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First Day at Work

My first day in my new cleaning job was a little more exciting than expected...
It was my first day in a new job; it wasn't the greatest job but it paid the bills. I was working for a local cleaning agency where we contracted to clean private residences. My first assignment was to clean a house in one of the affluent areas of town. As I was given the details one of the other girls gave me a sly smile and a wink. I figured she was just being friendly, how wrong I could be.

I was told that there was to be nobody home while I was there so when I arrived I opened up all the doors and windows to air the place out. Pulling my headphones on and turning up my iPod I made a start on the dusting and vacuuming, leaving scrubbing the kitchen floor to last.

The smocks supplied to us by the agency were unusually tight fitting, especially around the bust, I found that I had leave quite a lot of the top open to make room for my ample bosom, it was rather short too, as I knelt on all fours on the kitchen floor I could feel it riding up revealing my panty-less round arse. I didn't really care too much, nobody else was here and it was rather comfortable.

The cool breeze was refreshing on my smooth pussy, and before long I started to feel aroused. Not only because of the wonderful sensations from the breeze but the thought of someone finding me like this got me quite excited. I paused from scrubbing to floor and reached one hand under myself to my swollen clit. In slow circular motions I started rubbing my clit, I felt myself let out a soft moan. By now I was so wet I could feel my hot juices running down my thighs. Then something I didn't expect. Two large cool fingers entered my moist pussy. I let out a gasp, pulling my hand away from my clit. The fingers started fucking, being pushed in as far as they could reach.

I wanted to look around, but I felt embarrassed. Instead I felt my body giving in, pushing back on the fingers, begging for more. I pulled my headphones off, I was moaning louder now. I was on the edge of cumming and I think my mystery man knew it. He pulled his fingers out and spanked my arse. Hard. “I see the agency sent me a nice little slut. I'm not going to let you cum honey. Not yet anyway.” He pulled me around by my shoulder so I faced him and shoved his sticky fingers in my mouth. I sucked my sweet juices off them hungrily.

He stood up, pulling me up with him. He led me to the kitchen table, bending me over it. I motioned to stand back up but he was strong and pushed me back down and held me there. I was speechless, I started to squirm to get out of his grip but he just laughed, spanked my arse and said, “Darling, stay still. You're going to love this, the horny little slut that you are.” I heard him unhook his belt and lower his zip.

He started rubbing the head of his cock, up and and down my still dripping pussy, rubbing my juices all over my smooth lips. In one long slow stroke he entered my pussy. I gasped. He was so much bigger than I'd ever had. “See? Told you you would like it.” he laughs as I stop squirming. His strokes start getting harder and faster and before long I'm gasping for breath, pushing back on his massive cock, yearning for more. He knows I'm ready to cum again. He pulls out, spanking my arse again. “Told you baby. Not yet.” I felt a release of warm liquid on my back and swiftly turned around to face his dick. The rest of the warm liquid landed on my face. My lips covered his head and cleaned the remaining cum off the tip of his dick.

He pulls me all the way round so that I'm facing him, sitting on the table. He pulls me forward to the edge of the table and opens my legs. He gets down on his knees and buries his face into my cunt. He starts teasing my clit with his tongue and sucks it gently. I fall back on the the table, moaning loudly. I hook my knees over his shoulders and he pulls me in closer to his face. He's lapping up my sweet juices and I start to grip the edges of the table, my hips start pushing up and down. He moves back to my clit as I start cumming, and when I start screaming with pleasure he inserts his two fingers back into my pussy, pushing onto my g-spot. I can feel my pussy spasm around them, pulling them in deeper. He refuses to stop sucking, I've never had such a violent orgasm in my life, my body continuing to squirm with delight long after the rush has stopped.

He stands up and pulls me up off the table. He kisses me deeply and I can taste myself on his tongue. He turns me around to spank me once again before saying, “I suppose you'd better get back to the floors. I think I'll ask the agency for you again.” He walks away leaving me stunned and exhausted. I think I might like this job after all.
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