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Crossing The Street 3

Sonia earns the right to ride the lightning
She pulled me forward and I followed as she led me, trembling with anticipation, around the chair. As I rounded the corner something caught my eye on the seat of the chair. I looked down to see a realistic dildo jutting up from its suction cup base. I mean, I knew it was a dildo, not that I own one. It was fat and pink and long and I knew it wasn't real, but my body didn't care. My already dripping cunt pulsed at the sight of the toy. Silent and eager, my eye measured the size and my brain compared it to Mitch. A little longer. A lot thicker. I imagined the stretch, the tightness, the completely filled feeling. I felt a clutching pulse between my legs and whimpered, but felt a little, well, short changed. This is it? I walked across the street naked to see a rubber cock? I could still feel where her fingers had pushed between my legs, a vestigial stimulation. I wanted more than this! I deserve more!

My eyes flicked up to hers, searching for a clue and seeing only her dispassionate blank evaluation. I hadn’t the daring to question her, but I was stunned by the letdown. Maybe she wanted my opinion?

“It’s nice,” I offered softly.

“Glad you like it,” she countered drily. “Ever seen one that big before?”

“N- no, never,” I admitted, and a thought occurred to me. Would she show me how she fucks? Is that my first lesson? In my head I imagined Dana, her voice instructing me as she rode the toy, watching her fuck. Naked. My face heated and my breath caught short as I realized that the idea of watching her was... turning me on? More than I am already? I'd never felt this horny.

"Well, you have now. That's for you , Sonia. That's gonna be your chair today," she explained, breaking my reverie. "You're gonna sit on that toy cock and fuck it for me." My eyelids fluttered helplessly and my breath quickened as she leaned in to me. "You want that cock, don't you?" she whispered into my ear. "Good. I'm gonna watch you take that big cock in your cunt, you slut," she continued. Her hand grabbed my face, pinching my cheeks in. "I'll bet your juicy cunt is all a-flutter, just thinking about it, isn't it?" I nodded in her grip. "Well you can have it. It's all yours," she said, looking deep into my eyes. She released my face but held my gaze. “Do you know why you’e going to fuck that cock, Sonia?”

“Because,” I guessed, “I’m a horny slut?”

Her eyes turned dark, like a storm was brewing inside her. “No!” she barked. “You’ll fuck it because I tell you to! ” I stepped back at her words, stung at the vehemence and remembering what she’d said at the window. You fuck who I say, when I say. I hung my head and apologized.

"But first,” she growled more softly, “you gotta show me you deserve it!"

She stepped back, fumbled at my phone screen and then held it up. I heard the sound of the electronic shutter and blanched. If anyone sees these, I lectured myself, if Mitch sees them... I heard the sound again, a close up of my face and tits. As I watched she aimed it between my legs, clicked and laughed. "I want a record of you," she said as she clicked away. "When you get home you send them to me. Got it?" I nodded as she snapped. "Good. Time to earn your cock, slut."

She took my hand roughly and led me to the couch. She sat, facing me. "On your knees, bitch. No objections or you're out of here, just the way you are," she threatened. As I imagined trying to make my way naked back to my house I dropped to my knees in front of her, without hesitation. She lifted her hips, raising herself off the couch on feet and shoulders. Grinning madly, she pushed her sweat pants down and off. As they passed her knees she spread her legs and my face was level with her bare cunt.

I stared, wide-eyed.

Neat, tiny and pale, her swollen labia surrounded a delicate slit, topped by a prominent mound with a jewel twinkling. I heard a small squeak slip from me. She shuffled her feet from the sweats and pulled them up to the edge of the sofa, sliding her hips forward until her scent reached my nostrils, filling my brain with her heady musk. I could feel the heat from her skin, warm and moist on my face. I thought of the cock, waiting for me on the chair. Fuck, I want that inside me! And this is what she wants? To show me her cunt? I studied her bare crotch, mentally comparing it to my own hairless soaked cunt, labia size, color, slit, scent. Does mine look sexy like this? I looked up at her face and watched her smile broaden.

"You want me to look at your...cunt?" I asked, confused. My inexperience and heterosexuality stymied my understanding. I didn't understand the point of her showing me. Do women show other women their vaginas? Did she want my opinion? "It's beautiful," I offered.

She laughed out loud. "Well, thanks for that, I guess," she chuckled, then regarded me quizzically. "You've never seen one before, have you?" I shook my head and her eyes opened with realization. "You never even saw your own before today, have you?" My eyes lowered and my lips parted, my jaw going slack as I declined again, shamed at my inexperience in front of this worldly woman. Would she masturbate for me, like I did for her, at the window?

