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I was invisible until one day, until that one day when Dominique walked into my life.
Dominique was like some little GothicLolita that burst into my life and electrified every molecule of air around me. She was perfect in every way possible. But just as suddenly as I noticed her, so did every other guy in my class. Everyone notices a new girl at school. I knew, in that moment, that I had no chance. I put my head back on my desk and half listened as she was introduced. I half heard the other guys talking about her. It didn't make any difference. I had no more chance with a new girl than I had with all the other girls at our school. I was no one. I was the invisible guy.

I traced a line carved into my desk with my pencil and half wondered what it would be like if I could levitate my pencil. Of course I knew it was impossible but then that's never stopped me from trying before. It was just something I did from time to time. It never worked.

“Is anyone sitting here?”

The voice was beautiful. I knew it was the new girl before I even looked up. I sat with my head resting on my arm and held my pencil in my hand. I was about to let go and see if it would stay standing up before she spoke, now it seemed retarded. She probably thought I looked like an idiot. I couldn't even bear to lift my head. Why do these things happen to me?

“Hey new girl! What do you want to sit there for? No one sits next to that guy. We can make room. Come sit with us.”

I was about to loose my chance. I couldn't! I forced my head up through a dream. That's when I caught sight of her. She was so bizarrely beautiful! She was petite and slender. Her school uniform was barely within legal limits, and so different that I wondered how they let her in. The skirt was just under the legal limit and decorated with little pins and skulls. She wore a thick studded belt over the skirt that clung to her slender hips. Peeking out from the under the top of her little black skirt was the delicate green lace of her panties. How could she wear this?

Her top was far too tight and unbuttoned at the top and bottom. I could see her pierced navel. It was lovely. The white fabric of her top was thin and did little to hide the green bra underneath. She wore all sorts of bracelets, necklaces, charms, and other things that made her look more goth-punk. But her eyes, oh those eyes were the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen. Big, blue and almost cat-like eyes. She was looking directly at me and smiling with the most sensual and richly soft lips I've ever seen.

“Can I sit here?” She asked.

“Uh...umm, yeah.” I said.

“Hey, do you mind if we push our desks together? I don't have my books yet. That way I can just look on yours.”

“, sure.”

She grabbed the desk and scooted it over to me. While she was leaning over, her top opened enough for me to clearly see her bra. The bra flipped out and exposed half her breast. I could clearly see the top part of her sweet, pale, brownish pink aureola. My dick grew. I leaned forward a little more to try to hide it. She sat down and her little skirt flipped up exposing her slender thighs, and the hint of little black and white panties trimmed in the same green I had seen peeking out the top of her skirt. I breathed in her perfume. God, whatever she was wearing was amazing. My cock grew stiffer. My erection had grow straight out and the head was pushing against my pants. I needed to adjust or she was going to see, not to mention it was only making me harder.

“Hi, I'm Dominique.” She said sweetly and held out her delicate little hand. She twisted her hand down slightly, like a princess, and a couple of little bands around her wrist slipped forward and off! They both fell right between my legs! I didn't move! I nearly died! Her little wrist bands were touching my erection! My stiff cock was pushing out my pants and the bracelet was right there. To my horror, Dominique reached down to get them! I was safe at first, she didn't touch anything. But when she brought her hand up, it grazed the underside of my cock. For just a moment there was complete and total hand to dick contact! It was the first time a girl had ever touched my cock! I was drenched in pre-cum, so much so that I worried she would be able to feel it. My face was red and I wasn't breathing. I waited for her to scream, or jump up and tell the entire class that I was a pervert with a huge erection.

“Sorry about that. These things are too big. That's why I usually don't wear them. They are always falling off.” She said and smiled that beautiful little smile. Her bottom lip was pierced! Oh god, how fucking sexy that looked.

“No worries.” I said meekly. I guess she hadn't noticed. I slowly exhaled.

As I walked out of class and headed for the art club house, I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have sat so close to her all morning. A beautiful punk-rock goth girl right next to me! I was hard the entire time but thank the Gods that she didn't notice. Now I was dying to masturbate. The art club was the place to do it. Our art club was mainly just a few guys like me that no one noticed. We had taken over this old house that no one seemed to care about. In the south, there are a lot of old houses that just kinda sit around and no one really cares about them. This house was kinda like me and my club buddies. The best thing was it still had running water and electricity. We figured someone must still own it or maybe the city owned it. Whatever, it was ours.

