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How I Was Dominated By A 18 Year Old Neighbor Girl

35 year old mom gets dominated by a 18 year old neighborhood girl

I am a 35 year old married mom of two who was very happily married. I have never had any thoughts about being with another women until our new neighbors moved in next door. I began to notice there 18 year old daughter. She would come out by the pool with her nice tight string bikini on almost every day. She looked like the type of girl who teases the boys all the time and is very confident in herself. She had an almost perfect body that an 18 year old girl could have. I started noticing myself watching her more and more as she would lay out by the pool.

I became very surprised as my pussy would start to get wet watching her tan by the pool. I began to have fantasies about her nice young 18 year old body. I thought this was only temporary feeling I was having and that it would just go away.

Well, a few weeks later we ended up needing to get a babysitter for the night. I couldn't find anybody else to watch the kids, so I decided to ask our 18 year old neighbor. She agreed to do it.

She arrived to babysit that night. I couldn't help to notice the outfit she was wearing. She had on a very tight pair of jeans on along with a tight top that showed a lot of her cleavage. I tried not to be very obvious as my eyes were roaming her sweet body. My pussy was getting very wet as we left for the evening. All I could think about that night was her tight jeans covering her lovely young ass. I tried putting these feelings out of my mind, but they just came back stronger.

We arrived home right before midnight. I told her thanks and gave her the money for babysitting. My eyes were again roaming her beautiful body as she got ready to leave. She began to walk out the door when she quickly turned around and gave me a big smile. She made sure I got another good look at her body before she left.

I was now thinking to myself "Did she noticed that I was checking her out?"

She has to know "There was no way I would want her"

My thoughts were now racing through my mind on what she might have been thinking. I started to think I was being a little crazy about this. I am sure  she didn't mean anything by it.

A few days later there is a knock at the door. I opened the door to find her standing there. She wanted to talked to me and ask if she could come in. I was getting nervous as I told her, "Please do come in."

I couldn't take my eyes off her sweet tight body as she came in the door. I asked her, "What can I do for you."

"I noticed you were checking out my body the other night" she replies " I also notice you were looking at me by the pool."

I tried telling her that she has it all wrong but she wasn't buying that at all. She grabs my wrist and takes me into our bedroom. She pushes me down onto the bed and says, "I am going to dominate you with my hot little body."

" Please don't do this" I reply to her.

She then says, " You will do this!"

She quickly climbs on top of me pinning my arms to the bed with her legs. She begins to pull my shirt off me. She is a lot stronger than me though we are close to the same size. She reaches under me and undoes the straps on my bra. She quickly pulls it off me and throws onto the floor. She now has total access to my tits.

She starts to feel my tits up with her hands. I feel her fingers glide across my hard nipples.

I asked her to "Please stop."

She just continued on as she slowly reaches behind her and begins to open up my pants. I still can't get my arms free as her hand now starts to slide into my panties. She slowly reaches my clit with her finger. She slowly glides her finger across my swollen clit. My whole body jerks as she gently teases me. She tells me how wet my pussy is.

She gets up off me and tells me to stay right there on the bed. I just froze  up and did exactly want she wanted. She is standing at the side of the bed as she begins to take her clothes off. I can't take my eyes off her as she slowly pulls her shirt up over her head. She has on a very sexy low cut bra on and I can see her beautiful cleavage. She leaves her bra on as she starts to unbutton her jeans. I am stunned as her tight jeans hit the floor. She is only wearing a tight thong under them. She slowly turns around showing off her gorgeous ass. My pussy is on fire as my eyes stay glued to her ass.

"You want my sweet body?" she asks.

I just lay there and I don't say anything to her. She grabs my pants and yanks them down off my body. She quickly grabs my panties and then pulls them off me. I am now naked in front of this 18 year old cunt.

"I want you to start fingering yourself " she says.

She is now showing off her ass again to me. Her thong is now riding tightly up against her butt crack. I can't believe I am going to do this as my hand glides down towards my wet pussy.

"I want you to continue fingering yourself until you cum" she replies.