"I want to cum," she stated plainly, as though all women talked like that. "I want a nice big juicy orgasm. This is your chance. You want to know what's out there? What you're missing? Here's your opportunity." Her brows lowered, darkening her eyes. "Make me cum and you can have that fat cock inside you."

Make her cum? I knelt motionless but for my hands, palms up and out, questioning.

"I don't...I don't understand..." I shrugged my shoulders, helpless and confused.

She leaned forward until her face was inches from mine. "Lick my cunt, Sonia," she told me sternly. I stared up at her in confusion. Lick her cunt? "Make me cum, and I'll let you cum, all over that glorious fuck stick." I stared at her, dumbfounded. I'm not a lesbian, I reminded myself. She reclined, leaning against the back of the sofa and jutted her crotch at my face. One arm extended to me and rested on top of my head. I felt pressure from her hand, pulling me in and I squeaked a protest. My eyes flicked from her determined face to her approaching cunt and back again. I instinctively pushed my head back against her hand and stared at her, eyes pleading.

"What the fuck, Sonia?" she snarled.


"No objections, remember? No complaints!"


"You said you wanted me to show you, remember? So what the fuck is the problem?"

I felt tears fill my eyes and my lower lip quivered. I jerked a breath, body tight and shaking. "I'm not a lesbian!" I blurted loudly. And with the shout, my energy drained from me.

"Like that fucking matters," she chortled, and pulled my head, and my face pushed into her wet, juicy cunt.

"Oh, yeah, there you go. See? Mmmm," she sighed, lifting her crotch to push and rub her cunt across my mouth. I whimpered as her labia parted and smeared my lips with her juices. "C'mon, housewife, get the tongue out, there you go," she added as the tip of my tongue emerged tentatively and swiped up her steamy slit. I winced, resisting. I don't want to like this! "See? You don't have to be a fish to swim in the ocean!" she snickered, "get in there, use that tongue like you mean it!" Squeezing my eyes shut, my tongue slipped further out and my lips opened, and the flavor of her flooded my mouth...

...and my eyes opened wide as I tasted her delicious cunt! Oh, holy fuck! I shouted to myself, she tastes...the same, but different! Better! And then my face was rubbing all over her, coating my skin, my nose, my cheeks and lips. I trailed my tongue up her lovely fleshy lips, feeling the hairless lobes slide delicately across my taste buds. My head swam with pleasure and my cunt throbbed. I pushed my tongue inside, deep as I could reach, feeling the warmth and pressure of her slick opening. I sucked at her hole, swallowing her nectar.

"Yeah, baby, that's it, get into it, love my cunt with your whole face," she cooed, easing the pressure on my head, knowing it was no longer necessary. I whimpered lovingly, groaned seductively, moaned delightedly. I'm licking her cunt ! I congratulated myself. Am I a lesbian? I wondered. What does it matter? I reasoned, and pushed my tongue up under her clit, feeling a thrill as I heard her gasp. I dallied there, tickling and teasing her bud, remembering her promise to let me ride the cock. Make her cum, I told myself, but part of me knew it wasn't just for the cock. I wanted to make her cum just to feel it, to see and hear her, for the simple pleasure of it.

"Hey. Sonia." Tongue buried inside her cunt I looked up at her to see my phone. I heard the electronic shutter sound as she snapped pictures of my face buried between her legs. My eyes widened and a tremor of fear rippled through me, freezing me still. "Don't stop, but look at me." I licked and she snapped. I sucked her lips and she snapped. I shoved my tongue deep and she snapped. I'm a lesbian in these photos, I thought, and remembered her fish comment. She took a few more as I licked her clit and sucked her swollen labia.

"That's enough for now," she said, and dropped the phone. "Get back to work." Slipping my hand under my chin, palm up, I slid two fingers inside her slick hole as I pursed my lips, sucking her button and teasing the tip with my tongue.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, Sonia, get at that bitch!" Her hips lifted to meet my thrusting fingers. "Yeah, you cunt whore, fuck me! Make me cum! Yeah!"

Encouraged by her enthusiasm and appreciation, I redoubled my efforts. My fingertips found and stroked her g-spot as I sucked and licked diligently, rapt in the multiple experiences of doing something new, liking her taste, wanting to please her and...liking another woman, sexually. I'm not a lesbian, I reminded myself, my efforts stalling with the distracting thoughts. She humped my face and snapped me out of it. So what if I am? I told myself, feeling her juices spill into my upturned palm. I DO want that cock , I remembered. And so help me, I smiled right into her cunt.

