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He Let Me Pass, Just For Some Ass

School was never my favorite. I hated it, honestly. I hated waking up at six thirty in the morning just to go to school and sit at my desk for eight hours to learn pointless things I would never give a fuck about in my life. My teachers never seemed to give a damn, either, but that was only because they were getting paid to be there. They didn't care whether or not we passed or failed. And if they didn't care, neither did I.

Obviously, I should have, but I was too busy being a rebellious teenager, getting drunk and doing stupid things I would later on regret. I got through most of high school by slacking to the furthest extent but doing just enough work to get by. Everything went even more downhill after I turned eighteen. The slacking got worse. The parties became wilder. My life was more exhausting. School was the last thing on my mind. But my grades were the first thing on my parents'.

Of course, I started getting more and more interested in boys, too, so that was always a distraction. I was filling out in all the right places. One hundred and twenty three pounds, 32 C cup size, and a little, petite body. I caught the attention of more than a few guys, but only one had my heart. I had a boyfriend named Adam; he was cute, tall, and played on the football team. My friends were jealous of me, for whatever reason that might have been. I guess he was one of those guys every girl swoons over. Luckily for me, he was mine. And so was everything else of his, if you know what I mean.
So when I found out at the end of my senior year that I was failing English, it was a huge wake up call. If I didn't pass English, I wouldn't graduate. If I didn't graduate, my parents would kill me. Either that, or they would lock me up in the house against my will, and I would never see Adam again. Those weren't options I wanted to choose from. Therefore, I was forced to ask my English teacher to help me get a passing grade. We had arranged for me to stay after school for the last couple days to work on missing assignments. I figured it wouldn't be too bad. After all, I really needed to pass the class.

Mr. Hawthorne wasn't the kind of teacher everyone hates. He was more of the kind of guy everyone wants to be their teacher instead of the old, mean teachers most high schools have. He was pretty nice guy, actually. Early thirties, maybe. Not that bad looking, either. His nickname was Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, because he was a six foot two Italian stallion, according to a few dozen of the girls at school. I heard he had a big cock a few times, too. I don't know how anyone actually knew that, but apparently it was true. I wondered about it once or twice, but I didn't really think of him that way. Probably because I never paid much attention in his class to begin with, and I had Adam to daydream about.

And if I wasn't at school daydreaming about him, I was out somewhere having sex with him. His cock was very nicely shaped, about eight inches and thick. Making me cum was never a problem, especially when he was really in the mood. He fucked me extra hard on those days, pulling on my hair and whispering dirty things into my ear, such as how tight and warm my pussy felt.

When the bell rang at the end of the day on the very last day of school, I walked my way to Mr. Hawthorne's room, hoping that I wouldn't have to do too much work. I had plans to hang out with Adam shortly after school, so I didn't want to spend too much time there. I knew we were going to have sex, it was obvious. He had been sending me kinky text messages all day and I couldn't wait to get out of there and see him as soon as possible. I didn't think I'd have to work for too long, though. The other days were seemingly easy, mostly worksheets I never finished or turned in, so I wasn't expecting much else. Maybe a worksheet or two, but that's it. Although when I sat down in my desk and he plopped a huge packet in front of me, I was a little taken aback.

"What's this?" I asked.

"A test. Basic knowledge of all the worksheets you've done in the past few days. This will give you a passing grade." Mr. Hawthorne said. I couldn't believe it. I looked down at the packet in disbelief and I couldn't remember anything he had tried to teach me within those few days. I couldn't believe he really wanted me to take a damn test.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." I mumbled under my breath, staring at it with an obvious frown.

"What's that? I didn't hear a swear word come out of your mouth, did I, Alicia?" he said sternly, but with a smile, so I knew he was only kidding. Like I said, he was pretty cool, and I'm sure he didn't really give a shit if I swore or not. I really didn't understand a damn thing on that test. It was as if it had all disappeared from my memory completely.

"Mr. Hawthorne, I'm sorry but I seriously don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I'm gonna fail." I sighed.

"If you say that, then you might. I'll help you, come on. Just look. What don't you understand?"

Well, obviously I didn't understand anything. And I probably seemed like the biggest idiot in the world. What person can't comprehend a common English class? Apparently me.

"I really don't understand anything at all. I just need to get this done, I have things to do after this. Really important things." I said, picking up my pen to start the test, knowing I would do terrible anyway. I guess the fact that I was supposed to be having sex was taking my mind off the fact that I really needed to pass English. I could feel the vibration of my phone through the denim fabric of my shorts, letting me know I received a text. Most likely from Adam.

I checked it immediately, momentarily forgetting where I was.

So hard thinking about your pretty little pussy.

I smirked, sending a wink back and setting my phone on the desk. "Anyways, let's get this over with now."

"Okay. Well, let's take a good look at number one, then. What is an onomatopoeia?" Mr. Hawthorne asked me, running a rough hand through his soft brown hair.

