His lucky break

By Hellfire360

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Beautiful. The only word that comes to mind viewing Becky Daemon laying face-down on his bed. Her t-shirt laid beside her, her sports bra covered her nicely, her tan was even all over her body. She wore tight shorts that made the button barely hold, her nice round butt stood tall over her but not freakish. Her head turned to the right, in the dim light she looked like the perfect goddess. While everyone else was just in the next room partying thru the graduation party. There was 9 people in all that came, Becky was the 9 th , she was also passed out drunk. Everyone else there were fine, except the heavy metal blasting from the boom box kind of made everyone deaf to anything happening outside. One of the guy’s rises needing a bathroom. His name is Mark. He walks past her and goes towards the bathroom. 20 minutes later he makes his way back to finally see her, the music wasn’t as bad, he says, “Becky! You okay!?” She doesn’t move, he gets closer and says, “Becky!” She moves some, a bottle of whiskey falls out of her right hand. Mark says, “Great…just what we needed. Yo Becky, can you get up?” “Leave me alone…just let me sleep…”

Mark smiles looking her over, she turns onto her side, her eyes open partially as she says, “What do you want Mark?” She rolls onto her back moaning. Most other guys she’d yell at until they left, but Mark was a very close friend to her, almost like a brother. She trusted him at all times, even in this situation she acted normal around him, although Mark had completely different ideas waiting to jump out. She says, “How about taking me home…” “You mind leaving your car here?” “It’s locked…” He helps her up and walks her out, he motions to the others they were leaving, it was common for Mark to drive Becky home when she was upset or tired, so they gave it no thought. Mark and Becky go out to Mark’s Malibu. He gets her in shotgun then walks over, he gets in and drives off towards her home, only a block away from his own. Becky says, “Mark…I love you…” She starts giggling. He doesn’t even smile, knowing she was hammered. Becky was moving around to the light music playing, she turns it up enjoying it. Within minutes Mark gets to a nice looking house, he pulls into the driveway and turns the car off. He gets out and goes around to her side. Her parents were deep asleep, her parents had given her a key for something like this so once he got her to the door he unlocked it, set her down on the couch and went to the alarm, he punches the code in to turn it off.

Mark moves her over to the stairs, he now gets her arms around him and coaxes her into wrapping her legs around him, he now starts up the stairs towing her like a camel. He gets to the top and gets her off then walks her on down to her room, he opens the door and takes her over to her bed. Mark says, “How do you sleep again?” She falls into his arms saying, “Nightgown, nothing else on…” Mark sits her down and starts to undress her. By now Becky has had time to sober up, she says, “Mark…I don’t know what I would do without you…” He gets her nude and goes to her closet, he fetches her nightgown, all this time he never even glanced at her body, he stared off somewhere else. He turns with the nightgown, Becky is standing before him a little wobbly. She is smiling at him. Mark says, “You need to sleep…” She lets him slide the gown over her then walks her back to the bed, he gets her in bed. She grabs his arm and says, “You are leaving me?” “My parents are going to kill me as it is. I’ll call you in the morning.” “Please…just stay with me for a little while…” Her eyes were pleading with him, he sighs and says, “Only a couple…”

Becky passes out finally, Mark goes to her side and checks, he says, “See you later Becky.” He walks out of her room, downstairs, and sets the alarm back up before slipping out into the night making sure her door was closed tight. Mark now goes to his car and gets in. He stops for a minute looking at the house. Mark finally backs out of the driveway and goes on home. Mark gets home to find his parents asleep in the chairs. He goes past them and goes upstairs to his room, still untouched, he locks his bedroom door and gets ready to sleep. He takes his cell phone out and puts an alarm on it while on the charger. He finally gets to bed at 2am in the morning.

Daylight comes quick and it becomes 8am. He is awoken by his cell phone, he retrieves it and gets dressed. His cell phone goes off again, he looks and flips it open, he says, “Becky, glad to see you awake.” “I want to apologize for a few hours ago.” “For what?” “You aren’t dumb, I was hitting on you.” “Like you always do when you are drunk. I’m used to it.” “How are you able to hold yourself back like that?” “I don’t see you as some drunk chick that’s an easy score, like most the other guys, I see you as a close friend, or a sister.” Mark could feel a smile creep on her lips even though he wasn’t close to her. Becky says, “Please come by later. I want to talk to you in person.” “I’ll try.” He closes the cell phone and goes to his door. He unlocks it and walks out, a fist comes flying at him, his father’s, he dodges with ease and lands a strong jab to his father’s stomach. His father falls to the floor, his mother runs out screaming. Mark says, “You 2 know I fight back. See ya.” Mark walks downstairs and goes to the kitchen, he gets a small breakfast before his mother comes downstairs. He finishes it and slips past her going to the front door. His father yells, “You walk out you are never coming back!” Mark opens the door like he never heard him and leaves going to his Malibu. He gets in, backs out and takes off to a friend’s house.

