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Friday Night

Friday Night

A little something I thought for my man
It had been quite some time since I planned an evening for my boyfriend, Jason.

Jason and I had been seeing each other for more than six months and we have fulfilled some of our deepest darkest sexual fantasies together. Recently, I thought of a new one which only he could fulfill it for me.

Every Friday was movie night at my apartment. Over the past two weeks, I had been requested by Jason to remain in my office attire until he arrived at my place. Jason always had the obsession of wanting to make love to a lady in formal wear. However, this time I had enough of this scenario and wanted to surprise him. Hence, I made it an effort to arrive home an hour earlier so that I would have time to jump into the shower and change into my white lace suspenders lingerie set.

At exactly 7.30pm, my doorbell rang.

“Lorraine, I’m here! Open up,” Jason said.

I quickly pull up my tight black office skirt to my waist and threw a blazer on. I had one last look at myself in the mirror before heading to the door. I turned the door knob and there was Jason, in his black suit and formal pants, together with a stylish blue tie.

Jason was 5'8", had a muscular chest and broad shoulders. He had this pair of hazel brown eyes which I simply couldn't help but stare into. He was circumcised, measuring about 6 ½ inches, and slightly curved toward the right upon full erection.

Jason’s eyes widened and a smirk appeared on his face the moment he saw me. His arm automatically extended towards my exposed V-neck chest area. I expected this and quickly grabbed his wrist tightly.

“Not so fast, bad boy. If you want to come inside, I have some rules which you must follow,” I told him with a straight face.

“Sure. Let’s hear it, beautiful,” Jason replied, staring at my chest.

“First, you’ll have to get an erection and it has to be obvious,” I said.

“An erection, outside here?” Jason looked surprise at my request.

“Yes! Right here, right now,” I raised my voice slightly.

For the first time, I saw Jason with a shocked expression. However, I stood my ground and kept a straight face. After a few moments, he placed dropped his office suitcase, unzipped his zipper and sunk his right hand into that small gap, frantically moving his hip area from left to right and his hand went up and down.

“Make sure it is an obvious one my dear,” I said with a smile as I watched him standing just three steps away from me masturbating.

“Lorraine, is this good enough? Please, it’s embarrassing.”

There was a significant growth in his pants compared to what it was twenty seconds ago. However, this was not what I was aiming for.

“Are you serious? I can barely spot a difference. If you are not going to put in any effort, I’m afraid you will have to wait till next week.”

“Lorraine! I have never done such a thing before in public! At least, try to help me out here,” he suggested.

Seeing Jason in such a state, I decided to give him a little push. I looked at him in the eyes and slowly swayed my hips in a circular motion as I unbuttoned my blazer. As soon as my white lace bra came into sight, his jaw dropped and his hand was starting to move in a rapid manner. I did a little spin for him and had my back towards him. I raised my arms towards my bra clip and looked over my shoulder.

“Take off your pants and I’ll take this off for you,” I said seductively.

Without much hesitation, Jason pulled down his pants together with his boxers down to his knees and stood upright with his right hand still stroking up and down his shaft. I smiled and unclipped my bra with my back towards him, taking off the straps and letting it fall onto the floor. Jason was eagerly masturbating now along the corridor, completely unaware about the fact that there could be someone watching him.

I slowly turned around with my left arm covering my breasts, as I regained eye contact with him.

“Do you want more, you little horn dog?” I teased.

“Yes I want more!! Show me what you are hiding under that tight skirt, bitch!” Jason replied instantaneously.

“Well, for that to happen, you have to make that dickhead of yours purple. Squeeze it hard!”

Jason quickly grabbed his cock with both hands and squeezed his shaft with all his might, shutting his eyes and just enjoying the moment of blood rush down to his cock. I was awed when I saw how much his dickhead had expanded. That bright shade of purple was just intoxicating and I wanted to go down on him right away.

But, I held back.

“Is this goo-goo-good enough, Lorraine?” Jason mumbled.

I reached out to cup his cheeks. He opened his eyes and stared straight into mine as our lips touched. My tongue swirled and twirled with his throughout the process. As I leaned in closer to him, I could feel his cock pressing against my belly button and knew that he was clearly taking this opportunity to rub his dick against me. Therefore, I broke the embrace, crossed my arms and took a few steps back.