Her hips began humping up, harder now, and her hand returned to my head, pushing my face against her. For some reason, the idea of her using my face to get off, of fucking my face, got me completely excited. Use me, I thought, use me for your pleasure, fuck my face, I repeated to myself, keeping my tongue out, keeping my fingers inside her as she squirmed for me. For me! I thought. My cunt clenched up just as hers did, and my body tensed as her thighs clamped around my head.

I heard her groan, and squeak and yip, felt her cunt push up into my face and still I licked and fingered her. I felt her pussy clench on my fingers and still I licked. And then I heard her wail and cry out and I pulled my fingers partway out and moved my lips to her opening, sucking her juices from her body around my fingers, slurping and swallowing her cum as she writhed and hollered her climax. Her orgasm was intoxicating and I felt a special thrill at having produced it, a twinge of pride and elation.

She finally pushed me away as her body relaxed, unwinding from the tension of her explosion. I lifted my head, coated in her juices. My face and chin glistened, and cooling trails covered my neck, down to my breasts. I looked to her and she was grinning madly again, her breasts rising and falling on her heaving chest.

"You nasty whore," she chided, "I think you enjoyed that as much as I did." I blushed at the truth of it, though for the life of me I didn't know why I had liked it so much. Was it the sense of accomplishment? The newness? Because it was dirty and sexy and forbidden, the voice told me, and you want to do whatever she says! My face reddened deeper at the thought. "Not bad for your first time," she continued, pulling herself to a sitting position. "Don't think it'll be your last though," she warned, "my friends are gonna love you."

Her friends? The thought chilled me. I'm going to make you do things, her words echoed. No objections. No hesitation. I knew that if I wanted to see the darkness to learn what I was missing, I'd have to follow her lead, wherever it went. My brain flooded with images of her friends, spread open like she was, and I shuddered.

"Not today, stupid," she said, standing and pulling me to my feet. "But soon enough, you horny trash." Still naked from the waist down she reached for my nipple and pinched it, hard. I gasped as electrical current ran through my torso, straight to my aching, hungry cunt. "Today you get the toy, and fuck for me." She dragged me by my nipple back to the chair. I followed, stumbling the few steps sideways, watching her ass shift and jiggle, whimpering at the exquisite pleasure and anticipation. She didn't let go until we reached the chair.

"Straddle," she commanded brusquely, "but nothing else until I say." I lifted one heeled foot over the chair, facing her as she activated the camera on my phone. Legs apart and poised over the tip of the toy cock, I watched her line up the shot. I knew that I had never looked more lewd or wanton. My shaved cunt lips brushed the tip of the phallus as I braced my hands behind me on the back of the chair. "Remember to send these to me when you get home," she reminded, and I trembled slightly at the thought of seeing myself naked, knees apart, showing my cunt about to be impaled on her fat toy cock. And wanting it, oh, so badly! She took several full body shots of me, posing and poised for my reward, then moved closer, aiming the device at my cunt.

"Go ahead," she advised, making my insides twitch with her permission. "But slowly," she teased.

With a long-awaited sigh of relief I began to relax my legs, settling my weight onto the bulbous head of the toy. I heard the shutter even as I realized the giant knob would never fit; it was too big, too fat. I felt my lips part, pushed to the sides, heard the shutter noise, lowered myself more, eyes closed against the pain I knew would come but never did. I heaved a long, shuddering breath and felt my cunt open and stretch around the rubbery invader, then stretch more, just short of painful, just at the limits of my tolerance. It created an unknown pleasure inside me as I forced myself down, onto and around the thick head until it pushed past the resistance of my opening. The shutter clicked several times.

I held still, the muscles of my cunt twitching and pulsing around the shaft, adjusting to the girth as the mushroom head grazed my g-spot. My tiny moans mixed with the intermittent sound of the camera. I closed my eyes and hung my head down, drawing a deep breath, feeling the new sensations ripple through me. Another breath, and I opened my eyes to see Dana staring between my legs. I angled my hips forward and looked where she was looking.

Fuck I was wide open! My labia were tight around the shaft and my delicate slit gaped, showing the top of my stretched opening, light pink, almost white where it surrounded the monster, less than half inside. I struggled a long, shuddering inhale and held it, and eased my weight onto the meaty toy, watching it push inside me, feeling it as it filled me, touching places that had never felt friction before. The camera clicked away as I lifted and lowered, taking more, breath still held, more, deeper, pushing my insides apart, filling me, fuck, filling me so good! I released the breath in a long, low moan as my cunt ate the rest of the cock and my clit, erect and throbbing hungrily, settled onto the latex balls.

