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Helen Part 1

Helen seduces and introduces barely legal, reluctant girl to anal sex with the help of her boyfriend

As I had JUST turned 18, my high school career was over and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, I took a year off to party. I was young, innocent and full of life.


I took off to the annual arts festival where I met a group of very interesting bohemian hippies. There was the most beautiful woman with them. Tall, long dark hair, pale skin, deep red lips and gorgeous green eyes. Helen was her name and I felt an electricity from the moment she looked at me.


Her partner obviously noticed it too by the way he looked at us.


After chatting to them for a while and drinking coffee he suggested I meet them that evening at the place they were staying.   I of course jumped at the opportunity – I knew something big was about to happen and was always keen for a new experience.


I'd read and heard a lot about the two girls experience and I was very titillated by the thought. I snuck out that evening and walked to the place they were staying - it was as cold as all hell.


I nervously knocked at their door and was greeted by a warm house and smiling guy. He welcomed me in and handed me a glass of red wine. As I walked into the lounge I found Helen naked on the couch.


God she was gorgeous! Long legs, neatly shaved pussy , big gorgeous tits. She opened her arms and welcomed me over to sit next to her.


I hesitated and her male friend gently pushed me from behind. I walked toward her as if in a dream. He slipped my trench coat off. I sat down next to her on the couch and he kneeled down in front of me to remove my shoes. Her hand found its way to my shirt and she started to slip the buttons open.


His hands found their way up my jeans and he undid the zip of my Levi's while her hands found their way into my bra. My head was spinning!


He slipped my jeans over my hips and down over my ankles, he brought his hand up, slipped it down my belly and into the band of my g-string. As he slipped it off and he rolled it down my legs she rubbed her breast against my cheek as her fingers rolled and tugged at my nipple.


I followed my natural urge to turn my mouth toward her breast. I found myself wrapping my mouth around her nipple. He parted my legs as his hands skirted up the inside of my thighs.


My hands followed their own plan and wandered up her body to her breasts. I found her hard nipple and rolled it between my fingers. It felt divine. His hand had found its way to my pussy and his fingers parted the lips. His middle finger slipped inside me.


I was reeling with all the sensations. My hips raised themselves and my legs opened wider. He suddenly pulled away and Helen got up in front of me. She put her hands out. As I grasped them she heaved me off the couch and led me through to the bedroom. He followed.


When we got there she came up behind me. She slipped my shirt over my shoulders and my bra off. I was naked, dizzy, giggly and very very wet. Her hands slid up from my waist and she cupped my breasts. Her mouth was on the back of my neck. She did nothing - just stood holding my breasts and breathing softly against my neck.


I found myself dying for her to touch me all over and pushed myself back against her. She responded by gently sinking her teeth into my neck and tugging on my nipples. My wetness was running down my legs by then.


She led me to the bed and lay me down on it face up. She slipped her hands between my knees as she crouched down on the floor in front of the bed.


Gripping my knees she firmly dragged me toward the edge of the bed spreading my legs wide open. My arms were spread out above me, my legs over the edge of the bed, my pussy wide open and exposed. She stood up to look at me as he came up behind her to grasp her nipples. He rolled them between his fingers before his hand slipped down to her mound to part the lips of her pussy. They were both surveying me.


I was oh so ready for them to do whatever they wanted. I started arching my back and spreading my legs even wider my fingers found my own nipples. I started rolling them and tugging them. My eyes had closed. The next thing I knew there were a pair of hands around my wrists pulling my arms apart and away from my nipples.


When I opened my eyes I found her standing at the end of the bed - he was pulling my arms open. His hands found their way to my nipples and he rolled them for me. She dropped to her knees again. With her hands resting on my knees she very quietly asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I wanted to shout out HOLY MOTHER OF GOD YES! YES! YES! YES! All I could do was nod though.


She smiled and nodded in return. Her hands skirted up my thighs and fluttered over my mound - his hands cupped my breasts and squeezed!


