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A woman comes home late one night and finds an unexpected erotic delight...
Ashley unlocked the door to her apartment, and reached for the light switch as she stepped through. Before her hand made contact with the switch, her arm was grabbed and she was roughly pulled inside and she felt her other arm being wrapped behind her. Before she could scream out an alarm, her mouth was taped, her eyes blindfolded and she was half dragged, half walked forward...but by who...and why...what did they want?

She felt herself struggle, but realized it was useless. With trepidation Ashley tried to control the feelings and fears pulsating through her body and mind. Her hands were tied behind her as she stood there vulnerable and helpless wondering what was going to happen next and when it did she wasn't at all prepared.

Ashley felt the hands lightly touch her breasts, slowly, softly, lightly stroke them, feeling her fullness, cupping the size of her and encircling their size and weight. A finger flicked her right nipple, and slowly traced a circle around it through her bra, teasing, in a slow tantalizing walk. How could she feel tantalized? What was she thinking? But she felt herself pleasured by the hands dancing their way across her chest and she felt herself, jutting herself out more as the hands were so soothing, so gentle, so...wanted.

It had been so long, yes, so long since Ashley had felt someone's caressing touch that she felt herself groaning inside as the hands gave way to the dancing and rhythm of the fingers, circling, flickering, teasing her nipples and she could not help the hardening and jutting as they were trying to push through the confines of her bra. Slowly, the fingers found their way to the buttons on her blouse. They easily gave way, and her blouse was pulled open.

The coolness of the air felt good on her hot body. "God," Ashley thought, "I am almost enjoying this. What's wrong with me, I should be afraid, yet I find myself wanting more."

Her bra was unclasped from the front and Ashley was relieved as her fullness was given its freedom, and she groaned again as she reveled in the relief she felt from the excitement she was feeling from the hands of this stranger. The tongue that began to lick her breast was cool to the heat of her skin. Slowly the tongue licked its way around the fullness of first one, then the other breast. She felt her knees weaken, and shake when the tip of the strangers tongue first flickered across her right nipple. She did not know how she continued to stand as the tongue encircled her, licking, flicking back and forth as her nipple ached to extend itself to its fullest. His mouth focused on her nipple, sucking, teasing and she felt his hand playing with her other breast as he feasted on her nipple.

Ashley was immediately shocked to feel the presence behind her of someone else. She was momentarily shaken, and yet, the feasting of her breasts, seemed to control her and she felt the contradictory senses giving way. She needed, she wanted, she yearned for the feelings of heat she was experiencing. Into the tied hands behind her, she felt someone push up against her. It took Ashley a second to realize that she was feeling a very hard, very long cock pressed up against her. "Oh my...there are two of them...what? What is going on?"

At that her tied hands were directed to the rod and guided to stroke, and feel the fullness, the hardness, the, "My God," the size of it. As she felt the head, she could feel the wetness of the precum that had leaked out and Ashley used this to slicken the cock. What else could she do? Ashley began to stroke and explore as best she could this immense shaft that had been thrust on her. The frenzy increased on her breasts, the mouth of the stranger was now working on her left breast. She felt fingers slowly racing up and down her stomach to the rhythm of the mouth on her and she was shaking in response while not trying to release, yet tease the cock behind her.

"Do you want to play along," a deep, huskyvoice whispered in her ear.

"Yes," Ashley replied, "Oh God yes..."

When she felt the hands slide up her legs, bunching her skirt Ashley was no longer frightened, but a full fledge participant in whatever was going on. Her groans had given way to moans and cries of delight. The hands on the back of her legs slowly stroked her up and down, near her panties, yet not quite there, and as they danced along her, she increased the intensity and the swiftness of her strokes on the cock in her hands. The fingers across her stomach had worked their way down to the top of her skirt, and the button that was holding them up, was released. Her skirt slithered to the floor, and it was then that Ashley realized how hot and wet her pussy had become.

The hands behind her, on her legs, snuck under the confines of her panties and were slowly playing with the firmness of her ass. The fingers in front were stroking the insides of her thighs. Ashley did not think she could take much more. She could feel herself convulsing in delight to the feelings drowning her body as the hands of the two strangers continued to pleasure her, excite her, "Oh my God, yes," please her. Her panties were slowly pulled down, and Ashley could only imagine what was coming next.