“You nasty bastard. Look at that cock you have there. So hard and ready. But, I think its missing something wet….” I commented, staring at his manhood.

“I agree! It is missing out the wetness of your pussy juice coating all over my penis!” Jason shouted.

“I don’t think so. I think its missing out on some saliva and don’t be so eager to fuck me. You are not stepping into my place until you’ve cummed!”

Without further ado, I unzipped my skirt and pulled it down my legs, revealing the white lace suspenders and panties. Jason could not help but resume stroking his dick. Then, he placed his left hand into his mouth and spit out some saliva. Watching him coat his manhood with saliva and stroking it turned me on, as I felt my pussy dampening. I turned around to give him a view of my ass as I stuck my hand into my panties to rub myself a little. I could feel some of my liquid trickling out of my pussy lips.

“Now Jason, your job is to fill these cups with your spunk.” I reached for my bra and toss it into his face.

He caught it with one hand and buried his face into it. His strokes were getting faster and his moans were getting louder. I stood at the door way, pinching my nipples and rubbing my thighs together. I gave him some encouragement by talking about how great his manhood looked and how big his muscles were.

Finally, the moment arrived.

Jason fell onto his knees and dropped my bra into the floor. He opened up the two bra cups and aimed his dick into one of them. He continued stroking his dick as he screamed my name.

“Lorraineeeee! I’m going to cum!” He squirmed.

Waves after waves of semen shot out of his manhood, more than what I’d expected or ever had. It splattered all over my bra across the straps and onto the floor. Jason filled up one cup and moved on to the next, squeezing out every last grain of his juice into my cups before catching his breath. He stumbled back a little and sat on the ground as his penis pulsed up and down.

I smiled and picked up my cum-filled bra with both hands and gave Jason a kiss on the cheeks. Before I could turn around and head back into my apartment, a strong arm grabbed me.

“Unless you cum, don’t think about walking away,” Jason whispered into my ear.

I was shocked that he still had strength after that huge orgasm.

Jason pinned me against the door of my apartment and raised my hands over my head, keeping them together and in place. He started kissing and nibbling down my neck as he worked his way down to my pussy. He circled my belly button area with his tongue and kissed it softly. I already knew my white lace panties would not be on for long.

Upon arrival, he grinded his face against my panties and the bridge of his nose was just parting my lips. I could not help but moan. Jason moved his head from left to right which caused my knees to turn soft and I pressed myself against his face. I parted my legs and started circling my hips, rubbing my pussy against every corner of his face. He bit the bottom of my panties and pulled it down my legs with his teeth while I stood up. My juices were literally dripping from my pussy. I pushed Jason onto the floor as I sat on his face, swaying my hips back and forth while he feasted on my pussy. I could tell Jason was enjoying this moment as I saw his dick was getting hard again. I leaned forward a little to stroke his manhood.

As Jason worked my pussy from below, I was on top, stroking his manhood furiously. I could hear his moans getting louder and huskier. He tried to mumble something but I shut him up by wrapping my lips around his purplish dick. I bobbed my head back and forth along his shaft, going as deeply as I possibly could. While sucking his cock, I continued grinding myself against him.

Jason grabbed my ass tightly with both his arms as he spread them apart, spitting darts of saliva into my butt hole. Next, he sank his tongue deep into my asshole and started flickering about.

The sensations which I felt sent me over the moon. I could not hold it in anymore, I gave his cock one final suck before I broke the embrace and screamed at the top of my lungs. My eyes rolled back into my head as my pussy vibrated. Shockwaves pulsed through my entire body. I felt a waterfall gush out of my pussy lips. At that very moment, Jason held my waist tightly and his semen spurted upwards into my face. Streams after streams of his white warm liquid poured over my breasts as I froze in that position, showered with bliss and joy.

We were fixed in that position for quite a while, before Jason pulled me up onto my feet and handed me my clothes. I could barely stand up straight as I made my way back into the house. I thanked Jason for his time and kissed him.

Before I got into shower, I heard my phone vibrate and went over to check it. It was from my twenty year old neighbor, Lisa.

She wrote, “I saw everything out there and I got to say, I was impressed. Maybe we can fuck sometime?”

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