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Sex and Betrayal

Gideon tried to walk the straight and narrow path. He rose early for work each morning when there was work to be had. He did his best to busy himself with those things that decent people do.

It’s not that trouble had never found Gideon. It had. In fact, trouble had been a constant if mostly unwelcome companion for nearly all his twenty seven years. He had designedly sought it out in those heady, joyful, angry days when he thought, as all young men do, that he was invincible. Trouble, he learned, has a very long memory and is a difficult friend to lose.

He lived alone in a rented house on a colorless side street where whores, pimps, and dealers sometimes sat in cars to count the proceeds of their nightly labors or to make furtive phone calls to their loved ones. Whores, pimps, and dealers do have loved ones too.

The house was just a bungalow really, with a shabby, gabled roof and a low, cinder block wall separating his dusty lawn from the street. Young men sometimes sat on Gideon’s wall late at night to drink and smoke and to talk loudly about being invincible and other such things. Gideon didn’t mind. He sometimes lay awake beside an open window and listened to them laugh and talk, remembering how it was to feel like them.

Gideon tried to walk the straight and narrow path. It was not always an easy thing to do.



“Gideon, please. Just listen to what we have to say.”

“You’re out of your minds,” he said, looking from one young woman to the other. “Both of you.”

He looked at the camera in his hands and was surprised by the size and weight of it. He ran his fingers lightly over the recessed controls and admired the black matte finish and long neck of the wide rectangular lens. In its clear glass he saw the glint of three bare bulbs hanging from a pitted fixture above his kitchen table.

“You want to use this to make a video of your sister having sex with me,” he said evenly. He looked at Audrey, then back at Mara. “You’re serious. This is what you came all the way over here to talk about?”

Mara flicked ashes into an empty beer can. She shifted her weight in her chair and tried to keep her voice from shaking. Something beneath Gideon’s relaxed, no-nonsense tone made her uneasy.

She hadn’t seen Gideon in years. He still had that seductive air of danger about him, she thought, despite barely having moved a muscle in the last five minutes. Yet he had changed. She no longer saw the spark of youthful mischief in his eyes. It had been replaced with something else, something she couldn’t identify. It unsettled her, though she didn’t know why.

“Yes… well, no, not just that camera. I, um… I’d have other equipment too.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Mara felt stupid. The type of camera was beside the point, wasn’t it? She chided herself for sounding nervous. This was already going very badly.

Gideon pressed a button and a digital display sprang open on the side of the camcorder. He tapped a finger twice over the makeshift ashtray while blowing a long string of smoke out of the side of his mouth.

“What kind of equipment?”

Mara knew that Gideon was toying with her, making her work for it before ultimately shutting her down. He doesn’t give a shit about the equipment, she thought. Even so, she was relieved to be on familiar ground for the moment.

“Well… I’d need three pro-grade 1080/50i HD digital cameras,” she started. “… a lighting package, tripods, sound… there’s more. I can borrow most of it from a guy I know who produces shorts. I’d have to rent some things too.”

“I haven’t seen you around here in a couple of years.” Gideon tilted a can of beer toward his mouth and then stopped. “Is this what that fancy scholarship to UCLA was for? You went all the way to California to become a pornographer?”

Long strands of brown hair fell in front of his clear, hazel eyes. Mara thought the untamed waves that fell on his shoulders and the two day old growth on his angular face invested his looks with an adventuresome quality. Like a knight errant, she mused.

“Gideon, no, it’s not…” she hesitated, beginning to feel very young and foolish. He had always made her feel this way, so unsure of herself. She took a deep breath. “It’s for a competition at a film festival in Montreal. The theme is Moments Érotiques Explicites. It’s not… pornography.”

“Oh, now I get it. A French title,” he said dryly. “It’s art.”

He looked at Audrey. She had scarcely made eye contact with him since she and her sister had shown up at his door. Her cautious irises were a fine waxen blue and sandy locks tumbled haphazardly down her back. She looked thin and very pale to Gideon, paler than he could ever remember seeing her. Splotches of red around her eyes and nose suggested that she had been crying. Even so, she had the kind of effortless, enduring beauty that made other women stop and take notice. For Gideon, her graceful, tender presence was agony.

Gideon turned back to consider Mara. She was smaller and slighter than Audrey, with canny eyes and a pert nose. Her long brown hair was piled loosely on her head and two stray locks framed her scrubbed face. Thick tortoise shell glasses punctuated the fashionable, nerdy look.

She was uncomfortable; he could see that. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to sit still and her skittish, dark eyes had never stopped moving. These two really didn’t seem like sisters at all, he thought.

“Okay, why me? Why your own sister? There are people you can pay to fuck for you.” He jerked his head toward the window. “They aren’t hard to find around here.”

Mara winced. That really was the question, wasn’t it?

“This has to be about real people, not actors,” she started. “It’s an exploration of stimulation and sexual response, not faked orgasms and staged money shots. There’s a connection between you two. The piece is about the physical expression of that connection. It will be beautiful.”

He crushed a charred filter tip on the empty can.

“Do you realize just how full of shit that sounded? There’s something seriously wrong with you.”

Audrey placed a warm hand over Gideon’s and feathered the small crescent moons tattooed between the knuckles of his fingers. There was one for each of the eight months of his incarceration.

“Gideon,” she said quietly. Her unsteady voice was barely audible. “Mara knows we both really need the money. And you and I have been… you know… with each other before.”

“You’re really okay with this?”

Audrey looked down and nodded. She put a can of beer to her lips and took a sip.

“Mara knows someone else who will… you know… do this with me if you won’t, but I don’t know him and I would feel….” She shuddered and water filled the wells of her eyes when she looked at him. “I just trust you.”

“You would actually do this?”

“It would just be Mara with us, no one else,” she said weakly, studying the can before looking at Mara. “She’s family.”

Gideon pressed a green button and Mara’s face appeared on the display. He zoomed in until it filled the screen.

“Tell me why I shouldn’t throw you out of here right now.”

Mara knew that her face must be beaming with color. How could I have thought this would ever work? She wondered. I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t put me over his knee and spank me.

