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Done by justice

Tags: threesome, cops, dp
Nika gets more than she bargins for when she visits her local police station
“Hello Nika speaking”
“Hey Nika, thank god you’re still awake. I need your help!!!! Me and the guys were pissing around today, then some pretty hot chicks came and we hooked up with them, but then the cops came and discovered that I had some dope on me. I have no idea how it got there, maybe those chicks planted it. I really don’t know, just help me please and whatever you do don't tell mum and dad ok?”
“Umm Ill see what I can do ok.”
“Ok hurry up!!!”

Nika was a hot young brunette; a figure that screamed perfection, with boobs and an ass that was round and delicious like peaches. Her tan-white skin and big brown eyes gave her such a hot angel look. Her clothes involved a black loose skirt that revealed her pink panties when she bent right over and a thin silk green top with nothing underneath except her pink bra that cradled her lovely big breast.

She was stuck, with no idea of how to rescue her brother. She kept thinking and thinking, but nothing came as she started to stress, then Nika suddenly saw a book about one of the master minds of escaping, none other than Steven Russell and knew her plan. Nika decided she would visit the police station and take her plan to action.

“Hello I’m looking for my brother”, Nika said in a soft loving tone to an officer who she was certain loved staring at her boobs and thighs, as she described the situation.
“Yeah right this way” said the officer, wanting Nika to take the lead so he could enjoy a few good moments staring at her fine ass that resembled ones that all the models these days have. Nika's hair would wave in the air as she walked, then suddenly she stopped with the officer slamming his hard erected cock against her ass as the officer clutched her waist with pleasure.
“Sorry, but what way did you say it was?”
“To your right”
Nika walked on with something silver in her hand.
“Nika you’re finally here”. She arrived in a room full of cells, apart from the one or two drunks who were fast asleep, it was pretty much empty. The officer then left thinking about something as his last look of her body and he’d love to enter her.

“Hey where’s Sam gone.”
“Uhhhh, I think he went to get your favourite tapes.”
“Well let’s hope he gets back or else that fucking kitty down there is going to have to do me tonight” said the officer who really wasn't joking. Now at 30 years old John was single, loved porn and hot girls who he fucked the life out of every Saturday after meeting them out around town. He'd never ever gotten any girls as hot as that kitty before, then suddenly pretty kitty came out of the door that led to the cells, but she was walking slowly with her brother behind her.
John rushed down stairs to stop them.

Nika kept telling herself to walk, walk and walk.
In and out, in and out, starting to think what a bad idea it was and how she might get caught, then she heard it. “What do you think you’re doing kitty?”
John thought he could use the term kitty as it was she who was the one in trouble and not him.
“Please my brother was framed; he really didn't mean any harm. Those drugs were never his.”
John thought for a while and still staring at her boobs like he had never seen any so big, round and yummy before.
“Can we have a little chat just between me and you.”
“Um I guess so.”
John and Nika walked to the next room.

“How would you like to do a deal?”

“What kind of deal.”
“Here is a deal. You pleasure us for an hour and he’s free.”
“What do you mean by pleasure?”
“Well stuff like getting to know you better, we can talk about you and continue from there, you know? Then we will release your brother. How about this, your brother can go home first and you stay here. How does that sound. Your brother’s off the hook for one simple hour.”

It surprised her, she wasn’t expecting this. She wasn’t expecting anything today, but all this happened, sitting at home sipping some tea and having a boring day of study. Never did it occur to her these events would ever happen at least not to her. Her brother to be caught with drugs and now trying to save him for what could be some serious charges by spending some time with people who are meant to be the good guys. She felt no choice though, she didn’t want anything to happen to her brother and the reality was such a turn on that even she didn’t want to admit that she was starting to feel wet from it all. These after all were good guys; they’d probably talk to her for a while and probably make her do a strip tease for the rest of the hour she thought.

“Ok, but you must keep your promise”
“Only if you keep yours”

Nika returned to her brother and told him to go home first.
“Aren't you coming home too?”
“Yeah I am, but I just have to fill out some papers. The officer even said he would take me home.”
“O ok then, I’ll see you at home.”

Nika walked into a room with two officers: John and James following right behind her, the snap went the lock, flash went the lights and slip went the curtains.
“So what can we call you” said James.
“Dinner”, remarked John
“Umm it’s Nika.”
“Umm yeah that’s a lovely name now let’s fuck.”
They unzipped and off came their pants.
“What are you doing?”
“Getting to know you better.”
“But I thought we were just going to talk and then go from there?”
“Don’t worry you can talk, even scream once we get started”, said the second officer.
“Now let’s start with Mr Cock in your mouth”
“And if I refuse to do what you say?”
“She’s right, if she doesn't want to fuck then she doesn't need to, but I’m not sure about those charges. Walk away now or strip and start sucking.”
Nika knew it wasn’t an option though, how was it? She also didn’t want to left then two strong muscular men have their way with her, but she gave in and began slowly reluctantly sliding off her skirt and placing it on the table, which apart from the two chairs was the only pieces of furniture in there.
“God that’s a fucking hot body you got there. I can’t wait, let’s begin.”

