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Story that is partially true.

Hi, my name is Anna, or Annie. I’m going to tell you a story about when I was younger up until the present. Let me first start by telling you a bit about myself. I am 5’5, 113 pounds and have dark hair that meets just above my perfect butt. I have long legs that I like to keep shaved and I’m a C cup in bras. My eyes are dark brown and my hair is very curly, almost like tight curls. I was never into dating are chasing after boys. It wasn’t ever my style. If I wanted something I get it, end of story, but I had no interest in having a relationship.

When I was in 6th grade, my mother sent me off to a Christian school. I hated the uniforms, but most of all the students. There was 30 kids total in my class, I had 1 friend. Her name was Ellie. She was brilliantly smart and sweet, but she wasn't very cute. At that time, I never really cared how my hair looked or what anyone thought of me. I did have a crush, but I knew it wouldn't go anywhere so I never tried. His name was George; he had beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. He was very lean, no muscles and no fat. He loved soccer and basketball. He was kind of a wimp amongst his friends and I don't know what I saw in him.

7th grade came along and I was 14-15 at the time. He still looked the same, but rather than being nice to me the way he had when I was in 6th and he was in 7th, he was a jerk, like most of his friends. One of his friends was nice, his name was Mark. He was one of the few black kids in my school. He enjoyed talking to me, but we didn't really have any type of connection. I was nice to him and he was nice to me and basically everyone. George constantly joined his friend’s rants when it came to the girls in my class. I honestly didn't care.

My mother pulled me out of that school and I was home schooled. I hated it even more. That was when my parents decided to split and I chose to go with my mom, but had to spend weekends with my dad. Once, at the mall, George was thrown out of a store and nearly fell right in front of me and my father. He looked right up at me and my cheeks became flushed and intensely red. He didn't really recognize me, I turned back to look over my shoulder as he stood and walked passed us and he looked right back at me. I knew he was staring at me as I walked out, but I couldn't bring myself to talk to him. He had filled out so nicely and he had muscles in all the right places. He was beautiful, while I was well, me.

Now that I'm 19, I still live with my mom. I plan on moving out of state and I had pushed all thoughts of George and any feelings I ever had for him right out of my mind.

My mother had to visit my sister who was an hour away. She was running late and I went to work with her. She didn't trust me with her car so I was stuck. I sighed heavily as I walked through the store silently gathering some things for my hand that was jammed in the car door almost a week before. That's when I saw the love of my young teen boyfriend less years.

He looked the same, but taller, broader, more of a man then a boy or teen. My cheeks flushed once again, my body was instantly hot and I felt like fire was licking at my skin. I pushed my dark curly bangs back and slowly began to get out of his eye range. I doubted he would notice me, but I didn't want to see him. I called up one of my relatives. She never met or saw George, but I had to talk to someone to keep my heart from bursting out of my chest. I told her all about him in the small gap of time.

As I hung up the phone I thought about just trying to talk to him. This would probably be the last time I'd ever see him. I exhaled a deep breath and glanced around to see him. He was no longer there. I let out a sigh as I thought of how I'd probably embarrass myself. I got in the line of Wal-Mart at cashier 15. One person was checking out and another in front of me. I then saw George's parents, and he was right their next to them. I nearly jumped out of my skin. My heart was beating so hard, I couldn't take it. I stood there and tried to compose myself. He noticed me; I tilted my head down and slowly rubbed my forehead. He and his family walked away and then as he left, he turned back to look at me again. I couldn't breathe and as the cashier asked what I did to my hand as she was my mother friend, I told her, and he was gone.

I got out of line, sad that I'd never see him again and that I never faced my fears, but also happy because maybe it was just better that way. I was headed to the garden section when I stopped and thought to myself, "Why do I still care for him at all? It’s been years and I only love the idea I had of him in my mind's eye; he isn't that person Annie. You know that.”

I continued to walk to the back of the store in a slight daze, when I heard someone call my name. "Anna!" I froze, was that really him? I turned slowly to look over my shoulder, George was coming towards me. Again, my body reacted, I tried to keep myself calm, but my heart was about to burst into a million pieces.

