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Dominique - Nicole

Someone shows up at the art club house.
At this moment I was having one ofthose weird outer body experiences. My mind was trying to process what I was seeing in front of me but wires weren't connected.

Maybe I should explain.

I had left school and was headed for the art club house. The art club is a geek club where a few friends of mine gather in this old house and we talk about movies, books, comics, and the existence or non-existence of ghosts, aliens, and the female g-spot. I was in a hurry to get to the art club because of our newest member, Dominique. She was this new girl at our school and the coolest punk-goth chick I'd ever met. Not only that, she and I had started this weird relationship that I couldn't even begin to describe. I got to the art club and the door was open. Not that big a deal, or so I thought. I stepped into the doorway and what I saw started to fry my brain.

Kneeling on the floor and facing our couch was a girl. Sitting on the couch, in front of the girl, was a guy. The girl was wearing only a pair of panties and a shirt. Her shirt was unbuttoned and open. The guy was wearing only his shirt. His pants were crumpled on the floor next to the girl. The girl was a girl from school, Nicole. The guy was a jock asshole named Greg. Nicole was leaning over and obviously sucking Greg's cock. Greg had his hand on her head and a fist full of her hair gripped in his hand. I heard the sucking noises. I saw her head bobbing up and down. All of this alone caused wires to short out and sparks to fly out my ears. On top of that, Nicole's panties barely covered her ample round ass and were completely transparent except for a small patch just around her pussy, something I had never seen before.

I watched as Greg pumped Nicole's head up and down. Sounds came from them that I had never heard before, wet, deep, sloshing sucking sounds. The deep, slurping sounds of cock inside mouth, Nicole's mouth. Nicole's hands were on Greg's thighs and Greg was pushing up with his hips. He hadn't seen me in the doorway and, of course, Nicole couldn't even look around with a cock in her mouth. Greg suddenly pushed down on Nicole's head and her hands splayed out to the sides. She opened and closed her hands a couple of times and then slapped them down on his thighs. Was she choking? I didn't know what to think.

Greg thrust up and grunted. He was cumming. He thrust like this two or three times and stopped. As soon as he stopped, Nicole stopped flailing around and was very still. He released her head and she flew back off him taking in a huge breath!

“I knew you were going to try to not swallow. I didn't pay you not to swallow. Can't believe you. Fucking bitch.” Greg said.

“You haven't paid me at all. Why do you say things like that?” Nicole said.

“I should pay you, why else would I fuck you?”

I was still unable to move. I knew I should get out of here but I still couldn't believe Nicole was sucking a guy in OUR club house! Nicole turned away from him just enough for her shirt to fall open and expose her left breast. I didn't think it was possible for her breast to look bigger, but open and exposed like this, it did. I could also see her thick, brown nipple. It sat right at the lower curve of her breast. I didn't think that the shape of her breasts would get me excited. I didn't even like big boobs. But for some reason I found the side shot of her big, soft breast extremely erotic.

I instantly felt a little guilty for looking. I felt a bit like I was cheating on Dominique. Not that Dominique was my girlfriend or anything, just that I had made a promise to Dominique to only masturbate for her. I guess I felt like I owed Dominique all my lust. Now here I was getting turned on by Nicole's big, bare breast.

“Hey fag! What are you doing staring in the doorway? Look slut, one of the fags is getting turned on looking at my dick.” Greg said.

I had been so busy staring at Nicole's body that I hadn't even thought about the fact that Greg could see me! Fuck! I was going to be dead meat.

“You lookin' at my dick fag? Nicole, maybe he wants to suck me next. Sorry fag, I just came once and you'll have to lick it off the floor if you want some now. Plus, I don't like fags. Fuckin' fag.”

Nicole laughed.

“Shut up you stupid cunt. I can't believe you convinced me to come to this fucking rat hole. Place is probably filled with asbestos anyway.” Greg said and began pulling up his pants.

Nicole didn't make any effort to get up and put on the rest of her clothes. She knelt down on the floor and watched Greg get dressed. Her shirt still hung half off one shoulder. Her breasts still bare and exposed. I think she expected him to do something. Maybe she was waiting to see him beat the shit out of me. Greg walked toward me and I braced myself for what was about to happen.

“You want her fag?” Greg whispered. “Just give her twenty dollars and she'll let you fuck her. Just make sure to use a condom. You don't even want to know where that skank's been. Know what I mean?”

He suddenly made a jump forward and brought up his elbow like he was going to hit me in the face. I flinched. He laughed. His elbow hovered in front of my face and then he slapped my shoulder, hard. I buckled a little under the blows of his hand. He laughed again and walked down our steps. I turned and watched him go. I felt my heart still racing in my chest.

