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His rhythmic movement beside her was continuing. What the hell was he doing?
Pallas shifted in her place on the sofa, she cut her eyes to the left, and Kian was doing something in the seat beside her. She kept typing focusing back on the screen in front of her. She rubbed her eyes, fatigue as setting in but once she started typing, she wanted to finish before she called it a night.

Kian was still shaking beside her. She could feel his eyes on her; he had watched her more than the movie all night. She'd given up on getting him to stop and had focused on finishing her writing project.

They were friends and he had been supportive of her taking some extra classes focusing on more things that are creative. She was taking a business class, which is where she met him, her parents wanted her to have a good business background. They had seemed to overlook and tried to even suppress her creative side.

However, writing and drawing had always interested her and she really excelled in those things. Her parents were paying for her classes that they approved of but she had to take a part-time job to take the classes she liked. She had a project that was due after the holiday and was blocked all week, and now the ideas were flowing; but of course, this was the day that Kian wanted to sit up and watch movies.

She kept saying, 'Let me finish this,' and 'Ten more minutes.' But, that had turned into an hour and half so far.

Kian was still moving slowly next to her. He had come over a little drunk and unhappy that his latest romantic venture had ended with him frustrated and his wallet $250 lighter.

Pallas had refrained from saying 'I told you so,' and agreed to stay up and watch movies with him.

Kian was very attractive. Tall, blue eyes, devil-may-care smile, blond wild hair, tanned skin. He was a walking dream to 99% of all breathing girls. He was very charming, very generous and as worldly as he was, he was very quick to fall in 'love'.

She had given up on giving him advice, but was happy to always be a shoulder to sigh on between his various bedmates. He always came over talking about his conquests. And when he flirted with her, she shot him down time and time again not wanting to be another notch in his belt that was probably the size of Orion's.

On her too many to mention lonely nights, she had regretted her decisions, wishing he was there beside her... inside her as she pleasured herself.

That night, after he had coaxed his way into her apartment (she had told him she had to get her paper done) he didn't seem as upset about the evening’s turn of events as he initially seemed to be.

His eyes were on her as soon as they sat on her sofa. He seemed to have no sense of personal space either; sitting right next to her on the large soft, their legs touching.

His rhythmic movement beside her was continuing. What the hell was he doing? The motion reminded her of something, but she didn't want to think about.

He couldn’t, wouldn’t be doing that.

She finally looked over at him. He was smiling slyly at her, causing her stomach to flutter and looked down as his arm moved back and forth...over the bulge in his pants.

She turned away quickly feeling her face burning.

“Kian, what are you doing?”

“Rubbing my cock,” He said in a low, sexy, matter of fact voice.

“Why? I mean...” She looked back over her shoulder. He continued smirking at her. "If it's that serious, go home, or to the bathroom at least.”

“Does it make you uncomfortable?”

“Ahh, yeah. Take that outta here.”

“Then I can't watch you while I do it.”

“What'dya need to watch me for?"

“Who do you think I'm thinking about?”

He always said the most outlandish and sexy things just to see her squirm.

“Shut up.”

She looked back over at him and he still hadn’t stopped. Still smiling at her, his hand rubbing over his bulging pants. He adjusted in his seat still staring at her and still stroking himself.

“Cut it out. Oh my gosh,” she squeaked out flustered.

“Oh, my gosh...” he said mockingly and laughing. “ Why? You know you like it?”

“No, I don't.”

She lied.

“Just 'cause Jessica, Brittany, Nicola or whoever you went out with tonight didn't pan out, I'm not gonna be your back-up.”

“You're not a substitute; I didn't want to go out with Keily anyway. She was boring. You're way more fun.”

“Ha ha ha,” Pallas huffed sarcastically, cutting her eyes to the side.

He was still rubbing away.

“Will you cut that out?”


She was at a loss. She couldn’t work, she couldn’t sit back and she truthfully didn't want to get up and leave.

