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Easydescent makes Sarahbeara obey

Alot changes when Sarah comes to town....


      Hey guys!!!  A while ago i had come up with the idea to write a story with my good pal Easydescent. So, we put our two very different writing skills together and wrote this. So, not all the credit goes to me guys's.  All the parts that says Sarahbeara is what i wrote and all the parts that says Easydescent is what he worte.  I thought that maybe Lush needed a little bit of a change and i thought Why not have two authors come together to make a story??? And Joanne, well, that was another idea of mine....we hope you enjoy!!!



                                                      @;~ Sarahbeara18 ~;@




                  I had just moved to Clarksville two weeks ago, and just finished unpacking and cleaning my home. After a few friendly visits from my neighbors I decided to take a little walk around the prehistoric town. It was around six and it wasn't quite dark yet and i had heard from several people that there were alot of cozy cafes and little antique shops within walking distance of my house. Walking alongside the river for a bit I came upon many different little shops as i was walking past. Enjoying the aromas of the little coffee shop i had just passed by i considered two very interesting shops i stopped in front of. One was John's Pewter and the other was Lee's Bookstore. Not knowing which one to choose i quickly stepped into Lee's Bookshop, observing the people browsing through magazine's and various articles and books.

It was a very cozy place, with three or four fireplaces stationed in strategic places around the store. Each fireplace had its own quiet little nook with about six leather chairs and cushions, creating a very homey environment. I glanced towards the back of the shop and saw a very handsome man standing behind the counter, checking out books for some woman in high heels and a pants suit. I assumed he must be Lee. This town was very small and i doubted he needed any other staff to help him run the shop. I walked down the sci fi isle and picked up a fairly decent looking book. i took a peek at the inside flap. $28.99!!!! Oh My God! This place was expensive! A bona fide rip-off-the-tourists trap. I could not believe it. I hurriedly put the book down and wandered off to the romance section, surely the little paperbacks could not be that expensive....








I looked over at the door opening causing the bell to jingle, she looked amazing as she stepped through the door. Instantly I wanted her. The young woman stood there brushing her long, dark thick hair from her face, revealing amazingly beautiful dark eyes. Her dark skin look sensually appetizing. I watched as the young woman moved around the shop her slender fingers roaming over the books she looked about 20, she was slim with nice firm full breasts. Her plain thin white cotton top clung to her body reveling a nice tempting portion of her cleavage she was wearing a short ragged denim mini skirt that barely covered her ass her firm brown thighs caressed each other as she moved slowly, stalking round the shop. Lee desired her and wanted to make her his, to make her obey him. The smart sexy buisness woman in front of me coughed impatiently knowing that she had just been out shone by a hot sexy young thing. I finished serving, winking at her I passed the woman called Joanne, a regular. giving her her change.

"Please come again Joanne, maybe we can have another special evening." I smiled and held her palm. Joanne blushed and left my shop sneaking another look at the young mysterious woman as she left. Picking up the "Help Wanted" sign i had just written I moved over to the window past the hot woman. She was bending over to look at some books on a low shelf, her little skirt had risen up and i could just make out her ass cheeks but couldn't see any panties. I felt my cock shift of its own accord. "Hi I've not seen you before, I'm Lee i own this shop!" I said as i approached.

"Oh Hi I'm Sarah! I've just moved here. I'm studying art at the college thats about forty five minutes away from here," Her voice was dry low and her tongue brushed her luscious sexy lips, wetting them, making me think about grabbing her and forcing her against the wall. I turned before she noticed my look of animal desire, Sarah noticed the sign in my hand. "Are you looking for someone to work here? I worked in a book shop back home and i really need the cash." Sarah inquired pointing at the sign in my hand. "Well yes maybe I should just try you out for a few days then." I said laughing to myself, did she know she was playing into my hands? Images of her hot young body writhing beneath me flashed through my mind as I drank in her beauty, her shirt had opened a little more her firm pert breasts quivered as she breathed in, nestled naked unsupported in her top. I moved closer to her, she smelt so sweet, like fresh picked strawberries.. Sarah acted a little anxiously and smoothed her top down and brushed the hair from her face. I stood so close to her I could feel the heat of her body permeating through the few clothes she was wearing. I struggled to stop myself from ripping her clothes of and forcing down to the floor. Patience, I told myself, stepping back. Sarah's face flushed as if she had read my mind.

"OK when can you start?"




