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Construction pt 2

Paul then told me that he had seen me pull up yesterday and get out of the car he could not take his eyes off me he wanted to fuck me then and there on the top of the hood of my car.

That when he had walked over and saw my lips all he could think about was how they would feel around his hard cock he took his belt then and smacked my ass he said he could smell my cunt yesterday and had waited but I had done nothing.

At this point my ass is on fire my pussy is dripping like a waterfall I beg him to please fuck me but he is not done telling me what I put him through he said that when I am done with you slut you will be my whore. Tears running down my face I cry   out in pain and lust just fuck me.

 He pushed his cock in and started pounding my pussy hard I organised then and there gush after gush this pushed him over the limit. When our breathing calmed down I heard him say I am going to untie you and we are going to shower then I am going to turn you into a cock whore for my men you will suck or fuck anyone I tell you to and in doing this I will do the repairs on your house for free the workers will be paid by me do you agree?

I lay there taking all of this in wondering when I had lost my mind and my self control to allow this to happen so fast I never had sex with a stranger let alone   let a stranger tie me up and spank me. Now here he is offering to pay for the restoration of my house if I become his slut and a whore to the men he employees , what am I going to do?

 I must have taken to long to answer because I felt another swat on my ass.  do not know where it came from or why but I heard my self say ok I will become your whore to do with as you will I accept the offer you have made now untie these fucking ropes

. I feel the ropes being untied and when the last falls I walk up the stairs I hear him behind me ,Paul grabs   my arm and spins me around and pull me into his arms and kissed me I stop being upset then and there and melt in his arms. Feeling my desires flaring again

 I reach for Paul's cock and he stops me cold he says no we are showering then going out I have a few people I want you to meet before I have them start working on your house.

Again I start thinking about the hasty choices I have made today with Paul I am wondering if he is going to make me be around the men that he makes me service all day and them knowing I am his slut, whore and that they have gotten to fuck me just like a common street slut.

Paul saw the fear in my eyes and told me don’t worry my sexy slut no one will harm you or disrespect you in any way they value that they have jobs to begin with and they will want to keep them.

That did not really make me feel any better but I went and showered anyway he had showered in the upstairs guest room so he was done well before I was I noticed he had my cloths laid out. I got dressed not caring that he had laid out one of the sexiest outfits I owned a red backless mini dress I did care that he had not put the stockings and thong that went with them.

So I went to the dresser to get them but stopped when I heard him say no. I turned and told him I was not going out with just this mini dress on just getting in and out of a car would show everything I have at which point he said that is just what I want from my slut.

For a few minutes I wondered if I could get away with murder because I wanted to push him down those 15 stairs , watch him roll over again and again but thought better of it I had agreed to do this and was not going back on my word even if I hated him and myself for it.

I had dried my hair and put my makeup on before leaving the bathroom so I stepped into the red high heel pumps and we were heading out , we got in his truck and drove off to the bar. Paul tells me as we are driving that living out your desires is not a bad thing that if you open your self up to your sexuality and enjoy sex the way it should be that the pleasures to be had are like nothing you could ever imagine.

I look at him and find myself getting wet he had such power over my body that I was beginning to think he might be right I smiled and told him fine I will try to do what you want and make you happy .

We walk in and the place is full of people we go to the bar and he orders us a drink I was glad he had ordered Tequila because I needed a good stiff drink at that moment I saw a very tall man walking towards us. I say hello turn to the bartender and order a shot of the strongest tequila they have I drink it and do not care that Paul and his for man Tony are looking at me I order another and do the same.

I turn and smile at both the men having decided in the time that it took to drink those shots that I might be his to do with as he wants but I damn sure was going to have a say in whom he would have me do.

Tony took my hand in his and we three walked over to the table in the back of the bar , sitting were I must say very good looking men I glanced at Paul and he smiled at me not trusting that smile I sat down.

Paul introduced the other three Mark, Larry, Steve and then told me these are my for men and they will at one time or other be at your house to supervise the work being done they will make sure that the men do there jobs and nothing else.

I relaxed at this point I knew that I was not going to have to suck or fuck a hundred men that it would be these four men and that was much better then what I had imagined having to do. We had a couple more drinks then Paul and I left on the drive back the drinks started to really hit me and I got horny as hell.

 Tequila does that to me I asked Paul if he was going to come in and he said yes. I was really buzzed as soon as we got to my house I kicked off my shoes before we even got out of the car , I opened the door and took off my dress and I then turned and told Paul it is now your turn to be tied.

Paul laughed and said no you will get on your knees my sexy slut and get my cock hard so I  can fuck your wet cumt.

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