"Are you serious? I wouldn't even know how to spell that word if it wasn't on this paper. I don't know how to say it, either.. Onamona.. pea? What?" I was thoroughly frustrated, not to mention getting a bit aggravated that I wasn't hanging out with my boyfriend yet. His text was making me wetter by the second and I couldn't wait to be with him.

Mr. Hawthorne chuckled. "You really don't understand anything, do you?"

"No." I replied. Short and simple.

"It's the actual word of a sound. Say, 'woof' for example. The sound dogs make."

"Yeah, I know what sound dogs make. I'm not that stupid." My sarcastic, smart ass self was starting to show. I didn't want to seem like an asshole, but I really wanted to get the test over with so I could head on over to Adam's as soon as possible.

"Just because school is out doesn't mean you can mouth off to me, you know. I'm still your teacher until you leave." he crossed his arms, an almost intimidating look on his face.

"Whatever, I'm going to the restroom. I'll be back to take the test in a minute." I said.


My pussy was aching for some attention; The second I got to the bathroom, I unbuttoned my shorts and rubbed my clit. My fingers ventured off further into my shorts, feeling my wet juice soaking between my slit. I was horny, and I needed Adam right then. But I couldn't have him. I had to take that damn test. I inserted two fingers inside my pussy and moaned a little, not really giving a shit if any of the school employees heard me. I wasn't going to be attending school there again, so it didn't matter to me at all.

When I did arrive back in Mr. Hawthorne's classroom, after I finger fucked myself to an orgasm, he smiled at me. A big, toothy grin. I raised my eyebrow at him, wondering what the hell he was smiling about. And then I saw something. My phone. In his hand.

"What the fuck? Why do you have my phone?"

"You left it in here. You know you're not supposed to have phones in school," he smiled at me knowingly. "Although you did get a text message. I clicked the read button by mistake."

"Yeah fucking right! Give it back." I was really pissed off at that point. My voice was getting louder and shakier, due to both anger and embarrassment.

"I didn't know you and Adam Collins were dating. He's real excited to see you today, said he's gonna make you cum harder than you've ever came before." Mr. Hawthorne laughed now, and I couldn't believe those words really came out of his mouth. My face was probably so red from embarrassment, I just about wanted to crawl in a hole. I didn't say anything for a moment. I was stunned, and I just wanted to go home.

"Oh my god, don't say things like that. You're like, what, thirty four? Thirty five? Just give me my phone so I can take this goddamn test and get out of here. Please." I begged.

"Hmm, I don't think you should get your phone back, Alicia. I'm thirty one, by the way."

"You just completely invaded my privacy! And I thought you were one of the cooler teachers here. Fuck that." I crossed my arms, fuming with rage.

"I'm offended," he put a hand to his chest, pretending that I hurt his feelings. "Now you're really not getting your phone back. Until you're done with your test at least."

"Fuck. You." I said, and took a seat back at my desk. I really couldn't wait to finish the stupid test, and I didn't care if I had to guess on every question, as long as I got the fuck out of there.

"That's not very nice." Mr. Hawthorne said. I looked up just as I saw him slipping his phone into the front of his pants. He smirked at me when our eyes met. "You'll get that later." he added. I felt like he was hinting at something far more different than what I expected.

"Okay, this is getting fucking annoying. Just give me my phone back so I can go. Fuck this test, I'll take English in summer school if I have to." I stood up.

"You can have your phone on one condition."

"What now?"

"If you get it out yourself."

I didn't care at this point. I wanted to leave as soon as I could, and I knew he wasn't giving me that phone back unless I complied with his order. I couldn't wait to tell Adam about this. But I'd probably leave the part out about me receiving the phone from Mr. Hawthorne's pants, because I don't think that'd be a very good thing to tell my boyfriend.

"Fine. Fuck." I walked over to him and quickly un-did his belt, then unzipped his pants. I could see his growing hard-on hidden behind his silky red boxers, but I couldn't make out the outline of my phone.

"Where is it?"

"Tucked under my cock. Just reach for it, get it over with."

I made a face of disgust. "Please don't talk to me like that, this is wrong. This is so wrong!"

I hesitated to put my hand inside his boxers. I counted to ten in my head, but even that couldn't get me to do it. Finally, after I got sick of standing there awkwardly with my teacher unzipped in front of me, I put my hand down his boxers. His cock was huge, a lot bigger than Adam's, it seemed. Possibly thicker, too. My hand lingered on it for a second longer than it should have before I finally grabbed my phone from underneath it.

He grabbed my arm before I could pull my hand out.

"One more thing." he said.

I groaned. "Now what?"

"Suck my cock. I know you want it, I can see the lust in your eyes."

I faked a laugh. "Lust? Not at all."

"I know lust when I see it. My wife looks at me like that right before she pounces on it."

