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Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 9

Ted's twenty-three year old, newlywed wife finds out Ted fucked Cindy at his stag. She gets even.
Ted was a really bad boy at his stag. With no encouragement at all, Ted fucked my beautiful, sexy, slut wife as his buddies cheered him on. Cindy's 32D natural tits, suggestively thrust into his face, were too much for him to handle. Ted stripped naked, and his rock hard cock easily slipped into Cindy's wet pussy as she gave him a lap dance.

My name is Alan. My friend Jack, and his hot wife, Kelly, joined Cindy and me at the stag. Kelly willingly, and excitedly, took part with Cindy in a two hour gang bang. Six of Ted's buddies joined him in fucking Cindy and Kelly, as Jack and I watched. What a show. What a night. Our wives really are sluts, and thoroughly enjoy fucking other guys as Jack and I watch.

Jack confided in me that he is worried that one of his coworkers, Carl, was at the stag. And, Carl fucked Kelly, not once but twice. He filled her pussy with his cum.

It's obvious that neither Ted or Carl have said anything to anyone at work. If they had, it would be all over the office in seconds. They don't want trouble with Jack, and it appears the secret of the gang bang will be safe.

Ted lied to his fiancée, Jane, and told her he had six friends over for drinks as he celebrated his last days as a bachelor. Jane is a very jealous woman, and told Ted she wouldn't tolerate a stag with strippers. She knew a lot of stags end up as an outright orgy, and didn't want Ted to fuck some stripper.

Little did Jane know what happened that night. Heaven only knows what she would think, and do, if she found out that Ted and his buddies had one of the raunchiest stags ever held.

Jack works with Ted and knows his newlywed wife. According to Jack, Jane is one of the cutest, hottest, most wholesome women he has ever seen. She is petite, with a great body, and nice set of tits. Jack says Jane really is the 'girl next door.'

Kelly and Jane don't know each other. And, Jane has no idea that Kelly is a real slut wife. A slut wife who fucked her fiancee, and a bunch of his friends, at the 'innocent' party Ted recently held.

Ted shared photos of his honeymoon with Jack and other coworkers at the company. The honeymoon was in the Caribbean. There were lots of photos of Jane in her bikini. Most of the guys commented that Jane looked really hot in her bikini, and were surprised that Jack's modest wife wore such a tiny bikini.

When Jack told me about Jane, I couldn't help but get hot and bothered, as I imagined Jane naked. I hatched a plan. A really devious plan. A plan to get Jane naked.

I didn't mention my plan to Jack when I suggested it would be fun to join Ted and Jack at Ted's house, along with a few of Ted's baseball friends, to have some drinks. I said I would love to meet Jane, knowing that Ted had fucked Cindy and Kelly behind her back.

Jack said he would enjoy that as well. Any chance to hang out with Jane is a treat. All the guys lust after Jane, especially after seeing her honeymoon photos. They all fantasize about seeing Jane naked, and probably jerk off as they imagine her tits in their faces.

Jack set it up. Seven or eight of Ted's friends joined Jack and me for a Saturday night get together at Ted's house. Jack made sure that Carl was there as well. No other coworkers, just Carl. No women were invited. This was a guys night out.

When I got to Ted's house, my devious plan was fully developed. Jack, Ted and Carl all know I took a video of Ted's stag, but never thought I would show it around. A video of Ted fucking Cindy. A video of Ted fucking Kelly. A video of Cindy sucking Ted's cock, and swallowing his cum as he shot off into Cindy's mouth. Cum dripping off Cindy's chin. I watch the video all the time, and jerk off as I watch my beautiful wife being taken, by one guy after another, at the gang bang.

We were all having a good time, drinking, and joking as guys do when no women are present. Jane was upstairs watching TV, letting the guys enjoy themselves. She is also a gracious hostess, and came down to make sure we had plenty of drinks, and food.

The guy talk stopped when Jane entered the room. All the guys checked her out, top to bottom. A bunch of dirty minded men, mentally undressing Jane. She had no idea what the guys were thinking. Most women don't really know that men think about sex, all the time, 24/7.

It was time to spring my devious plan on Jane and Ted. I pulled out my iPhone, called up the video, and handed it to one of the guys. He took a look, spit out his drink in utter surprise, looked at me and said, "What the shit!"

Everyone looked startled. One of the other guys asked what was going on. The iPhone was passed around. Carl looked at the iPhone and turned white as a ghost. He's in the video, but no one seemed to notice. They were all looking at Ted as he fucked Cindy. They didn't know that Cindy is my wife. Or, for that matter, that the other woman in the video, Kelly, is Jack's wife.

