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He Made Us Beg To Cum

My wife and I got married when my wife was only 21 years old. I was 7 years older than her at the time and now we are 42 and 35 respectfully. Our marriage had been very strong over the past 14 years that we had been together. She still had a great figure and any man would be lucky to be with her. Our sex life was still as good today as it was when we first met.

A few months ago I began to play out a scene in my mind where my wife would be dominated by another man in bed. I began to research how I felt and found that a lot of men were going through the same thing as me. I was quite surprised that so many of them had actually acted on their thoughts and had their wives fuck another man while they watched. Some others join in while others wanted to be dominated along with their wives. There was a ton of info on the internet and I tried to read as much of it as I could.

It took about two months of reading for me to come to the conclusion that I wanted to enact out what I had felt. My thoughts about my wife being dominated by another man grew more and more. I also found myself wanting to be dominated also. I don’t know what it was about being dominated by another man while he fucks my wife, but every time I thought about it my cock got instantly hard.

I found no less than 10 adds in a local paper from men who would be interested in fucking my wife. I had found one in particular that I had caught my attention as it had mention the word domination in it. I decided against probably my best judgment to go ahead and contact him. I was very surprised to find out that he was 22 years old and that he had been with a few other couples in the past. I explain to him how I felt and what I really wanted.

A few days later he emailed a pic of himself and was very forthright on what he exactly wanted from both of us. He very much liked the idea of not just dominating my wife, but he also wanted to dominate me along with her. I thought about it over the next few days and finally came to the conclusion that I wanted to enact out how I felt. The thought of this young stud pounding my wife and controlling me at the same time was overwhelming. I now only need to get my wife on board.

We talked it over the next few weeks and somehow she agreed to do it. I never once mention very many details about how I felt or how this whole thing was going to go, but she was very impressed with how good looking the other guy was. She had no idea that he was only 22 and his game was to dominate both of us.

I emailed this young stud back and told him that my wife and I were ready to play whatever game he had plan for us. We were now under his control and by his attitude he was going to make both of us do things we never thought we would ever do. He now had me completely turned on and my thoughts raced night and day about what was going to happen.

The day had finally came as we were supposed to go to his place. He had a nice small rental house that was just outside the city limits. As we enter the small brick house as he was very cordial with us. My wife felt very comfortable with him shortly after we arrived. He had told her how beautiful she was, but he never made any eye contact with myself.

We chatted for about 10 minutes when he said, “Should we get started!”

I got very nervous when he turned to me and said, “Why don’t you come with me first!”

I followed him down into the basement. There was a small room that was off into the corner. He took me into it and closed the door behind him. There was a monitor that sat on a table and a couch in the room. It was cold and damp as the floor was concrete.

He then said, “I know what you want? I now want you to take off all of your clothes and hand them to me.”

I had a nervous look on my face as I began to remove my clothes for him. I quickly got down to my boxers when he said, “I want those to!”

I had an embarrassed look on my face as I pull them down over my cock. My 6 inch cock looked very small as it was shriveled up because of the cold damp conditions. I handed them over to him as he laughed out loud.

He then stood a few feet from me as he dropped his sweats that he had on. His cock was very big as it hung down in between his legs. It had to be 9 inches in length and it dwarfed mine.

He said, “Your wife is going to love my big cock inside her. She will never forget tonight. Every time you fuck her from now on she will always think back to my big cock.”

He laughed out as he took my clothes and headed out of the room. He turned and said, “I don’t want you to cum! You can only cum if I say you can. If you disobey me than you will be spending the night down here while I fuck your wife numerous times.“ He then padlocked the door as he headed back upstairs for my wife.

I paced back n forth as I waited for the monitor to go on. My adrenalin ran through my body as my cock was now rock hard. I had no idea what so ever was going on upstairs. It had been almost 15 minutes as I heard or seen nothing on the monitor.

