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Helping myself to Rita (Part 1)

A crime is committed and I decide the punishment!
Helping myself to Rita (Part 1)

All characters named and any actions taken are fictional.

Two years ago a couple moved onto my street five houses down. They had one child about the age of seven and a rather large dog that lived with them. From the outset it was obvious that they were not the usual calibre of people that normally live on my street, and it was quickly found out that they had been moved to this house by the local council. Without anyone’s knowledge the house had been bought by the council to help with the amount of people who needed social housing.

I am not saying this to be snobby because if you looked at my house you would tell that I was not rich and neither was anyone else on the street, but everyone I knew worked hard for a living and owned their own house.

I never really spoke to the couple or their child and rarely saw them, so I didn’t really get to know them. Recently I found out that a couple of months ago her husband had been killed in a hit and run accident. Thinking about this over the last two months I had noticed an increasing amount of men who all seemed to be wearing white shirts and black suits knocking on her door. Sometimes they spoke to the woman on her doorstep or if no one appeared to be home push a letter through the door. One time I even saw a man go into the house, remove a number of items including a small TV and drive off leaving the woman on the doorstep crying.

About a week ago I ended up late evening popping to the local shop on the next road along to get the usual basics a single man needs, beer and bread, when I bumped into the woman from down the street. She apologised for knocking into me. I apologised too, and carried onto the shop. After getting the items needed, I put my hand into the back pocket of my jeans to get my wallet to find it was not there. I knew it had been there as I’d just been checking to see that I had some money for the shopping just before I bumped into the woman.

Quickly I played back the scene in my head and put two and two together. I left my items on the counter and ran out of the shop towards home. I turned the corner to my street to see my 5 doors away neighbour quickly walking towards her home. I jogged up behind her quietly and grabbed her by the arm. She spun around quickly with a look of shock on her face and immediately began to cry.

Without a word she handed back my wallet which she had obviously just been looking through and began to walk away. I once again grabbed hold of her arm and spun her back round. Very quickly she apologised for stealing my wallet and hoped I would not call the police. Feeling very mad, I literally dragged her into my house and sat her down in the living room.

I tried to calm myself down but found this impossible. I couldn’t believe she had tried to steal my wallet. Glaring at her I noticed that she was actually quite pretty, not your supermodel pretty but still very pretty. I looked into her eyes and could see fear of the unknown.

I asked her why she had tried to steal from me. Through tears, now streaming down her face, she told me that she has no money to pay for food for herself and her child. Since her husband’s death she was struggling to cope without his help. This quickly calmed me down and I sat down beside her on my settee. Taking one of her hands into my own I told her that I wouldn’t call the police, but she has to promise two things. The first was not to not steal from anyone ever again, to which she quickly nodded her head to and stopped crying.

Looking deeply into her eyes I could see that she was very grateful for this, but even though I now felt sorry for her I wanted to emphasise that what she had done was very wrong.

I stood up and moved before her and told her she would have to be punished. She nodded her head and lowered it, looking down to the floor. 

In a commanding voice I said, “Suck it!” She looked up at me in alarm. “Suck it or I call the police. I won’t force you, this will be your choice but you tried to rob me, so I deserve some compensation, so it’s either sucking my cock now or I call 999 and a criminal record for you!”

Her head dropped down again as I stood before her. Seeing no reaction I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out my mobile phone. Unlocking the keypad I began to press the touch screen, each touch brought forth a quiet beeping noise.

Her head shot up and looked me straight in the eye, “Ok you bastard I’ll do it!”

Sitting up straight and gathering herself her hands moved quickly and undid my belt, button and zip. Pulling down my jeans she stopped at knee height and moved to pull down my boxer shorts, I stopped her and undid my laces. She helped me take my shoes and socks off then pulled my jeans off fully, leaving me stood in front of her with my boxer shorts on at her eye level.

Again her hand moved towards my boxer shorts and pulled them down. I had begun to grow a little so when she pulled them down my cock sprang up in front of her face. She sat looking at my cock for a few seconds, eying it from different angles, then gently took hold of the base of my seven incher.

Pointing it towards her mouth she said, “It’s a lot bigger than my husband’s.” Then moved her mouth towards my mushroom head. I stopped her by taking hold of her chin and tilted her head up to look at me.

“Before you start tell me your name,” I asked.
“Rita,” she replied quickly and jammed my knob straight into her mouth.

Immediately, I could feel her fiery heat as she sealed the entrance with her lips. Her left hand that had been holding my cock began to vigorously wank me up and down, her other hand grabbed my balls as she quickly began bobbing her head up and down.