Jane looked a little bewildered. Ted was clueless. Someone handed the phone back to me, smiled, and said, "Don't let Jane see that."

Jane and Ted didn't know what was happening. Jack was grinning from ear to ear. He knew I was up to something. I put the phone away and sat there, sipping my drink.

Jane walked over and said, "What's so funny Alan? What is everyone smirking about? Can I see the iPhone? Are you looking at naked photos of women? I know men do that sort of thing. At least most men, not Ted, he's not like that."

I just grinned, pulled up the video, and handed the phone to Jane. She took the phone, and started watching the video of Ted fucking Cindy. She watched all of it. Cindy sucking on Ted's cock. Ted's cum squirting all over Cindy. Ted fucking Kelly. Jane's husband, the dirt bag. Jane's husband, the liar. Jane's husband, the cheat.

And, Jane recognized Carl in the video. She looked up at him with a look on her face that would turn a man to stone .

Jane is stunned. She looks like she wants to throw up. She glared at Ted, who was still clueless. Jane looked at all of us. Everyone, but me, looked embarrassed.

Jane said to me, "Alan, that was very interesting. Not funny at all. In fact, more than a little disturbing. Please don't show it to Ted."

With that Jane stormed out of the room and went back upstairs. Ted was confused, and looked over at me. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Ted, no big deal. Just a porn video I downloaded. I shouldn't have passed it around. That wasn't polite, and I apologize. I'm really sorry Jane saw the video. She now thinks I'm some kind of pervert."

There was still a lot of tension in the air. Everyone, but Ted, knew what Jane saw on that video. Carl knew. And, Kelly is friends with Carl's wife, Stephanie. More than one guy chugged his drink, and went up to the bar for another.

Jack came up to me and said, "Holy shit, Alan. I never thought you would show anyone the video of Ted's stag. And, showing it to Jane, why did you do that?"

I looked at Jack, with a shit eating grin on my face, when I said, "Remember the day when your wife, Kelly, got pissed at you for ogling, and fondling, my wife's tits at your house? What did she do? We both know what she did. She went topless, got naked, and ending up fucking me while you watched. You can never predict what a pissed off woman will do to a cheating, scum bag, husband."

Jack looked surprised, but started nodding his head, when he said, "Alan, you are the master. You are one devious son of a bitch. I doubt Jane will do anything but beat the shit out of Ted when we leave, but who knows."

About fifteen minutes passed when we all saw Jane coming back downstairs. But, not the Jane who was with us before. Certainly not the 'girl next door.' And, not the Jane who looked like she was going to throw up when she ran upstairs. This was a different, sexy, confident, pissed off woman coming downstairs.

Jane was wearing sexy lingerie as she walked down the stairs. A small teddy. A see through, small teddy. A teddy that barely held her tits in, as they jiggled and bounced as she took one step after another.

The room was silent. Ted was beside himself. Carl was staring. Ted still didn't know what Jane saw on the video. He couldn't fathom why his beautiful, young, modest wife was walking down the stairs with her gorgeous body on display for all the guys to see.

This was a sight to behold. Gorgeous doesn't come even close to describing Jane. Her 32C natural tits are firm, but still jiggled and bounced as she came down the stairs.

I don''t remember ever seeing nipples as succulent as Jane's nipples. Her nipples were sticking out at least a half of an inch, maybe more. Sticking straight out. I knew what every guy in the room was thinking, because I was thinking the same thing. All of us wanted to suck on Jane's nipples.

Ted ran up to Jane, grabbed her shoulders, and said, "What the hell has gotten into you? Go back upstairs, right now! You are all but naked, and the guys can see your tits. In fact, they can see your bush. Have you gone nuts?"

Jane shoved Ted away. She was in the room now, and looked at all the guys staring at her body. She boldly said, "What do you think guys? I thought you might want to see Ted's new wife, in all her glory. So, here I am. Like what you see?"

Everyone but me was totally flabbergasted. They were looking at each other, but not for long, because they couldn’t take their eyes off Jane's body in the transparent teddy.

Jane was really flaunting her body as she walked over to the bar to get a drink. As she looked over at Ted, Jane boldly said, "I think I"ll join your party, if the guys don't mind. You don't mind, do you? And Carl, you work with Ted, what do you think?"

Heads started nodding. No one said a word. Ted was still stunned. He looked like he was just run over by a train.

I broke the silence and said, "Jane, speaking for all of us, we'd love to have you join the party. And, saying what everyone else is thinking, you look spectacular in that see though teddy. I've never seen nipples like you have, not even in a magazine. Ted is one lucky son of a bitch."