She did like it; she liked him. His bold, lascivious ways. He always pulled it off with her, turning her on but not scaring her off.

She sat still just staring ahead not even looking at the TV screen.

“You wanna touch it?” he asked after a few minutes.

“Ahh...” her breath caught. Her clit fluttered throbbing to life, her panties filled with a gush of moisture.

He chuckled feeling her nervousness.

Her chest began to heave.

He liked watching the rise and fall of her large breasts. She always had them hidden behind a tee shirt.

“Are you scared?”

“I'm not scared,” she turned looking at him defiantly.

He knew her buttons well and that one phrase would always get her going in a direction she normally wouldn't, but the direction the wanted her to go tonight.

“Then touch it,” he said resting his elbows over the side of the sofa looking down at his straining member, spreading his legs wider.

She hesitated, weighing the ramifications of the challenge.

“Touch it,” he said again in a low silky voice.

She swallowed hard looking deep into his blue eyes that egged her on.

He raised his eyebrow as he waited.

“If you’re scared then...”

“No, I'm not. It's just a ….”

“A cock.”

The way he said the word, heavy and velvety, sent a flash of excitement through her.

“Yeah,” she blushed. It was a cock, but not just any cock. It was his. She wasn't a dick loving type of girl. Penises in general weren’t that great to her or turned her on unless she was really horny.

It was 'who' it was attached too. In this case, it was attached to someone she'd harbored feelings about for a long time.

She began tentatively reaching out for him. Her lips and his parted in anticipation as she hovered her hand over his crotch; he lifted his pelvis slightly to meet her hand and she rested it on the stiff protrusion.

She let her hand close around it, with a sigh from her and a gratified moan from him.

“It's so big,” she said not realizing she had said it aloud.

“Fuck, yeah it is...” he answered, looked at her confidently.

She looked at him blushing again, but not removing her hand. She began to rollover and over him. Feeling his size through the fabric of his jeans.

He watched her through heavy lids as she took her time touching him; he had wanted her to touch him for the longest time. His reputation causing her to pull away. He'd asked on many occasions to sleep with her, but she had told him no every time, thinking it was a joke.

“You wanna see it?”

She didn't need to be coaxed again. Her blood was boiling with desire.

“Yes,” she said demurely, before she could stop herself.

His excitement was growing, and he smirked as he fumbled with the button and zipper. Then carefully let his painful erection emerge from his boxer briefs.

She looked wide-eyed as he out pulled the long thick veiny monster. She had only seen cocks like that in videos and pictures, never anything like that in person. Her few previous relationships had been of adequate size but nothing like this.

He was a beast, at least 8-inches long and thick. Nice, meaty and thick. In her fantasies and her toys, she liked the thickness. She liked what she was looking at.

She smiled in spite of herself and looked back up at Kian, who hadn’t once taken his eyes from her.

Her enjoying him turned him on.

“Touch it.”

She hesitated only a split second then reached out again, with a finger at first. Touching the veins on his hot skin, then she slowly took it in her hand, she heard Kian moan and lay back.

“Stroke it,” he said, almost commanding her.

She didn't need instructions and she let her hand glide up and down the long hot shaft. Precum oozing from the tip, easing the motion.

She had an overwhelming desire to put it in her mouth, to taste him, feel him inside her. She moved close to him, her hand moving up and down the full length of him. His pubic hair was cut close, and his flat stomach added to his size. He began to moan deeply, his hand moving to her back and stroking her as he enjoyed her touching him.

She watched him, his mouth open slightly, his pelvis moving slightly too, coming and meet the downward stroke of her hand. He was so sexy, even when he wasn't trying, but now he as off the scale.

He pulled his shirt up with one hand, his muscles in his ripped stomach visible and quivering.

He began to pant, guttural lusty groans coming from the back of his throat.

“Faster,” he hissed.

Pallas increased her speed on his thick hot flesh, as he continued to moan. He leaned over, breathing hot and heavy in her ear. The sound of his moaning overwhelming her, turning her on even more.

She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.