                                                   @;~Sarahbeara18 ~;@



I took a step back as he moved closer to me. I uncomfortably tugged down the ends of my skirt. Silently cursing my ex for throwing me out of the house with nothing but my tank top and too short skirt that was two sizes too small for me. I was sure Lee thought i was a slut, and after inquiring about the job i was pleasantly surprised that he extended the offer. I've got to go shopping soon.

"Well, I can start tomorrow as soon as possible." I said, making a mental note to stop by a clothing store. I'd have to drive a little bit out of town. This town was so old and the only thing that was modern about it was the gas station a few miles away from my house. "Good, be here tomorrow morning at six sharp!" He said, smiling and extending his hand to me. I took it, self consciously. I knew some people didn't have the fondest of feelings for mixed people, thinking they were half breeds. But everyone in this town seemed very friendly, unlike the people back in the city i came from. To my surprise he took my hand and grasped it firmly. I felt the roughness of his palms and the callouses on his fingertips. Begotton from years of turning the pages of books, sorting and filing. I blushed and pulled my hand back quickly. Tucking a strand of hair back behind my ear that had fallen over my shoulder and covered my left breast. Realising that i could just have conceled my cleavage with my hair i pulled the heavy mass over one shoulder. Feeling the softness brush my stomach lightly. "Will do." I said.

I turned and began to walk away. I paused, turning back to him. "And thank you for the job offer. You really have no idea how much this means to me. I promise i wont let you down." I opened the door to the shop and walked through quickly. I needed to get home to take care of some shopping. Once at home i grabbed my checkbook and keys. Thank God i thought enough to not tell my ex about my checking account. I currently had about two hundred thousand in there. Thanks to the wealth of my parents.

With a pang I thought about my mom and dad, who had died in a car crash about a year and a half ago. Leaving me with the last of their savings. Thinking I had no one else to turn to I ran to my ex, my boyfriend at the time. I had moved in with him and things went like a fairy first. But after a couple months the beatings started and, after he found out i was going to leave him he kicked me out of the house leaving me with nothing but the clothes i was wearing. I had my keys and checkbook in the pocket of my skirt and i jumped in my car and got the hell out of dodge before he changed his mind and decided to come after me. I drove for thirteen straight hours. Only stopping twice for gas.. Remembering one time when i had came home too late for his taste. He'd he'd thrown me on the floor and kicked me in my sides for what semed like forever. After enduring about a dozen kicks I fell unconcious. I woke up the next day on the living room floor, barely able to move, hoping he didnt manage to rupture my spleen or kidney. Well...enough of that. The past is the past. But experience has taught me to never turst another man again. And I'll be damned if i let another one in my life.










It was six thirty when Sarah arrived. Not good as I expected my woman to be on time.

"Sorry I’m late but I had a long drive last night to go shopping for some clothes." Sarah said apologetically. I stood back and rank in her beauty. Sarah stood there with a tight black dress made of a material that clung and caressed her slim curvy body, it covered her supple body like a second skin. My eyes slowly worked down her body the short dress clung to her thighs hinting that she was wearing hold up stockings, her strappy stiletto heels set her hot legs to perfection.

"Well it’s not a good start Sarah, I expect you to be on time, I also expect you to be honest and most of all I expect you to do as I tell you!" I stared directly into Sarah’s pretty eyes. Her mixed ethnic background made her look so erotically beautiful, my mind raced with what I wanted to do to her.

"I’m really sorry Lee I promise not to be late again. Soooo, right, what do you want me to do first?" Sarah asked.

Get on your knees and take my cock in your mouth. The image rocked me on my feet.

"There’s a delivery of books in the store room, put them out. They're expensive so make sure you put them in the locked display cabinets" Strangely it turned me on to give her an order. The books were part of a very rare edition of erotic images from all ages and all types of art, I had already looked through them and some of the sexual acts in them looked so erotic and some looked impossible, but they were so hot. Sarah pouted her lips at me for telling her off, this just made me want her even more and as she walked away I grabbed the empty air where her hot ass had just left.

I would make her pay for being late and if she broke any of my other rules, Sarah would feel my exquisite punishment and she would beg for more.





