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How It All Began Ch. 10

Jack and Fay are celebrating, until the arrival of an unexpected guest.
"Someone needed that," came a dusky, croaky voice.
"Mmm, I always need that from you," replied Jack.

With his muscles weak from exertion, Jack rolled over and moaned contentedly. Fay propped herself up by her elbows watching Jack's seed leaking from her flushed, glazed pussy. Fay rubbed his spunk over her shaved Mons playfully and rolled onto her side admiring the sheen of sweat on Jack's tanned body; as he recovered his composure.

"So, does it feel good to be back?" asked Fay still slightly breathless.

Jack looked across at Fay and smiled.

Her smile showed that whilst their life in France was the closest thing to paradise for them, there was no place like home. Certainly when it involved staying in Ottershaw Manor in five star luxury.

"Feels weird though, doesn't it?" asked Fay.

Smiling again, Jack's features changed to reflect a mischievousness rather than contentment.

Fay smirked back.

"Well, we had to come back here," sniggered Fay.

Jack lifted his arms over his head and clasped the bedrails with his hands.

"Same hotel, same room, same bed. You bet my arse we did," replied Jack to Fay's amusement.

"Mmmm, the memories are certainly are inspiring, " added Fay, "and where better to stay?"

As Jack took the time to survey the room, he took a moment to enjoy the opulence of the master suite with its adjoining junior suite and it had not changed. Unlike their last visit, the relocation of a tallboy chest blocked access through the connecting doors.

It was the constancy of the decor and its taste that brought a reassuring decadence to their long weekend stay. The plain white rococo stucco work provided a subdued statement to the scarlet red and burnt yellow fabrics. The mahogany furniture was tasteful in its sympathies with the period and absent of the excessive frivolity that would disqualify it from being stylish.

Regardless of the cost, as it was not inexpensive to stay, they had both agreed they had no plans to return to England for a very long time.

Jack looked to Fay, who was looking at the ceiling and taking a short moment to recover. She turned to look at him and on the meeting of their eyes; she leant in to deliver a soft kiss to him.

"Ok, let's be having you," gasped Jack as he propped himself up by his arms. "So, what do you want to do this evening?"

Fay lifted herself up to sit on the bed and smiled wickedly at Jack as she felt his essence leak from her.

"Well, let me see," pondered Fay lingering on the last 'e' of the word. "Let's have a little fun tonight?"

Jack's curiosity was piqued, he sat up more with interest.

"Oh? And what do you mean by that I wonder?"

"Seeing as we are revisiting old haunts, shall we go to the Marshall tonight?" asked Fay with that lascivious tone to her voice that Jack loved..

"Mmmm, now that sounds good." 

"Of course, it won't be quite the same what with Karen moving on. We can make our own fun, right?" asked Fay.


"Let's celebrate!" said Fay gleefully jumping naked on the bed. "Champagne! Champagne!"


As the summer had turned to early autumn, the time that Jack and Fay had spent in France had confirmed that their lives had moved on and they should cut all their ties. It was obvious to them both that with Jack's job now in Beziers, they should start a new page in their lives together.

They had instructed a Solicitor and Estate Agent and their properties had both sold easily enough.

Now on their final return trip, they had signed the last of the paperwork and now it was final. It had proved to be a truly cathartic experience, they both expected to be upset. They had handed over the keys, had their old belongings cleared and taken away. The shipping company had collected the single tea-crate of the few mementos that had decided to keep.

Two months in the planning and it was done; now it was time to celebrate.

Since their extended stay in France, Tanya and her friends had opened their eyes to a new world. Brigitte and Rainer had given Jack the benefit of their experience. Fay had noticed a change in Jack; he seemed more at ease with himself.

Fay had always noticed an anxiety in the way Jack handled the uncertainty that she and Tanya had exposed him too. It had gone and Fay could see this new self-assured confidence in him. It wasn't arrogance, nor cockiness - it was maturity. Whilst Fay was his junior by several years, she always felt that Jack just didn't have the street-smarts that his years implied. Now, he did and perhaps, most importantly, his personality also shone through.

She had asked Jack how he felt, with his characteristic honesty, he only confirmed that he was no longer the angst-ridden, and diffident office worker. She always liked Jack breezy personality; he rarely had a bad word for anyone. Now, he was unafraid of new people, he was far more attuned to them, he had empathy.