The cock was withdrawn from her bound hands. Ashley reached out for it, as she wanted to complete what she had started, but was being denied.

Ashley was guided to another area. There her feet felt blankets, and when she had taken a few steps onto them, she was stopped. The binds on her hands were released and she was lowered onto the ground. Her feet were pushed back and her knees rose and her legs spread wide. One pair of hands kept her shoulders pinned to the ground, and the other pair slowly stroked the insides of her thighs, coming ever so close to her heat, to her wetness. Yet quickly, without touching her erotic garden they danced away down her thighs.

Ashley felt something press against her right calf. At first, she thought she was mistaken. But no, as she felt it press up against her, move up and down her calf, she could feel a nipple, and realized that she was mistaken, that the one feasting on her breasts, the one tantalizing her thighs, was a...a...a woman! During that realization, Ashley felt the wetness of the woman’s pussy, rubbing up and down her leg. She could hear the soft moans of the woman as she continued to play on Ashley’s leg. She felt the woman shudder, and lift herself off.

Ashley was then aware of the woman’s tongue, licking her inside left thigh. Up near her heat, then down again in a slow game of exhilarating, excruciating delight, the woman licked. As the tongue found its way to the other thigh, Ashley felt the hair from the woman brush against her, and if she had any doubts before Ashley knew for certain she was being devoured by another woman. Ashley did not bother to reflect on it, as the pleasure had already taken her to where she had not been for oh, so very long.

Ashley felt the woman's hands on either side of her pussy, spreading her, and she gasped as she felt the tongue lightly brush across the top of her lips. The woman’s hands opened her pussy. The heat, the juice, the wetness came streaming down her. Ashley lifted her hips up off the floor as she felt the woman’s tongue tickle her clit. She shuddered as the fullness of her was explored by this woman. Ashley felt herself tighten and she could not hold back as she felt the mouth encompass her clit and the rapid flickering of the woman's tongue began to bring her to a level of wanting to explode. Yet just as she felt herself coming to that point, it was like the woman sensed it and would back off letting poor Ashley find some calm before she once again explored Ashley’s lips and pussy with her most erotic mouth.

The tape across Ashley’s mouth was removed quickly and so sudden she did not realize it enough to hurt. She felt herself taking in air and rolling her head back and forth as the ecstasy she was experiencing brought loud moans and groans of pleasure from deep within her. She felt the man straddle her chest and he guided her hands to his full manhood. Hard, long, and such an enormous girth, Ashley knew what she wanted to do as she slowly stroked the rod in her hands. But she hesitated. Feeling her initial hesitancy the man slowly brought his cock forward. Ashley could smell his manhood, and she flicked her tongue out and tasted the precum on the end of him. She sensed the initial quiver of his body and as it tensed, smiling to herself, Ashley brought him into her hot, wet, wanting mouth.

As she began to suck the man and lick him with her tongue between her legs Ashley felt the woman probe her hole with two, then three fingers, in rhythm to her licking of Ashley’s pussy turning Ashley like jello. Shuddering as the combination of senses and feelings and assaults on her person coalesced Ashley was beyond any level of ecstasy she had known before. As she was eaten, so she took care of the cock she was sucking, attempting to tantalize, as she was being tantalized.

Ashley felt him grow, if that were possible, inside her mouth as she took him deep into her throat. Greedily she focused her attention on the man's rod. Working her hand and her mouth she increased the speed of her strokes and the eagerness with which she took him in her mouth. But she, too, was being driven, by the intensity building between her legs. The strokes of the woman’s fingers, the speed of her tongue, the sucking of her clit all drove Ashley to frenzy, building, and building. She did not know how much more she could take. Faster she stroked him. Deeper she took him in. Ashley heard the man groaning, felt his hands on the side of her head as if imploring her, but she did not need any such guidance. Her body had taken over. She was rapidly approaching the crescendo. Ashley wouldn't be satisfied, couldn't be satisfied, until, unless that cock exploded inside her mouth. As she felt herself building to that explosion, as fast as she sucked and stroked, Ashley was as fast being probed and eaten.

Ashley couldn't take it. She was shaking. She was shuddering. Her hips were lifting. Ashley wrapped her legs around the woman bringing her to rapture. It was a state and point in time that is very rarely met, but Ashley, for the first time, was rapidly rising to those heights. "Come in me..." she screamed with her mind to the man who was now rapidly thrusting his manhood in and out of her mouth.