She watched his face almost in a haze while the heat, passion and desire rose in her. He gripped her waist pressing his lips against her ear.

“I’m coming,” His voice was almost an inaudible growl of pleasure. His statement was an erotic challenge, which she couldn’t resist.

It hit her they were in her apartment on her semi-new sofa. She couldn’t have cum all over it. At least that's what she would use as an excuse, when this was all over.

She leaned down taking his quickly swelling cock into her mouth. A sense of urgency pushing her. Any reservations she may have had, she pushed them out of her mind.

Kian gave a surprised high-pitched moan at the erotic shock of Pallas engulfing him, which made her giggle as she began bobbing her head up and down the length of him.

Kian didn’t know what to do. Whether to stop her? Never! Instead, he stroked her hair and held her down on him. He was confused, to say the least, but it didn’t last long as the added stimulation of her doing it so suddenly.

The hot delicious waves spreading through him, as the sight of her lush full lips around him had him bucking into her mouth moaning instantly.

Pallas pulled up from him letting her tongue slide, glide long, deliberate, and sensuous strokes up the length of him. She did this several times before looking up at him, eyes fiery and libidinous.

He wanted her so badly. He thought for a second that he was having a dream. Her looking up from his lap. Her lips wrapped tight around his cock. He reached down sinking his hand in the top of her shirt and under her bra palming her full-swelling breasts. He felt her moaning; her throat and mouth reverberated as she sucked him.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she loved it. Loved feeling him in her mouth while also loving the way he was looking down at her, completely aroused and surprised. She even loved his hands on her. She wanted to please him, make him happy. Her thoughts were foreign, strange, but familiar and maybe of things she hadn’t wanted to admit she wanted to do.

Pallas had braced herself feeling his balls tighten and his dick swelling, she tried to relax her throat as the onslaught of thick hot semen spurted over her tongue and down her throat.

It was so much though that she could barely keep herself from gagging. Once. Twice. The third time, huge gushes spurted in her mouth then several smaller ones before the floodgates closed.

She sat up wiping her mouth, not believing what she had just done, while coughing lightly.

Kian stared at her even more enamored than before. Shattering happiness filled him, as his attack was swift and complete; he was on Pallas the instant she raised from his lap. His mouth covering hers in a deep impassioned and probing kiss.

His one hand mauled her breast while the other held her neck as his bruising kiss continued, his tongue licking and sucking hers.

Pallas halfheartedly pushed against him as he easily overwhelmed her senses and any further resistance she may have had. His kisses trailed down her cheek to her neck.

She had revealed to him on a drunken night of talking, that kisses to her neck especially on the left side sent her over the edge so quickly. He was so drunk that night, not being able to take advantage of the newfound knowledge because he passed out. But now…

His tongue and lips lavished affectionately over Pallas's super sensitive erogenous area. And, as promised her body opened up, relaxing into his attentive care to that area as she basically melted underneath him. Her legs opened as he maneuvered excitedly between them. His restless lust causing him to pull and tug at her clothes in an awkward frenzied attempt to get her out of them.

He looked down on her as she beamed. His cock hard again against her leg.

She was so beautiful. Hazel eyes with green flecks peering up at him from under the veil of her dark brown bangs that hung in her face. He pulled off his shirt effortlessly and then went about pulling her from her own as well.

Pallas was tempted to cover her chest as her heart thundered in her chest. Panic and clarity striking her at once realizing where this roller coaster of lust was taking them.

“We shouldn’t…” She said reaching for her shirt that he had just moments ago thrown to the side.

“Yes, we should.” He insisted kissing her neck. Her body responded immediately relaxing back on the sofa, but fear had too strong a hold and she pushed him off again.

“Really Kian, we shouldn’t. I don’t want to confuse things.”

“I’m not confused. I want to fuck you.”

Tact and eloquence were not his strong suit when he was horny. He dove for her neck again.

A pang of sadness and regret flooded her while completely out weighing the passion she was just feeling. Seeing that she was nothing more than another fuck for him.