Jane finally looked over at Ted and said, "Ted, the video Alan showed me is a video of you fucking two women at that 'innocent' party you had a few weeks back. It shows you sucking some stripper's cock. And it shows an orgy that is beyond anything I could ever imagine. You are a disgusting, disgraceful, bald faced liar who cheated on me, and thought you could get away with it."

Jane continued, "Well, it's payback time, you jerk. And your friends get a little treat. I hope you are embarrassed, because I'm not. I'm getting all turned on, with your buddies looking at my tits and pussy. You always said your friends would love to see my nipples. You always said your friends had no idea what great nipples I have. Well, guess what, they do now, you piece of shit pervert."

Ted looked at me like he was going to beat the crap out of me. But, he didn't have the nerve. And, besides, he was caught red handed. He was the one who cheated on Jane. He was the one who fucked both Cindy and Kelly. And he had no one to blame but himself. So, Ted just sat down and stared into space, like a zombie.

The guys were all hyped up now. Never in their wildest imagination did they expect the party to take this turn. Jane was not only babbling away as she took one drink after another, she was starting to get really, really close to the guys as she was talking. No one pushed her away, that's for sure.

Jane's nipples were center stage for everyone to stare at. They almost didn't look real. But, they were.

I decided to get a little bolder than the other guys. They were staring, but that's it. I went up to Jane, nuzzled her side as she was talking to three or four of us, and then I slowly started to fondle her right tit and rub her hard nipple. She was startled, but didn't move away. So, I more aggressively massaged her right tit and nipple as all the guys started drooling.

Ted was still staring off into space. There was nothing he could do as they guys stared at his beautiful, young, newlywed wife in her see though teddy. And, he watched me fondle her tits and rub her nipples.

Jane finally pulled away from me, looked at the guys, and peeled off her teddy. She boldly said, "You can all see my tits anyway, so I might as well let the 'girls' come out to play."

Jane was standing there in only her panties. And, the panties were see though. Her tits are beyond description. But, it's her nipples that are mesmerizing. They stick straight out, and were as hard as any nipples I've ever seen.

Jane looked over at Ted as she said, "Guys, go ahead. You can feel me up, and you can suck on my nipples, if you want. But, not for long. I'm going back upstairs in a few minutes, so this is a quick show. But, not you Carl. Go sit next to Ted and keep him company. You wouldn't want Stephanie to know you felt me up or sucked on my nipples, would you?"

Carl complied. What choice did he have. He sat next to Ted and watched the other guys as they got ready to manhandle Jane. He was worried. He was also hard as a rock with his cock pushing against his pants.

I was in the right place at the right time. I was the first to fondle Jane's tits, so I was also the first to bend over and start sucking on her stupendous nipples. I'd never had nipples like that between my lips. I was hard as a rock and ready to cum in my pants. And, all that from just sucking on Jane's nipples.

The guys were all pushing each other to take their turn. Jane stepped away and said, "Guys, one at a time. You'll all get a chance. No need to push and shove."

That calmed things down. It was like a receiving line as one, after another, of the guys took a turn fondling Jane's tits and sucking on her nipples. Ted was still just staring into space.

After twenty minutes or so, Jane looked at all of us and said, "Guys, that was actually fun. I doubt that Ted enjoyed it, but I could care less. He is a disgusting pig, but then again, all of you are. You are all married or have girlfriends, and not one of you hesitated to feel me up, or suck on my nipples. Shame on all of you. The party is over."

With that the guys all started to disperse and head for the door. Jane turned back to us, and said one last thing, "If I ever find out who those whores are, who fucked Ted, I'll tract down their husbands or boyfriends, and fuck them both, just to get even. No one screws with me."

Now that was an opening if I ever heard one. As the guys started out the door, I shouted, "Jane, hang on a minute, I have something to tell you."

Jane stopped, and looked at me as I walked over. I rather cautiously said, "If you really want to know, those whores are married to me and to Jack. They are our wives, Cindy and Kelly. We stopped over for a drink, and the party took a wild turn. So, it was our wives that Ted was fucking on the video. And it was my wife, Cindy, who sucked his cock."

Jane was now speechless. After an awkward minute or so, she looked at me and said, "Are you okay with that, with your wives fucking other men? Are both you and Jack a couple of perverts? Do you get off on watching your wives fuck other men? I've heard about things like that, but never thought it actually happened. This is a sick, sick world."