When her skirt was off they could see her lovely pink panties and his round ass cheeks. She simply look delicious, pulling her toward them, they each took a side and began feeling her delicate body. Putting their hands up her top and squeezing her soft round breast, while rubbing those sensitive nipples and squeezing that tight ass, not noticing how quickly they had unleashed their lust for her. The officers then began kissing her round the neck and sliding their hands into her panties, feeling her soaking wet pussy.

“Seems kitty’s more excited than we expected, come on tell us you wanted this.” Slapping her and requesting she participate.

It was so evil; they knew how much she wanted it from how wet she was and getting her to say it only made her hornier. She was no longer in control of herself; her body was craving it now.

“Yes Mr Police Officer, I’ve been a very naughty girl.”

“You heard the girl, we better punish her.”

They tore off her top and bra aggressively, curious to see her naked breast, leaving her in her soaking wet panties. They then made her get on her knees as they placed their cocks, one in her mouth and the other in her hand. Watching as she licked the top, teasing the officer and then sucking it, feeling the warmth and pre-cum in her mouth. Moving her mouth up and down, then swallowing it whole and all the way into her throat, feeling how big and soft it was and covering it in her saliva, while giving the other a hand job.
“Keep going kitty, suck that cock. You're just a natural at this. No way is this your first time.” The officer was indeed right, Nika had had some experience from her past boyfriends, but never with two mature guys with cocks as big as these, it was a new experience and she was enjoying it.

They spread her on the table and pulled her panties off, feeling the wet patch she made on them and admiring her pink lips. “You don’t need these anymore.” Throwing them in the air, too busy to care where they landed.

Nika felt their tongues now exploring her, one sucking her breast, making slurping sounds as he ate her peaches as best he could. Licking her nipple’s with his tongue, lapping it over and over again until he heard her moan. At the same time he was also playing with her other breast with his other hand, the tender softness was unbelievable.

John then started to eat her pussy, admiring how beautiful it looked, licking the centre lightly, tasting her juices that glisten all over her pussy, then sucking the loose rims and focusing on the centre again. Digging at her cunt with his finger and licking furiously, licking up the shameless girl’s juices, filling it with saliva and repeating the process.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, make me cum!!!!!” Nika begged, feeling how much she enjoyed it and how close she was about to climax.

“I’m cumming, uhhhhhhhhhh, give it to me” she moaned.

They continued for a while longer, enjoying how soft her breast were, like grabbing clouds from the sky and her pussy swelled up like eating strawberry marshmallows.

“Since kitty’s been such a naughty girl we better start with that ass.”

Making her suck their cocks, only too aware that she didn't want them to start there first. Covering their cocks in saliva for lubricant, John surprised her, slowly wriggled it in her tight ass without her noticing, stretching it beyond what she could take.

“Shit this ass is tight, but fucking good. How does that feel kitty?”
“Fuuuck, no stop it you bastard”, Nika yelled. Nika felt the shot of pain in her ass, it was like a fire rod burning inside her, going in and out, the pain was excruciating. His grip was tight and all she could do was take it doggie sytle, feeling how dam good it felt.

For the next fifteen minutes Nika sucked and got anal with pleasure, while occasionally letting out a scream or moan from the pain of all the pleasure she was feeling.
“Let’s double the pleasure of kitty” remarked John.
Nika stood up, breathless from just having anal and now she was going to get it in both holes. James took his cock and slowly injected it in her pussy, slipping into her, feeling her pussy squeeze tighter as it went in. The sandwich was complete, as they lifted her legs up and began loosely thrusting her.
Nika felt their cocks both inside of her, it felt so different to have both her holes filled with their cocks. As they began moving, she felt the pain everywhere, but it was so good at the same time. It gave her such a dirty feeling of having two big hard cocks inside her at once. All she could do was move along as they did.
“Let’s see kitty jump.” As John slapped her ass, Nika yelled while she moved up and down, then again repeating the process with pain and pleasure, while moaning and moaning.

Aaaaahhhh!! Nika yelled, taking in more pleasure than she had ever had in years, maybe even her life.
The officers changed positions to having their cocks in her mouth and pussy. She was once again sucking, sucking the very cock that had just been penetrating her. The taste of her pussy, her sweet juices. She didn’t want to suck the one in her ass, but she did anyway, feeling how filthy they were making her.
“Hey James look at kitty, sucking her own juices.”
“Yeah I have to say she fucks and sucks well.”
“How does Kitty like cum.”
Nika said nothing, she was exhausted and out of energy.