She had told him repeatedly that a friend with benefits was not her style, and she saw that this was where this would be heading. She knew she didn't have the right to demand anything more. She wanted to keep the lines to their friendship clear and defined and it didn’t include what was about to happen.

She pushed on his chest more forcefully, holding his off.

He groped for her to stay under him.

“What is it?” He said still trying to kiss her.

Yes, what was it?

Her head was spinning, was that what it was... She was trying to put a stipulation on this experience. All the halting thoughts in her mind were threatening to overwhelm her. She wanted to label this, say what it would lead to. She closed her eyes to shut them out, to silence them. It would ruin everything.

Pallas flung her arms around his neck, kissing him hard, while pushing back all her fears and terms. This would be a one time only occasion, so she would make the most of it. Not get all clingy and weird.

She wanted him now more than ever and obviously he wanted her. She felt his lips trailing down her skin to her chest.

He pulled her bra down roughly freeing her breast; his hot mouth devoured her pert nipple. A loud moan escaped from Pallas. The only thought whirling and growing in her mind now was more!! More!!!! MORE!!! A mantra of pleasure building in her.

She would always be his friend but if now was the only time he would be with her like this, she wanted to make the most of it.

Kian stared at Pallas not realizing the battle she was having with herself.

“Is anything wrong?” his hands still fumbling with her clothes.

Her eyes snapped opened looking in his concerned face... again thoughts to talk this out, see where this was headed tried to resurface. Her mind and body hadn't ever been so at odds and deliciously out of control. She didn't care, not anymore...

She shook her head no.

Not that it really would have mattered to him, his hand already trailing down her body slipping into her jeans and under her panties.

Her eyes widened at the realization and before she could protest (not that she was going to), his mouth was on her again, his tongue pushing through her lips as she tried to speak perhaps to tell him to slow down..

His large hand slid over her pubic bone feeling the almost bare mound. Thoughts of her neatly shaved pussy sent a delighted thrill through him His fingers slipped into the soaking wet warmth of her, her slit slick and her clit swollen and hot. Her moans were deeply passionate. His mouth making the rounds to her nipple, then to her open mouth.

His nimble fingers sinking deeper in her panties finding the flooded tight opening. He began to dip his fingers into her.


Her reaction shocked them both.

“Why not?”

“I don't like fingers in there.”

He stared at her dumbfounded.

“...I don't even put my own in there...” It was true when she played with herself, it was always her clit, anything that went in was a toy, never her fingers. A little quirk she wasn't proud of, but there it was.

Kian wanted to laugh, but thought that would ruin the progress he had made; he couldn't stop the smile spreading across his face though.

She was so weird, but he loved it and her.

“Don't laugh at me.” She turned her head pouting, pulling on her bra and trying to re-secure her freed breast.

He kissed her again softly.

“I have something better anyway...” Pulling his glistening fingers from her panties and licking them clean, slowly while she watched gasping. He pulled her hands from her bra to stop her from trying to redress.

Taking the waist of her jeans, he unbuttoned them and was pulling them down her legs faster than she could stop him. She was squirming and pulling on the jeans while he struggled playfully to get them off her. Before she knew it, her jeans were discarded to the side, like her shirt.

Then her panties, the sopping wet mess they were, came off.

She held her hands over her body in a feeble attempt to cover herself.

“Really?” Kian said plainly, cocking his eyebrow, his dick stiff, bobbing in front of him.

She still didn't move her hands but looked away blushing.

He took her shaking hand covering her mound and moved it up to her quivering flat belly.

He stared at her bare lips, swollen wet, inviting him to taste.

He had his hands on the underside of her thighs pushing them up over her chest, staring at her as he slowly engulfed her.

Pallas' toes pointed as she pushed her pelvis up to his hungry mouth.

She didn't have to beg him or coax him down there. He wanted to do it. Other guys she had been with had been quite eager to receive, but were skittish to reciprocate.

