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How he learned his lesson. Pt 1

When James crashes his finace's bachelorette party, she teaches him a lesson.
It was the night of his fiance's bachelorette party. James had been sent away to his parents house, where he sat impatiently. Watching movies, playing video games: he did whatever he could to take his mind off of it. James could be a bit of a jealous man. Not that he could ever bring himself to confrontation, but he was not shy with voicing his feelings when he and Chelsea were alone. James imagined all the things they might be doing. Would they go to a strip club? Or have the stripper go to their house? He couldn't bare the thought of another man entering their domain, pulling off some skimpy thong, and waving his cock around. He wondered if his wife would just watch, or participate, and be the center of this man's attention because, after-all, isn't that what they are supposed to do?

He had been out of the house since 6pm, and time was now reaching 11pm. “Surely they must be ogling some jerk by now!” he thought to himself. He hadn't heard from his fiance since 9pm, and the suspense was killing him. James couldn't bare it any longer. He shut off the tv, gathered his keys, wallet, and cell-phone, and started on his way back to their apartment.

As he pulled into his spot, he leaned forward to see if he could catch a peek into the living room. They lived on the second floor, and he knew he wouldn't be able to see anything, but his jealousy made him throw reason to the curb. He opened his door, and got out. Taking a deep breathe, he began walking up to the back door, to go crash his fiances party. He noticed a well-built man standing at the door, waiting to be buzzed in.

James could hear the music coming from his apartment. He watched the man push the button of their apartment, and with simple deduction, figured that this must be the man who would be stripping for his fiance and her friends.

“You wouldn't happen to be a male entertainer, would you?” James confronted the man.

“Ya. I assume that's where I'm supposed to go, but I don't think they're hearing the buzzer.”

“Well, I'm her Fiance, and I told her no strippers so, you should just leave.”

“Look, I get you. I won't touch her or let her touch me, but I'm not leaving. This was a last second booking, and I need this money. Just relax, and let her have some fun.”

“Ya.. no! How much do you want? I stopped by the atm on the way here. What's your price?”

“$250 for two hours. You pay me, and I'll leave. Otherwise, as soon as they let me in, I'm going up.”

“Here's $300. Have a good night buddy.”

“Alright man. She's going to be pissed, but that's on you brother.”

“I'll deal with it.”

James was mad. He told her no strippers, and she went for it anyway. He just couldn't accept it, even for one night. He opened the door, ran up to his apartment door, and knocked. “One second!” his fiance yelled out. He could hear her friends chuckle with excitement as they awaited some hunk to walk through the door.

“Hey! Come on in... James?!” she said in shock.

“Yup. I said no strippers! I meant it! Guess who I met at the door?”

“You know James. One night. One time. I can't believe you. Get into the bedroom. We're settling this right now!”

James completely ignored her friends as they both stormed to the bedroom.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now James? You're really going to ruin this night for me? It's a party. This is our home. Not some sleazy strip club. I only get one of these! I've dealt with your jealousy shit, and have been nothing but supportive. But tonight, you have crossed the line! You're going to fix this! Now! “

Being more of a submissive man, this was the first time James ever really put his foot down, but given her reaction, he began to second guess his decision.

“I'm sorry. I guess I just wasn't thinking.”

“You're damn right you weren't. Stay right here! Like I said, you're going to fix this! Let's see how happy you'll be by the end of the night!”

Chelsea ran out into the living room, and he could hear her friends asking her what was going on. He could make out something about “..he's going to be the replacement.”, and he began to panic.

“Sara bought this for that man to put on. You know? The one you sent away. Did you at least pay him?”


“Good! Shower. Here's some lotion. After your shower, put it on. Then put this on, and get your ass out there!”

“You can't be serious?”

“Bet your ass I am dead serious .”

James stood there in shock for a second, before he began to get undressed. Chelsea stood there waiting for him to get naked, just to make sure that he was following orders.

“I'm not really comfortable with this.” James stated once he was naked.

“Too bad. Consequences babe. You'll have nothing to worry about. They all think your cute. You're fit, and sizable enough to pull this off. Now shower! And get out there! You have 15 minutes!”

He reluctantly made his way to the shower. He was hoping that she'd come back in as he finished up, and forgive him. As he got out of the shower, he grabbed the white thong and starred at it. He opened the door a crack, and called for Chelsea.