All I could think about was getting to the house and jerking off. My balls were begging for release. I could still picture seeing her soft breast and the hint of those panties. God! I really needed to cum. I was so fucking hard that I was nearly about to cum in my pants. In fact I didn't even know if I was going to make it inside.

I dropped my books beside the door and rushed inside. The other guys were already here. Oh well, I would just go to the bathroom and jerk. It wasn't like they didn't all do the same thing from time to time. We all knew it, we just didn't really talk about it. I said hi to the guys. Gayland and Steve were arguing about how you pronounced Paladin. Robin was playing with his doll. I grabbed my favorite porn mag and was all ready when I remembered my books outside. I burst back out the front door without even looking. Instead of grabbing my books, the door slammed into someone! All I saw were books flying and legs and then a thump!

“Oh! Dominique! Wha...why...umm...God, are you ok? I'm sorry! Man...oh no.”

Dominique lay on her back, spread out on our porch. At first I was horrified that I had just slammed the door into her, but then I noticed that Dominique's legs were splayed open and her skirt was up around her waist. I could clearly see her panties. The imprint of her pussy was clearly visible. I could see the puffy flesh and in the middle of that mound of beauty I could see a tender, little slit with a slight roundness at the top. Her panties were so tight. She was so smooth and beautiful. Was that her clit? Oh Gods! Oh man. I realized I was throbbing hard again. Just the sight of her sleek little thighs and her delicate little panty covered pussy had me ready to explode.

“Hi Matthew.” Dominique said.

“What are you...I mean, why are you here? I mean, not that I mind but, I mean, no one...”

“I was walking home and I saw you heading down this way. I was wondering what there was to do around here and I saw you heading to this really cool old house. This place is so sick! I love it! Is this your house?” She asked.

“ This is our club. The art club, except most of the time we don't really do much art.” I said shyly.

“Cool. I want to see it. Will you show me around?” Dominique asked.

How could I refuse her? I helped her up. While she was getting up I couldn't help but notice down the front of her top. I tried not to be too obvious that I was peeking down her shirt. When she stood up her little skirt didn't immediately fall down over her ass. For a brief moment, I could see her tiny ass. I was dripping wet inside my shorts. Pre-cum soaked everything. Then she reached behind her, pulled her panties out of her crack and lifted them slightly. Fuck! It was wonderful! I thought I would cum right there.

The guys all stopped dead when Dominique came into the house. None of us were very used to talking to actual girls and having one in our house was unreal. You may as well have just had an actual cyborg walk into the room!

“So what do you guys do in here?” Dominique asked.

“Uhh...well.” I started.

“Well, well! Matt, you should have told us you were bringing over a friend. Here, let me give you the grand tour! Please, pray tell, what is your name.” Steve said. He was always the more aggressive of the guys, usually too aggressive. That's why most girls didn't like him. Oh, and he was overweight.

“She doesn't want a tour from you Steve, she is obviously a plant!” Gayland said. He was the paranoid of our group. Always with a conspiracy. “Who are you! Who sent you!”

“She isn't a 'plant', you dickwad! Why are you being such an dumbass! We finally get a girl in here and you accuse her of being a spy? Jesus. Pay no attention to him. He thinks his own mother is an alien.”

“She is.” Gayland said then he turned and pointed back at Dominique. “But look at her! She is gorgeous! Why would anyone that hot want to be in our place? Dude, I'm telling you that she is a fucking spy sent by the jocks to take over our old house.”

The two of them started yelling and then the next thing you know they were fighting. They did this a lot. I stood mortified and totally convinced that Dominique would realize how nerdy we were and want to leave. Steve pushed Gayland into the doorway and Gayland pulled him down and the two fell out the door. They might be out there fighting for hours.

“Hey Robin, could you try to calm them down?” I asked.

“Sure.” Robin said and went slowly walking to the door stroking the hair of his beloved little doll. He was talking to her as he went out the door.

