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Good boy gets turned bad

We had been going out around 3 months. We had a really great sex life, I have only had a few sexual partners, but thought I was pretty good in the bedroom department. Kate had voiced the idea of some form of role play to me before, but I had never fancied the idea. One Thursday evening, Kate suggested to me that we have a weekend of role-play.We could finish work on Friday, and go off for the weekend. It would be a weekend filled with pure sexual fantasy. I reluctantly agreed to her plan. She wouldn't tell me what was going to happen, just that I had to come straight home from work at 5, and that I would spend the evening getting into 'costume'.

Friday evening came. I went home from work, to find Kate sitting patiently in the kitchen waiting for me. She led me upstairs to a darkened spare room. There was what looked like a massage table laid out, with straps over it. My heart was pounding. She told me to climb up onto the table, and only then would I find out what was happening. I undressed, and climbed onto the table. I was strapped down by Kate, the straps holding me firmly to the table, to the point at which I could no longer move at all.

It was then explained to me that I was going to play the role of a bad-ass pretty boy. She told me that I was going to be worked on by experts, and that she would see me a few hours later. In walked several women, each with bags full of equipment. I couldn't imagine what was going to happen. The first woman injected me with a milky coloured liquid; one in each arm, one in the chest, one in each leg. She told me that it was to 'grow muscle mass rapidly'. Then I was given a small white pill, I was told it was viagara, but I had no idea why this was necessary. A woman began cutting my hair, this only took ten minutes. She then placed a rubber cap on my head, and pulled hairs through. I knew this was for highlights. Next, a woman began plucking my eyebrows. After that, a facial mask was laid over my face, to allow for cleansing. My muscles by this point had enlarged drastically. My cock was firm and erect. My body was covered in hair removal cream. I was then left for half an hour for all the treatments to work.

After this time period, I was undone. I was led into the shower, where the highlighting fluid, facial mask and hair removal cream (plus body hair) came off. I was then dried off using a towel, and led back into the bedroom. Awaiting me was a spray tan. I was coated in a dark liquid, giving me a deep tan. Again, back into the shower.

When I came out of the shower, I was told to lay back on the table. I was strapped down for a second time. Now, the painful part. I was to be given several tattoos and piercings. Yet not at different times. Each ear lobe was pierced twice with a gun. Yet instead of leaving in the small piercing earring, a large diamond earring was placed twice in each ear. I could feel them pulling my ears down. Next came my eyebrow, with a small barbel. Then, each nipple, again with a small, silver barbell. I though the piercings were over, yet then she moved towards my cock. Now I knew what the Viagra was for. My firm erect cock was pierced right through the end.

Now began the tattoos. One by one, my body was pretty much covered in them. They ran across my back and right down my right arm, with my initials on my left wrist. Right across my chest, and then onto my groin and cock. It was the most painful three hours in my entire life.

Now began the final preparations. I was given a pair of jeans and leather boots to put on. I was given a vest, and then leather jackets. My hair was styled. I then was given two rings (gold sovereign and diamond ones), to wear. My left ring had a bracelet, and my right wrist a watch. A thick gold chain was then placed round my neck.

When I was finally handed over to my mistress at midnight, I could not recognise myself in the mirror. But I looked hot. My cock was firm and erect. Before she entered, a girl handed me a packet of cigarettes and a lighter, and told me to start smoking. I did.

That night was the best night of sex I had ever had. I felt so bad. I loved the feeling of the heavy earrings pulling down, especially when she sucked on them.

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