Pallas panted, mewling, her eyes rolling in her head. Thoughts clouded in euphoric shock as his tongue flicked at lapped at her hot wet sensitive skin.

He was sooo good. He wasn't shy. His mouth taking her, sucking her petals gently then more firmly, rolling her clit in his mouth. His tongue seemed to have a mind of its own, gliding lusciously over her tender flesh. Then the thick wet organ wormed its way into her.

She squealed enraptured by the sensation, looking at him.

His eyes on her face, watching her reactions closely. He rolled and wriggled his tongue inside her; retreating only to suck her erect clit then back again. His hands holding her legs open and she began to tangle her hands in his hair guiding him where she wanted him to go.

Within minutes, he felt her flesh throbbing. Her grip on his head got tighter and her legs wrapped around his neck holding him in place. He braced himself, still lapping at her flooding pussy.

Pallas's body stiffened for several heartbeats, as she cried out in excitement.

Kian grabbed her ass firmly digging his fingers into her hot skin, her licking her clit roughly, as she came. Pallas' breath caught as she squirmed, her hips grinding his face, riding out the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Kian's tongue continued to thrash away at her now sensitive pulsing clit. Not stopping until Pallas pulled him by the hair, up between her legs. His face polished with her juice, he sat up smiling at her.

"Did you like that?"

"Yes," she said breathlessly still feeling the echoes of her orgasm.

Kian moved easily, quickly between the quivering welcoming legs of Pallas. Without ceremony, he sunk the aching mushroom head of his cock into her hot slick entrance. That caught her attention, her eyes refocusing on him now.

"Kian...” her hands went to his hips, holding him off.

He grabbed one hand, then the other, holding them over her head.

"I want you so bad, Pallas." He grunted sinking down into her.

She winced at his size, her legs bowing out to accommodate him. He held her wrists with one hand, then taking the underside of her thigh and pushing it up by her chest.

He stopped a moment filling her up, his cock into her all the way to the hilt. They lay belly to belly, Kian staring in her. Pallas looked away, her pussy flooding.

Kian kissed her neck softly, and began moving his hips. Slowly at first, pulling out and sinking back in, then again, and again. Pulling out farther each time and each inward thrusting a bit harder. He kept it up, Pallas' arms over her head her legs opened wide to him as he began to stroke and thrust harder and faster.

Pallas whimpered happily under Kian. He let her hands go propping himself up on his knuckles, his thrusts into her tight silky pussy now an urgent pumping; slowing only to roll his hips and grind into her then pump repeatedly again.

Pallas' head lolled back and forth, her body arching up to his as he fucked her, her hips rolling in answer to his powerful thrusts. Another huge orgasm barreling toward her. Kian's rhythm increased feeling her twitching and throbbing around him.

"Do you like it baby?" Kian grunted between thrusts and moans.

"Yess!!" Pallas cried out. "Don't Stop!! FUCK!! DON'T STOP!!"

Her words, her body, her hot moist flesh under him were driving him over the edge, too.


Her pussy clenched his ramming cock, as her body seemed to explode in blinding pulsing pleasure. Her limbs stiff for several moments while Kian pounded into her, his cock throbbing now, as her inner walls continued to twitch and convulse.

"I'm cumming... Pallas, I'm cumming...” his body collapsed on hers, his head buried in her neck his hand groping her breast, his hips still bucking, ramming into her like a piston. A guttural grunt and a last powerful shove and Kian burst into Pallas. Hot thick surges of cum filling her up.

Pallas' clit prickled with electricity feeling the waves of his fluid spilling into her, overflowing from her.

Kian relaxed his body after what seemed a long while of his rocking languidly into her, rolling over on the sofa taking Pallas' thigh and pulling her on top of him.

"It's about time." Kian finally spoke kissing Pallas on the cheek, smoothing her damp hair out of her face.

She smiled down at him, her hands roaming over his body taking in the lean muscular maleness of him, feeling very comfortable, very happy. Feeling like she could get very used to this.

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