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Two people on a quest to get closer

I emerged from my office, half blind with too many hours of screen time, and fully primed for the evening activities. The parameters were discussed (“make me cum while you shave my cunt,”); the details to remain the domain of my imagination.

Sliding the blindfold over your eyes (a ‘deal-breaker’ in your words) sends a spasm through my cock, your sharp intake of breath coinciding with the plunge of my hand down the front of your pants. Your cunt is already beginning to sweat. I pull my hand out, drag my fingers through your panting mouth, and firm my hand up on your throat from behind.

"Your mind is mine." Four words. Leading you forward, I ease you down on the bed, savouring your whimper as I strip off your clothes. The hair on your cunt glistens in the piercing light; turning you on your back, I can't help but notice the telltale pucker of your cunt lips as I cuff your legs wide.

A whisper escapes your mouth. "Please, what are you...," but the sentence is rudely interrupted by the muffling effect of my balls in your mouth (another of your specific requests; clearly, you've been reading). Tying back your arms, I grunt with satisfaction at the tonguing you lavish on my nuts. Feeling generous, I reach behind and grip your breasts hard, stretching and pulling to hear a moan escape from your busy mouth.

"First things first," I whisper, as I suddenly disappear, leaving you audibly dismayed. Before you can coherently vocalize a complaint, I've returned, straddling your flushed, bound body and dropping my hardening cock to your lips. Pulling your cunt lips into my mouth one at a time, rolling them around my tongue, pulling with my teeth away from your pussy to the breaking point.

The incantation began: "I want your naked cunt in my mouth," I intone. "Do you deserve your naked cunt in my mouth? Becoming my filthy little fuck toy will start with your naked cunt in my mouth. There is no turning back. I will have you anytime, anywhere, any way. I will be the steward of your desire, the caretaker of your cunt, the purveyor of your pussy. You will fuck when, where, how and who according to my whim. You will be mine, and you will be free.”

Your assent is tremulous, your entire body grows tumescent with lust. I spread your cunt, offering a sparing pass of my tongue over your obscenely engorged clit as my cock once again finds your mouth. You suck with a greed you didn’t know you were capable of, driving my hardened shaft to the back of your throat, taunting yourself to gag.

You yelp with surprise at the sensation of the warm soap being massaged over your cunt, your thighs and your asshole. Pulling aside your labia, I painstakingly, slowly eradicate the final barrier to your complete submission with the removal of your pubic hair. Your body tenses and relaxes with each stroke, your clit emerging and disappearing as I squeeze and release your clitoral hood with each pass. Your frantic straining at the cuffs, your ragged breathing, your desperate and futile upward hip thrusts test my resistance to cream your face then and there.

I wipe away the excess soap with a warm, wet cloth; the sudden evaporation of warm water from your newly denuded cunt elicits a hiss, and I return to the increasingly vigorous massage of your clit, jacking you off while my other hand explores your opening, puckering and quivering with anticipation. Pulling hard against the upper vaginal wall, we seal your fate as a gush of fluid issues from your pulsating cunt, cascading along your perineum and settling into the puckered creases of your anus, intercepted by my ravenous tongue and eager fingers.

Releasing your right leg, I slide beneath you, my face next to your right ear. “Fuck me now, my naked little slut.” As my hairless balls slap relentlessly against your freshly defoliated sex, as the sound of your grunting appeasement pushes me to relent, flooding you with hot semen and the room with the scent of mingled fluids, I smile. The bag of toys nearby beckons.

End of Pt 1.
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