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Frankensteins Bride

a hooker finds out she loves a monsters cock
In a remote laboratory in Manitowoc, Wisconsin a scientist and a hooker were deciding on a price.

“Is $2,000 a good price for your services?” the scientist said.

“$2,000 is a lot beans Doc. You have that cash on hand? I wont fuck before I have the cash.”

“The cash is right next to you on the stand.”

She picks the cash up and counts it. All there, so she takes off the short pink dress that just reaches the bottom of her thigh. Taking off her bra and panties and heels being completely naked in front of the scientist.

“So when do you want us to start?”

He grinned. “Not you and me you whore. You and my new creation.”

“New creation?” she said looking nervous.

“Yes I created a real man out of spare parts I found. I hired you to try him out and see if all the planning worked out okay.”

“Ok Doc. What do you want me to do?”

“I can't be burdened with carnal planning! I am the great great grandson of the Doctor Frankenstein!”

“Sure thing Doc. Ill give him $2,000 worth of sex. It's his lucky night," she said, standing in front of him leaning against the monster as he leaned back.

She leaned down and started licking and sucking his cock. “Well his cock hardens. So something works.”

The monster got up on her, blood dripping onto her while she was still sucking on his cock.

“Hey! What’s he doing Doc?”

“Excellent! His repressed memories from his past life are coming back. I believe he is going to lick your pussy.”

The monster takes his index and middle finger spreading her pussy wide open. He started licking it sticking his tongue in flicking her clit making her tremble.

“Damn I must admit this monster knows how to lick pussy. He’s turning me on and I rarely get turned on.”

The monster puts her up on a counter and sits her down ramming half of his cock up her pussy.

“Damn! Did you have to give him such a large cock? Its huge.”

“I wrestled with this but in the end, I figured a large monster needed a large “monster” if you know what I mean?”

 The monster grabbed her and she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms onto his arms ramming all of his hard length into her wet tight pussy.

“Wait! Stop! Stop him Doc! It's to big! Too fucking big! Make it stop!”

“Nope. I’ve waited a lifetime, toiled for decades to fashion a cock for my creation. This is in the name of science!!”

The monster was ramming his cock in her wet dripping pussy harder and harder. While the hooker moaned with pleasure he thrust faster and harder. Picking her up and laying himself on the table with her on top with her back to him thrusting into her harder and harder. Fucking her doggy style as she said, “I cant believe it! I’m growing used to his size, and he’s going to make me cum.”

He started fucking her harder and harder.

“Fuck I’m going to cum!” Her pussy muscles tightening around his cock cumming around it.

“Ok big boy you made me cum. Now its your turn," she said just as he came inside her pussy.

"Man!" she thought, "That monster has a huge cock and a big load."

“That’s it pump me full of your seed monster. You earned your right to do so.”

She got up off the monster and stood in front of the scientist with her cum and the monsters dripping from her pussy. “Doc I haven’t cum like that in a long time. I'm going to need to fuck him a few more times.”

The scientist just looked at her wide eyed.

The End

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