If she could ever been accused of shaping up Jack and smoothing off the rough edges – she was proud to be guilty as charged.

In rare moments of melancholy, Fay reminded herself she was no longer the office slut with a dubious reputation. Jack had not made her respectable, but he made her feel respected for what she was.

As the taxi roared through the soaking wet roads, her lips creased to a barely perceptible wry smile. If Jack had completed his journey of self-awareness, Fay knew she was still a slut. She was a slut amongst other women and men who appreciated her talents and her man most certainly did.

For Fay, Jack was the man she always wanted, in her deepest desires and every day she spent with him. Her enjoyment of his body was combined with the knowledge that his will could be shaped, guided and directed to achieve what gratified her. He was now a confident sexual animal that Fay had awoken and nurtured. Their chemistry for each other had kept them together.

Jack would do Fay's bidding when she wanted and when she gave herself to him; Jack took her and overwhelmed her. They could call it making love or having sex but Jack fucked her. She had experienced sex many times and it aroused her then to think that she had been fucked. It felt all the more intense that when she threw herself at him, he would utterly fuck her. She only had to recollect his animal base intent of making his penis erupt inside her limp exhausted body and it aroused her every time.

It aroused her now; she felt that cloying dampness as the cold air swirled between her legs and through the fabric of her dress. She knew tonight that she would do anything for him. He had fucked her after lunch but her body craved more variety this time – she would give it to him and take it for herself.

Jack reached for her hand and disturbed her tawdry reverie.

Dusk gave over to a moonless night and the bright blue neon frontage of the Marshall reflected in the wet puddles on the black tarmac. The escalating thump of muffled break-beats that provided its signature atmosphere could be heard on their approach.

"Something's never change," muttered Jack under his breath as Fay squeezed his hand.

"Ok you dirty little pervert, let's see what deviancy we can get up to shall we?" muttered Fay in return.

They found a booth and their Champagne arrived in a mock-pewter bucket complete with gold handles, brimmed with ice clasping the dark glass bottle. Fay looked at the bottle, knowing it to be dark green, yet the colour under the subdued lighting gave it an air of malevolence. The place was almost full as the pubs were winding down from a busy Saturday night; the confluence of partygoers was funnelling into the Marshall.

Its door policy attracted the attention of the local constabulary on several occasions on grounds of keeping out those that had had enough booze for one night. The egalitarian policy on gender balance made it unique in town for keeping out large groups of men and women only intent on alcoholic oblivion. The result was a curiously edgy atmosphere, a sexually charged mix of players, the played, affair-seekers, singletons or just the curious wondering what all the fuss was about.

The rumours always were of the after-hours orgies and getting the dancers to do more than cavort naked in front of you.

Jack smiled as a change in the playlist signalled not just a change in personnel behind the decks but also the party starting proper. Fay looked haughtily at Jack as the lap-dancing girls came through into the bar area. Fay giggled as the guys tried to be aloof and look suave and the girls stared at the dancers trying not to look threatened.

Fay and Jack revelled in the sumptuousness of the dancer's attire, the tight bodies scantily dressed, some provocative girls and some more demure. Without doubt, there was something for everyone at the Marshall, from slut to secretarial. The girls ruthlessly and effortlessly milked the punters of their cash and as Jack remembered vividly, they once milked him of something else.

"I hope are you are not getting me a dance tonight," Jack mused finishing his glass.

Fay feigned a look of self-righteous probity which to the uninitiated would fool them; it didn't fool Jack.

"'Fraid not lover, you need to preserve your strength," smouldered Fay into his ear, tracing a finger up his thigh. "I'm all wet again."

Jack smiled knowingly and confidently thanks to the discretion available sat in this booth. The subdued lighting cast deep black shadows and their locale kept them away from the worst of the DJ-inspired wall of sound. Best of all, the booths had table service keeping them away from the mass of bodies four deep at the bar.

Whilst the booths were not entirely private, they were the most comfortable place to sit and survey the vista of revellers, cage-dancers and observe the goings on.

