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Hottie at work pt 1

First step in getting the hottie at work naked.
I work for a large company, lots of employees. However, there are only a few that catch your eye. I noticed her when she first came in, piercing eyes, great skin, nice tits, legs that you would kill for, and a perfect bubble butt. Katie was her name and it suited her 5’5” frame perfectly.

Katie had been working with me for about 2 years when we actually started really talking. I had fantasized about her the whole time. Naked, what kind of panties she wore, what she was into. We started texting back and forth, idle chit chat at first. Then I suggested we play 'answer the question'. Commonly used at swingers clubs as an ice breaker, I knew it would only be a matter of time when the conversation turned to sex. It soon did, and the fantasy fuel I got was very hot!

She had no idea I had masturbated thinking of her, at home, at work. She went commando most of the time, I soon learned, and she seemed about as kinky as I was. Threesomes, foursomes, even had a guy suck another guy cock! Then she revealed there were many pictures of her naked! She had no problem posing for nudes! My dream comes true! But she would not share, damn it! She learned of my fetishes and also knew I would go to great lengths to get her naked.

Katie was dating a guy and declared she was faithful, our conversations soon ended. I had scoured the internet, searching for her pictures. I never found any, sadly. I thought we were just co-workers again, but that changed one day. 

I was leaving work one day and passed Katie. Grabbing my arm and pulling me close, she whispered, “You want to play a game?”

“Sure,” I responded.

“Your ticket to play is to wear a pair of pink panties tomorrow. If you don’t, the game’s over.”

She simply walked away. I was wondering if I was going to finally score with her, she knew all about my lingerie fetish and that I had plenty of lingerie.

We both work in the same division, some inside and some outside. I was wearing the required pink panties, silky, lacy, bikini style, and was getting horny. We both left the office without a word spoken. Trying to concentrate on work, I tried not to think about what was going to happen. The day was coming to a close and I started thinking it was just a joke. Then, I got a text telling me to meet her at a parking garage, very late in the day.

I arrived there and she was waiting, far in the back. I got out and went around to speak to her, as she directed me to the corner of the lot.

“You wearing the panties?” she asked.

“I sure am,” I replied. “I’ve noticed all those glances at my ass, my tits, just about everything, and I think you will do anything just to see me naked. You would, wouldn’t you?” I told her I would and she already knew it.

“Drop your pants and let me see those panties!” she demanded.

“Someone will see! Are you kidding?” I asked.

She said, “Game over.”

I grabbed her arm and told her not yet. Dropping my pants, her eyes went straight to my panty covered cock, which had shriveled up being exposed in such a public place.

“Very cute! But you’re not hard! I thought you wanted to play? This is just the first step in many to get me naked. So, you have to jack off and shoot your cum into my waiting hand, if you want to go further. Oh, and we don’t have much time. So you only have 5 minutes to cum, starting right after this.”

She undid her pants, slid a finger into her pussy for a bit, pulled it out and stuck it in my mouth.

“You’re the only one wearing panties today. You can’t see but you can taste my pussy juice. Now, cum!”

That did it, savoring her finger, devouring her juice from it, I was very hard now! I slid my cock out the side of the panties and started jerking like a mad man. It didn’t take long! Stream after stream of cum erupted from my cock, right into her other hand. One stream went half way to her elbow.

“Not bad, panty boy, but I’ve seen better,” she said. Raising her cum coated hand to my face, she commanded, “Lick it all off, and I mean all of it!” Now, here I am, pants around my ankles, cock hanging out of a pair of panties, in a public place, licking my own cum off her hand. Finishing off the last drop, she said, “Get dressed, we are already late. You must want me BAD! That gives me the upper hand and we are just beginning. You passed the first test. You’re one step closer to getting me naked. We will see how far you want to go with this; you have a lot to prove.”

Katie got in her vehicle and drove off. I quickly recovered, got dressed and followed, wondering what kind of tests she would come up with next. I soon found out……………

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