I just smiled and said, "To each their own. I'll bet tonight spices up your sex life, as you and Ted talk about you parading around in your see through teddy, going topless with only your little panties on, and letting all the guys, except Carl, fondle your tits and suck on your nipples. You must be turned on, aren't you?"

Jane just looked at me, so I continued "If you want to get even with Cindy and Kelly, I'm more than willing, as I'm sure Jack is as well, to fuck you right here, right now. You can make Ted watch, just like Jack and I watched him fuck our wives."

Jane looked a little bewildered, but calmly said, "You know what? I am going to take you up on that. Get Jack and follow me upstairs. And, be sure Ted joins you as well."

Holy crab. Talk about a plan. This was playing out even better than I had hoped. Jack was going to owe me, big time!

I gathered up Jack, told him what was about to happen, and then told Ted that his wife wanted us all upstairs. Ted was defeated. Ted was in complete shock, so he just followed along, like the cuckold he was about to become.

Cindy was in the bedroom, and she was stark naked. What a sight. Knowing what was coming next made this better than the show downstairs. Way better.

No hesitation for me, or for Jack. We were both naked in seconds, with our hard cocks sticking straight up at the ceiling. Jane was now in complete slut mode. Ted was slumped in the chair. He couldn't say a thing. Like a good little cuckold, he sat there and watched his sexy, nasty, slut wife as she was about to fuck two guys, right before his eyes.

Jane went down on her knees with Jack and I on either side. She started licking the tip of my cock. Cum was already dripping out. She slowly took the head of my cock between her lips and started sucking. After a minute or so, Jane turned to Jack and repeated herself, this time on his rock hard cock.

Ted was watching his newlywed bride suck both of our cocks. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and I didn't. Seconds after Jane started sucking my cock again, I launched a stream of cum right into her mouth. She didn't gag and didn't take her mouth off my cock. She swallowed the whole load, and never let up as I drained my cock into her mouth. Not a drop spilled out.

Holy shit. That had never happened to me before. Most women pull a cock out of their mouth when the guy starts shooting off. But, not Jane. This little slut actually enjoyed drinking my cum. Who would have ever thought.?

Jack wasn't far behind me. But he pulled his cock out of Jane's mouth, grabbed it and jerked off until he was spraying cum all over Jane's beautiful face, tits, and body. And, it was a big load of cum.

Ted was basically in shock. I'm not even sure if he knew what was really going on. It was a nightmare to him, and I'm sure he hoped to wake up and find out that nothing really happened. But, this was reality, not a dream.

Needless to say, neither Jack nor I had any trouble getting hard again. Jane went to the bathroom, washed off her face, came back into the bedroom and climbed on the bed. She lay on her back with her legs open, and her pussy inviting us to come play.

I was the first one to get on top of Jane. This was my plan, so I deserved to be the first one to fuck Jane. Her pussy was wet, very wet. My cock slid between the lips of her pussy with no friction at all. The one nice thing about having already shot my load into Jane's mouth, is that I had a lot of staying power for the second round.

I fucked Jane for a least eight, if not ten minutes. Slow and methodical. I flipped Jane over so she was on top of me. My cock was thrusting in and out of her pussy as I played with her tits, and sucked on her nipples. Ted was sitting there watching my cock pump in and out of Jane's pussy. Just as I started to cum, Jane had a violent orgasm. She was shaking from head to toe. So was I, as I pumped a second load into Jane's pussy.

I hate to admit it, but I'd never felt anything like this. Fucking Jane was different than fucking Cindy, or fucking Kelly for that matter. It's hard to put into words, but this was special, very special.

Jack didn''t hesitate to get on the bed. I don't think Jane really wanted another fuck, but Jack wasn't going to go home without fucking Jane. She was on her back, and Jack was fucking her in no time at all. For whatever reason, Jack didn't last as long as me. In five minutes, or less, he was shooting off into Jane's pussy.

That was enough. Jack and I both got dressed. Jane just lay on the bed, exhausted, and a little bit dazed. Ted was still just sitting in the chair, staring into space.

Neither of us said a word as we walked out of the bedroom, down the stairs, and out the front door. It was then that Jack gave me a high five, started a little dance, and said, "Alan, you are the best. You planned this whole thing. Count me in for your next little adventure, whatever and whenever it is."

I looked at Jack and said, "I think Carl needs a little payback. He fucked Kelly twice at the stag. And, he got to see Jane's tits, even if he didn't get to fondle her, or suck on her nipples. When I heard Jane say something about Carl's wife, Stephanie, my mind went into overdrive. I think we have to hatch another plan, another devious plan."

To be continued...

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