"Hi George; How are you? It’s been so long..."

"Hi Anna, I'm fine. What happen to your hand?" He reached down and grabbed my right hand as if he had some sudden right to touch me.

"Um...I uh... well I um..." He looked up into my eyes, holding my hand within his, and waiting for me to respond. "I was closing the door to my mom’s van and my thumb and index got caught. It isn't that big of a deal."

"Really; looks painful Annie.” He never really called me that, and when he did it sent shivers up my spine. I let out a shallow breathe as he pulled me into a hug. I didn't know how to react, so I kept telling myself it was like hugging a brother and I ended up with my arms around him.

I pushed him away as I began. "Isn't your family waiting on you? I just saw you guys together.” That really wasn't smart of me to say because that meant I was watching him.

"No, I met them here, I have my own car." Duh! Why wouldn't he? His family was really rich.

"Right, well I uh, I'll see you around." I desperately wanted to get away, but I couldn't find a way to and the words kept stumbling out wrong!

"When and where? I haven't seen you in almost a year! C'mon Annie, let’s go do something."

"I uh... I can't, I'm waiting on my mom."

"Is she shopping?"

"No, she's working..."

"Then let’s go! We can swing by the mall. I'm meeting up with Ren, Brad, Julie, Kelly, Claire, and um... right, Jason and Max." Wow, everyone that I once hated, except Brad was okay, would be there.

"No, no, I really shouldn't." He grabbed my arm and dragged me over to register 29 where my mom was. "Hi Mrs. B, I'm taking Annie to the mall to catch up with some friends, is that okay?" My mom wanted me to date; she wanted me to be normal as she put it. I shook my head no as much as I could, George was holding me by my left wrist and I was begging her with my expression to tell him no.

"Sure! Go have fun sweetie!" And with that George dragged me out of the store.


The mall, a place I rarely went as I was more of a stay at home person. I wasn't social and I liked being by myself with my little dog or at the farm training with my horse.

The first to see me was Brad. He was a short black kid at 4'11 when I went to school with him. Now he was nearly 6 foot and all muscle with the perfect build! "Ann! Wow, it's been forever!!" He hugged me tight and I thought he would crush me. Kelly, Claire, and Julie all greeted me with giggles and laughs as if we had been the best of friends when I was at that damn school. The other guys just kind of waved and gave George this look like "Why did you bring her?"

I sighed heavily as the girls in front of me were all in booty shorts and t shirts that covered nothing and showed all cleavage. As for me, I was in a pair of black jeans and a purple short sleeve top. I had on a heart pendent that was about the size of 5 quarters and my hair was down and curly. I had my favorite chucks on. I felt like a nun compared to them.

We walked around the mall, the girl’s spending money left and right, every time I tried to slip away, George grabbed my arm and yanked me to his side. Finally, the group was off to grab a bite and I stayed behind at JCPenny. George stayed with me.

"Aren't you enjoying yourself? Isn't it nice to see old friends again?" he asked, and the way he had irritated me. Here was someone I was in love with as a girl and now that I was a woman he wanted me. What the hell?

"Not really. I was never friends with you or anyone else that is here George. I mean, I tried to get you to like me and you know that is true, but did you? No, I even confessed my feelings for you and you humiliated me in front of everyone!" I hadn't meant to say all that, but it bubbled up after so long that I guess I just needed to get it off my mind.

"Annie, that isn't really true. Okay, maybe it is, but in all reality I really liked you, but I knew if I tried to be with you, life at school would be harder.”

"Somehow I don't believe you. Can you please take me back to Wal-Mart?"

"What will you tell everyone?"

"I don't know; just let me do the talking." With that I walked passed him and out of the store to the food court.


"Aw! You’re leaving!?" Julie asked, she was actually George's ex and was one of the girls I never wanted to be around when I was in school.

"Yes, sadly I'm needed elsewhere." I gave my best fake smile and wished everyone well.