Her fingers parted my pussy lips. His hands ran down my arms. I lost track of what he was doing at this stage as all my attention was focussed on her and her hands. Her finger went round and round my clit teasing it as it got harder. I started thrusting to meet her fingers and grind them into me. Suddenly I felt her fingers enter me. The sensations were overwhelming. I closed my eyes feeling myself sink into the sensations around me completely.


She plunged her fingers into me deep as her thumb rubbed over my clit. My hips raised themselves and I groaned. I wanted to cry out FUCK ME HARD!   But my voice was failing me. My arms had been released by this stage. I pushed them into her hair I guided her head down toward my ever so wet pussy. She more than willingly complied.


Her tongue played with my clit while she grazed her teeth over. I felt the mounting sensation of the beginnings of an orgasm. I pulled her mouth against my clit harder. She responded by sucking harder and moving her tongue against it. Just as I felt the wave of orgasm engulfing me she suddenly stopped.


Confused I looked up at her trying to understand what was going on. She smiled a wicked smile that left me confused and excited. I knew that she was in complete control. What she wanted, she would get. I was helpless to resist.


Suddenly I felt him from above and behind as he leaned forward on the bed. He grasped my hands and pulled them up above my head. At the same time I felt Helen slip something around my ankles and spread my legs. Before I knew it I was spread eagled on the bed and helpless.


The blatant danger of the situation hit me. No-one knew where I was. I was restrained. I was helpless. I didn’t know these people or what they would do to me. I was suddenly scared.


Strangely, I felt more turned on. I looked down to see Helen pouring something onto her fingers. He was behind her, gripping and rolling her breasts. Her eyes shone with excitement. The silence was deafening.


There was no explanation of what they were planning, just the calculated sensual moves.


She nodded and he came around, took hold of a pillow and raised my hips. Slipping the pillow in under me I felt the cold breeze against my cunt. He slipped a second pillow in and moved to the end of the bed.

He adjusted the position of my feet tying my ankles higher on the bed, leaving me more spread and all of me accessible.


Helen crouched down at the end of the bed between my spread legs. Her tongue traced my clit and dipped into my cunt. I sighed with excitement.


Every nerve ending was tingling. I felt vulnerable, exposed and helpless. The sense of decadence and fear left me breathless.


She raised her fingers so I could see them glistening in the half light. They were positively dripping with the lube.


While I watched he came to the head of the bed and sat calmly beside me.


I felt her hand stroke over my clit, around my cunt and suddenly her fingers where at the entrance to my ass.


I cried out and tried to get away but I couldn’t move. His hand came down on my mouth. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Relax, you’ll enjoy this. Just give yourself over. We know what we’re doing”


As he spoke, Helen ran her thumb across my clit and down my slit, popping it into my openand wet cunt while her fingers rested on my ass.


The sensations of fear, dread, excitement, confusion, passion and helplessness left me breathless. I felt myself getting wetter.


She gently pushed her finger against my arsehole. I clenched down and pulled away. It was a basal, instinctive move. His hand was still over my mouth so the muffled NO! couldn’t be heard.


She looked up at him and said, in a soft sultry commanding voice, “Gag her, blindfold her and hold her down please. She is a fighter.”


Looking into my bewildered eyes, she said, “you will enjoy this all the more for the fear and resistance. I am restraining you and taking away your sight so you can focus on the sensations.”


Fear and dread were coursing through me. I felt myself start to cry as he slipped the gag into place. He slipped a blindfold over my eyes. I was at their mercy completely.


His hands rested on my shoulders and he pushed me down to the edge of the bed. When I resisted, there was no movement. I was pinned, gagged and blindfolded with my legs spread, my arms above my head, and a gorgeous woman at the foot of the bed with her finger resting against the entrance to my ass.


I was crying now, begging them not to do this. At the same time I felt my clit throbbing and my cunt dripping.