Fay played with Jack's ardour stoking it with hushed provocations, increasing in their overtness as they drained the first bottle. Serving to lubricate their desire for each other; Fay squirmed in her burlesque-inspired black dress. Cinched at the waist and shimmering as only crushed velvet could. It had bondage overtones as the slightly wired bodice displayed her décolletage to its best. Fay knew that should she bend over; the bodice would hang down revealing her naked tanned breasts.

Exchanging soft kisses, hands caressed thighs and fingers caressed limbs; occasionally they caught others looking towards them. A guy or a girl would return a smile. Their vivaciousness after a few months in France was no comparison to the pallid, gloomy autumn damp of England.

"She wants to fuck you," Fay would state as they both looked at a girl at the bar..

"He wants to fuck you," Jack would reply, using his eyes to gesture to a man at the bar.

"And I would too, take it right up the shitter!" making Jack spit his champagne back into its glass.

Fay giggled and went in for the kill, "I'd have to mind, it'd be the only way I'd feel it in me."

And with the wiggle of her little finger and the despondent reaction of the wannabe Lothario, Jack lost control and started laughing heartily.

Fay's mind was certainly set on one thing and with a hint of cool ambivalence, Jack was happy to play along. Without Karen to turbo-charge their lust for each other, he was confident that this time Fay hadn't set a trap for him. Jack was relaxed as the alcohol soothed his body.

A clink of their recharged glasses from their second bottle was broken by a tap on Jack's shoulder.

"Hello Jack."

It was enough to stop Jack stone cold dead and from behind him, above his right ear, came the familiar voice again.


Fay looked up to smile and Jack looked to Fay waiting for her reaction. Her smile carried a strange neutrality to it that he had seldom seen.

Jack turned his whole body to look in the direction of the voice.

Standing there expectantly was Shelly, his ex. On recollecting this memory in time to come, Jack would swear that the music stopped as Jack fought not to recoil physically in shock. His evening had deflated in an instant of a blinking eye. Fay was never jealous, Jack never got jealous but Shelly was the reason that gave Jack the resolve to change his life.

If Fay was matter, Shelly was anti-matter and everything Fay was not. Shelly was wholesome, proper and worst of all, moral. She was the kind of girl any mother would be delighted to have as a daughter-in-law. Shelly was a keeper, she was fit and she knew it.

As Jack's cold eyes looked upon her, objectively she looked thinner than he remembered and prettier too. As he shifted his body around properly and fixed his eyes upon hers, they sparkled at him, smiling with them that only she could. Her loosely tressled brunette hair framed her freckled heart-shaped face. Jack noticed she had painted her lips and a thin diamante encrusted choker glistened from her elegant neck. Her slim body was tightly constrained by a strapless dress that pushed her full breasts upwards and crushed them tightly in.

As Jack fought to rate her in the flesh compared with his recollection, he would keep his thoughts to himself that she looked incredibly desirable. Only the fact that beauty was skin deep tempered his view – and the fact she cheated on him.

Jack was somewhat lost in what was a familiar sight that looked - so unfamiliar. Jack's consciousness was screaming at Jack's sub-conscious to say something.

It was trite but engaging enough.

"My God, Shelly, how are you!" returned Jack feigning surprise.

In a split-second, Jack settled that it would have to do. He disguised what he really wanted to say, it was enough but far too open-ended a question. Jack was little mood for this awkward situation to develop into a confrontation.

"I am so good," replied Shelly with a mix of friendliness and frothy superficiality.

Taking that as an introduction, Shelly walked around to stand at the mid-point between Fay and Jack. Jack returned to look forward at Fay. Fay leant forward and Jack remarked to himself that her air of neutrality had turned to intrigue. Fay was indeed curious how this was going to develop, noting that their glasses were both full. Recollecting Shelly's previous volatile behaviour, the glasses might not be empty for long and either Fay or Shelly might be wearing the contents.

Admiring Shelly's figure, Fay considered her as attractive as she always was. She returned a mischievous look at Jack whose surprised expression made her smile widely. Jack's face said it all, if this was to be their evening's deviancy - this was a dangerous game to play.

"I heard you are living in France now, I haven't seen you for ages," enquired Shelly with an curiously engaging tone.

To Fay, it would also seem there were no hard feelings. It was Shelly standing in the lion's den and Jack's persona looked relaxed, if a little on edge.

"Yes I am. Or rather we are," responded Jack nonchalantly. "Shelly? You know Fay?"