George and I climbed into his red mustang GT. I loved his car, it was my dream car, but I refused to tell him that. I could feel tears stinging my eyes as I sat there in the passenger seat. He kept glancing over at me; I refused to look at him.

"Annie, I don't want this to be goodbye.”

"George,” I sighed and lightly rubbed my burning eyes. "I'm moving out of state in a month or two. Just forget we bumped into each other today."

He remained silent, pulling up into the Wal-Mart parking lot. Before I could step out of the car, he grabbed my arm and pulled me back in. He reached into my front left pocket and took my phone. He punched his number in and handed it to me.

"Text me, I want to say goodbye before you leave." He looked at me through desperate eyes, begging me to keep in touch. I nodded and climbed out of his car. I walked into Wal-Mart as fast as I could and didn't look back. A few tears slid down my face as I slipped into the ladies room, pulling myself together before I met up with my mom.


I hadn’t spoken much to anyone after the encounter with George. My mom asked if something had happen, I insisted no. I didn’t go to church or to see my horses. I stayed in my room in a somewhat depressed state. I continued to reply the entire scene within my mind, over and over wondering what would have happen if I’d done something different. Finally, Tuesday came and I heard my phone ringing. I didn’t know the number, but answered any way. The reason I answered was because I run a small hobby breeding business. I breed toy sized dogs and was always getting phone calls.


“Hi Annie, what are you up to?” I bolted straight up, it was George! I hadn’t given him my number or texted him.

“How did you get my number?!” I must have sounded shocked because he laughed and continued with;

“Your mom. I told her I wanted to talk to you and that I’d forgotten to ask for your number. She gave it to me on the spot.”

I couldn’t believe that shit. I mean really?! I sighed heavily and tiredly, falling back onto my bed.

“Annie? Can we get together some time?” He was asking in a nervous tone, I knew I could take total advantage here, but it wasn’t in my nature.

“No George, I really don’t want to see you. I just, I don’t.”

With that I hung up the phone and put the thing on silent. I got up and showered, brushed my teeth, did my hair and put on a pair of Capri jeans and flip flops with a pretty lime green top that said “Love Me” on it in black letters. I thought I looked pretty as I slid my hair up into a pony tail and putting on my pretty gold hoop earrings, grabbing my purse and phone as I walked out the door.

After I turned 17 my mom had bought me a used white Volvo s70. It was in great condition and I loved the little thing. I ran to the store to get dog food and then drop off a letter at the post office. I had to drive down town to visit my grandmother to check on her new puppy. She maybe old, but she loves animals and the challenge of them.

“How are you Princess?” She asked as I scooped up her little 4lb pup and sat at the table. She was already cooking some steak and potatoes for me, my favorite dinner since I was a child.

“Nothing La Mommy; How has Papito been?”

She smiled and came over with a tall glass of water. “He has been good. You look sad though, you sure you’re okay?”

I nodded and gave her a big smile. “Yes, I’m fine; just having some boy problems.” She instantly looked pleased and sat down.

“What are they?” I kind of laughed thinking she was kidding, but her expression said different.

“Just this kid I went to school with. He won’t leave me alone and you know I’m moving soon… I don’t want to get involved with anyone.”

“Just have a fling then. You don’t have to go at it with him (she means sex just so you know), but enjoy his company and make him work for every word you say!”


I left my grandmothers and left to head home. As I drove I realized right then I needed to get some things from Wal-Mart for the house. I exhaled a deep sigh and drove into the lot. As I stepped out of my little white car and was reaching to grab my purse, I felt someone grab my arms and yank me back against them. I yelped out of surprise and was already struggling for them to let me go. I then looked back and it was George. I jabbed my elbow into his ribs to make him let go and as soon as he did, I shoved him against the red car. It was his car, why hadn’t I noticed?

“Fuck! That hurt Anna.” He was rubbing the spot I had hit, letting me hold him against his car, keeping a gap between us.

“Damn it George! I’m glad it hurt! I want you to leave me alone. Don’t you dare ever touch me again and I fuckin’ mean it! I swear to God if you come near me or even lay a finger on me, I’ll call the cops!”