Behind me I heard a strange noise. A whimpering sort of noise. I turned to find Nicole still kneeling on the floor. Her shoulders were slumped over forward and her head down. I walked over to her and sure enough she was crying. I couldn't believe it. Nicole was the meanest and sort of the hottest girl in our school. Why was she crying? Why did she come here? Why was she still kneeling here in her underwear and a shirt nearly about to fall off?

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Go away loser.” She said.

“I...ok, sure.”

This only made her cry harder. I didn't know what to do. Her body was shaking up and down from sobbing. I was torn between wanting to comfort her and feeling the urge to get out of there. Nicole had never been anything but trouble for us, it would have been best to split.

Apparently the rumors about her being a slut were true. I had never actually seen a blow job in real life. It wasn't really what I had expected. It felt odd to think of touching her after she had just had some guys cock in her mouth, but here she was crying and I couldn't just stand here and do nothing. I put my hand on her shoulder and patted.

“Why does he do that? You know? What is it that he thinks? I mean...” Nicole wiped her nose and I clearly saw her breasts for the first time. I was standing there right over them! Big, bare, hot girl Nicole breasts. I felt all guilty inside again, but still, they are breasts and hot girl breasts at that. Sure, Dominique's are far sexier but this was the first girl I'd seen virtually topless in real life. Not only that but my hand was on her shoulder and her top was barely hanging off her left arm. All I would have to do is slide my hand down and...

“He talks to me like I'm some sort of know?” Nicole said.

I realized I was actually sliding my hand down the front of her shoulder. I quickly pulled it back and said, “Maybe that's just how they are. I mean, why even go after a guy like that.”

“What? You mean hot guys? What am I supposed to go for...skinny, pussy fucks like you? Jesus! Let me ask YOU something, why do you go for girls like Dominique? I mean what is it about her that's all that? What are all the guys so crazy about? Her clothes? Her fucked up green hair? Those dumb-ass little kitty pins she wears in her hair? What?”

Dominique stood up and dropped her shirt completely off. I felt my face burn. Toppless! A girl! Completely topless! Right in front of me!

“Look at these tits! I have amazing tits.” Dominique turned around so I could see her ass, “I have an amazing ass. And let's not even talk about my other talents. I know you fucking nerds look at my tits all the time. So what am I? Geek bait? I'm fucking hot. I deserve to be with hot guys. I SHOULD be with hot guys!”

“I...I dont' know. I...” I honestly didn't know what to say. Her boobs were jiggling around in front of me. Her panties were completely see-through except for that weird little patch of white right where here pussy is.

“But then in walks a little freak like Dominique with tattoos...”

“She has tattoos?” I said quietly.

“...and she wears weird clothes that no one can even find in a store and she doesn't even hardly have tits! Those things are like pimples or something. I mean, what is it that makes everyone want her?” She said.

Nicole started looking around the room like she was trying to find something. I had no idea what she was looking for. She put her hands on her hips and her breasts moved side to side again. Fuck! Why was that such a turn on? Seriously...I didn't even like big boobs.

“You guys are into shit like voodoo and stuff right? I bet you even have something like a Oogee board or one of those dolls or something huh? I want to put a curse on that bitch.”

“It is called a Ouija board and please don't talk about Dominique like that.” I said.

She ignored me and bent forward to get her skirt. I was standing in complete view of a girl's anus! My cock pulsed. That weird white patch covered her pussy but her anus was totally visible between her ample and shapely ass cheeks. To my disappointment, she grabbed her skirt and stepped into it. She pulled them up hurriedly and then grabbed her shirt. She was fastening the little skirt and walking toward our bookcase when I heard talking come from the front steps. I heard the guy's voices and heart beat faster, I heard my lovely Dominique!

“No way! Would you take me?” Dominique asked them.


“Hey guys!” I said running toward the door and hoping it didn't look like I was actually with Nicole.

Everyone smiled and made with greetings until they saw Nicole. They all stopped dead. Dominique stopped mid stride and her her knees came together and she looked cartoon-like for a moment. Her books in hand, her knees together and her cute little open-mouthed expression made her look exactly like a little anime girl.

My guilt made me sure that Dominique knew that I had seen Nicole naked. I turned and looked between the two. I was practically biting my nails and about to drop to the floor and apologize when Steve said, “What is SHE doing here.”

“Well...I...uhhh...I honestly don't know.” I said.

“Oh, look who is here! Just what do you think you bunch of losers are doing here?” Nicole said.

“What are we doing here? This is our club! What are you doing here?” Steve shouted.

“That loser invited me.” She said. She flipped the page of the book she was looking through and never even turned around.

“No..wait. I just got here and...”

