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A Woman wakes up to find she has gang raped.
This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at


It was the stabbing pain over eyes that brought her back to the real world. Her mind seemed to be spinning out in a vortex somewhere, as id she were suspended in space; but in reality she was flat on her back, naked, in bed. Her thoughts were confused, her vision out of focus, her tongue thick with thirst. She just lay there, immobile. She tried to focus her eyes on her surroundings but everything seemed to be in a haze as she were in dense fog. She moaned a little as she tried to move.


Her body hurt, everywhere. She opened her eyes again and now she could see distinct shapes around her. What was is it, furniture? She knew she was in bed, but whose? Where? Her mind whirled as she tried to conjure even the faintest memory of the previous evening; but nothing would come to her. Oh, the stabbing pain in her head. Had she gotten drunk somewhere and was this  the mother of all hangovers? Unlikely, as she barely drank, maybe a glass of white wine, nothing more. Had she been mugged? That was a more likely scenario as she hurt everywhere.


Her body was telling her she had to urinate but she could barley move. She tried to raise herself but it hurt too much. But god, she had to pee. She tired to lift herself from the bed but oh, it hurt so much. Pain shot thru her groin area and rectum as she managed to raise herself to a sitting position on the bed. Her vision was clearing more and she could see she was in either a cheap hotel or motel room. But it certainly was not the one she had checked into the day before. Was it the day before? She didn't know. What day was it, what time was it, where the hell was she?


Her gaze traversed the room. Several chairs, a chest, a TV on a stand, clothes littering the floor (hers?) and a door that must lead to the bath. Her body was covered with a crusty film. What was it? It was all over her, even on her face and as she touched her hair, it was thick with it. What was it? Her genitals ached. She looked down at herself and gasped. Her pussy was bare! Someone, somehow had shaved her. The entire area was red, puffy and she could barely touch herself down there without wincing. Her mind was reeling now with fear. Had she been raped? No, it couldn't be, she would know if that had happened, wouldn't she?


Wait, the crusty stuff all over her, was it, could it be...dried cum? The thought disgusted her. Hell, she wouldn't even suck off her husband let alone have him cum on her. She shivered in self loathing at the thought of what may have happened to her. She struggled to get out of the bed and make her way to the toilet. She had to go, real bad. She lurched thru the door and found the toilet and literally fell onto the seat relieving herself. Oh god, it burned so much and her rectum, it ached so. Suddenly her bowels let go with a rush and the pain was excruciating, she cried out, no, it was more of a whimper as tears filled her eyes. She had never felt such pain before.


Her BM subsided as did the pain. She cleaned herself and glanced at the tissue and it was stained with her blood. Good god, what had happened to her? Her rectum was bleeding now. She stood and looked into the bowl, it was dark red. She turned and saw an image in the mirror. Was that her? No, it can't be. The face that looked back at her was not the vivacious, outgoing, blue eyed, auburn haired doll face that she was used to. This was haggard, puffy, swollen lips, some bruising, matted ugly hair and dark eyes. She stared at herself in disbelief. She touched her hair; it was stiff with....admit it, dried cum. She turned to the toilet and retched violently.


She emerged from the bathroom about an hour later. She had showered and scrubbed her body as clean as she could get it but she knew it would never be clean enough. She had been soiled, defiled and made to commit unfathomable acts of which thank God, she remembered nothing. She washed her hair five times but it still did not feel clean to her. Would it ever? She turned on the TV and found thankfully, it was Friday, as she expected, the day she was to return home to her family. Her husband and two could she face them? Could she keep this dark secret from them? She had to. She was ashamed. She looked at the clock in the room and saw it was noon. Good, her flight wasn't until three so she had time.


Standing there, wrapped in a towel she looked for clothes and purse. Her purse was on the table. She picked it up hesitantly, had she been robbed also? She opened it and poured everything out on the coffee table. Her wallet was there, cell phone, all the credit cards were there, nothing seemed missing. Car keys, make up bag, all there, plus one other thing, a video tape.


Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the cassette. A brief thought flashed thru her mind and then was gone. What did she remember? She could not recall, her head still hurt. She looked at the cassette, standard VHS, no label. What could it be? Was there a VCR in the room? Yes, over there, integrated with the cheap TV. She walked over to the TV and placed the tape in the VCR. What would she see? She was shivering with fear, was she on it? She had to know.


She sat on the edge of the bed, her fingers tightly clutching the remote, staring at the blank TV. What would she see, what would be revealed?  Would she herself being debased, defiled, raped? Her stomach churned with fear and she suddenly bolted to the bathroom again, retching along the way. She sank to her knees in front of the toilet and kept retching. She hurt, she cried, she pond3ed her fists against the toilet tank. What had happened to her, what had she done become? A whore? No! It couldn't be!


She walked back to the bed on wobbly legs and sat again. She picked up the remote and turned on the TV/VCR.


It took a few seconds for the picture to stabilize and the sound to synch and then a scene appeared that shocked her to her very core. It was her, naked, riding up and down on a strange man's cock as he sat on one of the straight chairs that were in the room. She glanced over at it to make sure it was the same. It was. She noticed then all the stains on the covering. Ugh, more cum she thought. She stared at the scene and could not believe her eyes, she was smiling, enjoying the depraved act she was engaged in. No one was forcing her to do anything. Oh, there were four other nude men standing around but everything appeared "normal". Just your run of the mill gang bang. She shuddered again but her gaze was transfixed by the scene being played out on the TV. She sat mouth agape as she watched herself slide up and down the strangers cock. Her ears filled with her crude and crass comments: "oh yeah big fella, c'mon fuck my pussy, yeah that's right..".


Her mind reeled, this couldn't be her but yet, here was proof positive. She was fucking this stranger and loving every second of it. She felt slightly faint when she watched herself pull the strange cock from her pussy and jerk it off so that he came all over her belly and then she rubbed his cum all over her great breasts (She was a D cup) and continued to massage his spunk onto and into her nipples. All the while she heard herself say: "Oh your cum is beautiful, so hot and smooth on my great tits, I can't wait to taste it.." .


That was too much for her and she almost turned off the VCR at that point but morbid fascination was taking hold and she wanted to see more.


And see more she did. She watched as she stood and walked over to two of the men standing there, stroking their cocks to stiffness. She kissed each man deeply and then grabbed a cock in each hand and said: "I want to suck your cocks. Would you like that?"


"You bet, cunt," was the reply from one of them and she dropped to her knees in front of them and slowly took the first cock deep into her mouth. She watched as the cock went in and out her own mouth now beginning to marvel a little at her ability to do such a thing. The slurping sounds coming from the TV were starting to excite her a little and she began get a little flushed as she watched the sex unfold before her. She sat up suddenly as she saw her pull the cock from mouth, begin to jerk it hard and open her mouth wide to catch the load of cum as it shot forth from the purple head of the prick deep into her mouth. She then continued to suck the purple head to drain every drop from it. She exclaimed; "God that's good! Who's got some more cum for me?"


And the other man shoved his cock down her throat and began to furiously fuck her face until he also came only this time she kept the cock in her mouth and let his jism spill form her lips. She turned to the camera, cum dripping from her lips and the camera zoomed in on her mouth as she opened it to display the load and then swallowed it down.


At this point she could handle no more, turned the VCR off and fell back on the bed. Her swimming with thoughts of lust and sex as never before. She could feel the dampness between her legs and knew she had been excited by what she had seen and done but it was still somewhat unbelievable to her. She lay there and her hand strayed down to the dampness between her legs, She was no stranger to masturbation and now she slowly began to rub at her clitoral hood. It felt so good to her and she rubbed it harder until her body shuddered in a small orgasm.


A few minutes later she sat up and turned on the tape again.


She watched herself engage in a furious sixty-nine with another of the men. She lay on him savoring his thick cock while he tongued her pussy. Her husband had never done this to her and she wondered why as she was obviously enjoying the cunnilingus. And she was convinced now that she loved to suck cock. She couldn't wait to get home and suck Jim's cock at this point.


