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Helping myself to Rita (Part 2)

Continuing the punishment.
 If you have not yet read Part 1 of this story it may help understanding this part.

It is one week later and I sit waiting for Rita to arrive. I am worried that she won’t come and what I will do about it. Do I call the police, storm round her house or just leave it as it is?

I recall what I have managed to find out over the past week about her. Rita is 27 (I am 29), she has a son aged 8, a large dog and no husband. She is in debt due to her husband dying a few months ago as he was the only bread winner and they were in financial troubles before he died. I have heard that she is a good mother and was a good wife.

Checking my watch I can see it is just before 7pm, the time I told her to be round at mine.

Looking out of the window once again I notice a car pull up outside her house and sound the horn. Almost immediately Rita and her son run towards the car, the passenger door opens and he gets in. The door closes and the window is wound down just a crack. She leans forward to the gap and speaks to either her son or the person driving the car. Quickly the window goes back up and the car pulls away.

Rita watches the car drive down the road getting drenched as she is just wearing a simple blouse and cropped trousers with slip on shoes. Turning towards my house I can see her take a deep breath and walk determinedly my way. I know that she can’t see me watching her due to the deluge of water running down my window and the darkness of the room that I am in.

Seconds later there is a knock on my back door.

“Come in!” I shout.

I hear the door open and close. Wet feet pad through my tiled kitchen and she turns into my living room. Rita is about 5’ 7”, black hair and the most gorgeous sparkling green eyes. Her figure is slim but not skinny with medium sized breasts which fit her body size perfectly. However at this moment she looks more like a drowned rat, overall not a sexy look.

She stares at me with the same hatred she had the previous week, I stare back at her and smile.

“Get undressed!” I tell her in a low voice.

Without a thought she undresses before me, no apparent embarrassment at all, never taking her eyes from me for a moment except when pulling her top over her head. She is only wearing three items which are now laid at her feet. She had not bothered to wear any underwear.

For the first time I see her naked. As per my instructions I can see that her pussy is clear of all hair (which could actually have been the way she always had it).

“Turn around slowly!” I say in the same low voice.

Rita standing only a couple of metres away from me turns slowly clockwise. I stare at her smooth body as she turns, I can see no blemishes or stretch marks marring her anywhere. She has the smoothest, most perfect body I have ever had the honour of seeing in real life.

As she faces me again I can tell that the drenching she received has left her cold and she shivers slightly before me. For some reason I take pity on her and tell her to follow me upstairs.

Her eyes still blazing with hatred follows me up the stairs in my three bedroom terraced house. Instead of leading her into my bedroom I walk into the bathroom. As she enters I once again look at her from head to toe, to me at this moment she looks like an angel waiting for my touch.

Taking control of myself I point to my small shower cubicle,

“Get a hot shower, take your time and warm up,” I tell her. “Once you’ve finished you can use a towel from the cupboard in the corner.”

I point towards a small cupboard which holds all my spare linen and towels and go to leave the room. Turning around I look back at her,

“Once you’re dried come into my bedroom, it’s the first door on the right.”

I lie on my bed fully clothed and listen as the shower is turned on and water cascades onto the plastic flooring. Lying there I imagine her cleaning her body, rubbing herself all over, spending extra seconds on her most intimate areas.

My mind wanders back to her taking my cock deep into her throat a week ago and how she looked at me afterwards with her hating eyes, but at the same time seeing reluctant enjoyment there. I remember how she told me my cock was bigger than her husband just before I asked her name.

Unconsciously I move my right hand over my now engorged cock and rub it through my clothing as I picture her beautiful naked body stood before me in the living room, mine to command.

I am brought out of my thoughts as I hear the shower being turned off. I look at my watch and see that about ten minutes have passed. I listen to her moving about in the bathroom, opening the cupboard door and closing it. I imagine her carefully drying her body, looking at herself in the mirror whilst doing so.

I take my hand off of my cock as she opens the bedroom door and leaving it wide open behind her. I find the symbolism of leaving the door open funny as if closing the door means she is trapped here with me.

“Close the door, it lets a draft in even with the windows closed,” I tell her.

