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Grand MIL's revenge Pt2 (pay backs are a bitch)

Friday is my normal day off since I work a 4 -10   job, and everybody knows I enjoy sleeping in. So I was still surprised when my GMIL   called around 10:00 in the morning.

"We need to talk about what happened a few weeks ago" she said.

"It's over and done, let's just forget about it" I replied.

"No, you need to come over we have to talk.   I'll open the door just come on in" she told me.

I finished getting dressed and headed to her house to see what she wanted. Normally all kinds of alarms should have been going off in my head but, this time they weren't.   I got there found the front door open as she said so I let myself in. Once inside I   spied my GMIL standing in the hall propped up on the wall as usual. Her appearance   was really different , she had been to my MIL's stylist and had her hair cut and colored similar to my MIL's. She had even got into my MIL's makeup and tried to copy her.   Then she dropped her robe and oh my god she was wearing   nothing but her daughter's "T" back panties. She grabbed me mashing her saggy tits into me and began to kiss me even trying to slip her tongue into my mouth.  She used one hand to rub my cock through my jeans.  Damn, the old bitch even had the nerve to put on my MIL's favorite perfume.

"Do you like my new look?" she asked.

"It's different , but, if you like it is all that matters." I replied

  It didn't take her long to get my tee shirt off and my jeans down letting my cock free. She started stroking it then dropped down in front of me and began to lick the bottom pausing only to suck each of my balls into   her mouth.   After a few minutes of this she began to slowly suck me going all the way down until she was touching my shaved pubic region. I could not believe what she was doing, sucking my dick right in front of the front door where any one who walked up could see us.

"You like this don't you?" she asked.

"When I done with you this time you'll want me more than you want my daughter" was the next comment from her mouth.

  She took me by the hand lead me down the hall to her bed room and motioned for me to lay on her bed. She continued sucking me for a few more minutes.   Then she stood up straddled me telling me she had a sup rise for me pulled off my MIL's panties revealing a shaved pussy.

"You like this better than Marie's hairy cunt don't you? I read in a magazine that most men say they like their women shaved." she said

"Well it's different "I said, trying my best to be noncommittal.

With that she smiled and sat her fat ass down on my erect cock. She started moaning and with a slow rocking motion.   She   gradually got faster and more into a bouncing motion. She kept telling me how much she loved my dick in her pussy and that it made her feel like a young woman again. By now her nipples were rock hard and I couldn't resist pinching and twisting them, and pulling down every time she rose up.   Her moans were becoming louder and more like howls and I could feel her juices running out of her sloppy cunt down my dick and ass crack forming a pool on the bed.

"Get off me and on your back " I told her "and if you're a really good fuck I'll give you a pearl necklace."

"I've always wanted a nice one like the presents you gave your wife" she replied.

I knew she had no clue what I meant.   She lay down spread her legs grabbed my dick and guided it into her(like anyone could miss her sloppy cunt).   I started to pump her slowly at first the faster and harder making her tits and belly jiggle on every down stroke.   The harder I fucked the harder she fucked back. Her moans were growing in intensity and finally she yelled "I'm cumming, I'm cumming on your dick."   I Knew she wasn't lying because her cunt was making all sorts of sloppy wet noises from all the juices flowing from it .    I was also feeling the beginnings of my own orgasm so I pulled out and told her to squeeze her tits together, stuck my dick between them and started pumping them. It didn't take long for the first precum to shoot out(yes I do shoot precum   from time to time).   She seemed shocked, but after a few more stroked I shot my load all over the bottom of her chin and neck with a trail leading back to her tits.

"Was I good enough for the necklace?" she asked

"What do you think I just gave you" I replied.

"You ejaculated on my chin and throat is all"   she answered.

"Well that's what they call a pearl necklace" I told her.

And with that I got dressed and left

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