I was had hoped that he’d leave me alone, but rather then believing me, his large hands grabbed my arms and turned to shove me against his car where he was. He leaned down over me to kiss me!

His eyes were closed and he was kissing me softly, his hands moved around my back and held me to him. I had never kissed a boy and this was all new to me. It felt amazing and I slowly returned the kiss, our bodies were pressed up against each other and slowly his palms were sliding up and down my sides. Finally, I pushed him away so I could breathe. He looked down at me and his eyes were slightly glazed over, with that expression I couldn’t say no to him and I didn’t understand why.

“Come home with me Annie.” he said it in a whisper. I was about to say no when that expression got to me.

“I-I…. um…” I looked down at his baby blue shirt and noticed his white and black plain shorts. My eyes fell closed and I could feel the heat radiating between us. I wanted to walk away and act like the kiss meant nothing but it meant everything!

“Okay George.” I grabbed my purse and locked the Volvo. I climbed into his mustang and left with him to the home of his I thought I’d never see.


George was holding my left hand within his as he drove to his home. I couldn’t look at him and that was when I could hear all those rape stories my mother had once told me ringing through my mind. I finally looked at him and somehow knew he wouldn’t force me into anything.

He pulled up into his drive way, his house was huge. It was three stories high with a three and a half car garage. It was made entirely out of bricks and had some really cute lawn gnomes.

I was kind of surprised to see that the home didn’t look more Roman since George and his family is from Greece. I walked in with him and glanced around and heard nothing. No one was home; I pushed the thought of being alone with him out of my mind. As I walked slowly through the main floor of his home, it was very Greek looking. Roman god and goddess statues everywhere, pillars, and everything on the walls was white. The living room had a flat screen TV and a glass table in the middle of the room. The couch was black leather and by the quality I could see it came from Italy.

“So, uh…what do you think?” He sounded nervous, like if I didn’t approve he’d break his neck trying to make it to my likening.

“It’s… beautiful.” I was amazed; I wished that I lived here! I’d been born and raised as an American, but truly wished to live in Italy! It was a beautiful place and George went there almost every summer.

“I’m glad you like it, do you want to see more?” He motioned towards the stairs, the stair case twisted as it went up in a spiral type of design.

George showed me every room, his parents, baby brothers, spare room, game room for the family, and his sports room. It had all the trophies and awards he’d ever won in it. There were at least 300. Finally, and very nervously, George took me to his room.

His room was huge, about three times the size of an average bed room. He had a California King bed in the corner, a huge dresser and vanity. He had his own flat screen and a few sports awards as decoration. He also had a few bean bag chairs and a game consul set up. He even had a futon against the wall near a window. I walked in a circular motion around his room as I was surprised at how clean it was. I stopped right in front of his bed and couldn’t help but think of all the girls he must have fucked by now. Probably a dozen or two right in this bed, probably unprotected and who knows what he has. That was when I thought of our kiss, you don’t need to have sex to get an STD.

I turned and looked at him; he had a small pleased smile on his lips as he looked me up and down.

“How many girls have you slept with?” He suddenly became startled, and just blinked several times at the thought of my question.

“Wh-what?” was the only thing he managed to stutter out.

“How many girls have you fucked?”

He closed the gap between us and stood about a foot away from me. “Annie… I’ve…" He sighed heavily as if he never wanted to mention it to anyone, but finally answered me.

“One, It was Julie and it happen at her house while her parents were on a date. I wore a condom before you ask. I was safe and so was she.”

I knew it! He slept with that whore! Why am I jealous?

“What about you?”

“Um… none.” I figured I’d get married before I lost my exclusive membership to the Virgin Club of America.

“Annie, why did you ask?” He looked a little hurt.

“Because as I looked at your bed I wondered what kind of STDs you might have from fucking all sorts of sluts from whatever school you went to or are going to.”

His expression looked like he couldn’t believe I’d say such a thing, he took two steps forward and hugged me tight to his chest, almost hurting my right hand as it was still a bit sore.

