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Dream a little dream with me....

Was she dreaming or is it real?
As the night drew near all I could see from my window in my bedroom was the ever-growing glow of the moon. I thought to myself wondering what is he doing? Or whom is he doing? And as I laughed to myself I thought “I don’t even know him and I can’t feel this for him my mind is playing tricks on me”. I thought back to the last time he was here and how we barely touched each other and I shook my head and said to myself I am not going to think of about him anymore I just need to sleep and dream.

The warm breeze from the open sliding door filled the room quickly and she drifted to sleep unaware that she forgot to close it.

He parked his car in front of her house not realizing why he was there he looked at the moonlight shining down and the only thought that was in his head was that he had to see her again. He got out of his car and walked quickly to where her room was and as he looked through her window and stared at her he realized that she was sleeping. He never saw her asleep before and he stood there for a minute wondering what it would be like to sleep next to her. He pondered this idea among others of touching and caressing her and he felt his cock get hard instantly. He decided to leave and not bother her when he noticed that the sliding door to her room was open. Knowing how absent-minded she was he decided to close it for her so she could be safe. As he was about to pull the door to close it he could not fight the urge to go in her room and see her. He paused for a minute and looked at her again and decided he had to do it. He slid the door open again and then closed it once he was inside her room. He slowly took his jacket and shoes off and laid them on the floor as he walked closer to her. His heart started to beat faster and he could not believe what he was doing. He paused by the edge of her bed and stared at her closed eyes and wondered what it would feel like to kiss her, to touch her again, to be next to her body again. This made his cock harder just thinking about it and he decided to slide the covers over and lay beside her. He noticed that she was only wearing a blue cutoff wonder woman shirt with matching panties and he smiled and laughed silently to himself and thought that was only one more thing that he liked about her. He decided to take his shirt and pants off and he lay next to her in his boxers and she was in a deep sleep and didn’t seem to notice. She suddenly turned around under the covers and she was now facing the wall and not him anymore and this made him so hard just to have her ass so close to him. He leaned in and smelled her washed long brown hair and could not resist and started to kiss her around her ear and slid his hand around her waist. He pressed his cock against her ass and pulled her towards him hard. He really thought this would have woken her up but she was still sound asleep and his hands made their way to her thigh and he caressed it until he got his hand in her panties and started to grab her ass, all the while still smelling and kissing her hair.

I felt myself dreaming I mean my dream was so real. I felt him touching me, around me, kissing me. It was unreal how close I felt him. I started to get wet as I was dreaming and did not realize what was going on and why I was feeling this way. Slowly I felt myself drift away further in my dream because his touch felt so good and I had wanted to have him near me. I thought to myself that I must have been imagining this because I missed him in my bed so I tried to enjoy my dream because I did not know how long this would last.

Once he started to grab her ass he could not contain himself and he slid off her panties and pulled them off her feet and threw them on the floor. He leaned in under the covers towards her and she moved and turned and laid on her back and he noticed her shirt slightly pulled down exposing her right nipple he could not resist and he wrapped his mouth around her nipple and sucked on her breast over and over moving his tongue all around. He noticed her move around a bit at his touch but her eyes still seemed to be closed. He continued savoring her breast and meanwhile his cock kept growing and growing. He moved from her breast to her stomach and kissed her all the way down until he was in between her legs still under the covers. He laughed to himself because the last time he was with her she would not let him go there and he thought to himself that this time she could not fight him since she was sleeping so he took advantage of the situation. He kissed her abdomen and licked her inner thighs circling them with his tongue and finally coming close to the one thing he wanted to see the most. He saw that she shaved but still left some hair exposed and so he began to kiss her gently and open her pussy with his mouth and he started to suck softly on her clit and moving his tongue up and down slowly so as not to wake her. He noticed her moving her hips away from him and this only made him grab her tightly and move her towards him. He heard her say “No, please wait, stop”. He thought she must be awake by now and he noticed that she was still half asleep so he continued. He kissed and opened up her pussy more and leaned in deeper with his tongue and sucked and licked her as much as he wanted because he knew that she could not stop him now. Her hips kept moving away from him but his grip on her was tight and she was not going to get away from him. He grabbed her clit between his teeth and bit down gently and sucked a little harder and this made her arch her body forward.