“Well that was sweet of you Matthew. I think that is really nice after the way she treated you the other day.” Dominique said.

Gayland walked up to me, leaned over and whispered, “Why is her skirt up so high? You can see her underwear.”

I ignored him and looked at Dominique and asked, “What were you guys talking about? Where did you want them to take you?” I was a little jealous.

“Ghosts! The guys were telling me about a house near here that is haunted.” She said with excitement.

“Oh! I love haunted houses! Let's go!” Nicole said.

“Who said we were inviting you?” Steve snapped.

“Fuck you loser! Like you wouldn't want to go to a haunted house with two beautiful women.” Nicole said and walked over to Dominique. She put her arm around Dominique and Dominique looked as confused and uncomfortable as I was. I also saw that Robin was hiding under the table. He had his camera out. He was trying to get pictures of Nicole's panties. He was a huge panty freak.

“We should go.” Dominique said and tried to move out from under Nicole's arm.

“Good idea. Let's go tomorrow when we have more daylight.” I said.

“Tomorrow!?” Dominique and Nicole both said.

I heard the shutter go off twice under the table.

“Why would you go tomorrow?” Dominique asked.

“Why would you go in the daylight? You have to go to a haunted house in the night time. Even loser Star Wars retards like you should know that. What a bunch of fucking dorks.” Nicole said.

The shutter went off again.

“What the hell does Star Wars have to do with ghost hunting?” Steve asked.

“I don't know. You are the losers who watch that crap.” Nicole said.

Dominique looked at me with those huge blue eyes and that sweet little pouting pierced bottom lip of hers. I knew she wanted me to take charge. I had to make everyone go! I had to do it for Dominique. But I was still afraid.

“Ok club! Tonight is our first outing! We are going to hunt ghosts!” I said.

“Umm...I think I have homework.” Gayland said.

“Uhh...I have to give my doll a bath.” Robin said from under the table.

“I think I have to go skin a couple of cats.” Steve said and he farted for emphasis.

“Come on guys! We never go anywhere. We always talk about this shit but we never do it! We need to branch out. Try new things. We NEED to go ghost hunting!”

Dominique smiled her beautiful little smile and melted my heart. She was looking over at me from around Nicole's tits. I knew I had done the right thing. Nicole pulled Dominique tighter into her big tits.

Night fell and as soon as we got there, I knew the haunted house had been a horrible idea. The guys were so scared they wouldn't go anywhere near the door. Plus we only had one flashlight and the girls looked bored. I knew Dominique wanted me to lead the way but I was terrified. Maybe Dominique was scared too? She was practically dancing side to side.

“I have to pee.” She said, “Come on with me.”

“What? Where?” I asked.

“I need to go pee. I'm not going by myself. Not out here.” Dominique said pointing to the woods beside the house. She grabbed my hand and pulled.

“Uhh..ok.” I said.

Why did she want me and not Nicole? Didn't girls usually go pee with other girls? After a moment it didn't matter because Nicole shouted, “You guys are such losers!” and she took off running for the house yelling, “HERE I COME GHOSTS!”

“That girl is going to die.” Steve said.

“Come on Matthew.” Dominique said and tugged one last time.

I followed her. I was already hard just thinking about her taking a pee. How did girls even pee out doors? I was trembling just thinking about it.

It was a warm night. Dominique wore only very tight black shorts and a loose vintage looking shirt. Maybe that was where she buys her clothes? Best of all were the long striped stockings and big boots she wore. She already has slender, beautiful legs but with the stockings and boots, she looked tiny. She was as cute as any little anime girl. Cuter!

“Come on, I need you to hold my hand.” She said as we reached the edge of the woods.

Hold her hand? While she peed? I was already hurting I was so hard. My cock pulsed against my shorts. My palms were all sweaty. I couldn't even believe this was happening!

“I bet you are hard.” She said.


“You get hard so easy.”

“Only with you.” I said.

“Would you like to masturbate now?” She said. Dominique controlled when I masturbated. She had since the first time we met. She told me that she would never let me fuck her and that as long as I lived I could only masturbate when she told me to. Instead, I had been running and doing push-ups to try to get rid of the tension.

“Yes. I'm nearly about to die. I haven't masturbated in days.” I said.

“I'll let you masturbate, but you have to do it here and you have to do it while I pee.” She said.

“What?” I said.

“Ok, well if you don't want to...”

I pouted. I couldn't stand the idea of Dominique never speaking to me again. I also didn't think I could stand not masturbating. But, if I was honest, I think I was starting to ONLY want to masturbate when Dominique told me too. I was so hard already that I could cum any second. I was dripping wet in my underwear.