What happened next shocked her.


She swung her body around and let the man's dick enter her where he began to give her a slow fucking. She heard herself say, "OK guys, who want to fuck me up the ass? I want two pricks at once. Who's ready?" A man she had not seen before stepped up behind her and was rubbing his cock with lube. He pushed the head at her ass and she reached back to spread her cheeks fully to give him entrance. He strained at her ass and suddenly the head was past her sphincter and in her. She yelled, "OMIGOD, that's so big, oh yeah fuck my ass, its soooo good!" The two men then synched their fucking to give her maximum penetration. In and out went their stiff cocks and she screamed in pleasure. She met their thrusts by pushing her hips back at them as they drove their cocks into her.


No wonder I'm passing blood in my stool. They fucked my ass silly last night.


She gazed intently as she watched herself get fucked from both ends and smiled as the obvious orgasm ripped thru her. She was amazed at her lust for cum as both men pulled out from her and showered her with their silvery loads. She drank it, licked it and spread in all over herself. Unconsciously she began to rub at her breasts as if she still had cum on them.


She lay there on the bed fingering her pussy when another man mounted her and began to fuck her furiously. Her head rolled from side to side and her eyes appeared unfocused as she fucked him back, hard. The two were lost in their lust and she screamed once again as she was racked with another huge orgasm. This time the man deposited his load deep inside her and this disturbed her a little as for the first time she noticed this was all bareback fucking, no condoms. She looked closely at all the men and they all seemed clean cut but she was still worried.


The man got off her and she sat up and let one of the men lie down on the bed. She lay on top of him, her back to his belly and inserted his cock into her now sopping, cum filled pussy. A second man got on top of her and pushed his cock into her pussy also. That began a frenzied fuck with all three cumming almost together. After that was over one of the men held a plastic cup at her pussy as the cum spilled from her. Several ounces were gather and the cup given to her. She was aghast as she watched herself drink it down and lick the cup clean!


A few minutes later she was on her knees and four men surrounded her. She sucked each cock in turn and they were slapping her face with their cocks as she sucked one. One by one they came on her covering her with another layer of cum.


She looked exhausted and obviously was but there was one final indignity yet to be seen.

She lay on the bed in a semi-conscious state when one of the men appeared before her and he had a huge extension his already hard cock. It looked to be a foot long and three or more inches in diameter


Oh my God she thought, is he going to fuck me with that dildo?  She tried to resist but the other men spread her legs and one held her down by the shoulders as the man shoved the huge dick into her. She howled in pain but it was momentary as she relaxed and begun to fuck him back. This went on for about twenty minutes and she could count at least six orgasms she had before the man pulled the huge cock from her and then jerked himself off on her one more time. The tape suddenly ended.


She turned the VCR off and sat there. Stunned at what she saw and stunned by the tumult of sexual feelings that were running thru her. She was confused, dismayed but one thing she knew, she wanted get laid. She was horney as hell right now.


Then came a soft knock at the door.


Startled, she said, "Who is it?"


"Sandra, its Ray, I was here last night."


So, now I'll finally find out why I did what I did. She wrapped the towel tightly around her and opened the door slightly to see who he was. She recognized him instantly from the tape.


"What do you want?"


"I thought if you were still here I would explain what happened to you last night."


"Yes, that would certainly be helpful. Come in."


He entered the motel room and sat in one of the stained chairs. He looked at her and thought she looked ravishing. She was a very attractive woman with a classic face, a sensuous mouth, slender neck, gorgeous tits, a great ass and one hot pussy as he well knew. He had really come over in hope of fucking her again so he would have to be careful how he approached her, She looked hot but who knew?


He began, "Last night I was with four friends from Med school and we were at the restaurant when you entered. I have to tell you, every head in the place turned when you entered. You are a very beautiful woman. The waiter seated you at the table next to us and we watched you and discussed you while you ate. We all agreed that you would be a perfect candidate for a new drug we were looking at in research. The lab tests showed it to be the perfect the sexual stimulator but we need a filed test to be sure.


