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Emily resists

Married hospital administrator succumbs to young orderly
Emily was sitting bedside. Terry, her father, was asleep in his hospital bed. He was having complications after hip replacement surgery. She slipped off her Tory Burch heels and stretched her legs. The chairs here were uncomfortable and she was stiff from sitting all day behind her desk. Emily was one of the hospital's top administrators. 

"You'd think I would get a better chair," she thought. 

She got up, her hips moving smoothly in her pencil skirt, and bent down to stretch her hamstrings. Still bent over she looked up to see the young orderly standing there. His muscular silhouette filling the doorway. She smiled sheepishly and hoped she wasn't blushing, but she knew she was a little. Emily knew he got a nice look down her blouse. 

"I'm just going to grab your dad's dinner tray," he said with a smile that showed off his perfect white teeth. She took note of his strong forearms. 

Her phone beeped, it was an e-mail from Jonathan, her husband of fifteen years, who was in China on business. He was sending a good night message. She glanced at it as she ran her hands through her blonde hair with a wisp of grey. Even in her mid-forties though there wasn't much of it. 

"Thanks James," she said. She had felt his gaze linger a bit longer ever since her first visit. 

He stood on the other side of the bed. His tall frame towered over her. Even in loose scrubs you could tell he was in top shape. 

"No problem, ma'am." 

"Please, call me Emily, it's late and I'm tired of the formality," she said. "I'm just stretching, my legs are so tight. I think it's just going too hard on the tread mill." 

"Let me help you stretch them out. Have a seat." He walked around the bed and stood in front of her smiling. She sat down and before she could say any thing he took her leg in is strong hands and began pushing her foot back. 

"Ah that's painful, but feels better," she said. He just stared into her blue eyes. He moved on to her other leg, never breaking her gaze. 

"You've got to be careful and make sure you stretch after you warm up," he said. "How's the flexibility in your hips?

She was enjoying his rough hands on her legs, and started to feel guilty. Jonathan was due home next week after a month away, and she had been on her best behavior. But if Emily was being honest she had been returning James's gaze a bit longer each day. 

"My hips are fine thank you," she said with a coy smile. 

"Alright I have to take my break at seven because Carlos is leaving early tonight," he said as he stood to leave. 

She didn't want him to go just yet, but didn't say anything. She couldn't help but enjoy his hands massaging her legs. She knew she wanted more of him. She watched him leave. Then she quickly struggled into her shoes and hurried after him with her heels echoing in the empty hallway. 

"Hey James! Hold on a second," she said.

The halls were bright fluorescent and sterile. She suddenly felt a hand pull her into an empty patient room. It was dark but the moon light coming through the window allowed her to make out James's broad shoulders. He pulled her to him and her breasts pressed against his. She started to breathe faster as his lips grazed hers. 

"Wait, no, this is wrong," she gasped as he kissed down her neck. She couldn't stop it and returned his kiss with more force than his. 

She pulled his hips towards her. He spun her around, forcing her against the wall. Before she knew it, his hands were beneath her skirt ripping away the thin fabric. 

"I've wanted this for so long," he whispered into her ear. His hands were in her hair and his cock was half inside her as they both gasped. 

With his hand covering her mouth, she moaned and yelled into his palm, as he fucked her slowly at first and then harder. His other hand grabbed at her breasts and ripped a few buttons off. They hit the floor and bounced off her shoes. 

Emily couldn't hold back as his cock filled her up. It was wrong but she could think of nothing but his strong body forcing her face against the wall. She came and her body shook against his muscular frame. 

"I'm going to cum inside you," he gasped and before she could react, he yelled out and filled her tight pussy. 

Emily's legs were weak as she leaned against the wall for a moment to collect herself. 

Right before he left the room James said, "I will see you tomorrow night, Emily."

She knew she would be there waiting like each night before this.

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