“There’s a fifteen thousand dollar cash prize if I win,” Mara said deliberately into the camera. “There are awards for second and third, too. I really don’t care about the money. I’m working for a studio in LA now. You two can split whatever’s left after I pay my expenses. The recognition is what would be most valuable to me.”

Gideon thought about the two years of night school he had completed at the community college. It hadn’t exactly prepared him to take his place in The New Global Economy, at least not here in America’s rust belt. And work would never be steady for a crane operator with a criminal record.

“Money. That’s your answer,” he said, his face giving nothing away. “Is that it? Are we done?”

He pulled back and panned lower, past the hollow of her delicate throat and the plunging neckline of her thin gauze top. He studied the swell of her breasts beneath the loose fitting cotton.

“I thought,” she hesitated. “I thought you might do it for Audrey.”

Oh, you wicked bitch, he thought. The camera moved back to Mara’s big, aphotic eyes. They darted nervously from the camera to the table. She really is an ambitious little mouse, he told himself. Even as a kid, she had always been the smart one.

“I remember you were just a sixteen year old brat with braces when I met your sister,” he said. “So that would make you…”

“Twenty three,” she said, looking squarely into the camera.


Gideon remembered the sixteen year old Mara well. She was gangly and painfully shy when her big sister first brought him around the house. The girls lived with their mother who, it appeared to Gideon, was more a frequent flyer than a resident. Working two jobs, she always seemed to be on her way out the door, staying just long enough to throw in a load of laundry or to deliver an armload of groceries.

Gideon had been supplementing his construction income by selling a little grass and boosting German imports for his uncle’s chop shop. Taking risks and taking shortcuts came naturally to him. He was clever and fast and still young enough to embrace the foolish belief that the universe appoints consequences only to those who get caught.

He knew that Mara wasn’t a popular girl. Her looks weren’t the problem; she was cute enough despite her awkwardness. It was just that she had such a serious demeanor, unlike her carefree sister, and an unsettling intensity that radiated from every pore. Seriousness and intensity, Gideon knew, were not highly valued qualities among the high school social set.

Over time, Mara became more of a presence whenever Gideon was around the house. She would slide onto the couch watch television with him or offer to fry some eggs when he was hungry. She kept him company while he weighed buds of Hawaiian Haze and sealed them in zip lock bags at the kitchen table. Mara became absorbed in his tales of daring larceny and narrow escapes.

As the months rolled by, Mara’s tee shirts became tighter, shorts shorter, and underwear all but forgotten. She blushed furiously whenever Audrey gently teased her about her growing breasts or her obvious interest in Gideon. He noticed that she always glanced at him to gauge his reaction.

By the time she turned seventeen there had been more than a few embarrassing moments, with Mara often managing to get herself caught leaving the shower with only a skimpy towel for cover. Sometimes Gideon heard the creak of floorboards just outside the bedroom door when he and Audrey fucked in the late afternoon heat. She’d even walked in on them once, nervously apologizing and jabbering about a borrowed blouse.

Early one evening, Gideon remained behind after Audrey had left for her bartending shift. The sound of yet another of Mara’s frequent showers travelled down the hallway. The squeak of turning handles hardly registered as he sat on the counter, drinking milk out of the container.

“Gideon. I didn’t know you were still here.”

He looked up from his motocross magazine to see Mara standing in the doorway adjusting her glasses. She was soaking wet, skin reddened from the hot water, and wearing a towel that barely reached her thighs. She held the terry cloth closed with one hand behind her back.

“Oh! Hey babe,” he smiled. “You look… clean.”

“You really think so, Gideon?” she asked shyly, letting the towel fall around her feet. “Will you check me over to make sure?”

The magazine dropped to the floor and Gideon practically fell off the counter. Mara’s delicate body trembled in the doorway. Her prominent areolas were acutely swollen and covered with goose bumps. Faint traces of veins meandered beneath the electric pallor of her milky skin.

Gideon opened his mouth but he found himself incapable of producing a sound. He drank in the gentle curves of her girlish hips and narrow waist. His gaze fell to the tawny spray of pubic hair and the inviting bow of her slender legs.

Mara’s breasts swayed subtly as she unsteadily closed the short distance between them and looked up at Gideon. She took his hand, held it to her cheek, and closed her eyes.

A bass drum beat in Gideon’s chest. This can’t happen, he thought. He told himself she was just a kid, Audrey’s little sister. But his body couldn’t be fooled; the nervous sylph in front of him was a woman, one that was burning with arousal. She ignited a response in him that he had no ability to control.

“Mara, you’re beautiful; you are,” he said hoarsely. “But you know I’m with Audrey.”

When she opened her eyes the intensity of her gaze startled him. She removed his hand from her face and brought it to her breast. He instinctively weighed the soft, full bosom and rolled a long, fat nipple between his fingers. She moaned softly and shivered. Gideon felt a rush in his groin, realizing that she had never been touched like this before. He couldn’t resist squeezing and tugging the erect peak.

“Does my sister have tits like mine?” she crooned. “Do her nipples get hard every time she sees you?”


She slowly guided his hand over her soft belly and stopped between her legs. He combed her feather soft tangle of hair. The flat of two fingers moved lower and slid along her warm moisture, his cock roiling in his jeans. Mara began to slowly rock her pelvis, her hot breath warming the hollow of his throat. I can’t do this, he thought. I’m twenty one; she’s only…

“Let’s go to my room,” she pleaded, voice cracking. She squeezed the long lump in his pants, her naked body squirming against him. “We have hours and I’ll do anything you want… We can lie on my bed while slide your big cock inside me.”

Her words sent a jolt of adrenaline through his body. Whether he willed it or whether his hands acted out of some primal imperative, Gideon would never know. He separated her labia and slid up and down her slick channel. She ground her hips and drenched his fingers as he explored her pussy.

Mara gasped sharply and her body stiffened when a slippery finger finally penetrated her tight opening and curled firmly against her wall. His thumb gently stroked her swollen clit and his free hand swept her smooth back and cheeks. She collapsed against him, breathing through her mouth.

“Oh don’t stop,” she whispered quickly. “Don’t stop.”

