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Getting the Promotion

Mike must give up his most prized possession to get his most prized job.
I am a 30 year old regional sales manager happily married to my wife, Lindsey for 5 years now. She is 25 years old, a brunette with hair that just reaches her shoulders, 5'7" tall and a body to die for. I was attracted to her the moment I saw her. This story also includes my boss, Bill Evans, who is 5 years older than me with a commanding attitude and a well built body to back it up.

I arrived to work on Monday morning at 7:30 A.M. Just like any other morning, I reviewed the week’s tasks and went about calling customers for his upcoming sales meetings. I have been a regional sales manager for 10 years now, and although very successful, I know it will be difficult to climb the corporate ladder anymore without a miracle.

As I sat the phone down on my third call, my boss, Bill Evans, came strolling into my office. “Good morning Mike” Bill said behind a quirky smile. “How’s your day going?” I replied with mock enthusiasm knowing that a visit from my boss was either extremely good or extremely bad, usually the latter. “I have something that I need to talk to you about. One of our board members has retired and there is an opening that I think you should apply for. It’s a position that would give you total power over the sales force here in the states along with six figures and some pretty hefty benefits. What do you think?” I was speechless. This was finally the break that I had been longing for. “I would love to have that position Bill, you know I would. What do I need to do to apply?” Bill looked at me and grinned mischievously, “We have a meeting with the Board of Directors tomorrow and they assigned me to write out a letter of recommendation for the candidate of my choice. I was thinking that we could have dinner at your place tonight and I could tell Lindsey myself. Sound good?” Not wanting to spoil the moment, the mood or my promotion I said that I would do anything. He looked long and hard at me then said that I should go home and talk to my wife, and maybe come up with a way to "satisfy" him so that I could get my promotion.

I gave a confused look but it soon dawned on me that it was Lindsey that he wanted to satisfy him.

“After all, your wife is very attractive and I know how badly that you want this promotion. Maybe you could talk her into helping you. If she is willing to help you with this decision, I can see myself recommending you tomorrow to the board. If not, I think that I can find someone else that would like to move up the ladder.” He gave me a vicious smile.

As my heart pounded and my fists clenched together he said, “Mike if you do anything drastic I will have to fire you. I will personally make sure you wont find a job anywhere in this country. What do you say?”

As my eyes trailed to my desk I said, “What exactly do you want from my wife, just so we are clear on this.”

“I think you know what I want Mike.”

“Tell me Bill,” I nearly screamed, veins bulging.

He approached my desk and rested his palms on the front of the wooden surface and whispered, “I am going to fuck your wife senseless Mike. And if you refuse, you can hit the fucking road, got it?” I just looked at him before passing him on the way out the door.

Lindsey met me at the door with a kiss, "How was your day baby?" she asked with her cute smile. I just kissed her back and went up to take a shower. When I got out I told her what had happened at work that day. She was furious at my boss. “This is fucking blackmail!”

Initially she wanted me to report him for harassment but when I explained what kind of promotion it was she realized how much the job meant to me and the fear I had of not being able to find another one if he fired me.

She said, "I know how much this means to you sweetheart, but what are we to do?"

I kissed her on the lips and asked, "Would you do it for me sweetheart?" I couldn't believe I was really saying this to my beautiful wife who I love so much, but I felt desperate.

She was silent for a long while. I could tell that she was shocked. Finally she said, "I'll do it. I know the job means a lot to you, and besides we can’t last long with you unemployed."

I jumped up and kissed her, "Oh honey, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, I don't want you to do it if you feel you can't."

She smiled a little shakily at me and said, "Baby, we don't have much of a choice. I know how hard it'll be for you to start from scratch again. No, I'll go for it as long as you can stand it too."

I could hear the satisfied tone in Bill's voice when I told him that my wife had agreed. "Good for you Mike! I'm sure that you made the right choice! I'll have you moved into a new office to go along with your promotion. Tell your wife that I'll be over around 8:00 o'clock!"

I didn’t know what to do or how to act when Mike arrived. He quickly laid out the rules for the evening. “If you do anything that I tell you not to, or if you touch me in any way, you will lose your job. Understood?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Then he turned to my wife.

“You will do anything that I say for the remainder of the night. Understand?”

Reluctantly, my wife shook her head in defeat.

With that, he told her to go put a dress on and begin to serve us dinner.

When Lindsey returned she looked fantastic. She had her hair in a pony tail and had put on a sundress that clearly defined every curve on her body. I could tell that Bill’s dick was getting hard as she approached.

She sat out dinner and we ate like normal.