I stared at him. He wasn't that bad looking. I guess he was kind of cute for an older man. But he was aggravating me, and I needed to go. My hand was still stuck in his boxers, though, right against his completely hard, big cock.

"Okay. One blowjob and I'm out of here." I said slowly.

"Naked, please. If you make it good I'll give you an A for the whole year."

"Whatever." I said.

I took my hand from his boxers and slipped my shorts down, revealing my smooth, wet pussy. I didn't wear underwear, ever since Adam and I began dating. It seemed pointless to even put them on, considering they were going to come off anyway.

Next came my peach-pink v-neck top. I pulled it over my head, standing only in a white lace bra. Mr. Hawthorne quickly reached forward and pulled me towards him. I was horny, but I didn't want to hook up with my English teacher. Did I? No. No... I couldn't. Could I?

He lifted my chin up, and kissed me with his full, pink lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and I moaned as I felt his rough fingers playing with my swollen clit. He pushed a finger inside me and I gasped, massaging his tongue with my own as he finger fucked me slowly.

I pulled away. "Fuck. This is so wrong. What if someone sees us?" Worry was taking over me.

"I don't care. We're both old enough to be doing this and you're not a student here anymore."

"You said I was earlier when I was 'mouthing off, if you can recall." I looked worriedly at the door, hoping no one was out in the hallway watching us secretively.

"Shhh.. Don't worry about it." he said, playing with my long black curls.

He pulled his big cock out from his boxers, making sure to hold my phone in his hand behind his back. Then he pointed to the ground, gesturing me to get on my knees and suck him off. I looked down at it for a moment. Definitely bigger than Adam's. Ten inches, I imagined, and quite thick. I wasn't sure who I wanted more at that moment.

I got to my knees and took him into my mouth slowly, circling the head of his beautiful cock with my little pink tongue. I licked up and down his shaft while the massaged his balls with my right hand, then I started to suck him like the pro cock sucker I've been told I was. To my surprise, I fit pretty much all of him down my throat, gagging a little because he was bigger than what I was used to.

He started to fuck my throat, groaning little unintelligible words from above me. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth, and I knew he was going to come any minute now.

"Fuck, this is better than I expected." he said softly.

I smiled, his cock still deep in my throat, and sucked even harder. Little did he know, I was actually great at sucking cock. I sucked Adam's all the time and he said it was the best he's ever had in his life. Just like he was the best fuck I've ever had in my life. As if Mr. Hawthorne was reading my thoughts, he pulled his cock from my mouth and scooped me up from the ground, my legs wrapped around his waist.

"I'm going to fuck you and I don't care who hears or sees, I've wanted this for so long."

I moaned, feeling him rubbing up against my exposed pussy. He carried me over to the chalkboard and held my body up against it with my legs still wrapped around him as he slowly inserted himself inside me. My body quivered as I took his cock deep, feeling my tight pussy squeezing around it. He held it there, taking his time to squeeze and kiss my chest with one hand while the other one helped support me against the board.

He sucked my left nipple into his mouth and I whimpered a little at how good it felt. Not to mention the whole situation was incredibly sexy and overwhelming. I couldn't believe I was really hooking up with my teacher. I felt like a naughty, naughty girl.

"Oh my fucking god! Please fuck me now. I can't wait anymore." I whispered into his ear impatiently.

He fucked me, alright. He fucked me hard. Deep stroke after deep stroke, I could hear the sound of his balls slapping against my ass repeatedly. He rammed me with that big cock until I was shaking and quivering in his arms.

"Ohhhh, fuck.. I'm cumming. Keep fucking me, Mr. Hawthorne. You feel so fucking good inside me!" I cried out in pleasure. I didn't care how loud I was. The principal could come watch for all I cared. The nurse could watch, too, and be jealous of the gorgeous cock I had all to myself. I just didn't care.

Mr. Hawthorne gritted his teeth, pounding me so hard that I could practically feel the wetness of my pussy all over his cock. I came again, at least three more times, before I could feel him starting to tense up. "Cum in my pussy, I want to taste it when it comes out." I moaned.

We both came at the same time, and we stayed completely still for the next twenty seconds, just breathing heavily and holding each other close. I felt his cock go limp and fall out, so I put my hand down there to catch his cum. I wanted to taste our juices mixed together. That had always been a fantasy of mine.

"That was wild," Mr. Hawthorne said. "I don't think I want you to leave."

I tasted our concocted mixture, a nice tangy sweetness, and smiled at him. "Mmm, well maybe you'll see me again. I can always come visit you next year."

He helped me to my feet and kissed me strongly on the lips again, and I wasn't hesitant at all this time.

"Maybe. By the way, you've certainly deserved your A." he said.

I grinned, slipping back into my clothes. "Oh yeah? I'll make sure to let Adam and my parents know I passed English, they'll all be so proud of me."

"Just don't tell them how you passed English. I don't think they'd be too thrilled with that one." he winked.

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