As my dream continued I felt his hands on my body and felt myself getting wetter and wetter. I felt his breath on my neck and in my hair and it was driving me crazy. I swear I could not figure out if this was real or was I still dreaming it all? I felt him grab my ass and it excited me as I felt him take my panties off. I thought surely this had to be a dream as I turned and lay on my back to try to wake up. I suddenly felt my nipples get hard and could feel his mouth around my breast all I could say in my mind was “OMG”. This was driving me crazy but for some reason I could not open my eyes I was afraid that if I would, I would wake from my dream and he would be gone. This felt so good I could not believe this was happening to me. I felt him kiss my stomach and my inner thighs and I suddenly felt his tongue inside of me and I yelled out loud “No, please wait, stop” and I felt myself move away from him and then I felt his hands grab a hold of me tighter and move me forward to his mouth again. I could not take it anymore this just felt so good. I decided not to open my eyes due to my fear of not seeing him and realizing it was just a dream. I decided to go with the flow and wanted to touch him to see if he felt real to me. I reached my hands down to his head and I could feel his long hair on top and then I touched his face and thought this has to be real because I am so wet and he won’t stop moving his tongue no matter how many times I beg him to stop.

He felt her hands on his head and caressing his hair and his cheeks he thought she must be waking up and he wanted to take advantage of his time near her to make her cum. He became harder just thinking about her moaning and telling him to stop when he knew she loved it. He started to kiss her more and suck her clit and lick her entire pussy as much as he could because he was determined to make her cum and go crazy. He wanted to see her lose control and he wanted to be in control of her so bad. He kept licking and licking and sucking and sucking that he had to contain himself from coming. He suddenly heard her yell, “Please stop no, who are you? Please stop!” and she kept on moaning and pushing his face off of her with her hands but he did not respond to her. He knew that as soon as she came she would be fully awake but by that time it would be too late because he planned on being inside of her.

With my eyes still closed I could feel his hair and his face, it was him I know it was. How could this be? How could he be here? I felt him suck me harder and harder and I could not take it anymore and I started to yell, “Please stop no, who are you? Please stop!” He did not say anything to me and I just felt him grab me tighter and lick me more and more and deeper and deeper and I tried to push him but I could not get loose. All I could think about was that I was about to cum and it was driving me crazy not to know who was making me feel this way. I could not see him because the covers were over his head and he would not let me go. I felt myself almost coming and I felt myself pushing him and pushing him trying to make him stop because I could not control myself. I decided to open my eyes and I could not see anything in the darkness but I did see my covers move and I felt my clit being devoured by him and I could not believe that I was not dreaming and that in fact it was real what was happening to me. I started to moan uncontrollably and move my hips because his mouth felt so good.

He kept licking and sucking on her clit and he knew that she was coming close to an orgasm he could feel it. He suddenly heard her yell, “Please stop no, who are you? Please stop!” and this just got him harder and he grabbed her tightly because he knew she was close, so close. He felt her touching his face and wondering who was making her feel like this and this made me laugh to himself because soon he would have the pleasure of showing her exactly who he is. He heard her moan more and more and he knew she was coming and he dug his face and tongue further inside of her and as she moved her hips forward she started to cum in his face and mouth and he swallowed all of it. He felt her thighs shake and heard her yell “OMG No, No, No! Please stop!” and he kept ignoring her and kept on licking and sucking all of her cum as fast as he could. He felt her hips move and he knew she was enjoying herself even though it was driving her crazy not to be in control and he knew that was the reason she was yelling. He got harder and harder knowing that he was controlling her and she could not do anything about it.