Mara held on tightly, her hands laced behind his neck. She buried her face in his chest, soaking his shirt with her mop of wet hair. They stayed like this, his fingers electrifying her virgin pussy, until violent shudders rolled through Mara’s fragile body in waves. Her head fell back and she closed her eyes, a look of dreamy relief on her face, as she quietly came in Gideon’s arms.

“Mara… baby.”

He wrapped his arms around her narrow back and shoulders while her breathing returned to normal. He wanted to pick her up and carry her off to bed.

“God… you made me come so hard,” she panted, straining on her toes to reach his lips. “It was so much better than when I play with myself, Gideon.”

He easily lifted her up and sat her naked body on the countertop. He cupped her chin and locked his eyes on hers. She raked her fingers through his long hair, her body seething, melting his meager resolve by the second.

“Mara, this is wrong,” he said, trying to stop shaking. “We… I… should never have done that. I can’t sleep with you. Do you understand?”

“Fuck me, Gideon,” she croaked, staring back at him. “Look at how wet I am. I’m really ready for you now.”

Mara spread her bony knees apart and hooked her ankles around his thighs. She pulled his jeans by the waist and fumbled with the snap. Gideon knew he was seconds away from burying his throbbing cock into her sweet pussy and fucking her senseless.

“No,” he said, holding her wrists firmly. “It’s not gonna happen, baby. I just… I can’t.”

They stared at each other, neither truly knowing what would happen next. A look of resignation slowly came over her face. Mara pulled her knees close to her chest and wrapped her arms tightly around them. She looked Gideon coldly in the eyes.

“I understand.”


“I’ve changed.”

“I can see that,” Gideon replied, pulling back on his shot of Mara. “You’re not an innocent teenager anymore. You’re much more than that.”

She didn’t know exactly how he meant the remark but was sure it wasn’t intended to be a compliment.

“You know we’re not together any more, right? Audrey and me?” he asked. “We haven’t been for a long time.”

“Yes, Audrey told me,” she answered, eager for an advantage. “You stopped seeing her after you got out of prison. Why did you just leave her like that? You really hurt her.”

Her question was a blow to the stomach. He still felt responsible for Audrey and it killed him to see her as frail and vulnerable as she seemed that evening. He pushed the red button again and the display went dark.

“That’s none of your business,” he growled, barely above a whisper.

“Stop it, Mara. That’s enough.” It was Audrey’s voice, sharp and decisive for the first time. “You know what he did for me. If it wasn’t for him…”

Mara waved her off.

“Oh, yes. We all know what a hero he is. Noble Gideon took the blame for your drugs in your car and he did what should have been your time in jail. BRA-VO,” she droned, with four slow, ironic claps of her hands. “But did my dear, naive sister ever stop to think about who got her started on that shit to begin with?”

Gideon shot Mara a lethal look. He stood and walked to the refrigerator, an unlit cigarette dangling from his lips. Mara watched him move. His jeans, softened with wear, hugged his buttocks. Tight knots slid along his thick triceps with each movement of his arms. He leaned on the door and peered inside, the yellow light illuminating his face.

He returned to the table with three more beers dangling from their plastic six pack rings. He twirled his chair around and straddled it, leaning on the back. He pushed a can across the gouged laminate surface to Mara.

“What makes you think you can handle something like this?”

“What do you mean?” Mara furrowed her brow.

“Have you ever done porn before?”

“It’s not p…” Oh why do I bother? She asked herself. “NO.”

“I assume you have some idea of how you want this to go,” he said, sparkling eyes burning into Mara’s obsidian depths. “You would be right there, telling us what you want us to do, right?”

“I… I would be directing you, yes,” she answered swallowing hard.

She had thought about this, of course. She would instruct them to disrobe in front of her and watch Gideon become erect. She would direct her sister to slide her wet tongue along the length of him, witnessing every movement, each sigh and involuntary twitch. She would inhale the scent of their sex when she finally allowed him to penetrate Audrey like the wild animal that, she knew, prowled beneath his cool exterior. The idea terrified and thrilled her at the same time.

“You think you can do that, Mara?”

In the days leading up to this meeting, Mara had thought of little else. At night she felt her pussy slicken while she touched her nipple and played with her clit. She imagined a naked and lust crazed Gideon pulling violently against his restraints while his dripping cock thrust desperately toward her sister’s soaked cunt, just inches out of reach.

Mara fixed Gideon with dark, shining eyes. The corners of her mouth turn upward infinitesimally.

“Yes. I can.”


The two story brick hulk sat alongside the canal at dusk, its darkened windows staring impassively at the slow moving water. Erected as a foundry to turn out muskets for the Union army, it lay alone and gutted after more than a hundred years of failed incarnations.

There were two portable electric lanterns set on the ancient floor planks of the cavernous first level. Gideon’s eyes adjusted easily to the dim light. There wasn’t much to see inside the exposed brick walls apart from truncated pipes rising from the floor and hanging metal light fixtures the size of umbrellas. He jammed his hands into his pockets, thinking it was strange to see his breath in the air that time of year.

Gideon climbed a flight of metal stairs, following the echo of faraway sounding music. Pushing through a set of heavy metal doors, he entered a large space in the building’s interior. The windowless room rose to the full height of the building, massive timbers spanning its width.

A rough wooden platform had been constructed in the middle of the room and covered with a large mattress. Sturdy posts at its corners and head were fitted with thick, stainless steel eye hooks. He looked up. Tungsten lights tilted their necks and gazed at the sordid stage, its antiseptic white sheets illuminating the distant walls in a soft glow.

Mara hadn’t heard him. She was humming along with Fiona Apple’s haunting blues. Oh your gaze is dangerous…And you fill your space so sweet… If I let you get too close… You’ll cast your spell on me…

She was turned away from him, preoccupied with something in her hands. She wore black, calf-length yoga pants, the unofficial uniform of young urban females. A wide ribbon of grey cotton extended around her hips beneath the lightweight, white sweatshirt that she wore.


She screeched as she spun around, sending a lighting tripod crashing to the floor. Her unzipped sweatshirt flew open, revealing a loose fitting singlet beneath. She pulled the garment closed, trying not to look self-conscious.

“Gideon! My God, you scared me.” She reddened at her jumpy reaction, hoping it hadn’t looked as spastic as it felt. She reached for the CD player and shakily stabbed at the Off button. “This place gives me the creeps.”

