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Gardening Pt6 Grandmother in law's revenge

My Grand MIL is a real bitch and this really proves it

After being caught by her mother, it's been awhile since my MIL and I have any real time together. My MIL says anytime we go anywhere even to get gas or to the store after sunset   her mother is always asking what hole her whore slut daughter got a cock stuck in. She knows she's a whore because that's the only woman who would let a man fuck them in the ass. I can't believe she would say anything like this because my wife told me her grandmother would screw any guy that would take her out.

To get to the story I had taken a day off to do some yard work and I guess the old bitch saw me in the yard and was watching to see what I was doing and when I came and went. I got a call from her wanting me to come over and move a chair for her. on were Trying to make things easy for my MIL I went to help. All I had on were my bathing shorts you know the kind that look like pants but are really a bathing suit.

I let myself in a was greeted by my GMIL still in her house coat( not unusual since she rarely dresses). I asked her where the chair was and she told me it was the heavy rocker in her bed room. I went to move it and the old bag followed bitching about something. I bent over to lift the chair and all of a sudden my shorts got jerked down. I jumped, turned around and found my GMIL stark naked. I couldn't believe it the old bitch was in her late seventies if not 80. Her tits were really saggy, with nipples pointing at the floor. Her gray bush was in stark contrast to her jet black dyed hair. She told me my MIL had told her all about us, and said if she didn't get what my MIL got she would expose us at the next family outing. I knew the old bitch would do it too.

She grabbed my flaccid cock   and stroked it till all seven inches were standing proud Then she dropped to   her knees and began to suck my dick. I couldn't believe it she really did it, the old bitch took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. She sucked me for about 10 min and was even fingering herself. I told her that was enough, get on the bed and straddled her old nasty tits told her to squeeze them together and titty fucked her. I really wanted to cum on the bitches face but had more in store for her.

I pulled away from her tits told her to lube herself . She produced a tube of KY jelly and easily stuck 2 lubed fingers in her cunt. When she pulled them out, she lay back spread her legs and drew her knees up fully exposing her old pussy. Using both hands she pulled her outer labia apart and asked if I liked what I saw .She then said that she had taught my MIL everything she knew about pleasing a man and that she was the reason my MIL was so good in bed.. I rammed my dick in, started humping and pulling on her nipples wishing I had a rubber so I wouldn't have to contact her. I could not believe what a sloppy loose cunt this bitch had she must   have really been a whore. I was pumping her so hard her saggy tits were flopping all over her chest. Finally I grabbed them again to use to pull me in deeper , after a few minutes of this   she was moaning and humping back.   She came while I was pulling on her tits. Without letting my dick escape her cunt she sat up and kissed me and told me how much she enjoyed having my dick inside her.   By now she seemed satisfied, but I wasn't done.

  I told her that my MIL liked it from the rear and to get on her hands and knees. Using her saggy tits for leverage I fucked her doggy style. I couldn't resist and smacked her ass so hard it left a hand print and made her whimper. The old bitch was enjoying herself , fucking me back and telling me what a nice cock I had and to keep fucking her. She must have cum 3or 4 more times. I could not believe how wet she got her juices were flowing from her in such large amounts that they were making a piddle on the covers. I could feel sperm swelling in my balls by now and was starting to worry.

  I pulled out of her pussy and pressed my dick against her asshole. She pulled away and said only whores did that. I told her if she wanted it like my MIL to get back on her hands and knees. I pressed against her ass again and felt my penis spread her sphincter. She half moaned half cried but took it. Feeling some sympathy I told her to rub her clit and it would be better. I started slowly but was soon pounding her flabby ass, which was wobbling like Jello with every inward stroke. After a few minutes she was cumming again and her ass's' contractions hurt .

  As soon as I felt my own orgasm I pulled out rolled her over put my dick by her tits and told her to beat my meat till I shot my wad. It wasn't long till I came all over her tits and even got some on her face. She seemed repulsed, but I told her that was how her daughter liked it. I knew she wouldn't suck me clean so I lifted one of her tits stuck my dick under it and wiped it clean.

I got up asked if she was happy and would get off my MIL's back and not expose us. She moaned something as I was pulling on my shorts . She seemed happy so I left her on the bed and let myself out hoping this would never happen again.

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