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Harder, Faster, Stronger

Reece was just her bad-tempered running coach....wasn't he?
“Move it! You’re too slow!”

Alice felt like she was all set to collapse as she dragged her aching legs down the final stretch of the track and looked up at her coach.

“Too slow?”

Reece dangled the stopwatch in front of her face, “Yes. Way too slow.” He scowled as she made to sit down on the grass, “How many times have I told you? You don’t sit down after running!”

Alice groaned, buried her pounding head in her hands. She could feel the blood throbbing in her ears, could taste the metallic flavour in her mouth as she gasped, tried to regain control of her breathing, “I feel like crap.”

Reece snorted, “So do I. You think I waste five hours a day just to see you not even trying!?”

“I do try!” She felt sick and tired of this training regime. Getting up at five in the morning, doing laps, and then going through college before more bloody laps. And sometimes squeezing in time at lunch too just so Reece would think she was ‘committed’. She’d pushed her body to the limit, it was the best she could do but he still thought she was slacking, still thought she wasn’t even trying.

“Up.” His hand closed around her wrist as he pulled her up off the grass, “Come on. Ten more and we’re done here.”

Ten more?!” Alice felt pathetically weak as she stared at him, “Reece, I can’t.”

“That word,” Reece said in a controlled voice, “Does not exist in my vocabulary. Now get your damn ass up and move. How the hell do you think you’re going to make regionals at this rate?”

I don’t want to make regionals! Alice felt like screaming into his face, I just want to go home and eat junk and gossip about boys until I feel like a normal teenager! But ever obedient, she moved over to the track and began running again. It was easier she thought in her mind, to just stare at your feet while you ran, not look at how much distance you had left, but just stare at the ground and keep putting one foot in front of the other. She could sense Reece’s eyes watching her and she knew he’d think she wasn’t good enough, wasn’t fast enough. The rain began then, a slight drizzle at first but then a fully fledged downpour, cold droplets falling hard and fast, soaking Alice’s long brown hair and thin t-shirt. It was days like these when she wondered if it was all worth it. Yes, she enjoyed running, course she did. But to lie in bed every night, arms and legs aching with exhaustion, only getting a few hours of restless sleep before the alarm clock rang was just horrendous.

Sometimes she wondered why Reece bothered. He was never happy with her, never had a kind word to say, he just seemed to want to make both their lives a misery. She glanced across though the rain at him, at his tall muscular frame and felt terrible. He was right; he spent so much time on her, tried so hard and she couldn’t even move faster. Maybe she just wasn’t cut out for this. The dreams of long-distance victory seemed much more distant than they had when she’d first started training with Reece and as she’d become less motivated, he’d become more temperamental, yelling at her for what seemed like 99% of their time together.

“That’s enough.” She staggered to a halt as Reece’s hand came down onto her shoulder, the slippery grass almost making her fall flat on her face had the coach not held fast to her upper arm. “Whoa, I got you.”

“Thanks.” She steadied herself, tried to conceal how hard she was breathing, “What time was that?”

“Better.” Reece shook his head, “We might as well call it a day. I don’t think the rain’s going to let up.”

Alice breathed a silent sigh of relief as he tucked the stopwatch into his pocket. “You’re soaked.” He said, almost as an afterthought, green eyes running over her appearance. “How are you getting home?”

Alice shrugged, “Walking.” She forced a smile, “Or running.”

Reece didn’t laugh. “It’s still raining. You’ll get hypothermia or something.”

Hopefully, Alice thought to herself. “I’ll be fine.” She said out loud as they made their way across the sports ground and out of the gates.

Reece hesitated, “Why don’t you come back to mine for a bit? I can go through that breathing technique with you and you can dry off before your Mom gets back on my case.”

Oh god no. Alice wanted nothing more than to just go home and soak in a hot bath, forget about running, forget about everything apart from just feeling comfortable. She did not want to spend the rest of the evening hanging out with this fitness freak, listening to his lectures and thinking of things to say to make him happy.

“Well?” Reece was waiting impatiently for an answer, “Or would you rather laze around and undo all the hard work you’ve just put in?”