When Bill finished his plate he asked Lindsey to put his plate up so that some of the table space was cleared. When she leaned forward to grab his plate he placed his hand on her hip and looked into her face with a frown. “Put the plate back down and don’t move a muscle.” Lindsey stopped moving while she was leaning over the table and Bill got out of his seat and walked around behind her. He told her not to move as his hands went under her dress, stopped momentarily, and then came back into view. It was then that I realized that he had felt Lindsey’s thong when he grabbed her earlier and now he was sliding it down her legs only inches from my face. It was almost like he was teasing himself because he still couldn’t see her pussy, but he kept sliding them until they were lying on the floor.

After getting her panties off he directed her to keep cleaning up the kitchen until the table was cleared. He sat in his chair and told me not to move and told my wife to stand with each of her legs outside of his knees. In doing so, her legs were about 2 feet apart with her covered navel only inches from his face when he looked up at her and said “Show me your pussy.” My wife’s eyes met mine instead of doing what she had been told and he raised his voice and said, “That’s right, I want you to show me your pussy right in front of your husband.” This time she did not hesitate. She grabbed the bottom of her sundress and pulled upward until her pussy came into view. Bill smiled before reaching up and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Lindsey quickly exhaled when he did this and Bill noticed. “Do you like that? Do you like getting slutty in front of your husband?” My wife did not reply except to tilt her head back and close her eyes. When Bill seen this he leaned forward and ran his tongue along her clit, causing her to let out a moan. “I knew you wanted this you sexy little fuck.” As soon as he returned his thumb to her clit she began to shake in orgasm. Bill immediately stood up and whispered something in her ear. While keeping pressure on her clit she began to take his pants off. He pushed her down beside my chair and asked her what she was doing. I couldn’t believe my ears when she said “I want your dick in my mouth.” With this Bill pulled out his 7” cock and presented it to my wife. She looked at me and unbelievingly said “Watch this,” as she plunged his cock down her throat. In disbelief I watched as my wife deep throated his seven inches. Bill told her to get it good and wet. This made her make slurping noises and her spit begin to trail off of his dick onto his balls. When a large amount had been produced he grabbed her by the hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth. With his other hand he grabbed the base of his cock and slapped her face with it, causing her spit to get all over her face. The entire time I am only a foot away in my chair watching my wife service him. When her face was slick with her spit and his pre cum, he started to rub his cock all over her cheeks and lips. When she tried to turn away he would smack her on the forehead with his huge cock.

Finally, after he stopped slapping her he whispered something else into her ear and she took off her sun dress revealing her tight abs and her C sized tits. He took her nipple into his mouth as she placed her ass on the edge of the table and leaned back onto her elbows. Bill turned my chair so that I was looking between her legs and commanded her “Tell him what you want.” “I want you to fuck me Bill,” Lindsey replied. Then she looked at me and said, “And I want Mike to watch.” I listened as Bill told me not to move as my wife spread her legs for his cock. He moved in between her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy and pushed.

Bill was smiling to himself as he slowly slid his thick cock into my petite wife's pussy, the pussy that only I had fucked up until now.

Lindsey looked as if she was in heaven. Initially she gave out a loud cry as if she were in pain from his thick entry. But after a couple of strokes she started to meet his thrusts and after a while even wrapped her legs around his waist and start to wildly fuck him back.

At the sight of her legs wrapped around his waist I dropped my head, looking at the floor. Bill noticed this and got angry and told Lindsey to stand up and made her bend over. He then placed her hands on the back of my chair for balance and pulled her head up by her hair so that she was looking directly into my eyes only inches from my face. “Look at your wife while she takes my dick. Look at her!” He said as he began to plow into her from behind. Lindsey was whimpering with every thrust now, unable to hide her lust for his big cock. It didn’t take long like this for Bill to reach his orgasm. He leaned over and whispered into her ear where I could hear it, “Where do you want me to shoot my load Lindsey?” My wife turned her head to look him in the eye before saying “Flood my cunt with your load. Bury it inside of me.” This was too much for Bill to take. I watched as he grabbed her hips and sank his cock in her as deep as it could go and suddenly stop. He pulled her head up to look me in the eye as he shot his load into her pussy. Her eyes shot open and I know she felt every hot blast from his dick as he pumped her cunt full of his cum. Five, Six, Seven times he flinched and she whimpered as he blasted her with each surge from his dick. After he finished he leaned over and told her to place her hands on the table and not to stand upright. He made me look at her well beaten pussy. While I was starting at her stretched hole his load began to seep out and Bill pushed my head towards it. I don’t know why, but I ate his load out of her cunt. It seemed to never stop. He came so much in her that she couldn’t keep it in her even as she leaned over the table.

Bill fucked my wife twice more that night. And both times he made me watch. He had her ride him, he took her in our bed and he even fucked her on our washing machine. I just hope this is all done after tonight.
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