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How I loved to be banged in public

An ex college boyfriend shows me what it is like to be fucked out in public
I was 19 and attending my second year of college when I met Alex. He was older than me and at the age of 23 seemed like a big gap between us. The new semester had just started when Alex and I met at a school function. We hit off right away and began to date shortly after that.

Our first few dates were your typical run of the mill type as we either went to get something to eat or to the movies. It was on our third date when things began to get more serious between us.

We had grabbed something to eat and then headed back to his place. He lived off campus with two other roommates in a house were all three of them had rented. When we arrived at Alex’s place there was no one in sight. His roommates were gone as we had the place to ourselves. Alex and I were on their living room couch when things started to heat up between us.

Alex was all over me as I felt his tongue nibbling on my neck while his hand had found the inside of my shirt. A few minutes later Alex had my shirt and bra off me as I felt his hands touch each of my tits. Our tongues had been buried in each other’s mouths when all of a sudden I heard his roommates come in the back door.

I instantly got up and tried to grab my shirt. I didn’t want his roommates seeing me half undress. I went to grab my shirt and just as I was ready to grab it I was stopped in my tracks. Alex stood up right behind me and held my body tightly against his. His hands had groped again at my tits while I felt his tongue and mouth all over my neck. I heard his buddies coming closer to the living room when I said, “What are you doing Alex? Your roommates are coming!”

“Just relax!” Alex whispered into my ear.

I began to panic as I heard their footsteps come closer and closer. I couldn’t break free from Alex’s hold as it now had become too late. Alex’s buddies Rick and Jake had now come around the corner. They looked right into the living room when I heard, “Wow Alex! She is hot!”

Alex responded, “Why don’t you guys come on in and see how hot she really is!”

“No Alex!” I cried out as his two buddies sat on two chairs right in front of us.

“Come on baby! Let’s show my friends how good you are!” Alex fired back.

Alex began to caress my beautiful body as I felt my pants being ripped opened. He stood right behind me as his hand slipped down into my panties. His hand instantly had found its mark right as he slowly began to tease my pussy with his finger.

“Oh’ god no!” I again cried out.

Alex had one hand on my tits while his other hand now was massaging my pussy. He had me on the verge of cumming really hard as my body began to tremble like never before. I then cried out, “Omg!” as I came very hard in front of his roommates a few minutes later.

Alex had now laid me down on the living room floor. My body was now stripped of whatever clothes I still had on. Alex then got over top of me as I felt each of my legs being pulled high into the air. My wet pussy was in plain sight of his buddies as they gawked long and hard at it.

I was on fire as the thought of his two roommates wanting to fuck me right there on the living room floor was overwhelming. Alex now had removed all of his clothes as he climbed on top of me. I felt his cock explode into me as I let out a loud squeal. He fucked me with long hard strokes as I felt a surge of energy shoot right through my body.

His two roommates now had their cocks out and were stroking hard on them. Alex had now pushed me to the edge of cumming again. I screamed out loudly as I started to cum extremely hard on his cock. He fucked me hard for a few more minutes then had me turn over. I was on my hands and knees as I felt Alex shove his cock back into me. I cried out as I felt the force of his cock deep inside me. He fucked me good and hard from behind when I heard one of his roommates cry out. “Oh’ fuck!” He started to cum hard as his cum flew high into the air and landed all over his stomach.

I also felt a powerful orgasm start to build. Alex gave me several hard thrust with his cock as I began to scream out. I felt the most wonderful orgasm of my life. I then heard Alex’s other buddy moan out. He started to cum all over the floor only a foot from me. I quickly felt Alex’s energy as he was about to cum also. It was a few seconds later when he moaned out in front of his two roommates as I felt his cum shooting all over my ass.

I went home that night still very horny as I couldn’t believe how good of a rush it was for his two roommates to see me get fucked like that. It was about a week later when I was in Alex’s truck. We were on the highway when he said, “Why don’t you pull your pants down and flash this trucker up ahead!”

“It is broad daylight!” I responded back to him.

The excitement of doing something like this had me so damn turned on. Alex pushed me a little more to flash this trucker. I slowly looked around as I pulled my pants and panties down. Alex pulled slowly up to the big rig and said, “Now baby! Show him your gorgeous ass!”