Son of a bitch. “Fine.” Alice said quietly, “Fine.”

Reece unlocked his VW Golf. “You made the right decision.”

Whatever. Alice thought, cringing slightly as Coldplay came on in the CD player. I hate you Reece Thomas. She sighed inwardly. So maybe she didn’t hate him… she He’d been OK to begin with hadn’t he? And they still sometimes had a good time together. If only he wasn’t so moody most of the time, they could have really had something special….



“You want a drink?” Reece stepped into the hall behind her and shut the door, “Coke? Juice? Tea?”

“I’m fine.” Alice said automatically, trying not to stare for too long at the luxuriously decorated house. “I never knew you were so rich.”

Reece snorted, “How else would I be able to waste my time on training unpromising kids like you?” He hesitated as she looked away, “OK that came out wrong. Alice, I….”

“It always comes out wrong.” Alice couldn’t be bothered to listen to his crap, “And does it matter? No. I don’t care.”

Reece opened his mouth again but she cut him off, “And I’m not a kid you know. Can’t I have a proper drink?”

“Fine.” Reece nodded at the stairs, “Get showered first. I’m not having you dripping all over the place.”

Alice sighed, “I don’t have any other clothes.”

Reece sighed in exasperation, pushed past her and headed up the stairs, motioning for her to follow, “Here.” He said, tossing her a t shirt from his drawer, “You can wear that. Now get a move on.”

And he was gone again. No mention of trousers or shorts. Unaccommodating dickhead. Alice stepped into the bathroom and shut the door. The quicker she got this evening over and done with, the better.


Fifteen minutes later she was hanging around in the bedroom, slightly surprised that Reece had gone to the effort of leaving a Martini on the windowsill for her while he showered. How much longer does he expect me to wait? She thought tiredly, leaning against the radiator and looking out of the window, it’s not like I haven’t got stuff to do.


“Hey.” His voice startled her and she turned in shock, almost dropping the glass.

“Whoa, you scared me.” She said with a shaky laugh, “How long have you been there?”

Reece was wearing a white bathrobe. He shrugged uncaringly, “Just a couple of minutes.” He nodded at the glass, “Is that OK?”

“Yeah. Uh, yeah. It’s really nice.” Alice took a sip of alcohol as if to prove her point.

Reece was acting weird today, she thought to herself; he was making her drinks and he was just being…..nicer than usual.

And he was looking at her funny. His green eyes were taking in her figure, making her feel self-conscious as she swallowed the last of her drink and set the glass down.

“Is everything …. OK?” she asked cautiously, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand as his eyes still roved over her.

“Why?” Reece’s gaze wouldn’t budge, “Why do you ask?”

Alice shrugged, “You’re either distracted or you won’t stop staring at me.” She said, laughing, trying to make it into a joke.

“I’m staring at you.” Reece said quietly, “I’m not distracted.”

“Oh.” Alice hesitated, “I can just go home….if you….if you want.”

“No.” Reece seemed almost amused, “I’m staring at you for a reason Alice.”

“Why?” Alice’s question was barely a whisper as she had a funny feeling she already knew the answer. The way he was looking at her…his eyes unusually dark…

“You think I didn’t notice?” Reece’s voice was teasing, taunting almost as his fingers began untying the belt on his robe, “You think I didn’t see how fucking hot you were?”

Alice stood speechless, still tasting the Martini in her mouth as he watched her intently, finally pulling off the bathrobe and tossing it onto the floor. She gasped. He was naked. Oh my god. She took a nervous step backwards, “Reece, you’re not wearing….”

“I know.” His voice had changed. It was lower, more meaningful as he stepped closer to her, cornering her, “Alice…” His mouth dropped to her neck and he kissed her hungrily, teeth and lips pulling at the soft clean skin, his hands going around her waist, pulling her into his hard body, pressing into her. “You’re so…sexy.” His shadowy green eyes looked deep into hers, the intensity making her shiver. “Don’t be scared.” He murmured, “You’re safe with me.” And his mouth enveloped hers, kissing hard, his tongue exploring, until she responded and returned the kiss, her slim body twining around his.

