kissed her neck and whispered, “What shall I take off Claire” and with those words began rubbing her pussy through her sodden thong, body tensing involuntarily, responding to him with a pleasurable moan. There was no hiding how turned on she was and wanted to be fucked there and then, she needed to be fucked but as the guys laughed he slowly peeled off her left stocking and as he held her, Steve sucked on the toes of her bare foot.

Their seduction was interrupted by Paul starting up the music again, each guy taking Adam’s lead, not only squeezing her breasts but taking a moment to rub her pussy. Claire was on edge, not sure how much more she could take, her insides pulsating out of control, most definitely on the verge of an orgasm. She wondered if Paul had ever told them how much she squirted when she climaxed, if not, they were in for a bit of a shock. Round and round the circle she travelled, twice, three times and then four, landing on Tony. Without ceremony, off came her other stocking, the two either side of her holding her arms as he put his fingers inside her thong to tease her clit mercilessly. Her body writhed out of control but to her surprise Dave pulled off her thong, just in time, body tensing, breathing stopped, an instant later, her pussy gushed, squirt after squirt of cum.

Claire slumped, almost with relief as her orgasm began to subside, relieved that she was, at last naked, thinking that she’d be let go but Tony picked her up, carrying her to the table where Paul was sitting, Dave and Steve forced her arms out in front of her, heart sinking as Paul pulled out a set of handcuffs and ties. Her wrists were cuffed together, tied to the far side of the table so face down and legs spread, tied to the table legs.

Paul sat in front of her, smiling as she looked at him, struggling with no avail to get free but there was no escape. Claire could hear clothing being removed behind her, straining to look, there was Steve, bottomless, his cock fully erect and twitching, so guessed the other three were too.

Her attention was taken by Paul’s next instructions, “The rules are; Thirty seconds each, Dave first, then Tony, then Steve and then Adam. If anyone cums, they’re out”.

So it began, Paul, stopwatch in hand and to her surprise, now naked and fully hard, Dave came up behind her, pushing his cock effortlessly into her, still throbbing pussy. She moaned involuntarily as he began to pump in and out with a long slow rhythm, all too quickly his time was over. No sooner had he withdrawn than Tony had taken his place, his cock feeling thicker, pussy throbbing hard, he held still, enjoying the sensation of being inside her, eventually moving slowly.

Tony withdrew, Steve stepped up to take his turn but before he put his cock inside her, she felt a slap and burning sensation from her arse as he hit her, body tensing, vagina contracting and releasing violently, followed by the sound of her juices trickling onto the laminated floor.

They all laughed as Steve said, ”You’re right Paul, she does like it” an instant later she felt his cock thrusting hard, drawing out slowly, then thrusting in hard again, Claire moaning in response.

Adam was far more subtle, his fingers running up and down her spine, caressing her body as his long thin shaft slid in and out. Far too quickly the first round was over, although very degrading, Claire loved the attention. Being so long since she’d had a cock penetrate her, desperation had taken over, any sense of propriety vanished once the guys started to play pass the parcel with her. As the second round began, she wondered if they’d all cum inside her and could feel the tingling sensation building, the ties allowing her body to push back onto whoever was behind her, responding to each cock.

By the time Steve had slapped her for the third time Claire knew she was about to cum. He continued to pound as hard as he could, balls smacking into her each time, her moans developing to whimpers but despite growing desperation she was relieved as Paul called time and Adam stepped forward. He let his knob prize her lips open gradually, pushing in slowly, pussy pulsating harder than ever and once fully inside he withdrew slowly and pushed in faster. By his third push Claire gasped, body tensed, vagina clenching hard around his shaft, her eyes clamping shut, she was about to cum. Adam too froze, exclaiming, “Oh my god, Oh fuck, Yes”.

Her vagina relaxed its grip on him, he thrust harder as Paul called time but Adam was cuming as was Claire, there’s no way he could stop, both squirting their cum until he slumped on top of her. With his balls empty he pulled out, the sound of cum dribbling onto the floor, almost as though she was peeing on the floor.

