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Hottie at Work Pt 2

How far would I go to get her in bed?
I was very anxious to see what Katie was up to next. A few days after she had me jerk off for her, I found out.

Katie called me and told me to meet her for lunch. I arrived and found her in a corner booth in the back……….with a female friend. Interesting, I’m thinking. As I said hello, Katie introduced me to Jennifer and told me to sit next to her friend. Sliding into the seat next to Jennifer, Katie said, “Are you ready for the next test?”

“Of course”, I replied. Katie then explained, “Jennifer is going to help me find out how bad you really want me. I don’t waste my time or body on any man anymore till they prove their worth.”

Jennifer asked, “Are you wearing any underwear?”

“Yes”, I replied.

She told me to stand up and then she got up. Jennifer told me to sit inside, and then took the outside seat at the booth. “Take off your underwear; you won’t be needing them today”.

I looked around quickly, knowing better than to question the command. The restaurant wasn’t packed, but it still had a lot of people around.

Unbuckling my belt and unzipping, I raised my ass off the seat just enough to slide my pants and underwear to my ankles. Removing my shoes, I used my feet to kick out of both pants and underwear and reached under to grab my underwear.

As I did, Jennifer said, “Hand them to me.” I did and she said, “Pull your pants up just to your knees.”

Trying not to look obvious, I did. Just as the waitress came to take our order.

We ordered, both Katie and Jennifer happily, me nervously. As the waitress left, Katie explained. “Jennifer here is somewhat of an expert at hand jobs. She learned at an early age to give them so she didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant, or the mess, or taking any clothes off. Perfect for a woman. Now, she is going to give you one all during lunch, and you will not cum. If you cum, game’s over.”

Now what kind of crap is this, I’m thinking. That was when I felt Jennifer’s hand. Slowly, caressing my balls, she had a very light touch. I got hard very quickly. Jennifer wrapped her whole hand around my cock, stroking the entire length, balls to head, several times.

“Nice cock, about 7”, right?” she asked. I just nodded, trying to keep a straight face. The waitress brought our food, I struggled to remain calm. Jennifer ate with one hand. Katie was eating with a wide grin on her face, looking me in the eye the whole time.

I was trying to concentrate on my food while that magic hand worked my cock. Jennifer would alternate long strokes with teasing my cock head with her index finger. Slow circles around the head, finger and thumb stroking the head, back to whole hand, full length stroking. It was driving me crazy and I was trying hard not to cum.

It took us about 15 minutes to eat. Me in agonizing pain, balls full of cum, holding back. Both of them grinning, from ear to ear. So far, no one had noticed what was going on, thank god.

Jennifer suddenly stopped and removed her hand. She nodded at Katie. Katie nodded back and said to me, “Ask for the check”.

I did, and as the waitress walked away Katie said, “You have till she comes back with the check to cum. Better hurry.”

Reaching under the table, I frantically started jerking my cock. This won’t take long, I thought.

It didn’t.

Just as I started to shoot cum everywhere, I realized I didn’t want it in my hand. So, I aimed my cock away from me, pulsing hot sperm all over my pants. That’s when I realized the waitress was back. She asked Katie if I was alright and Katie replied, “He will be”. The waitress smiled knowingly, turned and walked away.

Katie and Jennifer suddenly stood up. “We have to go. Thanks for lunch, see you back at the office.”

With my cover gone, I quickly pulled my pants up, realizing my underwear was gone. I paid the check, left a large tip and stood up to see cum stains all over my pants. I quickly left and went back to work.

I received a text later from Katie. She told me I had passed and that the instructions for the next test were waiting on my desk at the office. I couldn’t wait to find out what it was……………….

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