I hesitated for a second, but then turned my naked ass towards the window. I lifted my ass up off the seat as I hung it out the open window. Alex was now right next to the trucker when he caught attention to my gorgeous naked ass. Alex said, “He seen you!” as we heard the trucker’s horn blast. We quickly sped ahead of him not to be seen again.

“Wow! What an adrenalin rush that was!” I said to Alex.

I was now extremely horny as I sat on the seat with my pants still down around my ankles. Alex reached over and felt how wet I was. I was ready to explode as he began to finger me.

He then said, “You want to be fucked! Don’t you!”

I was losing it quickly as I cried out, “Yes! Yes! I want you to fuck me right now!”

Alex pulled off the next exit and drove to a park that was right down the road. He parked the car and said, “Get out!”

I followed him into a brushy area that was only 10 or 15 feet from people walking by. He said, ‘Yank down those pants baby!”

“Right here!” I said.

“Yes right here! I am going to fuck you good and hard!” Alex barked out. I slowly dropped my pants as I felt Alex get in behind me. He yanked up my shirt and had his hands on my tits as I felt his beautiful cock slip into me. I tried not to squeal out as several people walked only 10 feet from us.

He had fucked me for about 5 minutes when I felt a powerful orgasm coming on. Alex immediately put his hand over my mouth as I started to cry out. I was slightly bent over as I began to cum extremely hard right there on the spot. My body shook like never before as my legs had become very weak. I barely was able to stay on my two feet.

Alex had pulled his cock out of my pussy and now had it up against my ass. He gave his cock several hard thrust against my ass when I suddenly felt his cum shooting up my backside. At this point another couple began to walk towards us. Alex quickly pulled his pants back up. I still trembled as I just yanked my pants back up over my cum covered ass in a nick of time as the couple walked right past us.

We quickly hopped back into his truck and scrammed. The excitement of almost being caught was enormous. I had never felt such a rush like that ever before.

Alex now had me hooked on his kinky ways. It was a few weeks later when I was again at his place. We were on the couch watching television when Alex began to make a move on me. We started out kissing but it quickly had gotten extremely hot between us. This is when Alex yelled for his two buddies.

“I said to him, ”What are you doing?”

“You will see!” Alex said back as his two roommates walked into the living room.

“Why don’t you do a little strip tease for my buddies and me? I know how much you love flaunting yourself in front of people!” Alex said to me.

“You want me to strip in front of all three of you!” I said back to him.

“Yah! Come on baby!” Alex replied back.

I got up off the couch as the excitement of stripping in front of the three of them had me very aroused. I slowly removed my clothes piece by piece. It only took a few minutes and I was down to my thong panties and a bra. All three of them had their cocks out of their pants and were gently stroking on them. This got me even more aroused as I slightly bent over in front of his two friends and very slowly pulled my panties down over my beautiful ass. This drove them crazy as I spun around and removed my bra. I was now naked in front of them as they started to stroke even harder on their cocks.

Alex then said, “Why don’t you play with yourself!”

I wasn’t expecting that as I said, “I don’t know if I can do that!”

“Come on baby! Don’t stop now!” Alex said to me.

I ran my fingers over my breasts and slowly down to my pussy. I had a powerful adrenalin rush kicked in as I slowly inserted my finger into my tight pussy. I fingered myself for several minutes as I watched his two buddies stroke harder on each of their cocks. I couldn’t take it anymore as I started to make myself cum very hard right in front of them. I couldn’t believe how hard I had orgasm.

His two buddies were now on the verge of cumming themselves as I walked back towards Alex. Alex then said, “Why don’t you let them cum all over your gorgeous ass!”

I thought about it for a second as they both were smiling with their approval. I couldn’t believe I was going to do this as I walked over towards both of them. I bent my ass towards his first friend. He began to moan out as I felt his cum splash all over my ass. I immediately pushed my ass towards his other buddy. I felt the head of his cock touch my ass several times as he also began to let loose all over my ass. Cum was dripping everywhere off my beautiful ass as I quickly headed to clean off.

I then came out of the bathroom and gave Alex the most sensual blow job of his life. He ended cumming all over my tits a short time later.

We had done a few other very risky things after that, but nothing like this next time. We were up at the local mall in a women’s fashion store. I was looking at an outfit in the back of the store when I felt Alex come up right behind me. I had on a tight short skirt and a tight shirt on.

Alex was very horny as he whispered into my ear, “Come on let’s do it right here in the store!”

“You are nuts now!” I said to him as I felt my skirt being pulled up.