I was confused and scared and helpless.


Helen slowly circled my clit again with her thumb and slipped one lubed finger into my cunt while holding the other steady on my asshole. She rhythmically rubbed over the tip of my clit and plunged her one finger into my cunt.


I got lost in the rhythm and my tears turned to moans of desire. All I wanted was a hard thrust into my cunt.


Suddenly she stopped all action and I felt both her fingers at my asshole.


I clenched and tried to get away but I was restrained and helpless.


Smoothly and without stopping she began sliding her finger into my ass.


I cried out under the gag and thrashed my head around.


She continued to push and I felt her finger slip in up to her knuckle. It was excruciating but at the same time I felt myself on the threshold of an orgasm. She started turning her finger in my hole. A half circle one way, then back and around the other way.


I felt her finger slide out. I found myself relieved and sorry at the same time.


She paused just before she removed it completely and I felt myself relax. She was going to stop. I was sure of it.


Suddenly I felt her finger plunge all the way in. I screamed into the gag. The fiery burning that ripped through me left me gasping. All I wanted to do was get away from these cruel weirdoes. She kept her finger in and slipped her other hand across my mound.


As she started tapping against my clit with her open hand, her thumb slipped back into my cunt. With her one finger in my ass, her hand over my clit and her thumb inside my cunt she established a rhythm.


Hand tap, thumb thrust, finger slide back; Hand tap, thumb thrust, finger slide forward.


I stopped resisting and started focussing on the rhythm. It was mesmerising. I felt every nerve ending in my crotch spring to life.


I was getting lost in the rhythm and sensations. I felt his hands release my shoulders and find my breasts.


He grabbed hold of my nipples and tugged them in time to her rhythm. Tug tug push down, tug tug push down.


I could move again and found myself driving my pelvis into her hand.


Hand tap, thumb thrust, finger slide back, grind pelvis forward; Hand tap, thumb thrust, finger slide forward, pull pelvis back.


His hands left my breasts and I felt his weight leave the bed.


The hand over my clit changed to one finger flicking and I felt his hard long cock at the entrance to my cunt.


His cock dived into me in place of Helen’s thumb and her finger slid back further. I felt more pressure at the entrance to my ass and her 2 fingers entered me.


Finger flick, cock thrust forward, fingers deep in, pelvis grind forward; Finger flick, cock pull back, fingers slide back, pelvis pull back; Finger flick, cock thrust forward, fingers deep in, pelvis grind forward; Finger flick, cock pull back, fingers slide back, pelvis pull back.


The steady rhythm increased until I could feel nothing but my throbbing crotch and pelvis.


I felt the orgasm build and build.


On her quiet command ‘Now’ they both started pushing and pulling hard and frantic. I was frozen.


Without warning my orgasm took hold. I felt every nerve ending of my body fire up as the first wave washed over me like a tidal wave. The second wave was warmer and more sustained. It rolled up my spine along my legs and into my fingers and toes!  


As I thrashed around in my restraints, the blindfold slipped away from my eyes.


I felt her fingers slip out of me and his cock glide out through my pulsing wetness.   I heard her moaning. When I opened my eyes I found her standing head down over my pussy, legs spread and him plunging into her.


She gripped my legs and I saw her throw back her hair as he gripped her hips and pulled her against him harder and harder. Suddenly she screamed out and he groaned as they came together.


She collapsed on top of me and him on top of her.


The heaving sweating bundle that was us remained like that as we all slipped into a mesmerised silence.


Quietly he got up and undid my ankle restraints and then my wrists. He took the soaked gag out of my mouth.

Helen was still between my legs. My hand found its way to her hair.


This was the pose I found us in when I awoke a little later.


As she looked up at me from between my legs she quietly said, “That was good wasn’t it? Next time I’ll teach you how to milk a prostate. Now, let’s get you clean and decent so you can go join your friends for breakfast.”


(To be continued)



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