Go On Then, Fuck Me!

By Malaka

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It has been a bad day, it couldn't possibly get any worse...
The drive home merely infuriated me even more. Bad days at work aren’t uncommon I guess but this one was beyond comprehension and had resulted in a near doubling of my workload and potentially countless hours of righting wrongs and undoing wrongdoings. To top it all off, the local drivers seemed less than considerate today, although my frame of mind may have been distorting things somewhat.

My mood picked up a bit as I neared the front door, it's fair to say you have that effect on me, and I fully expected to feel a hell of a lot better as you welcomed me at the door. I half expected you may even jump out from behind a door just to try and scare the shit out of me. Just in case I edged through the front door and braced myself for a surprise. There was no surprise it would seem, not even a greeting at the door. I can’t deny a tinge of disappointment and then felt like an idiot as I ridiculed my own guarded, timid entry.

“Little One! I’m home.”

No answer.

I make my way across the living room, throwing my coat and briefcase on the sofa, before stupidly, and for the umpteenth time, smacking my forehead on the low beam that runs through the middle of the ceiling.


An ache began to infiltrate my head, starting at the now growing bump on my temple, and making it’s way from front to back and back again. Incidental rubbing at the precise point of contact does little to ease the pain.

I move into the kitchen and I am surprised to find you standing at the bench, preparing what appears to be chicken fajitas. Not surprised so much that you are here, nor that you are putting together an evening meal for us, but more so that there was no greeting on my arrival or even a reply when I called out. I look at you closely and I recognize your body language is telling me your day has been equally as frustrating as my own. You are still in your work attire. Your new black dress looks really good on you actually and I can’t help but admire your form. But my admiration of your body is rudely interrupted.

“Why the fuck are you so late? Why couldn’t you call or text?”

There is a good reason, but I can’t be arsed getting into details and I am growing more impatient as time progresses.

“I have had a shit day girl, how about we just get this tea ready then relax and eat.”

“What do you mean ‘we?’ I have done everything.”

It is true, you have two plates of food ready; chicken fajitas, salad, spicey wedges and two empty glasses. It looks pretty good and I genuinely begin to feel my stomach telling me it is time to eat.

“I would have a glass of orange juice but it seems you drank the fucking last of it before you left for work this morning.”

I give no response, we are both angry, and you shoot a steely glare at me.

“And you didn’t wipe the side…it was fucking soaking…”

“For fuck's sake girl, do we need to go through this now?

I am getting more and more pissed off, but I am curiously surprised by the effect your tantrum is having on me. The tension in the air is being caused by more than just mutual anger.

“You had me up all night, my arse is fucken sore, I got fuck all sleep. Then I had to deal with fuckwits all day at work and then I come home to find you’re not here and I had to make us a meal on my own. So yes, we can go through this now!”

“Fuck you, girl, I had a pretty shit day of my own.”

“Fuck me? Really? Is that what you think then you cunt? Fuck me?”

With that you turn your back to me and slowly pull up the tight fitting black dress.

“Go on then, boy, fuck me. Get that cock out of your trousers and shove it in my cunt. Go on, if you think that will make things okay.”

Your sarcasm is cutting, and your anger undeniable, but what you are doing with your skirt is making me hard and I feel my cock straining against my fly. I look at you with a look of feigned disdain but in reality I can think of nothing I want more than to push inside you. You now have your skirt hiked up to your hips and your small tight arse looks so inviting. You give your right cheek a slap.

“What’s wrong fucker? Cat got your cock?”

That was all it needed. I unzipped my trousers and struggled to release my now rock-hard cock that seemed to have grown beyond its normal fully aroused state. I walked towards you and as I did, the look on your face changed slightly. Where once there was a fiery taunting, now a look of anticipation appeared.

“Fuck off, boy, you’re not fucking me…I am fucked off with you”

But it is too late, my right hand reaches out and grabs your hip. I pull your arse towards my cock and you struggle to force my hand away from you, with what might or might not be genuine effort. I push up against you, forcing you to bend against the kitchen bench. Your arse now exposed, your dress bunched up around your waist and my cock pushed up against your cheeks.

I force my weight against you, both my hands now reaching under you to release your tits from your new dress. I pull your right tit out and grab it roughly, squeezing it as my finger and thumb make their way to your nipple. It is already hard with anticipation and I add to its firmness by pinching it and pulling hard.

“Fuck off, get off me fuckface"

You squirm beneath me, your free arm flailing behind you trying to push me off. I push your shoulders down and hold you there with my left hand and now my right hand begins to work on your arse. I slap your right cheek, leaving a bright red hand-print. I grab your arse hard, pulling and groping as your struggling continues against me serving only to provide more skin for my cock to slide against. I pull your thong to one side and slide my two fingers through your pussy lips, which are glistening with a hint of wetness. Your pussy is belying your reluctance as my fingers become coated in your juices.

I slide my fingers over and through your cunt, and reaching further under you I begin to slide my middle finger around your rapidly swelling clit. Your struggling is less now and the angry obscenities are being replaced with obscenities that have a different meaning altogether. Your legs part as a long moan emanates from you and I take this as my cue, I shove both fingers inside your wet cunt, all the way in and hard.

