High School Reunion, Lush Style

By xfallingxangelx

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Who knew what 20 years of desire would bring?
Walking into my sister’s house I see the clock on the stove read 2:35 am. I have to be up for work in about six hours max, and I am nowhere near sleep. It’s nice when she goes out of town and I get to watch her house, but at the same time my commute to work is doubled. I let the dogs out, and once they are settled back into their beds, I wander into the bedroom. I reach over and grab my cell phone to let you know I am home safe. I open my text messages and send Home safe baby. Still smiling ;-) Sleep well. Pressing send, I plug my phone in and catch my reflection in the mirror. My hair is still a mess, my cheeks are still flushed, and I can see the marks from where you bit into my shoulder as you came. I can still smell you on my skin and in my hair; I am wishing I hadn’t left tonight, especially with things unfinished between us.

Twenty years ago, I was a scared little 14 year old high school freshman; I was dating a guy named Dave who was a sophomore and hung out with you. I had heard your name, but never officially met you until that Saturday night for the CYO lock-in. Dave was running late for some reason and I recognized a few of the guys you were hanging out with. I walked up and introduced myself; you were all sophomores with him and I figured you guys could entertain me while I waited on him. As you introduced yourself to me, our eyes locked and I felt a twinge in my nether regions that I had never felt before. It makes me chuckle to think you have that same effect on me even today.

Even though we saw each other almost every day in school for the next two and a half years until you graduated, and ran into each other multiple times after that; I never told you that night was the first night I realized how attracted to you I really was. Sure, I dated multiple people after Dave, and even tormented a few of your bowling friends when we ran into each other over the years; but the truth is, you were always the one I wanted to torment. When you moved out west, I thought I’d never have my chance. How lucky was I that you recently moved back home and now stay 10 minutes from me?

I remember how my heart jumped when I jokingly agreed to your idea about coming out to play, and you invited me to wander the mall with you. The plan was to meet for some cookies and conversation in the food court and maybe some shopping while we talked. I was running late, stuck on the phone with another friend and getting very nervous about seeing you again. It is so not like me to be nervous, especially about seeing someone I’ve known for 20 years. I changed clothes four times before I left because I wanted to look cute, but not like I was trying too hard. I wanted to be flirty but not seem desperate. I finally decided on my short sleeved orange Henley with my black push up bra underneath. I know my 36Ds don’t need the push up, but it makes a much better view when they have that extra oomph. I was scared you wouldn’t like what I look like now; the last time you had seen me I was about 20 pounds lighter than I am now. I’ve been losing weight and this was the first weekend I started to feel like it was obvious.

Our eyes met as I walked up to the food court where you were waiting, I felt butterflies; I haven’t felt butterflies in years so I didn’t know what to think. You walked right up to me and gave me a big hug. The butterflies got worse when I smelled your cologne. It was one I hadn’t smelled in 20 years, but it still aroused me the same as it did when I was just a silly teenager; you just smelled so good. My mind went places it probably shouldn’t have. I kept willing you to lean over and kiss me or to feel you ‘accidentally’ brush against my breasts as you reached out to hug me.

We wandered into the mall, and downstairs to get our cookies. You teased me about my choice of cookies and I teased you about your indecision on whether your coke would be frozen or not. We found a table and started eating. I resisted the urge to reach out and touch your hand; we were only there as friends, yes there had been some flirting messages back and forth and comments that were fraught with sexual innuendo but nothing had been defined about this outing being anything more than one of friendship. I tested the waters by making some comment about collecting for breast cancer at a charity event the night before and wearing a low cut shirt with dollar bills hanging out of my bra. You commented that if the shirt were half as low cut as the one I had on at that moment, then I must have made lots of money. It was working; you had noticed and even showed some interest. You tormented me by making me help you pick out cologne and I repaid the favor by making you help me pick out lingerie. You found me a red plaid corset with matching thong panties and garters.

It is funny to think that was just a few days ago. It’s Friday night; well at this point it is really Saturday morning and you and I have gone from just chatting online and flirting to ripping each other’s clothes off while pretending to watch movies in your bed. Tonight we went farther than I’ve gone in a long time. I had to resist the urge to go all the way, but not because I didn’t want to; some things are better when you have to wait for them. Now I was regretting holding off. I wanted nothing more than to feel you deep inside me and scream out your name as I came over and over again.

Walking from the bedroom to the bathroom, I admired myself in the mirror again as I slowly undressed. Pulling my shirt over my head, it was obvious my skin was still electric from your touch. I traced the outline of my jaw from my earlobe to my chin. Unhooking my bra, I could see my nipples growing harder in the mirror, both from the cold air of the bathroom and the images of tonight still churning in my mind. I turned on the shower and watched the steam fill the bathroom. I unbuckled my jeans and slowly slid them down my legs. Standing in the steamy bathroom in only my thong, I traced along my slit, feeling how wet I was, I had soaked through my panties. I hadn’t worn thong panties in over 10 years but something you said prompted me to make a shopping trip and start buying them again.