                                                            @;~ Sarahbeara ~;@



I couldn't help i was late! I woke up at a quarter till six and raced around pulling on my clothes. I ran out to my car and would have made it just in time if it had not been for the fact that my car wouldnt start!!! So i ran over to my neighbor Bill who happened to be a mechanic, (thank you GOD he was up!!), he popped my hood, did a little tinkering around, (free of charge too!!), and sent me on my way. People here sure our friendly. But do you think LEE cared even a tiny bit of the morning i went through? NO! Just another no good male. Just like the rest of them. I studied the books as i stacked them up to be carried into the front of the store to be put into the display cabinietss. All erotica. God, were any of these positions possible?? My pussy clentched tightly as i looked enviously at the way the ladies were displayed. Jesus, I'd NEVER had sex like this. Some of the positions were entirely brutal. I stacked about ten of them in my arms and turned to the door to walk out. I froze, almost dropping the books in surprise. There was Lee, leaning against the doorway with his hands in his pockets. His dark brown eyes studying me intently.

"Oh my god!" I breathed, my heart feeling like it was about ready to explode.

"What's the matter Sarah, got a little scared?" He asked, His deep voice filling the room and making little tremors of awareness run through my body. I shook my head. Damn....what was WRONG with me? I need to get a grip!

"No, you just...surprised me, is thats all." I walked forward with the books in my arms, my body bent back with the weight. "Excuse me," I said. Reaching the doorway, where he was blocking me.









"Sarah when I said I expect certain things from you I meant it. As you were late I think you need a lesson." As I spoke I took the expensive books from her arms and looked at the open copy on the table, she had obviously been taking a look at the books. Was she wet already?

"What do you mean? You’re not gonna sack me already are you?" Sarah asked.

"No! Sarah I am gonna show you what happens to people who disobey me." I grabbed Sarah by her wrists lifting them above her head pushing her back against the wall. I smiled as I moved Sarah forcefully to the back wall of store room, I doubt she would have seen the shackles attached to it. I snapped the cold metal shackles around Sarah’s slender wrists.

Sarah looked so hot shackled to the wall. I took my time, letting my eyes devour Sarah’s hot young body. With her arms high above her head Sarah’s dress had rose, exposing her black lacy stocking tops, I could just see her pussy peeking out below the hem. Well, what a dirty girl she was wearing no panties. I moved forward and grabbed the mass of hair with my left hand pulling Sarah’s head back and kissing her passionately, my tongue forced its way into Sarah’s mouth. My right hand dropped between her legs, my palm rested on the top pf her pussy and my fingers began to explore her already wet lips. Sarah struggled in the shackles as my middle finger penetrated her pussy.

"Listen Sarah, there are always consequences when you disobey me. If you don’t want to pay the price just say "sack me" and you can leave." I figured I’d give Sarah the option to leave, as she didn’t say anything I knew I could use her as I wanted.

I took hold of the hem of Sarah’s dress and ripped it from her body the material ripped easily and fell from her body. Sarah’s dark skin looked amazing in the light of the bare bulb that lit the store room shadows danced across her body; Sarah’s head went back as I forced two fingers inside her wet hot pussy. Her cunt gripped me tightly as my palm rubbed firmly against her clitoris; I lowered my head my mouth enclosed around her dark hard nipple. I heard Sarah gasp with pleasure as I bit her sensitive nipple, holding it between my teeth and pulling hard. My teeth snapped together as the weight of her breast pulled the nipple from my mouth.

Kneeling at her waist I grabbed Sarah’s hips and pulled her wet pussy toward my mouth, my tongue frantically and eagerly probed between her pussy lips. The fingers of my right hand were covered in Sarah’s juices; helping me to slide the tip of my finger into her ass.

Sarah yelped. "Lee what are you doing to me, please not my ass I’ve never had anything in my ass. Oooh Hmmm Please ohh Lee." Sarah was putting up a fight, but I was going to make her obey my every sexual desire.





                                                   @;~ Sarahbeara ~;@




Lee grabbed the books from me and placed them on the table.

"Sarah when I said I expect certain things from you I meant it. As you were late I think you need a lesson."

"What do you mean? You’re not gonna sack me already are you?" I stammered. I cant BELIEVE this!! The NERVE!!!

"No! Sarah I am gonna show you what happens to people who disobey me." My mouth fell open and i took a panicky step back as he moved swiftly towards me. He grabbed my wrists, pushing me back against the wall and shakling my hands above my head.

Ohhhh SHIT!!! What the FUCK??? My mind screamed as i struggled against the traitorious metal that held me bound and open to his every desire, every wish.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and attacked my mouth visciously, his tongue stroking and sucking at my own. I dont know why. I honestly dont, but i got so wet at what he was doing to me. The man was treating me like an animal but i loved every second of it! Wait....NO! What am i thinking!!!

I was arching towards him, but my mind was at war with my body. I knew this was wrong, but oh God, his fingers explored my swollen pussy, his finger pushing all the way in. And it felt oh so good...