Later that day Mark had slipped back home and got his stuff from the living room, his room was cleared out. Mark takes it up and goes to Becky’s house. He pulls into the driveway. Becky was on the front porch with a couple girls. Mark gets out but stops seeing the girls, he never understood how she could stand to be around them, they were boyfriend stealers, whores, and thieves. Becky says, “Mark! There you are. What’s wrong?” Mark quickly locks the car and closes the door making it unsuspicious. He walks up and says, “I need to talk to you, I’d rather not with an audience present.” Becky says, “See you girls later. Mark, let’s leave.” All 3 glance at them as they go back to his car. He quickly unlocks the car before Becky got to the door, as soon as she was in and the door was closed, Mark backed out and took off, Becky quickly gets her seatbelt on sensing something was wrong with him. Becky says, “What happened?” “I was kicked out of my own house. Look in the backseat.” She sees everything and turns back to him, she says, “Mark…I had no idea…I’m so…” Mark accelerates, she senses it and says, “Mark…we don’t need to get pulled over for speeding, slow down.” “I work my ass off, in school and at home, this is how that bastard repays me.” Mark suddenly slams on the brake coming to a shrieking halt. Becky says, “Mark…it’s okay…I’ll help you find a place to live…”

Becky looks around and says, “Mark, where are we?” Mark laughs a little and says, “You don’t remember?” “Mark…” “We used to hang out at the gas station up ahead, see.” “Mark, we can’t be in this area…please…” “Really…oh well.” “Mark!” He only speeds up at her pleading, a couple cars get behind them. Becky says, “Mark…please…don’t stop…I don’t want to be raped by them…” Mark says, “That much I will comply to.” He speeds up and makes a sharp turn onto another street, the 2 cars were gaining on him. Mark makes another turn and pushes his car to the limit, he passes back into their area. Both cars slow to a stop watching him drive off. Mark stops and pulls over, Becky says, “You proved your point Mark…please…talk to me now…” Mark looks at her and says, “What I said last night, is that all you ever saw me as? Besides when you are drunk?” “Mark…” “Well?” “I don’t…” “It’s worse not to answer.” “I only see you as a brother. Maybe back when we were both 13 or 14 but no, I don’t see you as anything else.” Mark starts his car up again and says, “I knew I shouldn’t have stuck to the nice guy routine…” Becky blushes. Mark pulls up in front of her house, the 3 girls were still there. He says, “Go on back to your whorish friends.” “Mark…” She gives him a light kiss on the cheek before getting out. Mark peels out quickly from her house going to his friends.

A couple weeks go by, Mark had ignored all her phone calls and texts up till now. He finally answers the phone, “Yeah?” “Mark! You are still alive!” He laughs at this, his 4 close friends sat with him, no girls around. Mark says, “What do you want?” “Where have you been? I’ve been…” “I know. Decided I’d stop torturing you already.” “Mark…why are you doing this?” “My parents froze my bank account, I have no money…” “Mark…?” “My Malibu was even taken away, I now have an old soccer van.” A couple of his friends spoke just high enough for Becky to catch thru the phone. She says, “Who are you with?” “Jake, Chris, Steve, and Tim. You know, the old gang, minus you, Stephanie, and Tiffany.” Each say hey onto the phone. Becky says, “Mark…can I come see you?” “If I remember correctly you won’t return to our home. You were afraid they would rape you.” Laughter is heard from his friends. Becky says, “I’ll be right over there.” The phone goes dead, Mark says, “Becky is coming.” Chris says, “Tiffany is coming.” Tim says, “Stephanie just pulled in.” Mark says, “Nobody touch Becky…she’s mine.” Just then the doors open as a red headed girl walks in, Chris and Steve walk up to her greeting her, motioning her to go with them.” Tiffany and Becky walk in together, Jake and Tim walk up greeting them both then asking Tiffany to go with them. Becky looks into the large area seeing Mark seated on the round couch so many memories came with.