They broke apart and suddenly his hands were all over her, pulling at the oversized t-shirt, dropping it to the carpet before scooping her up, dropping her face down onto the bed, leaving her gasping against the soft pillows.


“Shh.” He turned her gently over, his hands running down her torso, starting at her shoulders, moving down to pause before her pussy. “Just relax.” He began kissing down her middle, his lips unexpectedly soft, his hands admiring the sides of her upper body. “We’re going to enjoy ourselves.” He whispered, “Me and you Alice. We’re going to have some fun.”

Alice closed her eyes tight. Was this Reece talking to her? The Reece who yelled at her, who seemed to hate her guts, who never cared when she fell over? What? But despite the fact that what they were doing was completely out of order, she couldn’t help being turned on. Reece was good looking, muscular, and he’d suddenly acquired the talent of being able to charm a woman. This Reece, the naked kind, seemed a lot nicer than the tracksuit-ed kind.

“I’m going to enjoy you Alice.” He was saying, “I’m going to get you so horny, you’ll be begging for it.”

She shivered. What? Had he really just said that to her?

“It’s just like running, you see.” Reece moved back up her body to whisper in her ear, “A test of endurance.”

Oh, the bastard! Alice could have slapped him, had her hands not been held down by one of his. How could he do this to her?

His spare hand moved rapidly over her firm body, admiring her tight curves, flat stomach, his fingers teasingly light on her pussy.

“Reece, why are you doing this?”

His hand cupped her pussy, a finger sliding between the wet lips, “Because I can.”

“I don’t understand.” Alice tried to keep a cool head as he pushed her over again, displaying her ass to him.

Reece sighed, ran his hands back up her body, “Alice, I’m going to tie your hands, right?”

Alice was too excitedly curious to refuse, “Um, OK. But, Reece, what if I don’t want this?”

He brought the belt of the robe up and twined it around her wrists, securing them to the headboard, He laughed, hands reaching underneath her making her kneel, before cupping her small breasts, squeezing them gently, “The way I see it,” he murmured, “You don’t really have a choice, do you?” He laughed softly, “I’m just playing Alice baby. Tell me to stop anytime and I will. You want to stop?”

“No, but why are you tying me up?” Alice’s heart was hammering away inside her, one side of her brain screaming in protest, the other side trying to control the desire that made her pussy flood with moisture.

There was a pause and then, “Do you not want to be tied up?” His hands moved back to her wrists, “Because I’ll undo it if that’s what you really want.”

“Leave it! It’s fine!” Alice’s voice came out more urgently than she would have liked and she hesitated, waiting for his reaction.

Reece didn’t reply. She heard his sigh of longing and then he was behind her again, hands travelling down her ass as he admired the taut flesh, his breathing hoarse and thick with lust.

“Reece, don’t…..untie me. But….what are you doing?” Alice could sense the barely controlled whimper in her voice. She was afraid of what he was going to do. This man, known only to her as a bad tempered coach, nothing more and nothing less, had just tied her, naked, to his bed. What kind of man was he? She wondered desperately, terrifying thoughts of pain and sadism entering her confused mind, was he going to hurt her? But despite her half-ridiculous fears, she still wanted him. There was an undeniable longing flaring somewhere deep inside her and though she knew she shouldn’t be feeling anything towards this man, he suddenly seemed like the most sexually attractive person in the world. Deep down, she trusted him, the same innocent trust she’d had towards him since the day they met.

He still hadn’t answered her question. She closed her eyes. “Reece?”


“My Mom’s going to be wondering where I am.” It was a desperate stab at half-wanted escape.

“Call her then.” Reece’s hands were still on her ass, fingertips drumming slightly as he contemplated his next move.

“I can’t…my hands….” Alice felt helpless.

“Oh, sorry!” Reece’s hands left her ass and she felt his weight shift off the bed as he picked up his cell and found the number, calling it, setting it to hands-free before he left the device next to her on the pillow.

“Tell her you’re doing an assignment or something.” He whispered conspiratorially, “Say you’ll stay the night at a friends.”

“Stay the night?” Alice asked, “But I…”


Alice gulped as her Mom’s voice floated into the room, “Hi Mom.” She tried to sound normal, tried to sound like she wasn’t tied to her coach’s bed with his cock pressed up against her ass.