“What? It's been 20minutes, and you're still in your towel? What's the problem James?”

“I don't think I'm..”

“Tough. Put it on now!"


“Now get out there!”

James walked as if he was walking the walk of shame. He attempted a smile as he met the eyes of her friends all sitting in the rearranged furniture. He stood there with that same look as Chelsea began to explain.

“Here we are ladies. Our male entertainment for the night. I'm just going to sit back and let you all do whatever to him! We aren't paying by the hour, so take your time.”

Her friends all looked at her in disbelief. Looking from her face to his, there was a considerable moment of awkward silence. No one but Chelsea, knew what to do. She walked over to the stereo, and put some music on.

“Come on girls! Let's have some fun! This is my party dammit, and we're going to make the best of it! James. Dance!”

James hesitated for a minute before he began to sway side to side. He wasn't much of a dancer, but he wasn't going to piss off his fiance any further. As he swayed, he tried to think of what a stripper would do. He started to clap his hands to the snare hits, and slowly, her friends came around.

“There you go!”

“Ya! Get into it!” one of them yelled out.


Chelsea started to chuckle as she watched her man sway, bounce and clap in place. She knew he was trying to fix his mistake, but she felt that she needed to truly make sure that he would learn his lesson this time.

“No need to tip. Touch and play. This is our night!” Chelsea assured her friends.

Smirks crept across their faces as her friends realized that this was serious. Chelsea wasn't just trying to embarrass James, she was making a point. One that was intended to stick with him for the rest of their lives.

Sara was the first of them to work up the nerve to participate. “You sure Chel?” she asked for reassurance. Chelsea nodded, and that was all she needed. Sara pointed at James, and motioned him over to her with her finger. He walked over, still swaying to the music, and stood right in front of her.

She grabbed a hold of his ass, and pulled him in closer. “Give her a lap dance James.” Chelsea instructed him. With one last look at his fiance, he began to swivel his hips in Sara's face. Her eye's fixated on his bulge in the white thong, “WooHoo!”. He was so close, he could feel her breath on his sex.

They all really started to get into it now. The music was turned up, the wine and alcohol filling their cups. Sara's advancement helped clear out the last bit of reluctant awkwardness, and they all awaited their turn.

“My turn!” Kelly yelled out.

James, still bobbing and swaying, made his way over to Kelly. He got as close to her as he could, and Kelly's eye's followed Sara's cue. Being a little more daring, Kelly ran her hands up his chest, “Not bad James!”

Still feeling the nerves of this whole situation, he was barely able to sustain a mild erection. Being an over-thinker, he was trying to imagine how he must have looked to them. He looked around as Kelly fondled his chest and nipples. The three other women anxiously awaiting their turn, while checking him out intently. He had never been this exposed in front of more than one woman.

“Alright! Come to Mama!” Neomi exclaimed.

James backed away from Kelly, and danced his way over to her. Once again, he got as close as he could without losing mobility due to the chair, and swiveled his hips in her face. “Lucky girl!” Neomi said as she turned to Chelsea.

“Anything goes?” she asked Chelsea.

“Anything. Goes.” Chelsea assured them.

“Well then, try and enjoy this lesson James.” Neomi said to James as her hands reached up to his chest.

Neomi watched his face as her hands slid down his chest to his stomach, where she left them before she turned one last time to Chelsea. Chelsea gave her an encouraging nod, and Neomi's hands traveled down to his cock.

James stopped swiveling his hips as her left hand squeezed his ass, while her left hand ran up and down his cock. James fought the erection he couldn't help but get, though his efforts made no difference.

“You can't fight nature hun. Just enjoy.” Neomi said sensing his resistance.

The mood in the room went from awkward, to a more lustful state, by Neomi's actions. Kelly and Sara voiced that they wanted another lap dance immediately. That they needed to, “Start the round of lap dances over!”. But Neomi ignored them while she continued to explore her friends fiance's cock.

“There we go. Your turn Amanda.” Neomi stated once James was fully erect.

“I'm not going to be out done by Neomi!” Amanda exclaimed.

With the continuous flow of wine and alcohol, James could see the night slipping into a realm that he was not prepared for. He walked up to Amanda with a look that begged her to play nice, but she only gave him a mischievous look as he approached.