“Fuuuck, oh fuck boy…”

My fingers slide in and out of you, faster and faster, your pussy now soaked and dripping, my hand a shining, slippery device of pleasure.

“You’re gonna cum on my hand, fucker”

“Yessssss, make me cum”

I push my fingers in deep and turning them upward I begin to fuck you furiously, your arse taking a pounding and moving uncontrollably.

“Fuck me, I need your cock in me boy…Grab my tits”

But my hands are full, my right hand driving mercilessly into your tight cunt and my left hand is wrapped round you, my fingers flicking at your wet clit, sometimes circling and rubbing furiously at others. You take matters into your own hands, wrecklessly pulling your shoulder straps down to expose your perfect tits and then you pull with incredible force on both your nipples. We both know what this does to you and I know you are seconds away from covering my hand in your cum…

“Oh shit, shit, keep going fucker… Fuuuck!”

You tense, tighten on my hand and your arse shakes along with the rest of your body as you are rocked by your climax. I stand up over you, mow leaning against your back, my weight pushing you back down onto the bench, my neglected cock still rigid and wanting satisfaction.

I move against you, grabbing my cock in my right hand I proceed to rub my head against your pussy. Forcing it up and down on you, covering it in your wetness. I reach forward grabbing a big handful of your long blonde hair and slowly pull your head until my mouth is next to your ear.

“I am going to shove this inside you girl. You want it in you?”

“Fuck yess, fuck me.”

I push long and hard, letting you feel all of me driving deep inside you. I am pushed hard up against your arse and I leave my cock buried inside you while my hand reaches round again to your clit.

“God that is deep boy.”

I take that as my cue, grabbing your hips in my hands, and slowly pull my cock out of you so that barely the tip of it is left inside you. It is clear you would rather it was in you as you begin to push back against me to allow me back inside. I push you off me slowly and then pull you back hard onto my thick, hard cock.

“Fuuuck, yesss boy”

So I do it again, and again, and again. The sounds of us fucking must now be heard by our neighbours. My thoughts go to Nigel, who would be hearing but not seeing this particular incident through his looking glass and I imagine how frustrated that must be for him.

I slap hard against your arse, my balls swing under you and hit against your inner thighs, your pussy and your clit. I can’t fuck you any harder or faster. I am rough with you girl, slapping at both arse cheeks as my cock ruins your pussy. Your hands are now working overtime, one abusing your nipple, with a vriety of twists, pulls and pinches, I watch with a smile as you lift your nipple to your mouth and suck vigorously.

You know I like this and you turn to look back over your shoulder, nipple still in your mouth, biting and pulling.

The furious fucking brings you a second cumming and there is no end in sight yet. I pull out my slippery pole and now position it against your tight little arsehole. You groan, as you know what is coming next. I push my head inside your arse, and leave it there, not entering you any further, just waiting…

“Don’t fucker, don’t tease my arse. Fuck my hole, push it in me boy. I want to feel your cock in my arsehole”

I feel you tense your hole as I begin to push further in, adding to the intensity and tightness of you. My movements increase, faster and deeper, you can’t contain your self and you push back on me, momentarily taking my entire length in your arse hole. You cry out with a blend of surprise, pain and pleasure, and your cry is cut short as you cum once again.

You shake uncontrollably on my cock, and I feel my balls begin to tighten as I sense my own release nearing. I pull out of you, shocking you and causing a gasp and a slight jump. I turn you over, picking you up and sitting you on the workbench, your legs spread and dangling dangling towards the distant floor. I stand in front of you, my cock pointing exactly where it wants to be embedded. Your hand reaches out and you pull me by my cock, desperately trying to pull me back inside you. No encouragement is necessary and I walk my cock into you. Your arms wrap around my shoulders and you hang on as I fuck you again. My mouth drops to yours and we engage in a hard kiss, I move to your tits, desperately sucking, biting and pulling as I continue to slide in and out of you.

“ I want your cum in me boy, fill me up…I want to feel it firing into me fucker…all of it, milk yourself in me boy…”

The filth coming out of your mouth is filling my head as you whisper into my ear, holding my head tight against your sizeable, firm tits. Grinding my mouth against your hard nipples. I lean back, grabbing both of your tits in my hands and I pull hard on your nipples. Using them as leverage to drive my cock into your little cunt. Your small hand drops and you feel my cock as it slides in and out of you.

“Come on boy, come in me”

“I’m coming, girl”

I lift you off the bench and walk toward the wall, driving you hard up against it, my cock now even deeper and causing you to demand further fucking.

“Fuck me, fuck me, harder…keep going boy…”

My hands are under you, holding your arse off the floor while I force myself as deep as I can inside you. You gasp as you feel my hot cum splashing against your insides and it sets you off again. The feel of your pussy spasming on my cock only serves to make me cum more. You hold onto me, arms tightly round my neck as we both recover from our moment, I let my softening cock slide out of your cunt and watch as a thick string of cum slips out wth it, sliding down your thigh and onto the kitchen floor.

Your head rests on my shoulder and I hold you tight, my hands firmly on your back, pulling you hard against me.

“So how was your day, boy?”

“I can’t remember little one, yours?

“Dunno, you hungry?”

“Fuck yes girl, lets eat. We got any orange juice?”