Gideon stepped across the wires crisscrossing the floor and set the tripod upright. Moving toward the platform, his eyes took in the oppressive gloom.

“Really? It’s such a romantic little hideaway you have here.”

There were three monitors behind Mara, each displaying the lighted scene from a different point of view. It was strange seeing himself on screen. It didn’t seem real. Gideon studied the three large mounted cameras that peered insolently at the platform.

“I didn’t expect you so early.” Mara knitted her eyebrows and checked the clock on her phone. “Audrey won’t be here for another hour.”

“I didn’t have anything to do after my shift,” he said abstractedly, strolling around the set. He picked up a light meter and held it toward the elevated bed. “So I thought I’d head over to see if you need any help.”

Mara regarded him warily, pushing her thick framed glasses up the bridge of her nose. Help was the last thing she expected from Gideon. She was distracted from her work now, turning her head as he moved fluidly around her. She found it difficult to keep her eyes off him, telling herself it was because he couldn’t be trusted.

She thought he looked stylish in an untamed sort of way, with the solid shadow of stubble across his face and windswept hair hooked behind his ears, grazing the shoulders of a white button down shirt. Three open buttons exposed the dark hair of his chest. His black denim jeans and gleaming leather boots, she guessed, were the closest things to formal wear that he owned.

He stopped at a folding table holding a stack of white, freshly laundered towels. Bottles of water were stashed in an ice filled cooler and several varieties of personal lubricant were neatly arranged in a row. He picked one up and fixed her with a wry look.

“You’re a very thoughtful person.”

“Gideon,” she hesitated, tossing the remote control she had been programming onto the mattress. “To be honest, I’m surprised you decided to do this. You practically threw us out of your house. Why the change of heart?”

He ran a hand up and down a corner post which rose from the platform, testing it for stability.

“You mean I practically threw you out,” he said casting a nod in her direction. He crouched to get a closer look at the five foot high monstrosity. A wide lower platform, a walkway of sorts, framed the entire perimeter about two feet off the ground. He looked up at Mara.

“Christ, Mara, this looks like a sacrificial altar. Did you build it yourself?”

“I have a friend who builds sets for the theater,” she replied curtly, annoyed and somewhat suspicious of the change of subject. “So what made you change your mind?”

“But you designed it.”

“Yes! I designed it,” she said, exasperated. She walked over to him and placed her hands on her hips. “Tell me why you agreed to do this. I really want to know.”

Gideon straightened up and pushed aside a stray lock that had fallen across her eye. His touch confused her and she felt her face grow warm. Was it a sign of affection or was he toying with her again?

“Like I said on the phone, I’m doing this for the money,” he finally answered. “I help you make your movie. Audrey and I get to keep everything after expenses if you win an award. That’s the deal.”

Mara had the uncomfortable feeling that there was more to Gideon’s decision than he was sharing but she knew him well enough to know that further probing would be pointless.

Audrey had been easy to reel in. Mara stifled a smile, recalling how, with elaborate reluctance, she had laid out the idea to her sister. She had even feigned trying to talk her out of it. But Audrey was a mess, she thought… a beautiful, brainless, desperate mess. She actually believed that fucking on camera would help get her life together.

Getting Audrey was critical. Without Audrey there would be no Gideon. And without Gideon… well, without Gideon she had no interest in this project. He was right; it was pornography. She would make sure it was a skin flick he would never forget.

Gideon had surprised her, though. She had heard about his arrest and his difficulties finding work. She had assumed he would be an older, defeated version of the cocksure stud that had rejected her when she was a teenager. Instead, he seemed stronger and more clearheaded than ever. Each time he flashed his cryptic eyes at her she had the feeling he was reading her mind. She hadn’t expected that. Worse, she hadn’t expected the attraction to still be there.

Mara was close enough to Gideon to acquire the clean scent of his freshly showered skin. She kicked herself for wanting to unbutton his shirt and run her hands over the rugged muscles of his shoulders and chest. Glancing at the crisp sheets, she felt a fleeting sting of envy that it would be her sister, not she, who would rub her bare breasts and tingling pussy against his taut body. She squeezed her eyes shut and forced the thought from her head.

“Do you have any questions? I mean… you know; are you nervous about all this?”

Gideon picked up a folded length of rope from the bed. He held the soft fibers to his nose and sniffed the pungent aroma of hemp. He looked at the posts and hooks around the makeshift bed and the additional coiled lines placed at the corners.

“Now why would anyone be nervous?”

He stepped up onto the platform and sat on the mattress.

“I guess I should explain what’s going to happen.” Mara had rehearsed this moment a hundred times.

“When the scene opens you and Audrey will be seated on the bed. You’ll kiss for a while, getting comfortable with each other, touching. We don’t want to rush it. It should feel natural for both of you. She’ll be tense but I want you to get her relaxed and then aroused. I know she’s attracted to you so that shouldn’t be a problem. When the time is right, I’ll cue you to begin undressing each other. Try to take your time with that.”

Mara spoke in the manner of someone who might be providing directions to build a birdhouse or to assemble a child’s play set. She stood with arms crossed, watching the scene play out somewhere between the rafters at the far end of the room.

“Obviously, we… we need you to have an erection,” she continued. Here her voice was less steady than she would have liked but such was her determination that she continued, even forcing herself to look him in the eyes. “I know it might be embarrassing... with me seeing you, I mean. Audrey will do whatever it takes to… get you excited. I’ll be using a camera but just forget that I’m watching.”

Gideon cocked an eyebrow and held up the rope.

“Let’s talk about… this.”

Mara swallowed hard. She slipped off her sweatshirt and her boobs, plainly unencumbered by underwear, jiggled under the skimpy cotton top when she moved.

“Do you want a bottle of water?” She motioned toward the cooler. “It’s warm under these lights.”

Gideon just smiled and gave the rope a couple of little shakes.

“Okay. Um… okay.” she said, struggling with a dry mouth. She really wished she had gotten that water. “I’ll need you to allow Audrey to tie your wrists and… and um, ankles… to the posts so that you’re on your back with your arms and legs spread wide. Don’t worry; I taught her the right knots to use so your circulation won’t be cut off. It shouldn’t hurt when you struggle.”