Keeping up with the women before her, she ogled his bulge as he swiveled. Her hands met his chest as they slowly slid downward. Still offering her the same look, Amanda looked back down as her left hand squeezed his ass, and her right hand ran up and down his throbbing cock. His body was enjoying this attention, but his mind was in panic mode. James was really trying not to storm out because he knew that he'd be potentially walking out of their relationship if he did.

Amanda showed no mercy. Her hand that was running up and down, had now taken a firm hold on his cock through the thong. She wasn't just feeling him up, she was legitimately stroking his cock with the thong.

As she did this, the other women grew a little quieter. Chelsea looked at James, and he was starring right at her. She smiled at him as she could see that it was making him uncomfortable, but with every stroke, his body would tense more and more forcefully. Just as it got to the point where he had to put a hand on the back of the chair, Amanda stopped.

She licked her lips, and took a sip from her wine glass as heavy breathing and lust had become of her. She didn't want to stop, but she had an idea.

“Sara. Won't you come here for a minute.” Amanda motioned to her.

“You bought this thong, maybe you should be the one who makes him dirty it up!”

They all cheered as Sara quickly got up and took Amanda's seat, which was in the middle of all of them.

“How thoughtful of you Amanda!” Chelsea chimed in. “I agree 100%. Sara should be the one!”

James again looked over at Chelsea, this time with desperation on his face. She just looked at him and he knew, there was no way out of what was going to happen now, nor any point in the night.

“Dance sweetie.” Sara told him as he began to swivel his hips.

She examined his hard, throbbing cock, and the mostly transparent spot on the thong that existed just over the tip of his cock. She looked up at him with such lust and dominance, as she could barely hold herself back from just grabbing him.

Sara allowed her hands to run and down his legs. Each hand grabbing a handful of his ass, then sliding up his back. Running from his back to his arms, down his chest, until her hands met his cock and balls. Her left hand gently cupped his balls as she ran the palm of her hand up and down his cock. She leaned forward to get a better view of what that transparent spot on the thong was revealing, and she gently groaned by the sight.

Sara's hand took a handful as she forced her fingers to wrap the material around his cock. Chelsea, Kelly, Neomi, and Amanda all huddled around as best they could, so they all could watch as it happened.

She started off slow. Each stroke pushing more pre-cum from James cock, and making more of the thong transparent. She would speed up the pace only a little until his body would stay tense, and then she'd hold her position as he relaxed. Sara watched as the material would lift his balls out of her hand with every up stroke.

By now, most of the head of his cock was just about visible from all of the pre-cum that it had soaked up. But there was so much, that it was still beading up in large amounts on top of the thong. At this point, Kelly couldn't help but lend a hand, and used her finger to scoop off the large bead that had accumulated on the tip.

Sara picked up the pace of her strokes again, but this time James started grunting.

“Mm, mm, mm.”

With every stroke, his body tensed more and more. The room was silent except for his grunts as they were all amazed at how much pre-cum Sara was getting out of James, and he still hadn't cum yet. Sara's arm was beginning to get soar, and she knew it was time to stop teasing him. She started to message his balls with her left hand as she began stroking James with purpose.

“Oh my god!” James said through shivers.

“I can't wait for this.” Sara said lustfully.

“My god, is he going to blow!” Amanda added.

With a forceful grunt, James thrust his hips forward as cum filled the thong. Some got trapped by the fabric, but his orgasm was so strong that the first two orgasmic contractions actually shot some cum onto Sara's breasts.

They all starred as some of his cum fell to the floor, while some was still slowly oozing from his tip. Sara was breathing deeply, waving her arm as she recovered.

“Slowly lick it off of her breasts James.” Chelsea instructed him.

Still panting from his prolonged orgasm, he didn't have it in him to resist. Sara pulled down the top of her dress just enough so he could get to it with ease. Sara moaned a little as his tongue met her breast.

“Now. Take it off love.”

“I made it dirty. I can take it off.” Sara told Chelsea, as she grabbed the sides and pulled them down.

They watched as his semi-hard, cum covered cock bounced as it popped out of the thong. A round of pleased gasps came from the women as Sara revealed the cock of Chelsea's finace.

“Now. Once I get a wet towel. Who wants to wipe him off?”

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