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final shower

she felt as though someone had driven a stake into her chest
She came up behind him as he stepped from the shower and began drying his back kissing each spot as she blotted the water from his back and butt. Taking her tongue and starting at his bag licking and licking up and down his back.

Finally turning him around to dry the front she was taken into his arms and held as if she might never be with him again, was it over? had she made him angry? No She thought as she remembered their last time in the shower, how she had come and come again reaching peaks of desire one right after the other while he had remained as hard as stone, he had made sure she was limp and then they finished together, again. No this was something different.

Reaching out to him she wrapped the towel around his back pulling him to her for a deep kiss feeling the fire ignite between then again, she felt that his exhaustion had been the explanation for his roughness. Wiping his shoulders and down his hairy chest, she felt so safe and so secure, but the fire inside was taking a mind if it's own.

She kissed his nipples rolling them with her tongue. Kissing the line of hair down to his stomach where the finest 6 pack could wait for her. Ticking his belly button she gasped as he pulled her hair back his fingers entangled enough to make her wince and squeal. What was he doing their love making had always been gentle sweet and safe.

She was becoming a bit unsure and afraid. she kissed him down the front drying him with her tongue till she reached for him with her hands, All of a sudden his hands grabbed at her taking a handful of her hair he tilted her head back, ramming his hard cock into and our of her mouth as if she was nothing but a receptacle for his needs not hers. Enough he said just do me and do not act as though this was anything but sex, so she had been right.

He took himself and rammed his 10 inch into her mouth. Now suck this bitch, pulling her head forward and backwards against the back of her throat. She had always loved to deep throat him as he was so passionate yet considerate lover. Now he began barking out orders at her what to do and she followed. Allowing herself a glimpse of his eyes, smoldering the gray with black flecks looking as if he didn’t really see anything she decided it was now or never time.

Allowing him his demands upon her she felt dirty and nothing but dirt at his feet. She rose to her feet and flung the towel at him, crying that she would never allow him to treat her as an object. No one would ever throw her feelings back at this face not as long as she lived, playful and fun sex were one thing but the degradation he was putting her thru now was in excusable and she would not tolerate it. She grabbed a robe from the back of the shower door and ran from the room.

He stood there wondering if he has done enough to make him hate her, he hoped so because he could never giver her what she really needed … all of him. He walked back into the bathroom turned the shower off.

It was their final shower. She had reacted with interest at first but as his demands had become more and more insistent she had given up and left. He knew that telling her everything that he would never had been able to tell her good bye. She was a part of his soul and so he had picked the right moment and timing to make her go, as it was he ached already at the pit of his stomach of how she must be feeling.

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