“Ally? Where are you? I thought you’d be home by now…?”

“I’m sorry Mom. I should have called earlier but….” She stopped talking as Reece’s fingertips moved between her pussy lips, stroking her swollen clit, making her stomach twist inside her.

“But what?”

“But…..I but…..” Her head swam as Reece’s fingers sent little waves of pleasure though her body, making her almost moan out loud, “But…I was running.”

“Running? In this weather?” Her mother sounded appalled, “I’ve got a good mind to call that coach of yours up now and tell him where to….” She trailed off as Alice let out an aching sob of longing as Reece’s fingers taunted her, sliding into her pussy and along her clit, “Ally, sweetie, are you OK?”

“Yes.” Alice gasped, trying to wriggle away from the coach’s merciless hands, “I’m just with uh….Rachel right now. We were working on that…….History essay. I think I’m going to stay over here tonight cos we’re kind of behind.”

She clamped her lips together as Reece reached up and squeezed her breasts, his tongue flickering over her slit.

“Oh. Well, are you sure it’s OK with her parents?”

Alice nodded desperately before realising her mother couldn’t see her, “Yeah it’s fine.”

She gasped as Reece’s rough fingers mercilessly pinched her hardening nipples, his tongue sliding into her inflamed cunt.

“Are you sure?” Her mom sounded mildly concerned, “Ally, you don’t sound very well.”

Alice was almost crying with desperately fearful passion, “I’m fine.” She whispered, shivering, as Reece’s tongue moved gradually up from her clit, across her entrance, to the small space just before her asshole. “I’m fine Mom.”

Reece’s tongue was dancing, his fingers still pulling hard on her nipples as her mother sighed heavily, “Oh well, OK. I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yes!” Alice breathed thankfully as Reece’s tongue moved away from her, “I’ll call you. Love you.”

“OK, bye then.” And just as the line went dead Reece was back on her case, his mouth engulfing her pussy, sucking her wet lips hungrily into his mouth until she wriggled desperately, begged him to stop.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked hoarsely, “Just relax will you?”

“I can’t!” Alice gasped, “Reece, stop it! This is so wrong!”

“How’s it wrong?” His hoarse voice reached her ear, she could imagine his handsome face as he rested his chin on her lower back, “How’s it wrong Ally?”

“I….I….” She breathed in, “Reece, you’re ten years older than me, and you’re meant to be like my coach and you’re supposed to be teaching me breathing exercises and telling me how useless I am and yelling at me and telling me to move my ass and…”

“Shhh.” Reece murmured, “It’s OK Alice. I know you want me. And I want you. More than you know.”

His mouth moved south again his tongue gently probing her silky folds, making her whimper with delicious need.

“Reece.” Her hands strained against the makeshift rope as he pleasured her, his breathing gruff and laboured.

His lips, his tongue, his teeth….

“Reece! No, Reece!”

There was a pause and then he pulled away, a hint of annoyance in his hoarse whisper, “What’s wrong?”

Alice felt ridiculous, “Don’t bite me.”

He laughed. He laughed at her, his hands gripping on to her waist again as he prepared to go down again, “I’m not going to.”

“Stop laughing at me!”

“I’m not laughing. Just shut up Alice.”

Alice was sweating, her eyes squeezed tight shut as Reece continued his work on her exposed pussy, his tongue lazily exploring her, tasting every part he willed. Her mind was a jumbled mess of pleasure and alcohol as his strong hands gripped hard to her slim waist, holding her tightly in place as he pressed his face hard into her most private parts.

“Ohh, god.” Alice shivered as she felt herself get wetter and wetter, fully aware that Reece could taste the effect he was having on her as he brought his fingers into play, sliding slowly into her tight passage, stretching her while his tongue flicked her swollen clit.

“You taste so good…” His fingers found her spot and she gasped audibly as he began stroking her sensually, his soft movements a complete contrast to the frantic circling of his tongue on her clit.

“Reece, oh god, Reece…”

She was so close; she could feel the climax closing in on her as she screwed her eyes shut tight, whimpering as he sucked her clit and then….he pulled away.