“Annie, if I had something I wouldn’t have kissed you. I wouldn’t have thought of us as being a possibility.”

“Whoa wait!” I wiggled a bit and made him put some space between us, my eyes meeting his.

“What do you mean by that? You humiliated me! You said things that hurt when you knew long before I told you how I felt!” I punched him lightly on the chest and felt my body tremble a bit, a few small tears gliding down my face.

“You think I don’t regret that? I’m sorry Annie, I am! I never wanted to hurt you but I did and I can’t take it back but I can fix it now, if you’ll let me.”

“This was a mistake.” I mumbled softly as I began to pull out of his embrace. He held me tight though, refusing to let go. “Why did you bring me here George?” My gaze was on his traditional tan carpet, keeping my arms to his chest so my breasts wouldn’t press against him.

“Because when I kissed you I thought of doing a lot more to you… and you aren’t leaving my home until I’m able to. Even if you kick, scream, beg and plead, tonight, your mine.”

My eyes went wide as I shoved him away from me; he staggered as he wasn’t expecting it. “Where are your parents?” I calmly asked as I thought of how I would get myself out of this mess.

“On a three day vacation with my little brother, I stayed behind so I could be with you.”

“George, I have to go. It’s passed 5 and my mom is expecting me.”

“No, she’s not. I was at Wal-Mart to tell her you’d be home late because we were on a date and I’d have you home by 11.”

“Shit.” I cursed under my breathe, knowing I really was stuck. Panic was filling into my lungs and spreading into my body. I thought of my options.

1. Jump out the window.

2. Get into a form of “wrestling” with him trying to get out the door.

3. Give in and let him do whatever and hope it wouldn’t end too badly.

Suddenly, I remembered my period had just passed. If he got to me unprotected, I could end up pregnant. What would I tell mom then? She’d kick my ass out. He doesn’t even have a real job; he works with his uncle.

I groaned quietly as I took several steps back from him to flop down onto his bed, I sat there with my legs crossed. He had already moved back to lock the door of his room, he started to inch his way across the floor towards me. He got on his knees in front of me and slipped my flip flops off. I thought of kicking him, but as I saw his hard breathing through that shirt, I knew he was at least twice my weight and strength. I didn’t stand not one fuckin chance. I’ve never pleaded for anything, but as I stared at him and became fearful of being a mother when that was literally the last thing I’d ever want to do, I thought it was my only option.

George closed his eyes and leaned forward; he kissed my knee through my pant leg and kissed his way up to my wrist and arm. He moved up to my shoulder and sat beside me. He wasn’t holding onto me and I knew I would be able to get away now and only now if I wanted to even try. I slowly rest my hands on his chest and before he could place his hand on my arm I pushed him down on his bed. I jumped up without my flip flops and ran towards the door. I managed to unlock it and run down 10 of about 30 steps before he grabbed me by my arm.

“George, let go!” I yelled as I tried to make him release my arm.

“Annie, if I let go now, you’re going to fall and break your neck.”

I moved up a few steps to again push him; he let me go and ran back up the few steps. I was confused as to why, but ran down the flight of steps any way. I grabbed my purse from the table by the door and straight to the front door. I swung the door open and there was George! I froze as I couldn’t believe that just happen. How the hell had he done that so fast? He moved forward, making me move back until he was in the lobby of his home. He closed the door and locked it, a somewhat evil grin across his mouth as he knew I was unable to comprehend how he had got outside!

Just then I remembered there was a back patio door. I turned and sprinted for it, but George was two steps behind me and as I put my hand on the handle, he snaked his arms around my waist. He pulled me back against him and once I was forced to let go of the handle, he threw me over his shoulder and was headed for his room.

“Damn it George! Let me go! I don’t want you like that!!” He playfully slapped my ass and held my legs tight to his body. I screamed and screamed until I couldn’t breathe. It was difficult to scream and be in such a position. Breathless, he entered his room, locked his door and threw me on his bed.

