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Walking around this old two story house looking at all the repairs it needs is very depressing I know that half the work I can do myself but I can not do it all. I need to find a Handy man a respectable one .
Looking in the phone book was no help too many of them I decided to drive around and look for places under construction I might be able to get one of the workers to come and give me a bid on the heavy work.
I saw a sign that said Paul Longhorn Construction and slowed down they were working on a new housing tract I did not care for there style of houses to modern but wow were there some sexy men working .
Looking at my watch I knew they would be stopping for the day soon so I parked my car and got out and leaned against the hood, a man walked up to me and asked if he could help me I looked up and saw the most drop dead sexy man I had ever seen.
His shoulder were wide his arms massive he was very impressive looking. I explained what I was looking for and he handed me a card looking down I could see it was the company card.
I told him I could not afford to have a company do the work that I had hoped to find a couple of men that wanted extra work at a good rate I could afford he told me to give him a call in about an hour and he would come take a look.
I nodded and got back in my car I looked up when I heard him knock on the window and I rolled it down he said my name is Paul Longhorn by the way with a smile I blushed and told him my name was Amanda Rush.

I started the car and drove back home in a daze. I walked into the house and looked around I knew that I could do all the wall papering and painting I needed help with sub floors and plumbing and electrical mainly.
I glanced at my watch and saw that it was time to call I picked up the phone and called. Paul picked it up on the second ring I gave him direction to the house it was not that far away so it only took him ten minutes to get here.
I watched him get out of his work truck and again it struck me how sexy he was only this time I felt my pussy tingle and dampen he walked up the walk and my nipples got hard as a rock making my pussy juices flow.
He walked up the steps and I came I had never had that kind of reaction to any man. He knocked on the door and I opened it just knowing he would be able to tell what had just happened if he did I never knew.
He walked in and looked around his mind on the job at hand he asked me what it was I was wanting a handy man to do I almost said out loud I want you to fuck me but stopped myself just in time I took him into the kitchen and showed him the floor then the sink with its old out of date plumbing.
I pointed out the old electrical plugs before moving into the upstairs master bedroom where the floor and lack of a closet were my wishes to have done , The master bath and the bathroom upstairs were ok but still needed electrical.
We walked back down the stairs and all I could think about was the desire for him to spin me around and tear my cloths off and fuck me on the staircase of him pounding my pussy with his hard cock.
I had never felt that fifteen steps could seem like a lot but I was very glad to reach the last one. I turned when he stopped on the last step I looked up at him and lost myself in his stair it was so compelling and sensual.

The colors in his eyes made it hard to distinguish one set color they could have been blue or green with gold they just pulled you in making it hard to breath at all.
No words would come while he held my eyes I had to pull my eyes away to be able to speak I glanced down and swallowed hard I felt my bodies reaction and it was telling me to throw caution to the wind and throw myself at this man I had not known for more then a minute.
He asked if he could walk around on his own and look to get the feel of the house I nodded my head unable to say anything. I watched him pass me and go into the sitting area oh lord his ass was firm and nicely rounded.
I turned and almost ran into the kitchen for a glass of water my mouth was so dry unlike my very wet and yearning pussy. I drank two glasses of water and felt better I turned to walk back into the sitting room and he stood in the doorway.
He had a pad in his hand and was writing something down I waited for him to finish. He glanced up and motioned to the dinning table I nodded and we sat. It is a good thing because I don’t think I could have stood a moment longer the hunger was so intense.
He started talking about what repairs he could see needed done his list was massive then he told me the price and it was a good thing I was sitting I might have fallen otherwise. He then told me to look up at him he does not bite.
I had to laugh I looked at him and had to tell him I could not afford that price it was out of my budget he continued to look at me and I asked him what he was thinking he said to be honest I was thinking how much I would love to fuck the hell out of you.
I jumped when he answered that he would be willing to help me get things at cost and he also might know of a couple of workers that needed extra money and would work with me. My mind was playing tricks with me.

He stood and I did also he shock my hand and told me to give him a call when I had decided what I was going to do. I walked him to the door and watched him walk down the stairs and walkway to his truck. He got in and drove away.
I closed the door and leaned back against it wondering if I could get him here to help and would he take his pay in pure raw sex. Lust unfolded in me I went into the kitchen and sat at the table looking at the bid.
Only I did not see numbers I saw his tanned shoulders his hair free chest his muscled arms his long fingers coming towards me putting me on the table tearing the cloths off my body and tossing them aside.
His hands spreading my thighs apart as he leans down to lick the lips of my pussy he spreads the lips and dives in deep going in deep and swirling his tongue his fingers pinching the lips at the same time making me tilt up wanting more.
He pulls my hips up and starts sucking hard flicking his tongue in and out fast he has me about ready to explode when he stops and in go his fingers they are long he can go deep first two them three oh lord I can feel it build I can not hold back I explode all over his fingers and hand.
I jumped when the phone rang I noticed my pants were soaking wet and sticky I must have really cum hard. I answered the phone.

I want that sexy man so I waited until the next day and I called him.   I set up a meeting so we could set days to get supplies and times for the workers to work. This turned out to be one of the longest days I have spent   most of it was day dreaming about having sex with him.


He arrived early as he stepped into the house I felt myself getting wet my nipples getting hard my breathing was faster. I could not help myself I had to do it I stopped in front of him and he ran into me he looked down at me and I reached up and kissed him I felt his arms go around me .


Then what happened next was out of this world he laid me down on the floor tore my cloths off I ripped his shirt getting it off he grabbed my hands and put them above my head and lowered his mouth to my harden nipple and bit down hard pulling it so that I felt it more.


He then let it go and whispered how he was going to fuck me but first I was going to suck his cock and get it nice and hard he stood and took off his jeans and asked me what I was waiting for you have wanted my cock down your throat from the second I walked up to you .


Get over here slut and suck my cock now ! I got to my knees and reached out one hand to cup his balls and then used the other hand to stroke his cock up and down before slowly placing my lips over the head of his cock my tongue darted out to lick the head and I opened my mouth wider to take more of him in he was not a small man.


I started sucking his cock and looked up at him while I did lightly squeezing his balls I took him in as much as I could never breaking eye contact he reached down and took a-hold of my head setting the pace he wanted each time he pushed down his cock went down further I was gagging but did not protest.


fighting to breath around his pumping cock he started fucking faster I could feel his cum building in his balls and forgot and breathing I sucked harder wanting his cum , he pulled out just then and lift me to my feet .


He walked me to the kitchen and had me lean over the table ass up he asked where he could find rope I   pointed to the utility closet he walked over pulled out some nylon rope he grabbed a long kitchen knife and cut 3 ft length strips and he came back and tied each hand and stretched it so it could be tied to the leg of the table.


He did the same to my ankle's I was spread eagle and dripping I have never been tied before yes I have tied someone up that is why I had the rope but never had I had it done to me , he walked behind me and slapped my ass I yelped out not inpain but surprise he told me that was for making him wait...


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