I yelled “OMG No, No, No! Please stop!” and I felt this surged come over me and I felt myself coming and he was making me cum OMG I could not believe it because it felt so good. I yelled for him to stop and he just ignored me, which infuriated me more because now I was determined to know who this was. I pushed and tried to pull myself from him but he would not let me go and just kept sucking my clit more and more, the more I moved. I could not stand this feeling of not being in control but I had to admit that his mouth felt so good in my pussy that all I could do for the moment was give in and moan and enjoy his tongue again and again.

As soon as he felt her give in he slowly let her go and started to come up her body slowly kissing every part of her. She shook and kept pushing him the further he got up and he knew he had to act quickly so he spread her legs and slowly laid his cock on top of her clit. This made her move her hips and push him again so he had no choice but to grab her hands and he finally peek out of the covers and face her. She still seemed half asleep but her eyes were open and he knew she recognized him and he heard her breathe a sigh of relief but they were both speechless at that moment. He let his body do the talking and as she lay there He held her hands over her head and slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned for him to stop but He whispered in her ear “I can’t stop I want you so bad right now!” She tried to get her hands loose but He just held her wrists tighter and entered her deeper and deeper more. He felt her arch her back, which exposed her mouth to him. He began to enter her slowly and then faster slowly and then faster and then he would pull out completely and play with her clit and he knew this was driving her crazy. She started to say something when he leaned in and kissed her hard and forced his tongue inside of her mouth.

She started to move back and forth and kissed him right back sucking his tongue hard and this just made him drive his cock right back into her hard. He muffled her screams and he kept on kissing her not letting her speak or move while still holding her arms. He kept entering her harder and harder then slower and then pulled out once more and decided to play with her clit. He stopped kissing her and all he could hear her manage to say was “OMG please put it back in, put your cock inside me!” This excited him and he laughed to himself at what he was about to do. He whispered in her ear “You want my cock inside you?" “Yes, Yes!” She pleaded . He continued to whisper and he played with her clit and she seemed lost in ecstasy. He said, “I will give it to you on one condition?” She was breathing heavily and looked in his eyes “What do you want?” He smiled and whispered in her ear “Say my name, say my name in Spanish and say it loud!!!” She replied to him laughing and moaning at the same time “NO! I won’t, stop, you can’t make me!!!” He kept whispering closely in her ear and playing with her clit even harder now and his grip on her hands was getting tighter. “Just say it, come on say it and I will put my cock back inside you, say my name in Spanish loudly just one time for me baby!” She yelled, “No, stop, I can’t, I’m going to cum!” which then he replied “No your not! Not until you say my name!” and he stopped playing with her clit and started to kiss and suck on her breasts and he let her hands go at this point. She replied, “No OMG don’t stop! What are you doing??” He kept mumbling in between kissing her breasts “You know what I want just say it and I will make you cum hard again and again you choose” As he smirked she pushed him and pushed him but he would not stop sucking her breasts and this drove her over the edge and she was excited and infuriated at the same time but she saw that pushing him was not going to help her anymore. She finally gave up and yelled “Please just make me cum, just let me cum” he continued to suck her breast and he was like “What was that I can’t hear you?” and she started to laugh (saying to herself that he was going to pay for this later) and she just yelled his name “Please Jose Luis, please put your cock inside me and make me cum!”

This is all he needed to push his cock back inside her and push back and forth deeper and deeper. She grabbed him by his hair and put her hands on his back and dug her nails into him and whispered in his ear “Make me cum Jose Luis, make me cum baby” This drove him crazy and he began to enter her deeper and faster. She dug her nails in deeper into his back and she felt herself coming and started to moan loudly “Yes baby yes” and she felt him start to cum as well and all he could do was moan and hold her tightly and he pulled her hair which made her arch her back and they kissed each other deeply until they were both done coming.

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