Suddenly I was alone! I hadn't really planned it. I do things like this all the time. Events come together and my karma is to be standing there as shocked as everyone else that things turned out this way. I didn't move. Dominique walked around the room and stopped at the bookshelf! “Oh no!” I thought. Steve proudly displayed his porno-mag collection right where she was standing. She reached out and pulled one off the shelf.

This was it. She would know we were perverts now. She was going to leave. Damn Steve and his porn!

“Cool. So you masturbate to this?” She asked.

“ I mean, those are Steve's. I wouldn't ever...”

“You really like to play things safe huh?” She asked.

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Oh, nothing. I just thought that if you this was your porn I would really love to see you masturbate. I mean, after all, you were hard all through class this morning.”

She knew! I felt my entire body go to jello. I can't believe she knew.

“But this isn't your porn and you weren't staring at my tits all morning. Nope, not you. Safe little Matthew who never does anything. I guess I'll just go ask Steve then...since it's HIS porn, after all.”

“NO!” I screamed. “I'll do it!”

I couldn't believe the words had come out of my mouth. I couldn't believe she was asking me this.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

She smiled and jumped up on our old table and crossed her legs. She clapped excitedly and waited for me to come over and do it.

“I can't wait to see how you do it. I heard that if you wrap something around your balls it will make you last longer. Do you want to try it?” She asked.

“Whatever you like.” I said.

“Cool, put this around your balls.” She said and took off one of the bands from her wrist. “Let me see your dick. Come on. I want to see you jerk it.”

I took the band from her wrist. She leaned over on the table and extended her legs out and leaned on one arm. With one leg up like it was, I could just barely see her little panties. I unzipped and realized that I was about to expose myself to a girl for the first time ever! I dropped my pants. My underwear were soaked. Embarrassed, I quickly pulled them off. Dominique clapped her hands when my erection came into view.

“Very hard! You point straight up! I've never seen one that was so hard before...oooh, and a little curved. Nice. Do you think you'll even last long enough to get the band around it?”

“I don't know.” I said. I took the black little band and slipped it over my cock. As it touched, I realized that something from her was now touching my dick! This was almost like an indirect hand job! Her eyes never left what I was doing and watched intently as I pulled the band over my balls. The little black band made my cock and balls really stand out.

“Wow, you got it on. I'm impressed. I really thought you would...”

Just hearing her voice and having her sit there with her panties showing made me cum. A huge jet of cum shot out and into the air and landed across her leg! Before I could even move or do anything, another massive stream of creamy cum shot out and left a trail of semen across her.

“I'm sorry! Oh God! I'm so sorry...” I said, but I was still cumming. I tried to lean down and this only directed it toward her face. I shot cum out and just a tiny bit landed in her hair!

“AHHH!” I screamed and dropped to the floor. My cock hurt. The band was making me cum more than I had ever shot before! I couldn't stop it. Cum shot all over the floor and more was on the way. I was horrified and embarrassed but then I heard her laughing.

“God, you are so funny! I really like you Matthew.” and she kept laughing, rolling on the table.

She really liked me? My mind instantly went to sex, “So...uhh...would you, I mean, do you think that you would like to...”

“No. I'll never have sex with you. Would you still want to be friends with me if you knew you could never have sex with me?” She asked.

“OF COURSE!” I said.

“Wonderful!” She said and she jumped off the table and wrapped her arms around me. I felt her little body touching mine and I came again. This time it shot out harmlessly across the room.

“Wow! Do you usually shoot that far?” She asked.

“No, I think it was that band you gave me.”

“Good, then you keep it... but on one condition.” She said.

“Anything, you just tell me.”

“You can't masturbate unless I give you permission.” She said.

What!? I nearly dropped to the floor. I usually masturbate several times a day! How was I going to get through even tonight without masturbating.

“You have to swear! You'll never masturbate unless I tell you it is ok.” She said.

“I swear!” I said. I meant it too! I would do anything for her.

“Oh, I like you Matthew. We are going to be such good friends.” She said.

Friends. Of course. But with a friend like her, maybe I didn't need a girlfriend? I was about to take the cock ring off but she told me to keep it on and wear it the rest of the day. Oh god, this was going to be torture.

Then she kissed my cheek and whispered, “I like knowing you have it on.”

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