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Georgia Road Trip Mishap

A couple is arrested for speeding and lewd acts and must pay the fine
My wife, Regina, and I were driving through rural Georgia making our way to Savannah for a weekend getaway. I was driving pretty fast through the back country since it was pretty desolate out on the road. I was also driving fast as my wife’s head was in my lap taking my engorged cock deep in her mouth. My one hand was on the steering wheel and the other was down the back of her skirt. Regina wasn’t wearing panties giving me easy access to her hot asshole and wet pussy. I had a finger in each hole toying with her as she swirled her tongue around my shaft.

I moaned in disappointment as I noticed a police car was then on my ass. I tried to get Regina to get right as I pulled off the country road into a wooded lane. As the squad car behind us stopped right on my bumper I finally got my cock hungry wife out of my crotch and sitting up. I knew the police officer had seen my wife come up out of my lap. I rushed and jammed my cock back into my shorts just as the officer turned and squared himself to my open window. I knew as he looked down he was getting a generous view of my wife’s C cup tits as they struggled to stay inside her tank top blouse.

I saw right away the officer was a local sheriff’s deputy and I produced my license and registration. The deputy waved my attempts to hand him my documents as he ordered both my wife and I to exit the vehicle. I grew apprehensive and began to fear that my wife and I were at the mercy of a less than honest police officer.

The deputy informed me that I was traveling at 75 mph in a 55 mph zone. He informed me that my offence required my arrest and revocation of my driver’s license. I attempted to talk my way out of that current situation as Regina began to sob and plead along with me. I didn’t resist as the officer turned me and began hand cuffing me. Then the deputy added that he witnessed my wife and I engaging in a lewd public act. The deputy left me standing at the side of my car as he approached my wife. The deputy was calm and was actually polite as he placed Regina’s body face first against the car next to me. The deputy added that he would have to arrest my wife as well for lewd acts in public.

Regina let out a yelp as the deputy ran his hands up her bare legs. I could tell he was feigning a legal search on my wife. Regina pushed back against the officer in protest as he hands worked up and cupped her bare ass cheeks. The deputy produced a second pair of hand cuffs and proceeded to bind my wife’s hands behind her back. I became furious as the deputy’s fondling search continued on Regina. I knew there was nothing I could do as his hands roamed over her bare pussy. The deputy sighed loudly as my wife’s quim coated his fingers. I wanted to bust out of my cuffs and beat that Deputy as he pulled Regina’s blouse up letting her milky white tits bounce out against the car. His hands groped at her perky nipples and full breasts making her utter a soft moan.

I heard a car or two drive by near us but because of where the Deputy and I had pulled off the road, no one could see us. We were completely alone with the inappropriate deputy. The deputy knew this fact and used it to take his time with my wife. I looked away but couldn’t not hear the growing moans of my wife as the deputy continued to molest my beautiful wife. I heard Regina whimper how sorry she was as her body responded to the deputy. There wasn’t much fight left in the girl after the deputy’s finger was back inside her pussy.

I made the mistake of looking back at them as the deputy took his finger from my wife’s pussy and pushed it into her mouth. We were fucked and she and I knew it. I tried to look away again as the deputy put Regina over the warm hood of our car. He kicked her legs apart as he dropped his belt and whipped his pants down. My eyes focused in on his large uncut cock as his throbbed from semi hard to fully engorged. My anger was gone only replaced by helplessness and a strange tingling in my body.

Regina’s jean skirt was pushed up around her waist and I looked into her eyes as the deputy pushed his cock into her spread pussy. My heart sank as I could see the lust wash over her face. Her eyes glazed over as the girth of the deputy’s shaft split open her pink pussy lips. I struggled with myself as my cock began to harden. I could see the deputy’s shaft as it pulled back out of my wife’s pussy covered with her quim. I felt humiliated as my wanton wife began beginning the deputy to slam his cock back into her pussy. My cock throbbed harder than ever in my shorts and the Deputy took notice.

I was snapped out of my daze as the deputy ordered me over. Within a moment I was pushed to my knees right next to my bent over wife. I was so close I could smell her sexy and hear the squishing of her juices around the deputy’s cock. I was transfixed on the stranger’s cock sawing in and out of my wife’s pussy. The deputy grunted and pulled his wet slimy cock from Regina’s gaping pussy. Without hesitation the deputy pushed his cum covered cock along my lips. I was so numb at that moment I didn’t even fight him as I opened my mouth. Regina turned her head and watched me as the deputy pushed his dirty cock in my mouth as I knelt with my arms bound behind my back.

The pleasure I experienced feeling of another man’s cock in my mouth surprised me. The deputy ordered me to clean my wife’s cum off his dick. His tone of voice made my body quiver. His position of control over me only made me feel more ashamed of my eager obedience. I sucked Regina’s cum off the deputy’s shaft as I could smell his musky aroma. My wife moaned as she looked me in the eye as I was then actively sucking the cock in front of me. I saw her hand snake down between her thighs and I knew she was rubbing herself as she watched me suck my first cock. I had never once had a gay or bisexual urge or desire. Something inside me just felt right as I worked my mouth up and down the deputy’s cock.

The deputy asked me if his was the first cock I had ever sucked and I moaned yes around his invading shaft. Then he asked my wife if she was enjoying watch him fuck her husband’s mouth. Regina whimpered yes as she rubbed her pussy into another orgasm. The deputy made her tell me to suck his cock faster. By the sound of Regina’s voice I could tell she really meant it and not trying to satisfy the deputy. I didn’t have much of a choice as the deputy took my head and fucked my face. His cock was leaking pre cum and I knew he was close. The deputy told me he was going to cum and he was going to give me my first taste of man seed. I whimpered helplessly as his cock swelled in my mouth.

The deputy ordered me to not swallow his creamy load as he grunted and pushed one last time in my mouth. I began to groan as several salty thick ropes of sperm and semen filled my mouth. I kept sucking the deputy’s throbbing cock taking more his seed in my mouth. The taste of his cum was as strong as his odor, something that only excited me more. Pre cum spotted the front of my shorts as I desperately wanted to cum.

I was pulled to my feet as my wife was stood up and we were pushed together. The deputy ordered us to kiss and for me to push his pungent seed into her mouth. Regina scooped the deputy’s cum from my mouth with her tongue as she kissed. Sharing the taste seemed to excite Regina. Her mouth was sucking while kissing me. The deputy was pleased as Regina and I split his creamy load. We both swallowed what seed we had in our mouths as the deputy pulled up his pants and recovered his belt.

I was expecting the deputy to cut us free after we complied with his deviant demands. Instead Regina and I loaded into the back of his squad car. The deputy smiled as he looked in the back seat at us and informed us we were still going to be booked at the local jail. My heart sank again at what our future was to hold. Regina and I were silent during the short drive to the sheriff’s office. As the squad car pulled around to the back of the sheriff’s office there were two men waiting at the back door. I looked at my wife and whispered to her that we were fucked. Regina looked down and saw my hard cock outlined in my shorts. I looked down at Regina’s exposed pussy and noticed the wet smear of her cum on the vinyl seat.

It was fucked up but both of us were aroused yet nervous as the door opened and we were pulled out but the sheriff himself and the other deputy. Regina’s cuffs were removed first as well as her skirt and shirt leaving her naked. The sheriff took her to his office leaving me with the other two deputy’s. As my wife was taken away she told me her one phone call was going to be to our resort in Savannah to cancel our reservation.

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