It was a few minutes later when the monitor suddenly popped on. The camera was a direct shot right at his bed. I heard both of them enter into the room as my wife laughed out. He had my wife wrapped around his little finger. He was going to be able to do whatever he liked to her and their wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. I felt totally helpless even though I my cock was very hard.

My wife was still dressed as he began to remove her clothes piece by piece. It didn’t take him very long and my wife stood naked in front of him. He then slid his sweatpants down as my wife got her first look at his huge cock. Her eyes about popped out of her head as her mouth dropped wide open.

He quickly laid her down on the bed as he climbed on top of her. His young hands ran all over her precious body as his cock was only inches from penetrating her tight pussy. I watched on as I knew it was only a question of time before his huge cock would slip deep inside her. A few seconds later I heard her my wife cry out, “Ohhhhh!”

Her body quickly tightened up as her hands clutched his back tightly. She moaned out as his big cock slipped deep into her pussy. I watched on the screen as his ass moved in and out as he pushed his huge cock into her. Her cries were quickly getting louder as her orgasm was building up inside. Then a few minutes later my wife let out a small scream as her nails griped his back. She now had orgasm on his huge cock and now their was no going back. He had her right were he wanted her. He could get her to do anything he wanted now.

He rolled over on the bed as she now was on top of him. His huge cock never left her pussy as he held it deep inside her. She road on top of him as she began to slam herself up and down on his huge rod. She cried out with every thrust she had made on his cock as his hands had groped her beautiful tits.

She quickly began to cum again as she slammed herself all the way down on his big hard cock. Her moans echo throughout the room as she had now fallen for his big beautiful cock.

He now wanted her from behind as he had her get on all fours. This is my wife’s favorite position and I knew he would easily push her over the edge to more powerful orgasms. He rammed his big cock into her as she immediately screamed out. A few minutes later my wife’s head quickly hit the bed as she no longer had the energy to brace herself up anymore.

Her orgasm began to build very quickly and I could see that it was going to be a very powerful one. A few minutes later my wife cried out loudly as her body began to tremble hard as she began to cum again on his huge cock.

He gave her a few more thrusts with his cock and then shoved her off it. She had fallen face first down onto the bed. He grabbed her and turned her over as he straddled himself over top of her face. He began to stroke on his cock as he wanted to cum right on her beautiful face.

As he was about to cum the screen in the basement suddenly went dark. I couldn’t see anything at all. A few minutes later the screen came back up. It showed my wife laying on the bed and her face covered in his cum. She was exhausted as she laid their not moving at all.

He had a remote to the camera and he turned off right before he came all over my wife’s face. He knew I was very turned on and that I wanted to see him badly cum all over her. My cock was extremely hard and it throbbed up and down as I wanted to cum so badly. I knew if I did cum I knew what the consequences would be. I used everything I had in me from cumming.

A few minutes later I heard him come down the stairs. He unlocked the door and came into the room still naked. His cock was still in a semi erect stage as he had a gloated look on his face. He had just conquered my wife and now he wanted to conquer me.

He immediately said, “I fucked your wife real good and I am not done with her yet. I know you want to cum don’t you?”

I look over towards him as my cock was still very hard and said, “Yes, I want to cum.”

“Beg! I want you to beg me to let you cum!” he replied back.

I had no choice as I said, “Please can I cum now?”

“Go ahead and play with yourself!” he then said to me.

I grabbed my cock and began to stroke on it. Damn my cock was so hard as I thought about my wife being just fucked by him. I felt my balls began to swell up as I was just ready to cum when he said, “Stop! I don’t want you to cum yet! If you cum now you will stay down here all night.”

I immediately let go of my cock as pre cum began to ooze out of it. I thought for sure I was going to cum as my cock throbbed even more up and down. I gave it all my might and somehow I was able to keep from cumming. The bastard was playing with me and I had to play his stupid little game.

“I will be back! No cumming!” he said as he headed out of the room.

He then turned to me and said, “Watch what I do now to your lovely wife!”