As hard and deep as he thrust, Ashley took him, and stroked him with the wonton lust and fury she was now experiencing. "Yes, baby, cum to Momma...cum on me...shoot that load....fill my mouth with your manhood...let it go..." Ashley screamed with her mind.

In the twinkling of an eye, the lust, the feelings, the ecstasy gathered its own momentum. Ashley was just a pawn to her body’s delights. She felt the cock harden and quiver and fill her mouth. And she knew. As the man released his cum, Ashley exploded. There was cum in her mouth, it spewed across her face and down her chest. But she did not care about that, for she was screaming, unlike she had ever screamed before, "Oh my God...Oh my God...Oh my God..."and her body was taken over by wave after wave of electric convulsions.

Her body trembled. Ashley shook and shuddered and screamed some more. It was as if she had climaxed from the very depth of her being, to a state of pleasure and ecstasy, she had never known before. It seemed like forever, time was no longer something she could relate to but Ashley slowly began to regain her senses.

She no longer felt the presence of the man straddling her. But she was aware of a tongue licking her breasts her chest. Then slowly that tongue found its way to the side of Ashley’s face and Ashley realized the woman from between her legs was licking up the cum that the man had covered her with, licking some, and rubbing some over Ashley. Then gently, she felt the woman's lips on hers, and felt the woman’s tongue probe her mouth. It was the most sensual, erotic kiss Ashley had ever had, and as briefly as it lasted, the woman was gone.

Ashley did not know what could happen next. She was wasted, tired and exhausted. But she sensed that whoever these strangers were, they were not quite done. And as if on cue, Ashley felt her legs being lifted, and spread wide. She sensed the man stroking his manhood; felt him rubbing it against her pussy. She couldn't believe he was hard again, but that is exactly what he was. And Ashley knew what was coming next. He slowly entered her. "MY God" she thought, "What an incredibly hard cock.”

She could feel her walls expanding to take in the enormous shaft. Ashley hoped she could take him all the way inside of her. All she could do was let him take control. Slowly, so tantalizing slowly, he moved himself inside then out, inside, then out. She could feel him harden even more expanding as he continued to explore her with his cock. He began to increase the speed of his strokes probing deeper inside her…faster...faster...deeper...deeper... Ashley could not believe that she was once again beginning to feel the tingling of her deep inner rise that would carry her to the heights.

The heat of her was building. Ashley thrust herself against the man every time he went deep into her. They were slapping hard, one against the other. She could hear his ragged breathing, sense the intensity and strength with which he was pounding her. Ashley in turn was also pounding, seeking the depth of his cock in her, wanting nothing more than to feel the ecstasy of their fuck.

Harder he pounded, faster came his breathing. Faster Ashley responded, finding herself caught once again with gasps and groans of pleasure she had not had for oh, so fucking long. Ashley wrapped her legs around the man, digging her heels into his backside urging him on. Faster...harder...and God, OH GOD...please, deeper. He picked her up like a rag doll and hammered her mercilessly. The harder he hammered, the harder Ashley slammed him back.

It was animalistic. The intensity and the fervor were rapidly reaching a crescendo. Ashley could feel it, from the depths of her soul. The intensity was growing. Faster they went at one another...harder they slammed against one another..."Fuck me...fuck me!!!" screamed Ashley.

The man was spurred to even faster strokes, jamming his enormous cock in the very depths of Ashley. She rose to the height of her being. She felt him explode deep within her and felt the pulsating wave of his cum fill her, run over her, streaming down her pussy, pooling on the blanket beneath her. But she could care less. Ashley just wanted to hang on, milk every ounce of his cock. Convulsing with sheer delight at the intensity, the incredulousness of him, Ashley felt as though she were momentarily just an extension on the end of his cock. She was so utterly and thoroughly drenched in sweat...in cum...in pleasure. "My God," she thought, "What an incredible night."

Ashley woke up the next morning on the blankets. She was still naked, but she had been covered up, and the blindfold had been removed. But there was no sign of the strangers. She noticed on the floor an envelope. Inside was a brief note that said, "Thank you for a most enjoyable evening. We will be returning soon!!!"

"My God," said Ashley, "I sure hope so..."