Gideon placed an ankle over one knee and started to pull off his boot.

“Audrey’s going to use her mouth and pussy to slowly bring you nearly to the point of orgasm,” she continued. “She’ll also use a small amount of lubricant to masturbate you. It will increase your sensitivity and, well… a wet dick looks good on camera.”

Mara had warmed to her subject now, nearly salivating at the vision of his back bent into an arc, cock pointed in the air.

“Now… at some point I’m going to direct her to use a vibrator on your testicles and nipples. All this will go on for a while, Gideon, but you won’t be allowed to ejaculate. Not until I say so. We’ll make sure of it.”

The two regarded each other in silence.

“I’m guessing Disney passed on your screenplay.”

Her smoldering eyes glared at him as his other boot dropped to the floor.

“Can you handle this, Gideon?” she asked, stepping onto the platform. She bent over with hands on her knees, her face just inches from his. “Will it be too humiliating for you, being exposed to me like that? Are you afraid you’ll lose control?”

“I know this is a crazy thought but this wouldn’t have anything to do with that night, would it? You know, that time at your mother’s house?” He pulled his socks off his feet.

She stood up straight and wiped her lenses with the front of her cotton shirt, pursing her lips in thought. She looked younger, softer without the heavy frames. Gideon was expressionless, watching her with cool hazel eyes.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” she said nonchalantly, putting the glasses back on. “I’d nearly forgotten about that.”

Gideon started unbuttoning his shirt.

“What happens next? Audrey and Gideon buy a little white house with a picket fence?”

Mara curled one side of her mouth.

“Don’t worry; you’ll get to work her over in Scene Two.” Mara paused and then continued with a mirthless grin. “As I recall, you know how to handle a clit.”

“Let me see your hands,” he said.

Mara was irritated by Gideon’s strange non sequitur. Her heart was still racing from the thought of what was about to take place. She issued an extravagant sigh and unenthusiastically held out her hands, just as a child might show a parent that they were indeed clean. He took her wrists and lifted them higher, turning them inward so that her palms faced each other. She felt the warm confidence of his calloused hands and a gentle shudder trickled pleasantly through her body. If he felt it, he didn’t let on.

“Wh… what are you doing, Gideon?”

“I think I need a little practice,” he said thoughtfully, seemingly to himself. He folded the rope in two and centered the halved length beneath her forearms. “It’s been a long time since I was a Boy Scout. Here, hold your arms a few inches apart.”

She numbly complied and Gideon deftly wound the two ends of doubled rope once around her narrow limbs from opposite directions. Mara stared at four strands of half inch rope stacked neatly together several inches above her hands. After another pass the number became eight.

“Who’re you kidding… you were never a Boy Scout,” she said absently, engrossed in what was taking place.

Gideon grinned and nodded, looking down at his work. He twisted the remaining doubled lengths ninety degrees, and tightly wrapped them in opposite directions around the bindings between her wrists. He slipped the two loose ends through the closed end loop and cinched it taut before separating them for a final wrap around the cuff. He gave the finished product a smile of approval as he tied it off with a square knot.

Mara stared at her hands, firmly and incontrovertibly bound, the excess rope brushing her toes. She was surprised at how secure and comfortable the bindings felt.

“Nice trick. Okay, get me out of this thing,” she ordered, roused out of her daze. “I have a lot to do before we get started.”

“Mmmm… I don’t think so.” Gideon leaned across the mattress and picked up the remote control Mara had tossed. “Green button?”

He pressed it and three red lights began to blink on the mounted cameras.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she snapped. “Stop screwing around! Those cameras are recording, Gideon!”

“We’re here to make a movie, right?” he asked. He spun Mara around by the hips and seated her on his knee. “Look into the camera and smile.”

She looked at a monitor and saw him wave.

“What? What are you talking about?” She twisted around to look at him and then down between his knees. “Wait… What happened to your shoes? Why is your shirt half off?”

“You like to be in control now that you’re all grown up, don’t you, Mara? I can appreciate that, believe me,” he said, wrapping his arm firmly around her waist as she tried to stand up. “But we’re gonna try something different, okay?”

He pulled off her hair tie, releasing a brown explosion over her shoulders and back. With a gentle push, Mara found herself on the mattress looking up at Gideon. His hand caught the foot that was fired with lethal velocity toward his head and he calmly removed her cross trainer.

“Thanks. Let’s have the other one.”

“Do you realize what you’re doing, you fuck?!!” she screamed. “Let me go!”

Mara twisted and cursed as he bared her other foot. She tried desperately to squirm away from him. He leaned over her, one knee between her legs, and secured her throat with a large hand.

“That’s not gonna work, Mara,” he said patiently, his open shirt falling towards her. “Now put your hands over your head and leave them there until I tell you to move them. And no more kicking, okay?”

Something in his tone, the casual air of command, caused her to freeze. Breathing heavily, she silently studied his eyes and saw cool resolve in his green and brown depths. The damn things are always changing color, she thought. When he released his grasp, Mara slowly extended her bound arms back onto the mattress, leaving her vulnerable and nervous. She felt a flutter somewhere deep in her abdomen.

Gideon straightened up and curled his fingers beneath the elastic of her tights.

“Lift your butt a little.”

“Gideon, no… please!”

“Suit yourself…”

Gideon tugged the yoga pants roughly past her bottom and pulled them over her feet. She wanted to turn away as he bent his head toward her but something stopped her. Gideon brushed his lips languidly over hers while he peered into her dark eyes.

“You can’t do this,” Mara muttered into his mouth. “This… mmm… this isn’t what we talked about.”

Her body warmed when he nibbled her lower lip and caressed it with the tip of his tongue. His fingertips had found the sensitive place beneath her ears. Mara resisted the impulse to respond to his unhurried, moist advances but his steady movements, his breath, and the heat coming off his chest, combined as a sort of narcotic and she floated into a subdued trance.

“Gideon, do you… am I?”

Gideon abruptly stood and shrugged his shirt off his shoulders with a look of amused satisfaction. He took a moment to look her over, so much the better that she knew it. Her singlet barely covered her chest and the powder blue panties did little to conceal the soft outline of her pubic hair or the pronounced cleft between her legs.