I slowly work my hand down to my pussy. I begin to gently rub my clit with my finger. I am so hot right now. I know it won't take very much for me to cum in front of this 18 year old bitch. I begin to move my finger in and out of my very wet pussy. I can't take it anymore as I begin to moan out with a very intense orgasm right in there front of her. I couldn't stop fingering myself for several minutes as I came down from my orgasm. She starts to laugh at me as my whole body continues to shake.

She wants me now to suck on her hot little pussy. She climbs on top of me and sits on top of my chest. She slowly stands up over top of my face and begins to pull her thong off her hot body. I watched her slide them down off her until they fall right onto my face. She slowly lowers herself down to my face.

I start pleading, " Please don't do this."

She doesn't listen to me at all as her tight little pussy got closer to my mouth. There was no stopping this now from happening as her legs came down on each side of my head. Her pussy was only inches from my mouth.

"Open your mouth and suck this pussy bitch" she says.

She moves her tight pussy right up against my lips. I am still very wet and horny. I slowly open up my mouth and my tongue begins to explore her pussy. I begin to lick her pussy very hard as she grabs the back of my head and tries to push my tongue deep into her.

She tells me, "Suck my pussy harder!" "I am going to cum all over your mouth and face."

I continue to lick her pussy harder until I feel her body begin to tense up. She is now moving herself quickly back n forth over my mouth and face. My tongue jets in and out of her sweet pussy. It only takes a few more seconds and her whole body begins to shake. She moans out with a powerful orgasm all over my mouth and face. I couldn't believe I was sucking down her lovely juices down my throat. She moves off my face and tells me that we aren't done yet. I wonder what sly thing she was up to next. She tells me to get up off the bed and quickly pushes me over to the window.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

She has my body right there in front of the window. I can only hope nobody sees me standing there with nothing on. She grabs something out of her purse and I hear a noise. She has a small vibrator and she begins to use it on my swollen pussy. I beg her to stop but she continues to use the vibrator on me. It doesn't take very long and I can feel another huge orgasm coming on. I don't want to cum right  in front of the window. I have no other choice as she pushes the vibrator deep into my wet pussy. My legs are getting really weak as I am close to cumming. It only takes another minute and I scream out with a very powerful orgasm. My legs become so weak I fall to my knees in front of her.

"Why don't you lick my ass now bitch" she now says.

She then turns around and pushes her ass towards my face. I am so horny I begin to lick and suck on her gorgeous ass. She bends over all the way and my tongue slides down her butt crack. I was now at her asshole and I begin to explore her ass with my tongue. I was so damn turned on as my tongue now was darting in and out of her sweet ass.

She cries out for me to go even deeper with my tongue as she is getting very close to cumming again. She quickly turns around and grabs my head pushing it up against her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" " I want you to stick your tongue deep into my pussy now" she says.

I slide my tongue in as deep as I can into her sweet young pussy. Her body is now shaking uncontrollably. My tongue now begins to move faster and faster inside her pussy when she scream out with an orgasm. Her juices are running down my face as she cums.

I tell her, "Lets stop this now!"

She says, "Get back up on the bed bitch."

She wants me to get up on all fours. I am on all fours when she begins to spank my ass. She spanks me for several minutes until my ass turns a golden red color. She grabs her vibrator and begins to push it up against my asshole. I tried talking her out of it but she continued pushing the vibrator against it.

I screamed out loud as the vibrator penetrated my asshole. She begins to move the vibrator in and out of my ass. I had never had this done to me before and I was feeling extremely turned on. My pussy was so hot right now. She turned the vibrator up to its highest setting. I couldn't believe how good my pussy was feeling right now. I was feeling a huge orgasm coming on as she push the vibrator deep into my ass. My whole body began to shake as I couldn't take it anymore. I began to yell out that I was cumming with a very strong orgasm. It was the most powerful orgasm I had that night. My whole body then collapsed onto the bed as she kept the vibrator inside my ass. I continued to have orgasm for several minutes until she decided to remove the vibrator from my ass.

She tells me that she is done with me and gets dressed. As she leaves she turns to me and tells me that she will be seeing me again.

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