Becky walks up and says, “Mark…how did you get them back together?” “Had to promise them some stuff, but it was done.” “I’ve missed you so much.” She goes closer to him, he says, “I want you….to sit with me…” Becky does this with no second thought onto what was going on. He slips an arm around her which was odd, Becky says, “Mark, what are you doing?” He says, “We are reviving the old gang…reviving what each of us had before the break up…I’ve already revived myself, now it is your turn…” Becky scoots away from him saying, “Mark, I’m not like that anymore…I’m a good girl…I don’t do that…” “What? This?” His hand slips underneath her skirt on her thigh, she bats at his hand and says, “Mark!” He comes up on her fast holding her down. He says, “I’ve wanted you for so long…ever since Michael died I’ve felt the need to take his place by your side, it’s been 5 long years…” “Mark! Please…” His hand slips back underneath her skirt, she gasp slightly at this, her eyes begging him to stop, she continued trying to coax him to stop too. Mark says, “Cry and beg all you like…it won’t save you this time…” “Mark…please…” Both hear a girl scream out, “Oh god yes! Harder!” Becky recognized the voice, Mark smiles as says, “Tiffany seems to be enjoying herself. She used to not be so open. Guess 5 years has changed her.”

Mark starts to feel her thru her shirt and skirt, Becky continues to beg him to stop, her body was fighting her though, enjoying his touch on her breast and groin. Mark lays down on top of her, she could feel his bulge threatening to rip apart his jeans. He holds her head steady and kisses her on the lips. All fight left her just then feeling this. He doesn’t penetrate her lips though, her tongue shoots up trying to make the kiss stronger, her past catching up to her, he stops her though and lets off the kiss. Becky says, “What the? You wanted me back, you got me, now take me!” He laughs at her hunger, he stops now, trying to get her to turn back. Becky does falling right into his trap. He now hastily removes her shirt and starts to knead her breast thru her bra. Becky says, “Mark…what are you doing to me?” Mark was teething on her nipples, his eyes watching her closely waiting for her to revert to her old self. Becky was already getting turned on though despite reverting to her past.

Mark slips a hand below her skirt stroking her pussy thru her panties. Becky says, “Mark…stop teasing me…what do you want? Innocence or experience…!?” “Both…” Becky moans out a sob feeling him play with her while hearing that. He now jerks off her skirt and her panties in one move, she sits up and undoes her bra quickly. He pushes her back down and says, “Leave it on.” “Oh….come on.” He was still dressed, which was driving her insane. He splits her legs and forces his face to her pussy quickly getting her turned on, Becky says, “Mark! Fuck me already!” He rises up, she had reverted quickly, she says, “I fucking hate you right now! Please!” Mark goes back down eating her again, she moans out as loud as she could. He eats her for another 20 minutes till she cums hard. Becky says, “Fuck me already!” He rises from her and just stands there. Becky was truly loosing her mind because of this. He now takes his clothes off, she smiles seeing him for the first time without clothes. He lays back down on her and says, “You want me to fuck you?” “Yes!” Her voice was deeper, she was ordering him now.

Mark says, “Get on your knees.” Becky does with glee and gets ready, Mark couldn’t fight it anymore, he thrust his full length in her giving her no time to relax and starts pounding deep into her. Becky jerks her head back upon the first thrust and just keep bashing her head back with each thrust to come, Mark smiles watching her body beg for his length. Becky says, “Oh god…don’t stop, harder!” She now knew how Tiffany felt much earlier. Stephanie screams just then as she reaches her first orgasm. Mark stops and flips her over roughly, he forces her legs apart and thrust deep into her again. She was fully ready this time as he fucks her hard and strong. Becky says, “Give me your cum! Give it!” Mark was planning on fighting her as long as he could, so he does as he keeps going, although her pussy was trying to rip off his cock by pulling so hard. Mark keeps going for another 20 minutes, already have been going for 20 minutes before he shoves deep into her and empties his seed deep into her worn pussy. He keeps it in till he was dry then lets out of her. He falls on top of her now, Becky says, “Mark…oh god…” Mark lifts his head from her shoulder and kisses her on the lips, shoving his tongue into her mouth, she gave him the same. After 10 more minutes he rises from her and gets dressed, she just lays there as the others return. Tiffany says, “Some things never change.” Becky holds her middle finger up as she sits up and retrieves her clothes.