George dropped his pants and yanked off his shirt. I stared at his perfectly chiseled chest and shoulders. He was only in soft green boxers and looked so hot. In that split moment I wanted him, but as soon as he moved forward to me, my desire for him faded. He crawled onto the bed next to me, sitting beside me as his hand pushed my hair back from my face.

For someone who was being rather forceful, he gently laced his arms around me, pulling my body to his chest. He started out by kissing the side of my eyes, my arms struggling to keep him away from me. He continued to kiss me in that spot, moving to actually kiss my eyes, tears building under my eye lids as I honestly didn’t want to lose my virginity this way. His mouth moved to kiss and bite my neck. No one had ever done this to me and it was so sensitive, I cried out a soft moan as my arms melted and were light against his chest.

He smirked as he slid his palms under my shirt and slowly lifted it off my body; I wouldn’t have even noticed if it weren’t for the cool air brushing at my chest and shoulders. He had put me under his spell and I was trying and fighting to break it. “Annie…” He whispered my name into my ear, biting lightly against the flesh. I gasped and again tried to push him away, but not with much conviction.

“What?” It was a mild whimper.

“You’re beautiful, even back then when you didn’t try what so ever.” His fingers were unclasping my bra and began to pull it off. “NO!” I screamed it and shoved him away with my left hand with all my strength. He allowed me to push him and I say allow because I could see him moving away from me slightly. He held my hand over his heart; it was beating as fast as I knew mine was. I stayed sitting on my knees, holding my open bra to my chest to keep myself covered as he held my hand to his chest. It lasted about 3 minutes before he moved towards me, biting my tender neck and pulling my bra right off me. He started to grope and fondle my breasts, making me moan and my cheeks heat up to a bright red.

“George, I really don’t want this.” He wasn’t listening to anything I had to say about a protest against this. He moved his hand in between my legs and rubbed my crotch with my Capri’s still on. ; His other arm around my back to keep me close to him. I happen to glance down just then, a ragged cry pulling out of me. He had a major hard on and looked huge. That was probably the thing that scared me the most about the moment I was trapped in.

George pushed me down onto his bed, laying me on my back as she straddled me. His fingers moved carefully to unbutton my pants and pulling the zipper down. My Capri’s joined the clothes that were on the floor, leaving me in my panties and pony tail. He tilted my head to the side and was able to slide my pony tail holder off without hurting me, his fingers moving through my dark hair to relax it. He pressed his mouth over mine; I kissed back without meaning to, enjoying the feel of his lips to mine.

He parted my legs, my body betrayed me and obeyed his touches, and he leaned over to the right of me as he kissed me. His palm slipped into the band of my panties and began to rub my slightly wet clit. The feel of his fingers against my clean shaved skin startled me, I started to panic again and tried to push him off me, screaming; “Stop! Stop it George!!” Tears rolled down my face as I couldn’t stop what was happening. I cursed the fact that I was a virgin and thought that it was unwise to stay a virgin for so long. But I knew that didn’t make sense, because the chance to lose my V-Card had never come up.

I whined softly and quietly as I withered under him, his fingers rubbing slowly against my slit and circling my clit. I was becoming moist against his hand, mean while his mouth was sucking gently on my left nipple, his free hand supporting his body weight so he wouldn’t lean full onto me. One of my hands rest on his shoulder, my face looking away from him as I cried silent tears, knowing that I couldn't prevent the inevitable. It felt amazing for him to touch me, it did, but it wasn’t how I wanted things to happen and I felt like I was being forced.

George finally removed my panties, again my body reacting naturally as I lifted my hips and let them slid right off. He leaned over me, making my eyes meet his. He tenderly wiped my tears away, kissing my forehead and then lips. “George, please don’t…” Why was I still begging? It was somehow clear to both George and me that I did want this. He pulled off me and slipped his boxers off. His dick was about 9 and a half inches and glistening with precum. His balls were about the size of a golf ball each. I was scared as I suddenly thought of his huge dick being inside of my body.

