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Finding Something in the Woods

Hi all! I recently reconnected with a guy from my highschool and we shared a tale or 2. He is now a successful legal executive and very fit! So this is a story from his first time and the awakening of his confidence and sexual exploration, enjoy!

Mark was; 18, fit, smart, funny and rich. Nearly all of those qualities were down to his highly successful lawyer-parents and his dads charm and good looks (good enough to bag an ex-model!). Now many would make Mark as near-perfect, but there were 2 major flaws about him; his lack of confidence, and his small cock (which I actually love!).

Mark was 18 and had never had; a girlfriend, a one night stand, a blowjob, sex….basically he was a virgin to anything and everything with girls. He wasn’t gay; he was just incredibly shy and unconfident. He just never seemed to capture the gaze of the girls at school.

One of the other guys at school was giving mark a hard time in the changing rooms after rugby at the size of his cock. If he had the confidence then there was no way that guy stood a chance against mark with his muscular physique. But he didn’t, he didn’t stand up to him and he was furious and frustrated with himself.

Mark was cycling home through the park wishing he’d punched that guy square in the face, he was replaying the scene in his head over and over and over on the way home. He passed a dense cluster of trees when he saw rustling. On a still day where there was no wind it drew his attention. He took his earphone out while slowing down to hear quiet moaning. He slowly and quietly dismounted and locked his bike up against a tree a bit down the path and slowly neared the thicket.

Mark was at the edge of the cluster when he could quite clearly and plainly hear the sounds of grunting and moaning of a male and female. He repositioned himself and was at such an angle so he could see the guys back thrusting into the girl’s ass. The slut was taking anal in a public park in broad daylight! He watched for 10 minutes which to him felt like an hour, he was thrusting his cock into her ass and she was muttering words of encouragement to him under her breath. Finally the guy sped up and started smacking her ass and tits hard. He then saw the guy’s butt cheeks tense up and he imagined a hot stream of cum exploding inside of her. The guy pulled up his jeans and wiped the excess cum on the girl’s hair; in return she laughed and playfully slapped his thigh whilst turning around. The boy then moved aside to help the girl up when she saw Mark.

The girl and Mark made eye contact and Mark was shitting it. He didn’t know whether to run or to pretend he saw nothing or to whip his dick out and pretend he was going for a piss. The girl fell back onto the now-sore butt at the sight of him and the guy who had just fucked her turned to look. It was no other than the guy who had earlier that day teased him of his small cock. Mark felt a rush of fury racing through his entire body; this adrenalin is what fuelled the next happenings.

Mark walked a couple of steps forward into the clearing;

“You know what you’re doing – it’s illegal?”

She stood up and made herself decent and looked Mark straight in the eye

“We didn’t know, we were just having a bit of fun, and he was horny”

Her boyfriend, Callum then got his wits about him and stepped up to Mark

“So what if it is small-dick Mark? What the fuck are you going to’ do about it? Huh?”

All the fury Mark had throughout the day answered Callum back

“For a start Callum, I’m going to’ fuck this young lady right the fuck in front of you, or I’m going to the police”

Callum was thrown, never had someone answered back to him like that. He tried to swing for him, but Mark quickly dodged and administered a painful jab to the abdomen, winding Callum forcing him to the ground. His girlfriend quickly dropped beside him and told him

“It’s okay, I can handle this okay?”

She walked over to Mark, and said to him with a smile

“How can I make this up to you, Mark!”

Mark flashed her a smile and dropped his jeans, she knowingly got on her knees

“Suck my dick beautiful…..”

And she did. According to mark it was among the best blowjobs of his life.

Mark forced her head all the way to his balls and held her there to lick them. She swirled her tongue around the head of his penis to stimulate him even more. She then undid the back of her summer dress to let the large tits spill out of the constricting dress with no bra.

Mark grabbed her hair and pushed it underneath his cock near his asshole and his ball sack where she proceeded to lick and suck hard as she could. Mark was in ecstasy that he was here receiving head off this beautiful girl, in a public park!

Mark had had enough of the blowjob so he picked her up of her slutty knees and promptly bent her over to reveal that massive ass (not too different to mine he says). He entered her through the tight but slippery hole in which her previous lover had just came inside. He grabbed onto her tits and leaned over her imitating her position as if to spoon standing up which thrusting powerfully into her, filling her up. He then stood straight and grabbed her large ass to give him more grip. He told her to look into her boyfriend’s eyes as she was being jerked forwards as she willingly cheated on him.

As this was mark’s first time, he was surprised he had last 15 minutes as this was around as long as his masturbation sessions and he could feel the stirring before a powerful release. He then turned her round and lifted her of her feet to fuck her pussy standing up. She wrapped her legs around his passionately and he dropped her onto his cock. He was now close to the point of no return and he could feel it coming. He thrust a few more times until he’d reached the point of no return and his first shot went directly into her pussy, and the second, and the third.

The consequent few he had time to pull her off and push her to the ground again where she willingly accepted the 4/5 more shots of cum in her mouth in which she swilled around and gladly swallowed with a satisfied smile on the face. Mark with his newfound confidence then said to her

“Clean it up a bit for us love”

And pushed her head onto his still-hard cock. It was at that moment when Callum got up off the ground, walked over to Mark and went onto his knees too. He gave his girlfriend a long passionate kiss (with lots of tongue) and he could fully feel and taste the cum that had just been deposited. He then said

“My God Mark that tastes good!”

And Callum proceeded to clean up Marks cock. Callum asked

“Do you mind me sucking your dick mark?”

And Mark replied

“I don’t give a shit; a blowjob’s a blowjob to me”

The couple at his feet had now finished up cleaning Marks dick and Stace gave it a kiss on the head and tucked it into his jeans. Callum went over to pick up his girlfriend’s panties and walked back over to Stacy and Mark. Callum gave the panties to his girlfriend and helped her to get dressed.

As mark was about to leave the thicket, he added

“Oh and Callum, I’m sure you can think of a way to make sure I don’t tell your jock buddies about your little fantasy, won’t you?”

Callum nodded while staring at his feet with his proverbial tail between his legs.

As Mark walked out of the thicket Stacey ran over to him, tits almost spilling over the top of her dress, and whispered into Marks ear

“I love the way you handled yourself and me back there, here’s my number, please call me ‘cause I’d love to do this again sometime!”

She pressed a folded bit of paper into his hand

“Oh and for the time I’m not with you, take these, something to remember me by…”

And she pressed her damp panties into his hand. She left with a peck on the cheek. Mark watched her walk off and watched that massive ass clearly visible underneath the sheer white summer dress. There was a faint outline of shiny liquid running down her inner leg.

Mark unlocked his bike, turned his music on, and cycled home. That’s the story of how Mark discovered hidden sexual fantasies, his love for exhibitionism and his confidence.

Hope you enjoyed it, leave comments, votes and helpful criticism below! xx

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