I quickly felt an enormous rush of adrenalin shoot through my body. My thong panties were now wrapped around my knees as Alex pulled out his cock out of his pants. He pushed it right up against my pussy and slid it into me.

He now had me very horny as I slightly bent over as I held onto a clothes rack. I had hoped no one would see us as there were several women walking throughout the store. Alex’s cock slid in and out of me with ease as I was extremely wet. I couldn’t believe what we were doing.

I immediately noticed a woman in her upper twenties looking over at us. She was gorgeous looking as she had nice big beautiful tits. She had a pair of tight jeans on and she was making her way right for us. I tried to get Alex’s attention to stop, but he wouldn’t as she came closer and closer to both of us. His cock had felt so good inside me as I really didn’t want him to stop at that point. A few seconds later I looked up to see this gorgeous gal right next to us. I felt her hand pull up my skirt exposing my ass as Alex rammed his cock into me. She then gave my ass a few hard smacks with her hand as I heard Alex say to her, “You want to come back to my place with us!”

“Sure!” she said.

Alex stopped right their fucking me as I was on the verge of cumming. I wasn’t at all thrilled about this slut jumping into the truck with Alex and me. We drove back to Alex’s place and went into the living room. Alex’s roommates were gone for the weekend leaving the place to the three of us.

Alex undressed me right in front of this good looking gal. He immediately couldn’t help, but to notice the great body she had. She also got undress as Alex couldn’t take his eyes off her. His cock had become extremely hard when her spectacular boobs appeared. They had to be fake as they were very firm and stood out nicely from her body.

In a reflex move to get Alex’s mind off this slut I said, “Alex fuck me right now!”

I lay on the floor as Alex climbed in between my legs. He knelt their as be began to fuck me right there on the floor as this little slut continued to remove all of her clothes. A minute later she stood over top of my body. Her naked ass was only a foot from Alex’s face. She turned to him and said, “Does your little gal suck pussy!”

“I bet she does!” Alex replied back.

She started to lower her pussy down onto my face. I had never been with a woman before at this point in my life. She tightly wrapped her long legs around my head as I could hardly breathe. Her pussy was up against my mouth as she began to move it quickly back and forth across my face. Alex now was fucking me even harder now as I felt enormous orgasm coming on.

I was just at the point of cumming when I began to scream out right into the slut’s pussy. She was also on the verge of cumming as she began to ram her pussy even harder across my mouth and face. She cried out a few seconds later as she orgasmed all over my mouth.

She immediately slid her ass down towards Alex’s cock as she began to lick her juices off my face. She turned slightly and said to Alex, “Fuck me! I want you to fuck me hard!” as she then pushed her ass right up against his body.

Alex was only human as he couldn’t wait to fuck this broad. He began to fuck her very hard from behind as her tits now bounced right into my face. He had fucked her for about 10 minutes as she started to cum all over his cock. He then began to moan out as he was ready to cum.

The slut cried out to him, “Come all over both of our faces!”

She slid off my body and lay right next to me on the floor. Alex had a hold of his cock as he straddled himself over both of our faces. A minute later Alex exploded as his cum started to fly all over both of our bodies. The slut cried out, “That’s it baby! Give it to us!”

I was mad at Alex for fucking this bitch, but he gave me an excuse that it had meant nothing to him. Well, the next day I suddenly stopped by Alex’s. I went inside and just as I was going to call out his name I heard moaning sounds coming out of the living room.

I quickly went to investigate and found Alex fucking that older broad again. She was on top of his cock fucking him while her tits bounced up and down. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I then watched as she got down on all fours. Alex now pumped his cock hard into her from behind. She cried out, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

Alex gave it to her very hard as the slut began to cum all over his cock. I was so mad I was about to scream out, but didn’t. He gave it to her for a few more minutes when she said, “I want to suck you off!”

Alex removed his cock from her pussy and stood out in the center of the living room. The slut got onto her knees began to suck hard on Alex’s cock. It was only a few minutes later when Alex moaned out. His hands were wrapped around her head as he started to cum inside her mouth. His cum had filter back out of her mouth and down the shaft of his cock. She held her mouth on his cock for a good minute and then pulled her mouth off it. Alex then kissed her on the cheek and told her how good it was. I was now pissed off.

I immediately left as I didn’t want to see anymore. A few days later I dumped Alex, but even several years later I still have the urge to be fucked again in public. I hope to try it again one day.

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