I had been pacing on the concrete floor for about 15 minutes when the monitor came back up. My wife was on the bed as he straddled over top of her face. He said to her, “You want me to fuck you again, don‘t you?”

He slammed his cock into her mouth before she had answered him. She sucked his cock for several minutes as he reached back and began to finger her pussy at the same time.

“You want this big cock back inside you again don’t you?” he said to her.

“Come on baby beg me to fuck you again!” he told her.

He continued to finger her wet pussy as she began to squirm about the bed. A few seconds later she blurted out, “Please!”

“Please what baby? Beg me to fuck you!” he responded back.

She couldn’t take it any longer as she cried out, “Please fuck me again!”

“More baby! More!” he said to her.

“Please, I need that big cock back inside me again!” she begged him.

He now had conquered my wife into begging him to fuck her. He quickly positioned himself down in between her legs and pulled her legs wide apart. He began to rub the head of his big cock up and down across her clit as she got even more turned on by the second.

“Please fuck me! Stick that big cock into me!” my wife cried out.

He then slammed his big cock into her as she cried out loudly. He fucked her hard until she cried out into a powerful orgasm a few minutes later. He began to use her for his own enjoyment.

He pulled his big cock out of her and slid off the front of the bed. He grabbed my wife’s legs and slid her down to the end of the bed. He flipped her over onto her stomach and had her bent over onto the bed. Her feet were now station on the ground while her chest laid on the bed.

He moved himself directly behind her. He grabbed her hips and slid his big cock back into her. He began to fuck her with power as my wife repeatedly cried out. His hands held her hips tightly down onto the bed as he rammed his cock deep into her. I was so turned on now I was very worried I would cum even without touching myself.

He continued to pound his big cock into her very hard. My wife screamed out loud as she had the most powerful orgasm so far. This went on for several minutes until he yanked his cock out of her pussy.

He now grabbed her ass cheeks as he spread them apart. He now wanted to fuck my wife in the ass. My wife usually loved being fucked in the ass but that was with my 6 inch, not his big 9 inch cock.

He pushed his big manhood right up against her lovely ass. “I am going to fuck you in the ass baby!” he told her.

He began to push his cock into her tender ass as she let out a loud scream. He slowly pushed several inches of his big cock deep into her ass as she cried out into the sheets. A few minutes later he started to fuck her ass harder. Her cries grew louder and louder as he pushed as much of his 9 inch cock deep into her ass.

He now was fucking her ass very hard as her orgasm began to build. “You want to cum baby!“

“Yes! Yes! Please make me cum! Fuck me in the ass!“ she cried out.

A few seconds later she screamed out loudly as her body began to tremble. This orgasm was by far the strongest so far as she screamed out for several minutes as he pounded her ass with his big cock.

He also was ready to cum as he quickly pulled his cock out of her ass. He then stroke hard on his cock as he began to shoot his cum all over my wife’s trembling ass. This time he didn’t stop the video as I watched him unload all over her ass. My cock was now on the verge of cumming at any second.

He quickly headed down to the basement and opened up the door. My cock throbbed as I still hadn’t cum yet. He said, “You made it! I bet you want to cum don’t you? I want to watch you cum as you check out your pretty wife on the monitor.”

My wife was totally worn out as her limp body still laid over the front of the bed. Her ass was still covered in his cum. I grabbed my cock and stared right at the monitor. I slowly jerked on it as I knew it wouldn’t take very much to push me over the edge. A minute later I watched as his cum ran down my wife’s ass I started to grunt out loudly. I started to shoot my cum all over the floor right in front of him. I came harder than any other time in my life as my cum soared a few feet through the air. My body had become so weaken that I almost collapsed down onto my knees as he laughed off to the side.

“Well was it worth waiting to cum?” he asked.

“Yes!” I said back.

He then handed me back my clothes as my wife and I left. We both ended cumming harder than any other time in our life’s that night. We both can’t wait to be controlled again.

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