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...he made me so wet but he is my friend..

...I looked for my top and Lola stood up and walked towards the foot steps. what is she doing? I heard her say hello to someone, a man's voice said hello back, he said 'where is Dita, I have someone she should meet, he is big in Vegas'. Lola, looked back at us and Dita was already on her feet, dressed and heading back to the bar.

Lola, helped me up gently hugged me and caressed my ass. I don't want her falling for me.. I smiled, put my top on and walked back into the club.

I stared in disbelief at the man Dita was talking to. 'Andrew?' I yelled, he was tall, dark, wore his signature large, long, writer's block cardigan, with jeans and a white t-shirt. His casual look is misleading as he was the hardest man alive and he was my best friend!

I went back to Andrew's house for a drink, he drove us back in his classic porche whatever it was, tan leather seats, smell of leather made me feel horny. Andrew's my best friend, nothing is going to happen. I will just have a cold shower and it will all be ok; besides his wife is home.

The shower was cool and the water revived my throbbing pussy. I let the cold water run hard on me to ease the horny feelings out of my body...I heard the bathroom door and I saw Andrew's tall, hard body come towards me, naked with two glasses of champagne. 'I thought you might want a drink?' He got in to the shower and I couldn't help but to turn away from him. He shouldn't be in here, what about our friendship? our plans? His wife?

He came up close behind me and I felt his hard cock rubbing on my ass. It felt good. he smelt good. He turned me around and bent down and sucked my breasts , he was good and the cold water did nothing to stop my pussy from getting wet, as if he knew, he sent a teasing finger down my body to dip in to my  pussy and pressed my clit so hard that I nearly came. NO.. this should not be happening. .I pushed him away gently and mumbled this is not right, towel in hand, I got out of the shower and walked to the living room and... Andrew followed me, as I drank the champagne and poured another for myself.

Andrew, came up to me and said it was ok, Pasha is right here too, I looked up and Pasha smiled back at me, she wore a see through red teddy with nothing on underneath, her breasts were magnificent, pert and rounded, her ass was large, huge and round and had a life of their own as she walked up behind me.. she kissed my neck ..I had ,always had a crush on Pasha...she is so sexual. .in her movements ..her hands were all over me and I let my towel fall to the ground...Andrew knelt in front of me and lifted my leg to his shoulder..licking, fingering..Pasha was licking my ear and squeezing my nipples...I let my hands wonder over her breasts and her huge ass, it felt good, it felt hot, it felt naughty..I gently pushed Pasha down to the floor and spread her legs apart, while wiggling my pert ass to Andrew...he got the hint and devoured my pussy with his hard black cock...I couldn't stop an urgent moan slip out of my mouth before I licked and sucked my way through Pasha's large pussy....

and that's the way Lola caught us, as she broke in to Andrew's house, why was she there? and why was she so angry? She dragged me away tugging and pulling at me out of the house with Andrew screaming after her and in to the car, she put a rag on to my mouth and I cannot remember what happened next...


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