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Easydescent makes SarahBeara Obey Pt. 2

all three go up to play

~ Joanne ~




My day started off pretty good. I got up extra early, and had a nice quiet cup of coffee. The only sounds that interrupted my peace was the constant slap of the river against it's banks. But that was more beautiful than anything. You see, in the cities you cant see the stars at night. You dont see trees swaying in the breeze, or the eagles taking flight. Looking beautiful against the backdrop of the sky.

I finished my cup of coffee and decided to pay Lee a little visit. He would be at his bookshop by now.

I got in my car and drove then five minute drive to his place. Pulling into a park i noticed his and another car parked side by side. Hmmm. The sign on the window said closed but, i walk in all the time. So ill just pop in, pay Lee a little visit and see if he wanted to have dinner tonight.

So the first thing i notice when i walk in the shop is; no one's there. After standing there for a second i turn to leave. All of a sudden i hear i noises coming from the back of the shop. I decided to investigate, maybe something's wrong!! Wait...what if Lees hurt?!?!?

I ran to the back of the shop and saw the door crack, I go to shove it open but a movement catches my eye. I inch further and look into the room from the crack of the door. I gasp as i take in the scene before me. Le had that woman from yesterday down on the table, steadily thrusting into her sexy ass. I felt my pussy get wet and lowered my hand to the inside of my jeans. I rubbed myself furiously, seeing the beautiful woman's eyes close as Lee repeatidly pumped into her. My juices ran over my fingers as the girl arched her back, screaming. I saw Lee's body tighten up and shudder as he emptied his seed into her. I removed my fingers from my dripping pussy and opened the door, sucking them into my mouth.

The girl saw me and gasped, trying to weakily cover herself. Lee just looked at me and a slow, wicked smile played across his face and he rubbed the girl's back.

"Joanne, what a very pleasant surprise."

I smiled and walked the rest of the way into the room toward the girl.

"yes it is." I whispered, looking into her beautiful eyes.

Very pleasant indeed....









"Hi Joanne, this is Sarah. She was just being taught not to be late." I said smiling that Joanne had just watched me fuck Sarah. I pulled back my softening erection coming out ass with ease. I looked down and my cum was dribbling down to Sarah’s pussy our juices mingling over her exposed pussy lips, I beckoned for Joanne to come closer she obeyed me. She was wearing a loose fitting dress, she always looked fabulous at thirty she was still in her prime, and she was petite with small but perfect breast as she moved over to Sarah and I Joanne reached behind her neck and popped on button. Her dress fell to the floor exposing her nakedness; Joanne rarely wore any underwear shaking her long brunette hair loose over her pale white alabaster skin. I let my eyes wander over Joanne’s tight body her pink nipple stood erect moving down her body to look at her neatly trimmed pubic hair, her pussy lips pouted at me. I took a deep breath and stood back from the table Sarah froze to the table wanting to run but not being able to move. Joanne pushed me further away dropping a hand to squeeze my cock making it begin to twitch back to life as she positioned herself in between Sarah’s legs, Joanne reached forward and traced the line of cum from Sarah’s ass down to her pussy. Joanne lifted her finger to her lips and licked the wetness she smiled at me as she sank to her knees inhaling the musky scent of Sarah’s juices mixed with my cum. All I could do is just stare while Joanne placed her hands on the inside of Sarah’s thighs pushing her legs open, Sarah’s pussy opened slightly I could just see Sarah’s erect clit poking out from her lips. Joanne’s tongue snaked forward tasting the pleasure of a tight wet cunt, Joanne’s mouth clamped down onto Sarah and I heard her tounge squelch inside Sarah. Sarah twitched trying to force her legs closed but Joanne was surprisingly strong for her size and soon had the struggling Sarah underconrol. Sarah lay there making small whimpering groans as she gave into Joanne’s touch, grabbed the edges of the table to control the spasms she had every time Joanne’s expert tongue worked Sarah’s clit.

My cock was beginning to come back to life as I stroked it watching Sarah getting her hot wet pussy get devoured by Joanne.

"I think we should take Sarah up to the apartment and bring some toys out Joanne, Sarah needs to be shown a few more thing if she is going to work for me." I said and heard Joanne mumble her agreement from between Sarah’s legs.

This was turning out to be a very good day, very good day.





                                                            @;~ Sarahbeara ~;@




Let me say this. I have never EVER been with another woman before. So can u understand even a little bit why i was frozen to the spot? I think i went into a self induced paralyzation, but thats just me. She dropped her jeans and took off her shirt and came around me. knelt down and I'm telling you it MUST be true. Women just KNOW best how to please another woman.

I admit i had some mixed feelings about this, but as her tongue worked her magic on me....i doubts and fears just seemed to melt away with every hot, sensual stroke of her tongue.

Then, with Lee on one side of me and Joanne on the other they ushered me up a flight of stairs and into a lavishly furnished apartment. He'd better have nice things with the prices of his books. I thought dryly.