“So… what? You’re going to fuck me on camera?” Her anger had returned, accompanied now by frustration. “That’s your plan?”

“Probably, yeah,”

She noticed the lateral muscles under his arms flare as he bent over and stripped down to his boxer briefs.

“Audrey will be here soon,” she warned him. “She'll put an end to this.”

“Uh huh,” he responded, stepping up onto the mattress and standing over her. “C’mon. Over here. Get on your hands and knees.”

Gideon picked up the ropes extending from her bindings and gave them a couple of jerks. She hated him. He had ruined everything, or was about to. She looked up at his broad back as she awkwardly crawled after him. She watched his tight buttocks stretch the sheer black fabric of his underwear and was disgusted by her own flush of arousal.

“I’m not a fucking dog!”

“Of course you’re not,” he said supportively, securing her lead to the middle post.

He crouched in front of her and she couldn’t resist peeking at the substantial bulge between his legs. Mara didn’t know whether she’d rather smash it with her fist or suckle it with her mouth. She stared apprehensively at the new rope he was looping in his hands and began to feel short of breath. Still, she refused to give him the satisfaction of seeing the panic that had set in.

Gideon roughly lifted her chin and she stared at the medley of hues in his eyes.

“Look. You know how this works, right?” His voice was somewhere between a whisper and a soft rumble. “If you really want out… really want out… just say the word and it’s over.”

He stood up and stepped over her, disappearing from view.

“The word?” she asked hopefully.

“Yeah,” he answered as an invisible finger trailed down her spine. “How about… ‘chickenshit’?

Suddenly, Mara felt a sharp tug over her hips and thighs. A draft drifted across her cheeks as Gideon summarily removed her panties. She squeezed her legs together, attempting to preserve a modicum of privacy and dignity.

“You FUCKER!!!”

From a far corner came the weary creak of heavy doors. Yes, Audrey! Mara let out a long sigh of relief. Finally, this macabre game of his would be over. She should have known he would find a way to screw this up for her. He had no idea how much work it had been to put it all together. Her head began to percolate with visions of revenge.

She rolled onto her back with a victorious grin. “Audrey, thank God!”

Mara recoiled in shock. Looking down at her from the foot of the bed was a smiling, gum chewing teenage girl with coral and pink hair spilling out of a black baseball cap.

“Wh… WHAT? Who?” she stuttered frantically.

“Ohhhh, yeah… I meant to tell you earlier; Audrey’s not going to make it tonight. I might’ve told her it was off. My bad,” he apologized, slipping a rope shackle over her left foot. “Anyway, this is Kat. Her boyfriend is an acquaintance of mine.”

Mara watched in stunned silence, arms stretched over her head and naked from the waist down, as the newcomer walked around the profane creation, inspecting it with great interest. Snapping gum between her teeth, she pulled off her hat and black satin jacket, allowing them to drop to the floor as she moved.

A tight, pink halter top revealed the most striking feature on her pixie-like body. Elaborate, vinelike tattoos, composed in fanatical detail, snaked down her arms from shoulder to wrist. Mara nearly forgot her embarrassing predicament as she studied the furious face of a green leaf-god glaring from the girl’s bicep.

“Your… your boyfriend is… ?”

“Maurice, right!” Kat chirped, hopping onto the mattress next to Mara. “He likes to hang out on Gideon’s wall with his friends at night. Sometimes I do, too. Gideon is so cool.”

“So… so what are you doing here?” She looked from Kat, to Gideon, and back again. “How old are you anyway?”

Kat giggled while she carefully plucked the glasses off Mara’s nose, folded them, and tossed them to Gideon, who had finished tying off Mara’s other leg. She lifted the top of the loose fitting singlet with two fingers and peeked at Mara’s boobs before sliding alongside to her and resting on her elbow.

“Welllll, I’m eighteen years old,” she started. “Aaand… I’m here to get you ready.”

Mara blinked at the girl uncomprehendingly then turned toward Gideon, who had picked up a shoulder held camcorder. All at once, realization set in and she lurched against the ropes, her body briefly airborne before slamming back down on the white surface. She thrashed violently while Kat calmly slipped her hand under Mara’s shirt and rubbed her writhing belly.

“Gideon, NO!!! Are you kidding?!!!” she yelled with a cracking voice. “Please, I don’t… I can’t!”

Kat slid her arm under Mara’s neck, stretched out alongside her, and curled a knee over her hip. Her hand moved upward beneath Mara’s cotton shirt and cupped the full curve of a soft breast. Mara sucked in her breath sharply and turned her head away from her tormentor. She could actually feel her nipples harden at the cool touch of the unfamiliar hand on her sensitive skin.

She was shocked at the outrageous invasion and wondered how far Gideon would allow this to go. He wants me to quit, she thought. He wants me to beg him to end it, to say his chickenshit word. Well fuck him.

“Shhh… it’s okay, I like boys too,” Kat said sweetly as her brazen fingertips traced the roundness of her breasts, leaving the bristling peaks untouched. “But sometimes it’s nice to play with a girl. Maurice doesn’t mind when I do.”

Maurice? Fuck Maurice, thought Mara. I’m the one tied down and being used as a human playground for a randy, sexually ambiguous teenager. Her muscles were becoming sore from exhaustion and her mouth was dry from panting.

Mara continued to look away, as if by not seeing something it ceased to exist. Kat’s fingers now ventured further, exploring the smooth skin of her ribs and belly and hips.

“Let’s get this out of the way,” said Kat, getting up on her knees.

She gripped the hem of Mara’s loose shirt, carefully slipped it up and over her abundant swells, and hooked it behind her head. Mara felt a cool breeze across her sensitive breasts, sending a shiver down her spine. She glowed with embarrassment at being on display like this; naked, with her nipples sticking two inches into the air and her legs spread wide. She found herself fretting that she hadn’t trimmed her pubic hair in days.

“Whoa, I wish I had tits like yours,” marveled Kat. “I’m flat as a board, see?”