"So, as you ordered desert we ordered a Cognac be sent over to you. You thanked us and invited us over to join you. We all sat around you and while I distracted you, Hank slipped the drug in your Cognac. You said you rarely drank and it tasted funny. We convinced you that was how Cognac was supposed to taste.


"In about ten minutes we noticed you were starting to get a little flushed and somewhat flirtatious . We asked if you'd like to go someplace and dance and you agreed. WE paid both checks and headed for the cars only we weren't going dancing. We knew of this motel here and while you sat in the back making out with Hank, we drove to it. By the time we got you into the room you were in a sexual rage. We were frankly, scared, because you looked at us and just asked who wanted to fuck you first. The drug was beyond our wildest imagination.


"That began a night of the wildest sex any of us, and I assume you too, ever imagined or experienced. We left around 4 this AM."


She sat there, stunned. "You used me like a lab rat."


"I guess you could say that, and for that, I'm sorry."


"Sorry doesn't cut it you ass hole" and she slapped him hard across the face.


"I guess I deserved that but I have to ask, what did you feel when you woke up? Did you find and watch the tape?"


"Yes, I did."




"At first I was horrified but then as I watched I realized how inhibited I have been all my life and actually enjoyed watching me act as a complete slut."


"That's the whole purpose of our research. We want to help sexually repressed men and women, not turn this into another date rape drug."


"Wow, you guys have a tiger by the tale. I can tell you, It has transformed me. I can't wait to get home."


He looked at her and said, "Why wait?"


She looked back at him, her emotions confused, not knowing what to do as he walked over to her and kissed her. Her thoughts raced, is this the drug or me? She felt his tongue probe her mouth and she responded sucking his tongue deep in her mouth. Their hands were all over each other and the towel around d her quickly slipped off. She cupped her huge tits in her hands and offered them to him. He knelt down, took one from her and sucked gently on the nipple. He felt it harden in his mouth and he bit down gently. A moan escaped her lips. He lowered one hand to her pussy and she opened her legs for him.


Since she was sitting on the bed, she let herself fall back. She felt the cum stiffened sheets beneath her but cared not. She was going to get fucked again and that was what she wanted.


He stood as she lay back and removed his shirt and pants. His erection growing in front of the two of them. She smiled, sat up and took him in her mouth. She felt him continue to harden in her mouth as his body poured blood into his stiffening prick. She could feel his pulse thru his cock in her mouth. The head was totally engorged now and it filled her mouth. She wanted to take more but could not. He was too big. So, she started to slowly stroke him and suck on his cock at the same time. He groaned in ecstasy. He grabbed her head and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She felt it push at the back of her throat and tired to relax her throat so she could offer him more. She inhaled slightly and he was here, halfway down her throat. Reflexively she breathed thru her nose as his cock slid deeper down her throat.


He felt his cock enter her throat and pushed it deeper, gently.  She cupped his balls in her hands and lovingly sucked and licked at his shaft as it went deeper down her throat. She could feel his hair tickle her face as his shaft was buried in her. She fought to control her breathing but soon had to pull away from him. She regained her breath and then let him slide down her throat once more.


He felt his cock sliding in and out her throat. The feeling was indescribable as the pressure in his cock increased. He knew he was close as he felt his cockhead head swell and balls tighten up into his groin. She felt his balls move and knew he was about to cum and waited for him to release his silvery load into her. He pulled out until his engorged cockhead was in her mouth and with a soft groan spilled his creamy load into her waiting and hungry mouth.


The first spurt shot right down her mouth and then she liked his shaft, sucking and savoring each drop of his precious essence. Oh how she loved the feeling of his cum spilling into her, the bitter sweet taste of it as it flowed over her tongue. Cum, yes cum, give me more she thought as she jerked his cock to get the last drops of him.