He was mumbling something about people disobeying him and consequences and "sacking" hell, i dont know, i just know that whatever he's saying his voice is so sexy and....

Hang on.....This can NOT be happening...i REFUSE to believe- omg is he ripping my DRESS!!???

Yes, sure enough the thin fabric gave away under his strong, caloused hands. I gave a startled gasp as my body was completely exposed to him.

He was doing something utterly wicked with his hand and then his hot mouth took my aching nipple, teeth tugging and scraping. Then he lowered himself to my dripping pussy and began to tongue me. I'm pretty sure im going to pass out....oh my god. Ahh!!

Then all of a sudden i felt his finger pushing at the entrance to my ass and i lost it. There was NO way in hell he was going there!!

"Lee!!" I screamed. "What are you doing to me, please not my ass I’ve never had anything in my ass. Oooh Hmmm Please ohh Lee."

I was sobbing, my hips bucking against him as he slid his finger deep into my ass. I whimpered, arching against his hand.

"Really? Well, today's your lucky day then Sarah. Because all nine inches of my cock is going into that tight virgin hole of yours. And you will love every inch of it." He said, his deep voice would have floored me if it weren't for these damn shakles holding me up.









Sarah’s pussy tasted so exotic juices were flowing from it running down my chin, traced the shape if her lips with my tongue ending at her swollen erect clit. Sarah wriggled with pleasure forcing my finger further into her ass the ring of muscle resist but finally gave way. At the same time I sucked Sarah’s clit into my mouth firmly biting it, holding it between my teeth the tip of my tongue flicking it. Sarah gasped a small orgasm raced through her hot tight body her tasted wonderful as continued to lick at her cunt. I took the tip of my finger out of her ass and moved my hand to her hot cunt parting it carefully allowing Sarah’s juices to cover my first two fingers before firmly pushing them inside her tight wet pussy, Sarah pushed her thighs forward as rammed my fingers deep inside her. Standing up I fucked her with my fingers forcing her to kiss me and taste her own cum that covered my lips Sarah’s tongue snaked into my mouth she was clearly ready for anything.

I went to the table and placed the books on the floor Sarah still shackled to the wall her stiletto heels pushed her pelvis forward placing her pussy on display her lips glistened as cum ran from her cunt. Moving back to Sarah I reached up and unshackled each wrist then grabbed her head forcing our mouths together we kissed passionately as I moved her over to the table. I spun Sarah around to face the table and pushed her down onto it, the table brought her ass nicly up to my cock level; I stared intensely over her tight hot ass. Sarah’s dark skin made her look so erotically beautiful my cock hardened to steel. Quickly I kicked my shoes off and almost ripped my clothes off. My cock throbbed as the cool air hit it, Sarah looked back at me and gasped through her smile. My fingernails dug into her hips as I pushed further onto the table. This opened her pussy nicely. Moving forward my cock was now at the entrance to Sarah’s cunt. It felt like her pussy lips were grabbing the end of my cock. Holding her firmly on the table I thrust forward, Sarah’s pussy was tight gripping my cock as it buried deep inside her, she moaned with pure pleasure as I fucked her hard pumping almost violently inside her.

"Oooh fuck me oh please fuck my cunt harder." Sarah begged me. By now my cock was covered with the wetness of her pussy.

"I’m gonna do more than that Sarah. I’m gonna fuck your ass, and your gonna like it." I told Sarah placing my left had in the small of her back and she began to wriggle a little I slowly pulled my cock out of her tight pussy. I rubbed my cock on Sarah’s ass lubricating the hole with her own cum. It gave slight already relaxed a little from my fingers with my right hand I guided the tip of my cock as I pushed slowly but firmly into her ass. Her tight ass muscles parted reluctantly over the head of my cock. Feeling a little resistance I pulled back a little the feeling of Sarah’s anus squeezing my cock made it jerk, and for a moment I thought I was going to explode. Holding her hips with both and I pushed forward and Sarah gasped loudly as my cock forced quickly inside her sensually tight ass. I slowly built up momentum rhythmically fucking her ass. Sarah reached down to her pussy with her hand and I could feel her nails scrape the skin of my cock as she twisted and rubbed her clit. We both began moaning and groaning in unison in dirty hot pleasure, Sarah rubbed herself more frantically; her moans matching the rhythm of our fucking.