“How does that feel?” he whispered teasingly, “Being so close to cumming in my mouth? Tell me Alice, tell me how it feels.”

Alice shook her head, buried her face in the pillow as she shook, desperate for release.

“It’s OK.” Reece ran his tongue lightly up her spine, “It’s OK baby. It’ll come. In time. I want you to feel it properly.” His words were kind but Alice could sense the barely disguised lust. He was enjoying this, she realised, he was loving the way she responded to him. He’d moved up her body now, his erection pressing against her ass, his chest against her back, his head beside hers as he nuzzled her ear. “You’re so beautiful Alice.” He bit the lobe gently, pulled at it, “So damn sexy.”

She shivered uncontrollably and he chuckled, “We’ve got all night baby. All night for me to tease you until you’re begging for it.”

“All night?” Alice’s heart sank as she thought of how much longer she was going to have to endure this agonising desperation, “Reece, no…”

“No?” His tone was lightly mocking as he pressed his cheek to hers, “What, you want to go home? Forget all this?” His hands moved to untie her from the bed and she shook her head desperately,

“No, Reece. I….I…don’t want to go.”

She could sense his triumphant smile as he withdrew, “Whatever you say baby. You call the shots here.”

But it was him who was in control. And they both knew it. It was Reece Thomas who was going to decide how long he was going to make her wait and it was him who would decide on whether she ever had her orgasm. Alice was helpless. And she loved it.

Reece’s broad hands were back on her shoulders as he lifted his weight from her body and ran them down to her waist, holding her in place as he pressed the head of his cock against her slippery entrance.

“You ready for this Alice?” They both knew it was a rhetorical question.

He slammed into her, hard, stretching her more than she would have thought possible, his cock feeling enormously solid inside her as he held it there. She heard herself cry out, the sound half muffled into the pillows as he began fucking her slowly, moving in and out at a steady pace. He was breathing hard, almost as hard as her, his hands leaving her waist and moving to her chest, squeezing, pinching, making her strain against the belt that held her hands in place.

“Reece, ohhh….Reece…”

He didn’t reply, concentrating intently on the task in hand, pumping her slowly, sliding his length in and out of her as agonisingly patient as possible. He felt her shiver, felt her resisting walls tense slightly around him and knew she was about to cum. He could tell by her strangled moans, by the way she pulled so hard against the belt, and he withdrew. Left her gasping and desperate again, shaking with need.


She felt like screaming. Felt like hitting him as he sat behind her, leaving her unsatisfactorily empty, his hands caressing her slim waist.

“What’s the matter Alice?” His voice was purposefully neutral, not portraying the identical need he had for her. “What is it?”

“I hate you!” She gasped into the pillow, “I knew you were a bastard from the start!”

There was a pause.

“Really?” For once he sounded genuinely concerned, “You’ve really hated me? All these years?”

“Yes!” Alice felt light headed, “How couldn’t I?! You’ve always been awful to me!”

“I just wanted you to try harder.” His mouth moved to the back of her thigh, roaming upwards, leaving tantalising kisses along his path, “I know you can do better Alice.” He paused, “I started noticing how hot I was for you. How much I wanted you. I’d watch you run every day, see how fine you were and I’d come home and just…fantasise. I’ve been dreaming of this day for months. I never thought I’d go through with it though.”

His confession startled Alice. All that time….she’d just thought he was like a teacher. A mean, nasty teacher, “Why do you yell at me then?” She whispered, “If you want me so much?”

Reece sighed, “I guess I thought that if I yelled at you, I wouldn’t be so obsessed with you.” He laughed softly, “I’m not that smart when it comes to controlling how I feel.” He sighed again, his breath warm on her leg, “I knew I’d give in someday.”

“Why today?”

“I don’t know.” Reece’s lips brushed her thigh as he spoke, “It was the rain, and I could see through your t shirt and I couldn’t help it.” He sighed, “I knew I couldn’t help myself anymore.” He kissed her softly, sending electric tremors through her tense body, “And you’re such a nice girl, Alice. You don’t deserve a grumpy bastard like me yet you stuck with me, didn’t you?” He didn’t wait for a response, “I know you’ve never though of me in this kind of way, but…. are you….OK….with this?”