“Three left. Rule change. Ninety seconds each”, Paul chirped as the others cheered and whooped their approval.

Dave eagerly stepped behind her, not hesitating to slip his cock inside, pussy lips and clit extremely sensitive, feeling very swollen, every movement heightening the experience. Ninety seconds was much more satisfying for Claire, Dave steadily increasing the pace of his rhythm, her body moving in response to his. Time was called and in thrust Tony, starting steadily but as his slot neared its end his motion erred on the more desperate, her pussy contracting harder and harder, another orgasm building quickly.

Immediately Paul was calling time the next cock was inside her pussy, so desperate were they to continue fucking her.

Once more Steve slapped her before thrusting his cock into her pussy. Claire was close to another orgasm but didn’t want to cum with him fucking her. She’d taken a dislike to him, the arrogant way that he’d treated her and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of feeling her climax. Like Tony, once he was inside her, his movements took on an air of desperation as his ninety seconds ticked by, thrusting harder and harder. Claire tried as hard as she could not to respond. The ninety seconds dragged by slowly Steve thrusting as hard as he could and as the time was drawing to an end, with a grunt he began to spew spurt after spurt of his cum deep inside her pussy ignoring Paul’s effort of calling time.

“And then there were two. Can you guys take four minute turns”, Paul quipped as he looked into Claire’s eyes realising that she loved what was going on despite earlier protestation.

Before Steve’s cum had chance to trickle out, Dave’s cock was inside her fucking steadily and as she relaxed, so her pussy awoke, pulsating violently, hips instinctively responding and within thirty seconds she was cuming harder than ever. Still he moved relentlessly, forcing his hands under her squeezing her breasts and bending over to lick and kiss her neck. Her legs felt unbearably weak, realising she’d not be able to stand, let alone walk in her state. Dave was enjoying every second of his four minutes, sucking on her neck, pinching her nipples and letting his cock slide effortlessly in and out of her well lubricated hole.

Time was called; Tony stepped up for his four minutes. The sound of trickling on the floor preceded the sensation of his cock entering her. Claire let out a pained gasp, lips and clit now so swollen and sensitive, their continuous attention was beginning to hurt, each movement radiating shock-waves throughout her body. Her pussy was contracting and releasing with violent spasms, each contraction feeling as though she’d climax again. Tony was pumping fast and hard, yet still controlled, her eyes clamped shut as yet another orgasm erupted,

Steve, Adam and Dave cheered their approval, time was called again. Claire wasn’t sure how much more she could take, it was as though all her strength had been dragged from her body, She thought she could orgasm endlessly before that day but she was wrong, so sensitised that another climax was only ever seconds away. Dave took his turn to fuck her, faster this time, with far more intensity. She looked at Paul’s cock in front of her, oozing a steady flow of pre-cum and just as she wondered if he’d be using it in her, both Dave and her climaxed together. Oh god that was good she thought.

To Claire’s surprise, Paul immediately unfastened the handcuffs and told the guys to untie her legs. He stood up, guiding her around the table, encouraging her mouth to his cock whilst telling Tony to enjoy himself. There was no time limit now, Tony holding her hips as he began fucking for all he was worth whilst Paul eased into her mouth gradually and down her throat. She gagged as her body writhed ecstatically through another orgasm, seconds later cum shooting down her throat, Paul slumping to the floor exhausted. Tony pulled out, turning and lifting her onto the table, immediately re-entering, taking hold of her ankles, pushing them back beyond her shoulders, fucking as hard as he could, until, with numerous powerful thrusts he came.

Claire lay motionless on the table, pussy dribbling for what seemed an age, feeling so used and cheap but strangely, at the same time, incredibly sexy as the guys talked about the experience and being extremely satisfied. It was some time before she sat up and looked at them, by which time they’d all dressed, apart from Paul who was still naked, She smiled and said goodbye, calmly walking out of the room for a long hot bath and by the time she’d returned they’d all gone home to their wives.

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