They let me go and Joanne pulled my close to her, her pelvis thrusting into mine and her stomach brushing against my own. We kissed softly, her arms winding around me, my hands on her waist.

I felt her hand touch my breast lightly. So different than her own, small pert breasts. Her fingers plucked at my hard nipples.

I moaned into her mouth, and leaned harder against her. I wound my leg around her hip, pulling her as close to me as i could.

As for Lee...well, he went to a drawer and began pulling objects out. Not that i knew what they were, being too causht up in Joanne to care....

Joanne pushed me gently to the bed and we layed down. Kissing and caressing each other's bodies....










As Joanne led Sarah to the bed they kissed and slowly layed down, Joanne reaching to touch Sarah’s full pert breast, Sarah tentatively reached up and cupped Joanne’s pert small breasts; rubbing her erect nipples with her thumbs. Sarah was learning quickly that she should go along with the flow; Joanne pushed Sarah flat on her back turning round and swinging her leg over Sarah’s head. I just saw Sarah’s eyes widen as Joanne lowered her soft, pink damp pussy towards Sarah’s face. She looked a little panicked it was so sexy to see Joanne’s pale skin contrast against Sarah’s demure dusky skin tones. Sarah had no choice but to lick Joanne’s pussy as Joanne slowly began to grind her hips, Sarah reached up and held Joanne’s hips steadying them to allow her tongue to truly taste another woman’s pussy. Joanne threw her head back as she felt Sarah’s tongue explore her cunt, shaking her long dark hair out of her face smiling in the pleasurable sensations Sarah was causing her.

 I turned back to the drawer to select some toys for us to us, Joanne and I had been playing games for some time now and had built up a nice collection of dildos, restraints and various things for our pleasure. I chose a dildo each for the women on the bed and as an after thought took out Joanne’s double ended strap on dildo along with some lube and dropped the strap on to the bed. I placed a thick cold metallic toy in Joanne’s hand it had a rippled texture to it, Joanne gave me a dirty smile as she lowered the toy to Sarah’s swollen pussy which looked so hot and tasty. I moved to the head of the to see Sarah with her eyes closed tightly, licking Joanne’s pussy she was using her thumbs to expose Joanne’s clit and was nibbling and licking it gently. I squeezed some lube on to the dildo in my hand dropping the tube on the bedside table and rubbing the excess lube into Joanne’s ass, Joanne quietly moaned as the tip of my finger probed the hole. Grabbing Sarah’s hand I placed the dildo in it and guided the tip to the entrance of Joanne’s ass, by now Joanne had lowered her mouth to Sarah’s pussy and was licking the remnants of my cum from her. She then brought the tip of the steel dildo to Sarah’s pussy. Sarah shuddered at the coldness against her hot throbbing cunt, making her head push back into the pillows. I saw Sarah’s beautiful body tense as the steel toy was pushed firmly and deeply inside her tight wet pussy, holding the back of Sarah’s hand I pushed forcefully causing the dildo in her hand to slide into Joanne's sexy ass.

Sarah opened her eyes and looked deeply into mine. What was she thinking and how far could I take her boundaries?







                                                            ~ Joanne ~



This woman was positivly the most beautiful woman i think i've ever had the pleasure of seeing. As i lowered my pussy to her mouthi could tell she was a little scared. Never having done this before. Well, there was a first time for everything, i always say. I moaned, arching my back as her mouth slowly explored my cunt lips, licking and sucking.

Lee lubed my ass and and he place a dildo in Sarah's hand and as i pushed a dildo in Sarah's hot, wet pussy, Lee made her push the dildo into my ass.

I moaned and arched back, feeling every inch of the dildo in me.

Sarah's hand thrust the dildo into me hard, over and over again.

But just as visciously as she fucked my ass, i fucked her cunt.

We both came, screaming at the same time. Sarah pulled the toy out of me and Lee hurridly wrapped the strap on around my waist. I quickely turned around and positioned myself in between Sarah's thighs. Lee had pulled the dildo out of her by this time.

I kissed Sarah long and deep as i pushed the tip of "my" dildo into her. Her eyes widened, disbelieving that a woman was fucking her.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and clung tight, as i rocked us.

I felt Lee climb onto the bed behind me and i whimpered as he forcefully pushed his big cock inside my pussy from behind, groaning at how expertly my muscles held him captive.





                                                     @'~ Sarahbeara ~;@



It was so wierd, having a woman fuck me. So...different. Not that i didnt like it. Oh was VERY pleasurable. Her thrusts, combined with the movemens of Lee pounding into her from behind brought me to a earth shattering climax.

I hung on to Joanne with everything i had, and she fucked me harder, almost brutal as she reached her orgasm. Lee groaned loudly reaching his own.

We all collasped, entweined together on the bed, breathing hard and panting.

Joanne turned her head slightly and took my left nipple into her mouth, sucking gently.

Tears sprang into my eyes, my nipple was so swollen, sensitive and aching. I cant take anymore.

"Please," i said. "No more, i cant stand anymore. Stop......."

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