He stood there, his cock jerking spasmodically, his body quivering as the crashing orgasm overwhelmed him. He thought he may fall to the floor as his knees buckled somewhat but, he remained standing. He looked down at her as he let his cock slide from her mouth. Her eyes closed, as if in a trance. Yes, a trance of lust, sex, and cum. The last vestiges of his silvery load dripped from her lips as she reached for it with her tongue. Yes, he thought, this is one hot bitch.


He lay back on the bed, his cock limp. She rose and looked down at him, his now soft prick glistening with her saliva and his cum. All thoughts of restraint and propriety were gone from her now. Her lust had been unleashed. Her thought processes were in one direction, sexual pleasure. Overnight she had been transformed from a prudish mother of two into a carnal animal. Her only interest at this point was sex and more of it. She wondered if she ever get enough?


She spread his legs and knelt in front of him. She moistened one of her fingers and began to massage his asshole with it. She watched his cock all the time and saw imperceptible movements in it as she inserted her forefinger into his ass. He groaned. She moved it and out in a finger fucking motion and yes, his cock was getting hard again. She lowered her head and sucked on his balls taking first one and then the other and sucking them into her mouth. His groans became louder. With her other hand she stroked his now semi-hard prick. Yes, she thought, he's coming back. Oh get hard for me baby, yes, get hard for momma, I need to feel you deep in my hot, wet pussy. She loved the feeling of it as it grew in her hand.


Ohh, he thought, her finger is in my ass and it feels good. Oh yeah, now suck my balls you hot little twat, yeah, that's right, suck me down. His cock began to rise as she sucked and stroked him. Yes, I'm going to get to fuck her again, ah, yes, keep it up. Ohh, that's so nice.


She released his cock and stood as he swung his legs up on the bed. She got on the bed and stood over him, his stiff prick at attention and she lowered her self onto him. He felt his quivering prick enter her steaming cunt and he groaned. She groaned as well as he entered her. This is what she wanted; to control the penetration as she was a little sore. But, all thoughts of soreness were gone as she slid her cunt down onto his magnificent cock. Inch by inch she slowly let him enter her until he was buried deep. Her husband had an average size cock and this was one was much bigger. She guessed Ray had about eight inches and it felt heavenly. She could feel him at her cervix and wished he had more. Could she ever find a long enough cock as she thought back to the huge dildo that they had used on her.


He felt his cock deep within her and wondered at her ability to flex herself inside. Her cunt felt like a warm, wet, tight glove as she contracted and released her vaginal walls to stimulate. This woman was a fucking machine and she owed it all to him and his special drug. She raised herself up until the tip of his cock was barely in her and then rammed herself down on him. Again and again she drilled her hot twat onto his bursting cock. He started to moan as he knew he would cum quickly but she paid no attention. Up and down she went relentlessly seeking her own release. The end of his cock felt as though it would explode and he strained to hold back his orgasm but it was to no avail and he loosed a torrent of hot cum deep in her as she plunged down on him once again.


The sensation of his semen hitting her cervix was all she needed and Sandra screamed  as the wave of orgasm engulfed her. Her body stiffened as she sat on his cock rocking back and forth while enjoying the feeling of every nerve ending in her body firing in unison. She moaned, groaned and whimpered as it flooded thru her. She had no conscious thought, only instinct as her pussy contracted on his cock automatically seeking to drain all his cum. He pushed back at her to give her every last bit of him that he had.


Finally she collapsed on him as his now limp dick fell from her. Cum oozed from her onto him.


They showered, dressed and few minutes later were saying their farewells. She said, "You have opened an entire new life for me. I never dreamed sex would be so wonderful, so paramount. I can't wait to get home tonight and fuck the shit out of Jimmy."


"Sandra, you are one great piece of ass. Jimmy is a lucky guy." He kissed her lightly and left.


She looked around the room before she left and noticed the tape. She wanted to keep that in case she ever needed to be reminded of the wonderful evening she had spent here.


When she returned home that night she gave her husband one night of sexual ecstasy. She fucked, sucked and enjoyed anal sex with him. He was deliriously happy and wondered what had happened to her but knew well enough not to ask. As long as she was this hit, he wanted nothing to change.



This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at

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