I sit up and watch her as she closes the door and moves towards the end of my normal double sized bed. Thinking of her personal situation and her sad blazing eyes make me want to do something for her rather than just use her for my own ends.

“Just like last week you can leave whenever you want, I won’t hold you here against your will,” I explain once again. “But if you do leave you know what will happen.”

I look directly into her eyes to emphasise my point. She stares back at me but nods her head in acknowledgement. I look once more again at her gorgeous body then take hold of her hand and lead her round to the side of the bed.

I stand up beside her and turn her towards me. I lean forward and kiss her forehead before stepping back and strip of all my clothes. My cock, which has been moving up and down like a yo-yo since Rita stripped off points out front at half mast. Without asking Rita moves closer and grips my cock with her right hand, her left hand beginning to gently caress my balls.

I stand looking at her face which is turned slightly downwards gazing at my rising cock. I think of how beautiful she is and her ongoing problems. I decide there and then that I will make this her moment, her time for enjoyment whilst keeping control of the situation.

Stepping back from her sensual touch I lift her face up to look at mine and tell her to sit on the edge of the bed. A quizzical look appears on her face but she sits herself on the bed. I stand directly before her, my cock directly in front of her as she reaches out once again to grip me.

“Wait!” I say and kneel before her.

I look again into her eyes and see that her glare has diminished somewhat and place my hands upon her thighs. Gently pushing them apart I see her cleanly shaved pussy lips part slightly, tinged with dampness.

I grab her legs and pull her forwards so that her bum is hanging off the edge of the bed and her pussy is just inches from my face. I breathe deeply, inhaling both my shower gel smell and her womanly musk. As her smell envelopes my senses my cock throbs and grows larger.

Tentatively I stick out my tongue and run it up her right thigh towards her gash, as I feel her shudder and she allows herself to fully fall back onto the bed. Her hands grip the duvet as I inch closer to her fragrant pussy. Just as my tongue is about to touch her engorged lips I stop and quickly begin the same movement up her left thigh.

As I get closer to her opening I hear a small intake of breath, followed by a quiet sigh. I repeat this process for the next couple of minutes, never quite making contact with her most intimate areas.

I move my head up slightly and for a second I hover just above her clitoris area and sneak a peek at her face. Rita’s eyes are closed and a small smile can be seen in the corners of her mouth. Moving further down her body I can see her areolas have deepened a couple of shades and her nipples have doubled in size and must be about 1 cm long and are pointing straight out like bullets.

I move my head back down and begin licking once again up her right thigh, this time not stopping and continue on to the bottom of her slit. Flattening out my tongue I push against her pussy lips and drag it slowly up the length of the slit leaving a trial of saliva. Just as I reach the top I change my tongue shape into a spear and push it under the small hood.

While my tongue is engaged in its devious work I hear “Fuck!” quietly shoot out of Rita’s mouth.

I wiggle my tongue more around the small nub that I have found and using my hands push her thighs open even further. As her pussy opens further I dip my head down once again and slide my flattened tongue once again over her half opened slit.

Her slight dampness has now changed to a slow leak of nectar from her hole which I lap up, tasting her properly for the first time. This time I move up her slit, wiggling my tongue slowly side to side as Rita begins moaning more vocally.

Once again when I reach the top I slip my tongue towards her hood to find it pulled back and her small nub has doubled in size. I lap upwards against it, each time causing Rita to shiver and moan at each touch.

Moving my left hand up above her snatch I pull back the hood further and lavish my full tongue attention on her clitoris.

With my right hand I place my middle finger to the entrance of her pussy and gently circle it around, covering it in her slippery juices. I feel her legs pull further apart of their own accord and pull my finger up to my mouth. I look straight at her face and she opens her eyes. I slowly place my finger covered in her succulent juices into my mouth and suck every bit off.

Rita, stares back at me saying, “Fuck me, that’s hot!”

I move my finger back down to her entrance and coat it again in her juices. Applying the slightest pressure I push against her entrance, with minimum resistance my finger slides into her hot tunnel and I slowly begin pumping it in and out, my mouth clamped around her clit with my tongue lazily swirling around the nub.

