Fucked In

By 1ove

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A young girl virgin is persuaded to have sex after a lot of reluctance.
True Story: On On my 16th Birthday after a family party, my boyfriend and I went to see a movie and have dinner. The whole while I noticed that something was playing on his mind, he kept giving me cheeky looks and sometimes went red after being caught staring at me. I didn't know what was going on at the time, but in hindsight it should have been obvious; 16 - the legal age to have sex.

During the dinner, Jackson went under the table at one point to fetch my spoon that the waiter had accidentally dropped. He stayed under there for a good while, I can't believe it didn't hit me that he was actually perving on my legs and my slit.

In the movie, Jackson kept telling me how beautiful and sexy I was. I remember thinking to myself, 'Aww... what a sweetie.' Without taking into account the longing expression on his face. I liked him a lot - he was a kind and generous person, not to mention an amazing physique and a perfect, dark, handsome face.

At sixteen, I was quite the looker as well. I had long, tanned legs, complete with soft blonde hair and a gorgeous complexion. My breasts were round and perky and I always made sure I shaved before I went out anywhere.

When we got back to his place, he seemed happy to discover his parents out for some reason. He smiled and we went up to his room. 'How does it feel to be sixteen?' He asked, taking off his jacket. I kicked off my shoes and replied, 'Not much different to 15, actually. Now that I think about it though, I'm at the legal age where I can drive. That feels pretty cool'. Jackson sat down on his bed next to me and put his hand on mine. 'You know what else you can do legally when you're sixteen?' He asked with a smirk. That was when I realized what he was playing at. He pushed me softly back on the bed so he that he was on top of me. 'Sex'. He whispered into my ear before he kissed it gently and started playing with the buttons on my dress. My pulse was firing up and I could feel my cunt moistening against my will. I wasn't ready for this, I didn't even know what to do. 'Jackson', I murmured, 'I don't feel ready'. Jackson looked upset, but decided to keep trying. 'It'll feel so good!' 'I know that you will make me feel good baby, you always do, but... I don't think I know how to... I'm not really sure...' 'Of what? C'mon there's nothing to worry about!' 'No, no Jackson I...' Jackson sighed softly and slid his hands up my shirt. 'Lucy, you're old enough to be able to do it. I'm not going to hurt you baby'. He whispered lovingly. 'No Jackson I really don't. I... I...' 'You what? Don't you want this?' Jackson said, a little offended, as he gestured to the package underneath his trousers. I could feel my vulva dripping in desire but I resisted his offer. 'I really don't...' My nipples began to harden under Jackson and he noticed. He chucked lightly and bent his gorgeous face towards mine, giving me a passionate kiss on the lips. My breasts heaved under him - he noticed that too. 'Come on baby, I can see I turn you on'. jackson grinned and ripped off his shirt. I watched as it fell lightly to the floor, perfectly still. He stayed there on top of me for a while, trying to make eye contact. When at last he leaned in, I began to protest, but he was already pulling my g string out from under my dress. I couldn't take this anymore, I had to give myself to him. Jackson rapidly got through all my buttons as I pulled his jeans off. His cock was rock hard and in that instant I wanted it more than anything else.

'Lucy, do you know something?' He whispered as my g string slipped off from around my ankles and he threw my bra to the floor. 'What? I whispered, savoring this close, passionate moment of us both naked on the bed. 'You're absolutely stunning'. He gave me a sexy, intense glare as he eyed my beautiful, tanned breasts and moved his hand down to my clit - the magic button. I gasped gently as he started fingering me and my vagina was set on fire. 'Jackson I want you in me'. Without any further ado, Jackson slowly pushed into me. He watched my face as my vagina lips allowed him to have me. It felt so wonderful that I let out a little gasp. He laughed, 'You really want me huh?' 'Yes Jackson, fuck me now, fuck me hard'.

Jackson held my under my ass and shoved his boner into my tender slit. He moaned in pleasure as he rocked back and forth inside me, moving his hands around my big round breasts and kissing my neck like there would be no tomorrow. Pleasure and pain mingled as I felt him ripping open my virgin cunt and I wanted him even deeper inside me. 'Harder!' I screamed. Jackson whipped me around so we were in a scissor-like position for deepest possible penetration. He groaned as he gripped my back and swung in and out, my juices dripping down his muscled thighs. 'Oh! Lucy! Yes!' He cried as he fucked me hard. 'baby... wider, wider... give me everything you have'. 'Ahhhh!' I screamed in heavenly pleasure. Then the cumming began. Creamy fluid ran through my vulva, lubing it and allowing even deeping penetration which caused my clit to harden and, before I knew it, I was cumming all over his legs. I screamed at the heavenly pleasure and he groaned desperately as orgasm washed over him.

We lay there in paradise for a few moments before we began kissing deeply. 'Oh Lucy...' Jackson murmured. 'I love you so much'.