He climbed on top of me, reaching behind him to grab a pillow. He gently lifted my head and propped me up onto it; he caressed his hand against my cheek, her hands wondering slowly down my body. He slipped his hands under my knees and bent them up. My legs were wide open and I knew the moment was about to happen. He looked deep into my eyes before he leaned over the edge of his bed and grabbed a bottle of oil. It looked like massage oil and he quickly popped the cap right off. He poured some on my stomach and chest, and then a large amount on my pussy. I bit my lower lip as I watched him squirt some into his hand and lather it onto his chest. He hands massaged the oil into my stomach; hips and sides, moving up to my breasts as he fondled me more than massaged the oil around them. He continued and did this to each arm and leg. It felt so sweet the way his oily hands moved around my neck and face.

Finally, he slipped his hand between my legs and rubbed the oil up and down my entrance, it made me jump and I forced myself to hold in a moan. The oil that was left he rubbed over his hard dick and stomach. He repeated the same steps he had done on me to himself. He leaned over me and kissed me several times before he moved down to bite at my neck. As I moaned and was distracted by the sensuous bites, I could feel the head of his dick pushing forward into my slit.

“George, no; it’s going to hurt, please.” My hands slipped so I couldn’t push him off me, that slippery bastard.

“Hush Annie, it won’t hurt so much if you just relax yourself.” And with that he proceeded to push his dick into my pussy. I groaned rather loudly, my fingers digging into his bed sheets, fighting the urge to slap him as I felt my insides adjusting to his size, my whole body trembling in a manor I didn’t recognize. He was panting hard as he leaned over me, letting out soft groans and biting at my neck from time to time. His dick was right at my hymen; I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to over flow. He suddenly pushed his lips to mine and shoved the rest of his dick into me. I screamed into his mouth, but he didn’t stop kissing me. He only waited a moment or so before he began to thrust his manhood in and out of my no longer virgin pussy.

“Oh Annie; you’re so tight, it feels amazing baby.” I hated in that moment that he even called me that, but in a way loved it because all I had ever desired was to be with him. Even if it wasn’t exactly the way I had pictured.

“George, oh God… don’t stop!” I was lost in a pleasure I had never felt, my own hips slowly beginning to rise and meet his thrusts. My arms slipped around his back, holding onto him the best I could with the oil still being all over our bodies.

“I won’t baby!” He almost yelled it to me as I clamped down on his dick and a sudden orgasm that I hadn’t felt building over whelmed me. “Ah! George.” I had softly moaned his name, my legs bending to press against his hips. He continued to bump while my hips remained still for that moment, finally coming down from the orgasm, I could feel my second already building. George started to slow his pace from time to time, bringing me to the brink of my orgasm; he was enjoying the torture I endured from him.

I then slapped my hand on his back, angry and sexually frustrated. “George, fuck, make me cum.” I said it almost calmly as his slow strokes was killing me. He chuckled as he leaned over and kissed me, starting to really pump me. I had several orgasms after that until he pulled me up on top of him. He was sitting up and holding me to his chest, I was straddling him as he then whispered roughly into my ear; “Annie, show me you love me.” It sounded like a challenge, because he knew I had never chased after him despite my feelings. I rocked my hips over and over at the same steadily pace, my arms coiled around his shoulders. He was panting my name over and over, I was barely listening to him when he finally got my attention with; “Annie, I’m going to cum!” Before I could pull myself off his dick, he held me down by my waist, his arms tight around me back and cummed deep into my depths, making a sudden minor orgasm slam against me, making me softly scream.

George laid me once again on my back, heat and sweat pouring from both of us as he pulled out of my pussy, a stream of our cum laced on his dick from my pussy. He collapsed next to me, his arm over my stomach as he lay on his side. I was breathing hard and so was he as I looked at his sweat soaked golden hair. I gently slid my fingers through it, rolling onto my side as I moved close to him and pressed my lips to his.

“I love you Annie.” I had always thought of how he might say that to me when I was younger. I never thought he’d say it to me lying in bed naked after love making.

“I love you too George.” I smiled slightly as he held me to him, falling asleep in his bed within his embrace.

(Do you think I should make a part two with a baby on board?)

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