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Hottie at work pt 3

One step closer to her naked body?
I was trying to hide the obvious cum stains on the front of my pants. God, I looked like a 12 year old. Arriving at work, sheepishly sliding into the office without being noticed, I saw an envelope lying on the desk. I dropped everything to get to it, forgetting about work AND the cum stains.

The note was from Katie, and it instructed me to replace the note with $300 cash and then leave the envelope on her desk before she left for the day. I don’t carry cash hardly anymore, who does now days. I ran across the street to an ATM and withdrew the funds. Stuffing the envelope and running, I almost fell.

I had to laugh at myself. I had just masturbated in a restaurant, let a girl I just met play with my cock in public, Jacked off in a parking garage, and now was stuffing cash money in envelopes for a chick that I had never seen one titty naked. Damn, she was right. I wanted it bad and she had all the power and control. The ends justify the means, right?

I left the cash stuffed envelope on Katie’s desk and left for the day.

The next day I was really wondering if I had purchased Katie a new cell phone, or new shoes. I received a text from her, telling me to meet for lunch. I arrived and looked everywhere, but didn’t see her. Grabbing a seat at the bar, I decided to wait. The bartender came up and asked if I was waiting on Katie. Nodding, he handed me an envelope. “She said you would be in, and to give that to you. It’s your other work assignment. She had to run”, he said. Wondering what new test this was, I opened the envelope. A note and a hotel room key were inside.

“Tonight, room 210 at the holiday inn, 7PM sharp.”

The rest of the day was a blur. I don’t remember anything except what was to come. I left work, rushed home, showered, changed and arrived at the hotel about 10 minutes early. My pulse was racing and I was nervous. I walked up, and let myself in the room, not knowing what to expect.

There was nothing but Katie, a couple of boxes next to the TV, and a really nice black garter belt, stocking, and panty set on the bed. She was wearing a nice business pants suit, not revealing at all. Makeup done to perfection, she looked like she was attending a meeting for the company. I knew better.

“Hi! Glad you’re here on time. Now, strip and put that lingerie on. I had to guess at the sizes, and I think it will fit”, she said. I reached for the items, picked them up and moved toward the bathroom.

“I don’t think so! You want me naked and wearing that, so I’m going see you first. You strip and put that on right here so I can watch!” I quickly removed my clothes and put the garter belt around my waist. Once it was fastened, I started putting on the first stocking. “CLICK”

I quickly looked for that sound and noticed Katie had a camera, taking pictures. “Keep going! You wanted pictures and video of me, remember? Well, I want them too. And you’re going to pose and let me. Now put that lingerie on!” Katie told me. I continued to put the stuff on, hooking the garter to one stocking. “CLICK” Putting the other stocking on, one foot on the bed. “CLICK” Hooking the garter to that stocking. “CLICK” Stepping into the lacy panties. “CLICK”

Finally, I was ready, or at least I had followed her instructions. Katie gave me instructions like I was at a Tranny photo shoot. “Turn sideways, just a little more” “CLICK” “On the bed, on your knees” “CLICK” “Kneel on the bed, lean back, I need to see more cock” “CLICK”

This went on for hours, seemingly, probably only about 45 minutes in reality. Somewhere along the way I had gotten rock hard and those lacy panties weren’t doing much to hold me back. I had forgotten about what are you doing with these pictures (?), lost the butterflies, and was really getting into posing for Katie.

Katie finally stopped taking pictures. “I need a break and you do too. We got a long night ahead, drink some water and get those panties off!”

I drank some water, removed my panties, and turned around. Katie had her camera back in her hand. “Bend over the bed, cock pulled through your legs. I want to see your cock, balls, and ass at the same time”. She started taking more photos, LOTS of different positions. “CLICK” “CLICK” “CLICK”

“OK, Now, on the bed, kneeling, facing me. Good! Now Jack off, I want to see you cum!” Katie directed. That’s when I noticed she wasn’t taking photos anymore. She had left the camera behind and had started shooting video! I was too hard and horny to care at that stage of the game. She had been taking pictures and now video for about an hour and I had been fully erect for most of that time. I was about to burst!

Furiously pumping my cock, I shot my load straight up in the air and it landed all over my hand and cock. Katie filmed it all. “Now, lick all that wonderful goo up, don’t miss any!” she said. Katie moved close to capture it all on video, my tongue lapping cum from every finger.

Thinking we were done, I laid down to rest. Katie handed me some more water and got some for herself.

“You have done very well. You only have one more test to complete. Are you ready?”

“Yes”, I replied.

That’s when the bathroom door opened and out walked Jennifer………..

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