I had not been with a woman for quite some time so her hot mouth was giving me a long forgotten pleasure. I spread my legs wider apart for more comfort and placed my hands on her shoulder. I could tell that she was trying to get this over with quickly so I put my hand on the top of her head to slow her down. Her eyes flickered up to mine and with obvious reluctance she slowed down and began a slow methodical bobbing.

This felt much better, her hand on my balls had stopped tugging them harshly and she began to caress them with much more care. Her other hand on the base of my cock began sliding up and down with less force giving me a wonderful feeling.

“Rita, use your tongue, lick around my head,” I told her.
Without missing a heartbeat her tongue curled around the end of my cock, taking breaks to kiss the end and lick off my pre-cum. This caused me to buck forward involuntarily a number of times due to the sensations she was giving me. Feeling that I was now in control of myself I allowed her to continue at her own pace.

Over the next 10 minutes Rita gave me a master class lesson on giving a blow job without the need for her to go deep down on my cock. Using her hands, tongue, mouth and lips she brought me to the edge of ecstasy.

Unable to hold on any further I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock to the rear of her mouth. She quickly gagged so I pulled fully out to allow her to take a quick breath.

“Rita, I am going to fuck your mouth now, I’m going as deep as I want. You will take all that I give you, if not you know what will happen!” I managed to get out as my chest heaved up and down, my voice a ragged due to her ministrations.

Taking her hand off the base of my cock I forced her reluctant head down my rock hard erection. Gently pushing my cock further into her mouth I began to slide down her throat. I could tell that she was struggling as she placed her hands on my thighs and applied a small amount of pressure to stop me going forward.

“Relax,” I grunted as I pulled out of her mouth.

Looking down at her face I could see what little make up she had on was now smeared and little trails of tears had drawn a dirty course down her cheeks. Pulling her head forward again I pushed my cock into her mouth and quickly forced it down her throat once again. This time I could feel her mover her head to a slightly different angle and I entered her throat with greater ease. Sliding further forward I felt her nose touch my stomach and looked down.

Rita had quickly taken my whole cock deep down into her throat, her face was by now bright red and saliva dripped out from the corners of her stuffed mouth. Pulling half out I pushed forward once again and managed to push her nose further into my stomach with no problems. Gripping her head even tighter I began to fuck her face slowly. She placed her hands once again on my thighs but used them to steady her body rather than try to stop what I was doing.

Gathering speed I rocked backwards and forwards, pulling her whole head against me as I slammed my cock in and out of her throat. Looking down I could see that her left hand was caressing her breast over her top and the other was now gripping my leg, pulling me towards her every time I rocked forward.

Seeing her become aroused and taking a more active part made me feel a little better about punishing her this way, but I knew that she needed a lesson for what she had done to me.

I rammed my cock in and out of her mouth as fast and as hard as I could with no respite, her throat muscles caressing my enlarged cock as it slid in and out. Quickly I began to feel light headed, and without warning my cum surged up the length of my cock and shot deep into her throat. Closing my eyes and feeling an orgasm the likes I had never felt before, I bent forward slightly and wrapped my lower arms behind the back of Rita's head and held her squashed against my body as I grunted out my thick salty cum.

Standing there with a slutty thief on her knees, my cock rammed deep down her throat made me feel I now had a power over her and further avenues for punishment opened in my mind. Opening my eyes I looked down once again, her face an amazing bright red colour, eyes looking up to me shining, glazed over. Pulling back slowly I withdrew my cock to the entrance of her tight throat and brutally thrust forward one more time before pulling fully out. As soon as I cleared the entrance to her throat, I could feel Rita take a large breath and she began to cough around my cock.

I let go of her head and withdrew my dick fully from her hot sticky mouth and pushed her away from me. Rita fell back against the edge of the settee, her breasts heaving as she gasped for breath.

Overcome with fatigue I moved to her side and sat down on the settee, next to where she sat on the floor. Pulling her face around to look at me I could now see fire in her eyes, I could see hatred there, but also reluctant enjoyment at what we had just done.

I grabbed my wallet, pulled out the £20 she had tried to steal and pushed it into her hand.

“Take this, I will see you back here in one week’s time at 7pm, I like shaved pussy and make sure you’re not late!”

Her eyes burning with a fierce hatred, stared at me knowing that she had enjoyed herself. I smirked at her and she bowed her head. Taking the money she stood up, thrust it into her pocket and stormed out of my house without a word.

I sat there smiling, my mind running away with itself at the possibilities of what was to come.

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