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Drunken Good Times....

An innocent night out turns out to be much more....

Nadia and I have been friends for like three years now and we always hung out together.  She would sleep over my house and visa versa if any one of us was too drunk to go home when we would go out.  I considered her my best friend.  We were very open when it came to talking about sex and she knew that I had a boyfriend.  She also knew that I was not being sexually satisfied by him and that I was quite frustrated.   She was very open about being bisexual and she would tell me about her adventures with guys and girls from time to time.  Speaking frankly, it would turn me on but I never told her how I felt.

One night we went out to this bar just to blow off some steam after work and we drank way too much so we took a taxi back to my house.  She had parked her car by my house but she was too drunk to drive home so I told her she could stay if she wanted to.  I was so drunk I was seeing double myself.  I didn't even realize that I took off my clothes right in front of her and changed into a tank top and some boy shorts.  She knew I must have been drunk because I never changed in front of her.  She had never tried anything with me before but I knew sometimes by her stares that she found me sexually attractive.  Now I consider myself to be straight as can be but I have to admit I have always been curious about girls for a long time now.  I always thought to myself and wondered what it be like to have sex with a girl, but I kept that secret hidden. 

On this particular night things would be very different.  Nadia knew that I was so much more wasted than she was.  I remember my head hitting the pillow and I was knocked out.  I don't know how long I was asleep when I felt her start to caress my ass and she soon began to spoon me.   I thought I was dreaming at first then she slowly began to move her hand to my breast.   I felt her lift my tank top up and start to pinch my nipple.  I froze.  

(Now the main problem was that she knew exactly how I like to be touched because I would explain to her how my boyfriend was not fulfilling me enough due to him not being into rough sex.  She knew my weaknesses and played it well to her advantage that night).  

She held me tight as she slipped her hand under me and around my waist and with her other hand she started to make her way down to my pussy.  She, in a real quick move, slide my underwear to one side and slipped her finger slowly inside me.  I instinctively arched my head back and I finally realized that I was not dreaming and that this was really happening to me.  I felt a little groggy and I began to protest for her to stop what she was doing as I pushed her hands away from me.  

"I know you're horny so let me help me out a bit."  She whispered in my ear.  

(Later on she confessed to me that she had been planning this for some time now and knew that if she would of asked me when I was sober I would of said no, so seeing that I was drunk she took a chance.)  

Now let me tell you that being drunk, tired and horny as hell really is not a good combination.   I tried to fight her off as much as I could but to tell you the truth everything that she was doing felt so good that I just gave in.  She realized that I was not fighting her anymore and she flipped me over and took my tank top and panties off in one swift movement.  I was so turned on by the way she was touching me that my panties were already soaked.  She must have took her clothes off earlier on because when she leaned towards me I felt her body on my mine skin to skin.  I was so drunk I could not even focus so I had my eyes closed the entire time.

(I think mostly to convince myself this wasn’t really happening and I didn’t really like it.)

Then she lowered her face to mine and began to kiss me and when I felt her tongue go inside my mouth I lost it.  I kissed her back so intensely that it caught her off guard. She began to fondle my whole body starting with my breasts and as she did this she kept on saying all these dirty things she had been wanting to do to me for a long time and she was driving me insane.  I felt her mouth on my nipples as she engulfed both of my breasts and many thoughts were racing through my head.  She came up and whispered in my ear how much she wanted to fuck me and sexually satisfy me.  I was so turned on that I started to touch her back and I started to suck on her nipples as well.  I could not believe what I was doing.  She forcefully pushed me back down on the bed and said she wasn't done enjoying me yet and told me not to move.  God I was so hot at this point that I complied with what she asked of me.

She started to kiss me all the way down to my abdomen and then around my pussy but not quite inside.  She kissed and licked my inner thighs and above and around my pussy just to tease me.  Her torture was driving me crazy so I tried to regain some control of myself and I tried to get up but it was just too much for me to take at that point.  We started to wrestle on my bed and she had the upper hand when it came to being the more sober one and just held me down by my hips and then stuck her tongue inside of my pussy until she wrapped her mouth around my clit.  I moaned so loud and arched my back that I fell back onto the bed enduring her bittersweet torture.  She continued to lick me so ferociously that she gave me to choice let alone time to react.  The feeling of her warm mouth on my clit and the wetness of her tongue sent me into such a state of shock that I felt like I could not speak.  I just moaned as I endured her tongue lashing on my pussy.  The only thing left for me to do was to grab the covers on my bed and squeeze them tightly in my hands and pound on the head board of the sheer ecstasy that I was feeling.  

I felt her mouth suck my entire clit and her tongue swirled all around it.  She then pushed her tongue further inside my pussy that I felt she was fucking me with her tongue.   My hips and legs were shaking at this point as I was very close to exploding.  She knew this and then she did the most glorious thing with her tongue and licked me further down until she reached my ass and then stuck her tongue inside.  At this point my speech was not even making sense as my moans grew louder and turned into screams of pure unbridled sexual enjoyment.  Her tongue started swirling around in my ass and she was driving me completely mad.  I had never felt anything like that before in my life as her mouth sucked my ass and she dug her tongue inside of me at the same time.  I felt my body thrash up and down involuntarily when she began play with my clit at the same time her mouth was in my ass.  I lost total control after that and I came so hard and all I could was scream.  It felt so good I could not take it and I begged her to stop but she kept going. 

(I think it had just dawned on me at that point that it was a girl that was actually making me cum and I was shocked at how much I liked it.)

I tried to crawl up the bed and away from her mouth because I had become so sensitive that I could not stand it any more.  My whole body felt like it was seizing and I felt out of breath.  Being tired, drunk and forced to feel unbelievable pleasure must have been too much for me because I think I passed out at that point and I don't remember much after that.  I do recall her fingering me most of the night because I kept hearing her whisper to me in my ear.

"That's it cum for me."  As she bit my ear and made me cum repeatedly. 

I woke up the next morning to her spooning me.   She had one of her hands on my pussy and the other one on my breast.   I started to move and her hands and she suddenly spoke and said.

"Good morning sunshine!" Directly into my ear.  

I turned to see her face and she grabbed my chin and kissed me.  I felt her tongue invade my mouth once again.  I felt her start to fondle my pussy again and the more I pulled her hand away the more she continued.  I begged her to stop and in between breaths I confessed to her that she made me feel so good all night but that I had a boyfriend and that I could not let this go any further.  She told me she was not jealous and that she had no problem sharing me because this was not going to be the last time she was going to fuck me. 

God she knew exactly how to talk to me to get me hot and bothered.  She knew I was drawn to her.

She put her hand on my mouth and told me not to talk as she lead me to the bathroom.  I got so wet by just looking at her body that I could not resist her the urge to touch her as she pulled me into the shower.  She repeatedly made me scream and cum for her that morning. 

Needless to say that Nadia and I are still very, very close friends and she has fucked me in the most craziest of places, but those are topics for future stories to come.

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