I heard a bell jingle. Did I lock the door? I wasn’t sure. Had someone just come in? No, impossible. I’m sure I’d locked the door, I looked back to Sarah her eyes shut tight her face contorting with pleasure. Gripping her tightly I pushed harder and deeper inside her tight ass groaning. I could feel the pressure building inside me. Sarah’s body began to flex up and down as an orgasm took hold off her body my cock began to jerk inside her. We both moaned, almost screaming as Sarah’s orgasm broke her ass clamped down on my cock tightly make it explode. My hot cum jetted out my cock jerkily pumping cum inside her. I took a deep breath and Sarah looked round staring deep into my eyes, the door creaked as it swung open we both snapped our heads toward the noise. Joanne stood smiling sucking on her wet fingers.




                                                   @;~ Sarahbeara ~;@





He was licking and sucking every inch his tongue could possess of me. I was shaking so bad, his finger inching its way into my tight ass. A small, but strong orgasm raced through my veins as he bit my clit and shoved his fingers deep and hard into my sopping, aching pussy. He stood up and kissed me, my tongue dueled with his. I tasted my own cum on his lips and moaned, sucking his tongue into my mouth.

Lee moved away from me and took the books off the table. When he was finished he unshakled me, grasping my head tightly and kissing me hungrily. I didn't deny him. He pushed me to the table, turning me around and placing my hands flat on its surface. He thrust into me, my heart felt like it was gonna burts out my chest as he slammed himself into me over and over again.

"Oooh fuck me oh please fuck my cunt harder." I begged.

"I’m gonna do more than that Sarah. I’m gonna fuck your ass, and your gonna like it." He said as he place his hand on the small of my back. I whimpered and moved my hips a little as he pulled out of my dripping pussy. He pressed the tip of his engorged penis against my ass. I moaned, gasping as i felt my muscles give and all of a sudden he was inside of me...pumping into me. The table jerked in front of my eyes as he began to rythmically rock us together. God it felt so eyes closed, mouth falling open as my body was wracked with pleasurable shudders.

I began rubbing my pussy, which only intensified my pleasure. My nails scraped his cock gently as he thrust inside of me. I heard him moaning and felt him swell up more inside of me.

I heard a bell jingling, but i paid it no attention. Lee had locked the door. I placed all my attention on the big cock that was sliding in and out of me. On one particularly deep thrust i screamed loudly, clentching tight around him. My orgasm felt almost painful it was so strong. I dimly remember Lee's hot cut filling my ass.

I heard a creak. I looked up and saw the door to the back of the shop open. My eyes widening in surprise as i took in the figure standing in the doorway. I was the busniess woman i saw yesterday at the check out counter. I moved quickly to cover myself, but Lee was still in me, and there was nothing i could do.....

God, what is happening??







                                                          ~ Joanne ~




My day started off pretty good. I got up extra early, and had a nice quiet cup of coffee. The only sounds that interrupted my peace was the constant slap of the river against it's banks. But that was more beautiful than anything. You see, in the cities you cant see the stars at night. You dont see trees swaying in the breeze, or the eagles taking flight. Looking beautiful against the backdrop of the sky.

I finished my cup of coffee and decided to pay Lee a little visit. He would be at his bookshop by now.

I got in my car and drove then five minute drive to his place. Pulling into a park i noticed his and another car parked side by side. Hmmm. The sign on the window said closed but, i walk in all the time. So ill just pop in, pay Lee a little visit and see if he wanted to have dinner tonight.

So the first thing i notice when i walk in the shop is; no one's there. After standing there for a second i turn to leave. All of a sudden i hear i noises coming from the back of the shop. I decided to investigate, maybe something's wrong!! Wait...what if Lees hurt?!?!?

I ran to the back of the shop and saw the door crack, I go to shove it open but a movement catches my eye. I inch further and look into the room from the crack of the door. I gasp as i take in the scene before me. Le had that woman from yesterday down on the table, steadily thrusting into her sexy ass. I felt my pussy get wet and lowered my hand to the inside of my jeans. I rubbed myself furiously, seeing the beautiful woman's eyes close as Lee repeatidly pumped into her. My juices ran over my fingers as the girl arched her back, screaming. I saw Lee's body tighten up and shudder as he emptied his seed into her. I removed my fingers from my dripping pussy and opened the door, sucking them into my mouth.

The girl saw me and gasped, trying to weakily cover herself. Lee just looked at me and a slow, wicked smile played across his face and he rubbed the girl's back.

"Joanne, what a very pleasant surprise."

I smiled and walked the rest of the way into the room toward the girl.

"yes it is." I whispered, looking into her beautiful eyes.

Very pleasant indeed....






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