They stood her up and mounted her again, their sausages finishing what they had started, continuing to fuck the life out of her. They were all so tired, but treasuring how good it felt.

“ I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!!” Nika yelled, staring at the ceiling as she rocked up and down, no longer able to hold her breath.

“Were nearly done kitty, I think I’m gonna cum!!!.”

“No not inside of me, I want to eat your cum, every single last drop of it.” Nika realising it would be better to persuade them, but they different listen, their pace quicken.

Nika tired to get out of it, but it only contributed to it. She started to panic; she didn’t want to get pregnant.

“Don’t cum in me, please!!!!!” She begged.

“TOO LATE KITTY!!!” John yelled

“Ahhhhhhhhh”, Nika yelled as they filled her with their hot cum. Squeezing her eyes shut as she came again, her body stiffening at the sensation of pleasure. She just watched now, as they continued to fuck her, watching cum leaked out of her holes.

They then stopped and placed her on the ground, watching their cum slush out of her, then falling on their asses.

“You fucking bastard, why did you do that. Knowing she had just had her period and that it wouldn’t have done much, but she wanted to make them feel guilty.

“Relax kitty, were clean and James will give you a pill to fix it up. You were fucking great though”, not showing any sign of guilt.

They were exhausted, breathless with smiles on their face; they finished the marathon, now smelling of hot sex.

Several minutes past before they started to gather up their clothes, but she still had cum all over her legs. John and his colleague lead her to the showers and watched while she got into the showers and turned it on. Rubbing soap everywhere and cleaning cum off herself, including rubbing her pussy, which started to make her horny again, it had been so long since she had had sex, that she wanted some more. Feeling kind of angry now that she wanted more, this time for nothing other than she wanted too. How could she be doing this to herself she thought.

“Would you two mind helping me, there’s a spot I can’t reach?” In her adorable sounding voice, acting all innocent.

They stared at each other, then walked up to her with smiles as she began sucking their still erected cocks, clutching each one as she tasted each one bit by bit.

“It taste so good, give me more. Mouth fuck this naughty horny girl with your big cocks.”

They started feeling her all over again, squeezing her ass and boobs as the water from the shower washed over them. It lasted for a few minutes before they dropped down on their knees and started eating her pussy and ass. They were so tired, but they couldn’t stop, it wasn’t everyday that they had someone as sexy as Nika asking them to fuck her.

“Awwww, yes, keep going”, Nika yelled.

John and James then double teamed her again, filling both holes as she bounced up and down on them.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, fuck me harder”, as she rode them like horses.

They were clearly exhausted because it didn’t last as long this time, but it felt just as good. After a while they shot their cum in her mouth, watching as she swallowed every drop like she had begged them before.

Afterwards they just watched Nika dry herself and slip on her bra and panties slowly as she breathed slowly, thinking about how good they had just fucked her today. She felt so slutty, thinking how she had let their dirty cocks penetrate each of her holes. It was enough that she did it for an hour the first time, but asking for it just exposed how much she enjoyed it.

Nika walked towards the door and as she was just about to unlock the door John wrapped his arms around Nika with his two hands clutching her boobs and kissing her neck.
"You were so good I don't want you to leave" said John as he sniffed her angel aroma.
Nika opened the door and pushed John away, walking out as people stared at her. She felt embarrassed and wondered if they had heard her being fucked, after all she was screaming pretty loud. Quickly walking to the car feeling wet from the experience that even she enjoyed more than she thought.

“Let’s forget this ever happened.” Nika said as they arrived outside her house.
“You kidding kitty you’ve just giving me the best dam sex in my life. If you ever feel horny or want a fuck or two I’m at the station kitty. You know you enjoyed it, why else were you begging for it.” His hand sliding onto her thigh, the sliding into her panties as he slide them off. He lifted her leg up and started fingering her, they were under a street light so it was clearly visible to anyone watching. She just was shocked, she wasn’t doing anything to stop him as she let him eat her for a minute more before telling him to stop. She opened the door to leave, telling him to forget it ever happened again and left slamming the door closed. Walking along the footpath to her home door she heard the car drive off with him saying “consider these as a gift.”

That was odd she thought; what was he talking about? All she could think of now though was how dirty she felt, but at the same time horny and exhausted from her first dp.
When she entered the house her brother ran to her side and asked if all was alright, she smile and said she was fine and that everything was ok now.

When she got to her room she fell flat on her bed, relaxed and comfortably at home, then she smiled and realised what he was saying, when she noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties.

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