“No! I want to masturbate. I need to, really bad.” I said.

“Ok, then lay down. I need to pee.”

“Lay...lay down?”

I had learned not to question Dominique. I laid down in the dirt and leaves and darkness of the woods. I could see the house through the trees but not much else. Dominique stood over me with her hands on her hips and said, “I don't think you can masturbate with your clothes on. Take them off. I want to pee on you while you do it. Unless you want to get your clothes soaked in pee.”

“Uhh...pee...on me? Ummm...ok.”

Somehow undressing in front of Dominique was embarrassing but still I did it. I couldn't help but think about what she thought of me and my body. I peeled off my shorts and underwear and Dominique giggled her cute little giggle.

“What are you laughing for?” I said embarrassed.

“Nothing. Not because of you. Just that you are so cute.”

Cute. She thought I was cute?

Dominique squatted over me and even in the darkness I could see her little white panties. Why did she have to wear little white panties tonight? Ugh. I wanted to see them better. Was she going to take them off? I stroked a little faster but I was already so close to cumming. I didn't want to shoot off before she even did anything. Didn't girls hate guys that cum too fast?

Dominique slowly pulled her panties to the side and...

I came.

I shot hot streams of cum straight up and over my chest. I was so turned on that a stream of it went past my head. Dominique couldn't see that I was cumming in the darkness but she could hear me.

“Are you cumming?”

“Yes.” I said.

“But I hadn't even started.”

“I know. I'm so sorry. It's just that...well...I mean you are wearing white panties and...”

“White panties? That's what made you cum?” Dominique said.

“Yes...and...and I was thinking about...well...”


“I was thinking about if your pee hit my mouth...I WANT TO DRINK YOUR PEE!” I said too loudly.

“You would drink my pee?” She asked giggling.

“Yes.” I said.

“That is so sick!”

“I'm sorry. I know...I...”

“No, I mean sick in like a good way. I like it. But I'm not sure I'll ever pee on you now that I know you like it so much.”

Was she serious? She smiled in the darkness enough for me to see her teeth flashing. She left me in the woods and went to join the others without waiting for me. I didn't know what that meant. I still had to put my clothes back on before I could catch up with her. I tried to hurry and grab everything. I didn't want her leaving without me. Then, out of the darkness and only a few steps away from where we had been, Nicole walked toward me.

“Finally, I found you gu...” Nicole said.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” I asked and tried to cover myself.

“Wow, you guys really are sick. So this is how you get your rocks off? What are you doing naked?” She asked.

“No, nothing, it isn't...hey wait! Don't come any closer!”

“Mmm, hmm...I know what is going on. You were waiting for me. Is that how you think I am? You think you can just strip off naked and wait for me in the woods? What kind of pervert are you? Jesus! I swear to God. You nerds are fucked in the head. No wonder you never have girlfriends. That isn't the way to pick up a hot girl!”

I tried to pull my pants up but it was difficult in the darkness. I was turning and falling and trying to grab at my shirt. Nicole laughed and walked over to me. Even in the darkness, I could see her pale white cleavage clearly.

“Ok.” She said.

“Ok, what?” I said confused.

“I'll let you see my tits.”

“But...” I tried to say I didn't want to see her tits. I didn't want anything from Nicole. I was in love with Dominique. I wanted to get my clothes back on and get back to Dominique. was Nicole saying she was going to show me her breasts. They were really nice breasts...and I! I tried to turn away.

“Why are you still putting your clothes on.” Nicole whispered and moved closer. “Weren't you waiting for me like some kind of freaky pervert? I know how guys are, you are all alike. You wanted to see my tits and try to fuck me, admit it.”

I said nothing. I stood there with my pants half way on and not realizing they were backwards. My shirt was in my hand and despite my loyalty to Dominique, my dick started to grow. Damn him!

“See! I knew it! Oh I love it when they get hard like that. Ok...ready? I'm just going to give you a flash and then you can jerk off later. I don't want to see you jerk off, nerd. I'm not that desperate.”

Nicole lifted her shirt and bra and flashed her breasts at me. They rolled around for a brief moment and then were still. Her breasts were white and the brown nipples clearly visible even with only moonlight shining through the trees. I think these were the only ghosts I was going to see tonight.

“Ok. There is your gift nerd boy. Don't say I never did nothing for you. And don't worry, I won't tell anyone how desperately you want me.” Nicole said and happily marched off.

Girls are so fucking weird. I can't even begin to understand the workings of the female mind. Dominique and Nicole had proven it to me. Guys were simple. We simply want to get laid. Girls want to fuck with your head and play games. I wasn't sure what to think any more. All I knew was that my life had just gotten so much more complicated. Worse still, I loved it.

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