My weight rested and my legs and shoulders relaxed as I experienced a fullness, a tight, overwhelming completion I had never before even imagined. My clit rubbed against the rubber ballsack as I shifted back and forth, feeling the fat log move against the walls of my slick channel, feeling it move my insides, gripped tightly. It brushed my g-spot as I shifted back and my clit rubbed on the balls. My eyes were open wide, welling with tears at the incredible sensations, overwhelming me, blanking my mind to all but the cock in my cunt.

"Look at you, you horny housewife," Dana snickered, and I stared wildly into her grin, my jaw slack, mouth open, sharp breaths drying my mouth and throat. "Taking that giant cock like you're in love with it!" She coughed out a laugh. "I'll bet that lonely housewife cunt never got fucked like that before!" Despite my elation and sensory overload I still felt my face and chest go red and hot. But my body knew what it wanted and took it, lifting slowly and sinking back down as I groaned out loud. Rising and falling, I fucked myself shamelessly, horrified at the lurid display I was giving her, and stunned at the depth and intensity of the penetration.

I watched her face turn from amusement to fascination to lust and back to amusement, and I didn't care. All I could think about was my cunt, fucking this giant toy, needing, craving release. Pitiful moans escaped my throat, dry and raspy, croaking out my delight to Dana as I lifted and dropped, over and over, harder and harder. Each stroke brushed the head against my g-spot, each drop forced my clit against the balls, sending electrical charges through me. I felt my orgasm approach and panted over the wet, squishy sounds emanating from between my legs. I was disgusting, a vile whore, fucking a toy for Dana's amusement, at her permission! And oh, I wanted more!

I pushed up with my knees and thighs, the muscles burning as my climax rose and swelled inside me. I pulled my hands from my legs and squeezed my breasts, hard, hurting, then gripped my nipples and rolled and pulled them harshly, adding to the incomprehensible sensations that filled me, stunned me. Owned me. My mouth moved but no sound came out. My chest tightened and my muscles ached and protested and still I fucked, harder, deeper now, slamming myself down onto the chair, mashing myself against it in animal furor.

"Yeah, cum for me, Sonia, you delicious slut wife, cum for your neighbor!" She chortled with glee. "Let me see you cum! Fuck that giant fat cock like a slut!"

I blushed at her words even as I wailed, her command allowing my orgasm to break over me. The world disappeared as the intense sensations heightened, sharpened and poised, waiting an eternity of seconds before exploding in a shameful disgusting display. My motor controls vanished, replaced by twitches and jerks as my eyes closed in whiteness. My limbs trembled and shook, spastic and out of control. I was screaming. Lightning shot through me, hot and white and terrifying and my bladder released in a flood of shame and relief, the horror of it tweaking my release just that much more, beyond my tolerance, and the world slipped into darkness.

A hand on my shoulder. A whispered voice, far away. Breath.

My face was wet, cold, pressed to something hard. I opened my eyes and found myself on the floor. I was cold, naked and wet. I tried to move but my muscles wouldn't respond. I forced my eyes open. A cunt was there.

Dana's voice.

Her hand on my shoulder.

My senses flooded back with a rush and I realized Dana was squatting next to my head, her legs still bare. I was lying in a pool of cooling fluid and suddenly remembered losing my bladder, the pressure exploding from me. Oh, dear god I pissed and fell in it, right in front of her! The panic rocked me with a jolt.

"I'm sorry!" I blurted. "I didn't mean it, I just lost control!" I craned my neck, seeking her face, needing absolution. I saw her demonic grin instead. When she saw my face her eyebrows arched and her eyes narrowed.

"What are you sorry about?" she quizzed.

I felt my lower lip quiver and my voice broke as I gasped out the words. "I...I peed...oh, Dana, I'm sorry, oh, fuck, I'm laying in it oh my god what you must think of me I can't believe it." The words spilled out in an unbroken rush.

"You fucking dim bulb," she scoffed, but without malice or degradation. "Get up, Sonia. You're a mess." I got my arms under me, lifted off the floor to see pools of fluid underneath me, dripping from my body. "You didn't pee, you knucklehead, you squirted!" She helped me to my knees, still squatting next to me. "I guess that never happened before?"

Squirted? What the... "Oh, Dana, none of this has ever happened before, none of it!" I watched her face as I blurted out my confession. "It's all so new, so different... The window, the shaving, everything," I rattled on, swept by the feelings she had inspired in me, "walking across the street. The pictures. You watching me, being seen. Tasting myself..." I trailed off, my voice meek and soft. "Tasting you. And then this mess," I jerked a breath trying not to cry. "Please, it's all so wonderful, please, please say you're not angry, please, don’t say you won't teach me anymore?" My voice climbed with my desperate question.

Her lip curled at one corner. "Sonia," she intoned, heavy with foreboding, "we are just getting started."

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