Alice hesitated, “It just never occurred to me.” She murmured, “You were always there but you never cared about anything but lap times. You’re just 100% running orientated. But now, this…it’s good.” She laughed at herself as his tongue slipped into her entrance again, “I suppose it’ll make me look more forward to our time together.”

She paused, “Is that the right answer? Are you going to let me…?”

Reece withdrew his tongue, “Depends. Did you mean it?” His hands moved back up her body and he began undoing the belt around her wrists.

“Course I did.”

“Well, in that case….” The belt slipped away from her wrists. Alice turned around to face him and sat up.

“Lie down.” He pushed gently on her shoulders but she didn’t budge. “Alice…?”

She was looking at his erection, her eyes taking in the rigid length, the swollen head, the veins protruding along it. His hand wrapped around the hardness and she looked up, met his eyes.

“What?” There was a small smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

Reece looked momentarily uncertain, “Are you gonna let me fuck you then …. Or ….. are we just gonna sit here all night?”

Alice giggled. “I thought you were going to make me wait.”

“I wanted to.” Reece said, his eyes helplessly drawn down to her firm breasts, “But, I don’t think I can hold out much longer myself.” He stepped off the bed, pulled her up with him so they were standing, still gazing at each others bodies, “Maybe one day.” He murmured, “When my dick doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode. I’ll tie you up and tease you for hours and hours….”

Alice reached up, kissed him hesitantly on the mouth, reassured by his hands on her ass as he pulled her close into him. “Don’t.” She whispered. “I like it this way.”

“Good.” His strong hands cupped her ass, lifting her off the ground as he pressed her up against the wall, “So do I.”

And he slammed into her. Impaled her on his throbbing cock, hitting her clit in the process, making her cry out in pain and pleasure, her eyes squeezing shut tight as he held her there, both of them breathing hard. And then he pulled out before repeating the movement, heard her gasp and tense as she threw her head back, her tight passage resisting his violent thrusts.

“Shhh.” He kissed her neck, licked along her collarbone, “Lighten up Alice.”

And then he was fucking her, hard and fast, his dick throbbing with passion as he touched every sweet spot she had, making her moan loudly into the room.

“Reece…..oh god….” Alice had never been fucked like this before. Teenage boys, she thought hazily, as Reece slammed home, were nothing on the real thing. Being filled so completely, having someone make the effort to turn you on, was so damn good. And Reece was doing it so well. The sparks of pain were negligible on the pure pleasure that surged through her body, making her moan and gasp into her coach’s mouth. All these years, she thought distractedly, all these years of hating this man….when he had so much on offer….

“Ohhh!” She could feel the tremors of her long awaited orgasm stirring inside her and she let out a cry of desperate longing, “Reece! Please!” Don’t pull out again, she thought frantically, as he supported her weight with just one hand, the other moving to her swollen clit. Oh god, oh god, she was so close.

“You’re getting it this time.” Reece panted, his green eyes fixed on her tensely expectant face, “Just enjoy it.”

His fingers slicked back and forth expertly, his dick slamming into her, going so deep, so hard, so fucking fast. It was close, she thought wildly, as her thighs quivered, wrapped tight around his waist, holding him in deep as she moaned. And then finally, his fingers sent her toppling over the edge, her orgasm consuming her, making her cry out in unreserved idyllic pleasure.

“Ohhhh…..Reece…..god…” His fingers withdrew as she bucked, clenched down hard around his intruding erection, her tight walls rendering him incapable of control. He came, shooting his load straight up inside her, coating her as he groaned, pressed his forehead against her damp shoulder and held her, hardly daring to believe that the whole encounter had just happened.

But it had. And neither of them ever regretted it.

Note: Angel, this one was for you! Thanks for everything! And to all of you other beautiful people who are so nice about my writing, thank you! I’ll name-call you all one of these days! I’m gonna be a cow now, and say I won’t be writing for about a month (?) thanks to another of my Dad’s whack ‘relaxation’ ideas. Sorry! But I will be back! J

Emilia xox

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