I slowly slid the soaked panties down my legs and stepped into the hot water of the shower. My nipples tingled every time I brushed against them with the shower sponge as I cleaned the sweat from my body. The steam from the shower caused your scent to rise off my skin, and reignite the fire in me. Dropping the shower sponge, I rubbed my hard clit with my right hand while pulling and rubbing my nipples with my left hand. I could feel my cavern getting wetter as my finger darted between my soft pink lips to tease my g-spot. It felt good, yes; but not as good as you did. I shouldn’t have left tonight, I should have stayed; I should have given in. I bit my bottom lip as the waves of pleasure ran rampant through my body. This was not going to be enough; I was not going to be satisfied alone tonight. My mind raced as I considered driving back to your house, finishing what I had started; but I couldn’t. I had a better idea.

I hurried to finish my shower before stepping out into the steamy bathroom again. Stretching out on the bed; I grabbed my cell phone and dialed your number, and you answered on the second ring. I was afraid you might have been asleep, but once I heard your voice I knew you were having as much trouble sleeping tonight as I was.

“I’m sorry baby, I know you were probably sleeping, but I just can’t stop thinking about you.” I said. “I should have stayed, I should have turned around once I got to the car, hell I shouldn’t have even started the damn thing; but I did and I am home and I regret it.”

You chuckled to yourself; you knew it wouldn’t be long until I gave in. You knew the moment your lips barely brushed my breastbone and you felt me tense on Wednesday night what I wanted; you just didn’t know then how long I had wanted it. You were still shocked to hear that I had a crush on you since we were in high school. Yes, in high school you were attracted to me and thought about approaching me but never had the guts to do it. We shared the same fears, and now that we were older; neither of us was afraid to show our attraction.

I was lying on my sister’s bed, rubbing my nipples with my free hand. They were hard and craving attention. You must have heard the tremble in my voice as my pleasure multiplied because you commented that my voice sounded different. I giggled and you knew something was going on and called my bluff.

“Okay, so you wish you hadn’t left, how do we fix that? You are already at your sister’s house, what now?” You said.

Mustering up all my courage, I whispered into the phone “You come here then, no one to disturb us, house to ourselves, and we can just see what happens.” I held my breath waiting for your answer.

“Baby, it’s three in the morning, you really want me to come there?” You asked.

Softly, I said “Yes.” I really wanted you to drive to me; in my mind, if you did then I’d know you wanted me as much as I wanted you.

I heard you sigh to yourself; you really wanted me to come back over. You knew though it was only fair to drive to me. You surrendered. “Okay, send me the directions I’ll be there soon.”

I hurried and sent you both the address and directions from door to door. I locked the dogs up in their room and picked up the bedroom a bit so it wasn’t so messy from my normal daily clothing explosion. All of a sudden, I was nervous. It was one thing to want to take the next step; to fantasize about it, dream of it, and desire it. Once the opportunity presented itself though, I had cold feet.

Thankfully I had brought the corset with me; I had also bought some white thigh highs with red bows on them. I quickly changed into the corset and thigh highs. As I zipped my knee high boots up, I heard you knock at the door.

I quickly wrapped a robe around me; not so much to keep warm, but to hide my surprise from you. Opening the door, I could see you didn’t sleep after I left at all. Your eyes appeared tired, but I could see the hunger in them. I reached out to hug you as I invited you in. My robe fell open enough for you to see the top of the corset, and as we hugged I could feel you getting hard again.

You quickly untied the robe, letting it fall open and admired the view. Tilting my chin up; you softly kissed my lips, letting your tongue dip gently between them to caress mine. You slowly kissed and bit down my neck and chest to the top of my breasts, heaving with my impassioned breath. “Baby, I hate to interrupt you; but we may want to shut the door.” I said, pushing you away long enough to shut and lock the door behind us. I led you through the house and into the bedroom.

Laying me on the bed, you slowly unzipped my boots; kissing your way along my calves before slipping them off. You then kissed your way back up my legs; spreading them gently as you went. Stopping as you reached the top of the stockings, you pulled your shit off over your head. Unhooking the garters one at a time; you slowly pulled my stockings down one at a time. Pulling my panties down my legs, you kissed the apex of my thighs gently as my back arched off the bed.

Moaning louder than I could at your apartment, I ran my fingers through your hair, pulling you deeper into me. I felt your teeth brush against my clit, sending waves of pleasure up my spine.

Teasing me, you looked up at me and said “Now why was it I needed to come over here again? What was it you wanted me to do?” I could see the spark in your eyes. You knew you had me right where you wanted me and even if there was a bit of resistance left in me, now that my panties were gone and you had me pinned to the bed; any chance I had left to back out was long gone.

With a tremble in my voice I responded. “Fuck me.” My voice was barely above a whisper; I didn’t even know if you heard me.

Suddenly your lips were pressed into mine. Biting my lower lip, you unzipped my corset, rendering me nude beneath you. My breathing was rapid as my anticipation grew. “What was that you said?” You asked; a slight edge of power I had never heard before in your voice. It made me tremble and I could feel myself getting wetter.

Slightly stronger and with more conviction I said as I looked you deep in the eyes. “Fuck. Me. Baby. Now.”

Your eyes went wild as you pulled my hips to the edge of the bed. Somewhere in the last few minutes you had gotten rid of your pants and boxers without me even knowing about it. You pressed the head of your hard cock against my soaked lips. This was the moment of our truth. 20 years in the making; this would either be the best night of my life or the greatest disappointment.