If asked, Mara would not be able to explain why she was curious. She turned to see the halter disappear over Kat’s pastel colored head. True to her word, Kat sported tiny bumps that were topped by hardened pink buttons. She smiled down at Mara with an incongruous, triumphant expression. Something about seeing Kat topless was oddly comforting to Mara.

“Kat, listen to me,” Mara said evenly, struggling to maintain calm. “I don’t do this with girls.”

She felt her areolae pucker as Gideon moved along the side of the platform with the camera, the wide lens scanning slowly up and down her body.

“Just say the word, Mara.”

Before she had time to think, Kat’s hand curved around her neck and leaned in for a wet kiss. Mara’s eyes widened while lips tasting of sour apple bubble gum pulled playfully at hers. Kat’s mouth was soft and smooth and… feminine. Her kisses were so different from the thick, urgent solicitations of the men and boys Mara had known, the sloppy mashing of faces. Unable to pull away, Mara offered only token resistance to Kat’s tender advances even as a delicate tongue slipped neatly into her mouth. So this is what it’s like to be kissed by a girl, she thought.

Kat’s curious hand had found an eager nipple as they kissed. She tapped and stroked it with her fingertip, and then began to flick it harder. Electric sensations ran from the peak of Mara’s breast to the empty pit of her stomach. When Kat rolled the fat stalk between two fingers Mara felt a low moan issue from her own depths.

Kat giggled and pulled the gum from her mouth when their lips separated, tossing it into the dim reaches beyond the brightly illuminated perimeter. Mara lay breathlessly passive, wondering what the joyful nymph had next in mind. She glanced at Gideon, who focused his camera directly at her pussy which, she knew, was leaking freely.

“Mmmm… you ready to stop yet?” purred Kat playfully. “Should I untie you?”

Mara just looked into her green eyes, not understanding what she was feeling.

“I think you’ll really like this,” murmured Kat just as her warm mouth surrounded a nipple.

The room was quiet but for the muted moans of both women and the wet smacks and slurps of Kat’s mouth devotedly laving and tugging Mara’s engorged flesh. A hand trickled over Mara’s tummy and lingered at her belly button before tip toeing to her prominent pubic mound. A tiny finger crept to the junction of her folds and Mara felt her stomach lurch. She raised her hips in anticipation.

“Not yet, horny girl,” Kat teased, lightly tapping the little hood. “Patience.”

Kat knelt back on her heels and ran her hands freely over Mara’s heaving body. She pulled playfully at Mara’s tangled bush and stroked her lightly muscled thighs. She seemed especially interested in the shape and size of Mara’s breasts, pushing and kneading the soft mounds. By the time two long, orange fingernails pinched and lifted a nipple, Mara accepted that Kat had complete control over her. Not able to either resist or reciprocate, her restraints allowed her to focus solely on the sensations that coursed through her body.

“Do like to play with yourself?” she breathed into Mara’s ear. “I’ll show you what I do.”

“No, I… I’m not sure about this,” protested Mara weakly, thinking about Gideon and his camera, but she burned to feel Kat’s touch between her legs.

Kat pressed a hand on Mara’s abdomen and lightly brushed against her wet pussy with the other. Each stroke pressed a little harder and Mara felt her clit begin to tingle from the movement and friction. Kat took her time, her excitement reflected on her face. Mara couldn’t believe that she was being fingered by another female and actually enjoying it.

She drew a deep breath when she felt her folds being carefully opened. Knowing fingers gently moved inside her slippery pussy, touching her urethral orifice, her clitoris. It was so personal, so deeply intimate. She felt as if Kat knew every secret she ever had. Her thoughts became a confused jumble while an exquisite, agonizing pulse rang through her pussy.

Mara lifted her hips when a slender finger pushed against her opening and snaked inside. She felt her vagina clamp around it and groaned. Gideon had left some play in the ropes and she involuntarily turned her knees outward, opening herself as far as possible. Kat’s finger was soon joined by another, and then a third. They moved in and out rhythmically, slowly at first, then more firmly and deeply. Kat knew exactly what she needed. She placed her lips over Mara’s clit and wiggled the tip of her tongue on it, moving it side to side.

Soon Mara squeezed her eyes shut and began to buck against Kat’s mouth. Tiny, incipient spasms erupted deep inside her pussy. She knew she was about to come. She desperately needed the excruciating bliss of release. Social conventions, attitudes, and inhibitions assembled over her lifetime floated away on waves of desire.

Her orgasm came over her easily, as if she were sliding into a deep, warm bath. She shuddered and sighed, with Kat holding her little button securely between her lips until she finished.

She opened her eyes and saw Gideon standing at the foot of her bed. He had untied the rope that bound her left leg and was now tending to the other. It was then that she noticed that her hands, while still bound, were no longer tethered to the post behind her head. He saw that she was watching him and smiled. Mara’s gaze trailed lower to the long form straining sideways inside his boxer briefs.

Kat was reclined at her side. She brought two glistening fingers to Mara’s lips and she accepted them into her mouth without objection. She had tasted her own essence before, out of both curiosity and arousal as she played out intimate scenes alone in bed. But now her musk was stronger, wilder.

“Your pussy tastes good, doesn’t it?” cooed Kate seductively. She threw Mara a conspiratorial grin. “Wanna taste mine?”

Mara stared into Kat’s green eyes. She hesitated, and then nodded her head.

Kat stood up on the mattress and pulled her nylon running shorts over her feet. Mara looked up between her legs at hairless, swollen folds. Dark, winglike inner lips peeked between them, crystal droplets clinging to the delicate flesh.

Mara expected Kat to lower her cunt onto her mouth. She welcomed it. This will be a day of firsts, she thought. But instead, the tattooed sprite walked to the foot of the bed where Gideon stood on the platform. She dropped to her knees and lowered the stretchy material of his long briefs. A thick penis sprang upward and bobbed in front of her.

“She wants to taste me, Gideon,” she said with pursed lips.

Gideon wordlessly stepped out of his shorts and climbed onto the mattress while Kat turned over and pushed her little bottom into the air. Mara saw her body flinch and heard a gasp as he entered her. Gideon dipped his probe into her deeply and began to stroke steadily, his stomach rippling with each movement. The muscles of his shoulders and chest popped as he pulled and pushed her hips.