Rita’s breath begins to quicken and on every out breath a small moan escapes from her lips.

I continue this for a couple of minutes, licking her hard clit and gently speeding up my finger fucking.

Rita lifts her head up and looks down at me.
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Fuck me with your fingers. I’m getting close, I’m getting close!”

I speed up my assault and curl my fingers so that they are grazing the roof of her hot love tunnel. Within seconds Rita’s body begins to shake screaming.

“I’m coming, I’m fucking cuuuuuuuuummmmminnnnnnnnnnggggg!”

I grip her clit with my teeth and continue to ravage her bud with my tongue; her hands grab the back of my head and pull me in as tight as possible on to her clit and my finger gets trapped as her pussy muscles clamp down with incredible strength.

My trapped hand is liberally covered in her sweet pussy nectar as her almighty orgasm rips through her body and opens her juicy flood gates.

I am held in this position for at least 10 seconds until Rita’s body relaxes fully and she releases her hold over me. I gently pull out my finger and sit back.

I stand up to relieve the strain on my knees and legs and look down at my efforts to see Rita is covered in a light sheen of sweat and looks as if she has just let go of her body and relaxed into the bed.

I take stock of myself and feel as if my balls might explode. I cannot believe the reaction my body has had to this experience. I have been with many women and done exactly the same thing but I have never felt the way I feel now with any of them.

For some reason I feel that trying to fuck her now would be wrong but my balls are busting. I am also trying to teach her a lesson of not stealing from me so I take a few seconds to mull over what to do next.

Whilst I am thinking Rita opens her glazed eyes and tries to focus onto me. I watch them as they clear and see that there is no longer any hatred in them. They are not friendly towards me, but no longer do they have that look of venom in them.

I move onto the bed and kneel next to her head, looking down I say, “My turn now.”

Rita looks up at my engorged cock and with a resigned look on her face moves her head towards it. I place my hand on her chest between her two beautiful breasts and gently push her back down onto the bed. I move my right hand to my shaft and begin to slowly slide up and down its throbbing erectness. I move my left hand to my balls and gently caress them in a circular motion, the way I like it.

Feeling my balls are about to burst I speed up my wanking. Each time I get near to the end of my bulbous mushroom head I twist my hand round causing myself to shudder as the exquisitely sensitive end is tormented. Copious amounts of my own slippery liquid escapes from my slit and as I slide over the end it lubricates my movements adding further enjoyment to my actions.

I see Rita looking at me with her beautiful thieving eyes and this begins to push me over the edge. I quickly straddle her upper body and point my cock in her direction. Looking down I see Rita lick her lips and a lustful smile tugs at the corners of her mouth.

Seeing this pushes me right over the edge and I shoot a long stream of hot cum over her head, landing on my duvet. I angle my cock down further and point it towards her face. My second stream splatters a line from her right cheek up to her right eye which reflexively closes. Pushing my cock slightly further down my next load draws a line from her chin up to her open mouth.

I close my eyes and allow my head to loll back as my cock continues to shoot out increasingly smaller amounts of cum over Rita’s face and neck area. Seeing lights to the back of my eyes I allow myself to fall onto the bed and lie down next to her.

Feeling exhausted I lay with my eyes shut for a few seconds then look towards where Rita is laid. With utter surprise I see her using her fingers to push as much of my spunk into her mouth, her eyes ablaze with satisfaction and contentment.

I sit up slowly and look down at her gorgeous body naked before me and see that her pussy is still leaking her liquid nectar which is dripping onto the floor.

Standing up I move towards my pile of clothing and take out my wallet. Pulling out £40 I move back to the bed and push it into Rita’s hand.

“Same day next week," I tell her, “But come an hour earlier. Now get out!”

Rita stands up and dashes towards the bedroom door, her face still partially covered in my sticky cum. I sit back down on the bed and listen as she darts noisily down the stairs. A minute later I hear the door open and slam shut.

I ponder for a second about my surprising new feelings toward her but decide that she still needs to be punished for trying to steal from me.

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