Soon Kat began to emit a high pitched wail. Gideon buried his cock to her limit and held fast inside her as she came. Mara was no innocent, far from it, but she had never witnessed anything so raw.

Gideon looked at her, chest heaving, when he withdrew from the collapsed girl.

“How do you want this movie to end?”

She scrambled to her knees, muscles sore and stiff from straining so hard against the ropes, and crawled to him. Kat rolled mewing and cooing out of the way as she approached. Gideon’s wide column loomed out in front of his body, shining with Kat’s viscous juices. Mara held up her hands while he loosened the knot and released her from her bonds.

Mara’s pussy clenched as Gideon leaned back on his heels with his arms supporting his weight behind him. She took in the taut core, the narrow hips and, of course, the thick-veined cock pointing upward. She ached to be filled at the sight of him.

“You know what I want.”

Gideon groaned as Mara gripped the slickened shaft, unable to fully wrap him in her fingers. She breathed in the rich aroma of Gideon’s natural male scent mixed with Kat’s intimate fragrance. Needing to see all of him, she unfurled his silky foreskin to expose the crimson, shiny crown of his sex organ. Gideon let his head fall back and pushed his pelvis upward.

Mara turned to Kat and smiled before filling her mouth with the moist, mushroom shaped head. Her hungry tongue swirled over him and probed his slit. She glanced quickly at his eyes, using her tongue to flick the sensitive delta below the notch of his glans, and she felt his body jerk. Holding his pulsing cock, she felt energized and, finally, powerful.

Her mouth watered with her first earthy taste of female sex. It was a savory, carnal explosion, both sweet and pungent. To Mara it was at once familiar and strangely different. She felt gleefully depraved and wanton. It was so transgressive; sucking cock and lapping pussy at the same time.

“You’re delicious,” she giggled to Kat before contouring her lips again around the flared head and hollowing her cheeks.

Gideon’s bursting glans emerged with a pop when Mara released him. His groan sounded like a plea for mercy when she pulled his smooth skin deliberately up and down the hard core of his thick column. Holding him with one hand, she tilted her head and ran her lips along the pale underside of his erection. She licked it clean and sucked the dangling, oval bulges of his fat testicles into her mouth. Returning along the top of his shaft, she savored the musky female essence that clung to him.

She wanted more of him, wanted to experience the full, magnificent girth of him. She removed her hands and allowed his cock to stand proudly on its own. She brought her mouth to him, the tip of her tongue sliding under his fat dome as her lips stretched wide to accept him. He pushed and slid gradually into her mouth. She closed her eyes as his penis slid deeper and deeper until it touched the back of her throat and filled her completely.

She felt two hands around the back of her head and expected him to pump and fuck her mouth. This is what men do, she knew. This is what she wanted now… his unyielding, rigid penis to defile her young, female mouth and fill it with his salty, hot semen. She would let it slide down her throat while feeling his rippled cock ride over her lips and tongue with impunity.

Instead, he gently pulled her head off of him.

“What…?” she panted. “Gideon, lie back now so I can blow you.”

He looked at Kat who sat cross legged with the camera pointed at them.

“Can you believe she’s still trying to give me direction?”

“You’re turning down a blow job?” she asked, zooming on his face. “She looked like she knew what she was doing. Got it all right here.”

“Hey, I’m talking to you, Gideon,” Mara panted.

“Shut up for once and get over here.”

He straightened up on his knees and pulled her close, his cock wedged between their bodies. Taking her face in his hands, he bent his head for a long, wet kiss. She seemed surprised by the tenderness. He wrapped an arm around her waist and leaned forward, lowering her toward the mattress. Mara slid her feet outward as she lay back with Gideon poised over her.

He looked at the scrawny, sweaty body, the hair plastered to her forehead. Her nipples were puffy and raw and her skin was scratched and blotchy. He looked down at the scheming, poisonous calamity of a human being and wanted her. There was no one he had ever wanted more. Not her sweet, beautiful sister, not anyone.

Gideon grasped her hips and swiftly flipped her over like a rag doll. He spread his knees and straddled her. He would take his time with her, he thought. He would use his long, thick tool to pin her to her own vulgar creation. He looked down and saw how wet she was, how she squirmed with anticipation.

He wrapped an arm beneath her belly and pulled her bottom upward. With a small movement of his pelvis, his flared head opened her easily and filled her vestibule.

“Oh, God… please fuck me,” she moaned, reaching beneath her to center his phallus.

Planting his hands on the mattress, he pressed forward, feeling a pop when the curled ridge of his head entered her passage. He moved his knees wider as she pushed her ass upward, as if trying to mount him from below.


He pushed directly downward, easily penetrating and expanding her. She cursed loudly and held onto his trunk-like arms as he began to invade her with steady piston-like strokes. He wasn’t savage but neither was he gentle. His penis massaged her front wall again and again and again as he drove into her depths, her slight frame disappearing into the mattress with each thrust.

Gideon leaned back and pulled her hips upward, changing the angle of his thrusts. 

“God, I’m gonna pee,” came a cracking voice from somewhere beneath a pile of brown hair.

“You’re not gonna pee,” he answered tightly. “You’re gonna come. Hard.”

Mara’s body went rigid and she flung her head back just before her body began to quake. He felt her pussy clamp hard around his cock. Gideon continued to fuck her while warm liquid cover his balls and inner thighs. He watched the muscles of her back wriggle and pop.

“Oh, oh… FUUUUCK!!!”

When Mara opened her eyes she was on her back. Gideon was stretched out beside her and she rested her head in the crook of shoulder. She looked at his cock, still thick and hard.

“Didn’t you…?”

“No, babe, we’re not quite done yet.” He gestured over her shoulder with his chin. “Kat’s picking out some nice lube for you. Do you think you need a little more time?”


Dear Gideon,

I mailed the checks to Audrey and Kat as you requested. Apparently, the judges loved the idea of the filmmaker starring in her own erotic piece. “Trés avant-garde”, they said. Good enough for third place, anyway. It took a lot of editing but, I have to say, it wasn’t bad.

If I ever get you out here I’ll let you watch it with me. I’ll understand if that doesn’t happen though. Please relay my warmest thoughts to my sister and, of course, Kat.



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