Fay smiled demurely in response to Jack playing along. Of course, Shelly knew Fay. She had spent enough time telling Jack what a dirty slut she was.

Fay reclined in her seat, stretching out to show herself to Shelly. Her lithe body tightly held in place by the corseted dress was displayed in front of her. It was an outrageous act of confidence, a competitive display that was not lost on Jack. Jack smiled knowingly as Fay made this play straight out of Tanya's own textbook.

"Fay," greeted Shelly sweetly. "It's good to see you again."

And that was clearly a lie.

Sitting up straight, Fay reciprocated, "Shelly you look fabulous! I love that dress."

"Thanks Fay, France clearly suits you both. You look so tanned," gushed Shelly.

And that was at least a fact.

"Thanks Shelly," replied Fay with an air of synthetic sincerity that only Jack could detect. "Would you like to join us? We were just about to get another bottle."

Shelly paused, uncertain of her sincerity, Jack intervened.

"Please, we'd like that," added Jack trying hard to be reassuring.

Fay smiled as she felt a twinge from her pussy. Shelly was straight, at least she was the last time that Fay had made a pass at her. That time, she watched as Shelly struggled with her sexuality to rebuff Fay's advances. She was less than convincing that time and Fay's interest had been piqued once more.

"Oooh Champagne too!" squealed Shelly delightedly. "I'd like that, give us a mo."

With that Jack watched Shelly go to her friends tapping one of them on the shoulder, Jack turned to look at Fay incredulously.

"Shit Fay!" hissed Jack under his breath, his cool evaporating. "What are you doing?"

Fay slid her hand up Jack's thigh startling him.

"Relax Jack, I'm cool with it," whispered Fay, "besides, just think of the revenge."

"Fuck the revenge," returned Jack with an air of desperation. "You're serious aren’t you?"

"Jack, relax, she wants it."

Jack knew precisely what she meant.

"You didn't?" asked Jack incredulously. "I mean, you haven't?"

Fay smiled ironically.

Fay leant forwards as Jack leaned in, "No, but I wanted to then and I want to now."

Jack leant back with a look of genuine surprise.

"Last time, I should have made her. She was in two minds then," conceded Fay.

As the hostess lingered over the defrosted ice bucket; he asked for another bottle.

The coast was clear and Fay's hand on Jack's groin betrayed his thoughts.

"You want to as well don't you?" Fay whispered excitedly.

"Fuck Fay, you know how to pick them," hissed Jack helplessly as she squeezed his hardening cock.

Fay's grasp of his cock relaxed and tracking her eyes, Jack could see Shelly was back.

"Budge up Jack!" exclaimed a clearly excited Shelly.

Fay elegantly leant back as Shelly was oblivious to Jack's burgeoning erection under the booth table.

The hostess poured out a third glass.

"Salut!" said Shelly giggling at her own wit.

With a clink of glasses, Fay sipped hers demurely as did Shelly too. Fay looked at her and from the slight glazing of her eyes, it was clear she was several drinks to the good already. Fay looked to Jack and smiled, his sullenness and bewilderment had gone, and he was back to his pre-Shelly persona.

"Cheers Shelly," replied Fay.

"Aw, cheers Fay," replied Shelly sweetly.

There was a slight pause but nothing too uncomfortable and it was clear to Jack and Fay that Shelly was going to speak first.

"So, what have you guys been doing in France?" inquired Shelly.

The vacuousness of that question threated to bring Jack's vexation back to the boil. They had gone to France as two lovers seeking escape from this provincial backwater A place full of small-minded people typified by people like Shelly.

In his mind he was tempted to tell her about sun tanning themselves on naturist beaches and they had no white bits. He wanted to tell her that he had fucked Fay's aunt more times that he could remember. That they been at a party and engaged in full-on group sex.

Jack really wanted to tell her that he was bisexual too and had an older man and his wife. How he had sucked cock and they had fucked his arse. He wanted to tell her that he'd taken that cock many times that weekend and emptied his balls into his wife several times into the bargain.

He just might not mention any of it but just mention that Fay never wore panties on her shaved tight cunt and that she was always wet to the touch.

Jack wanted to tell Shelly that whilst she had spitefully admitted to her bisexual side - after they split up. Fay had brought women home several times for them to fuck until they were all sated and exhausted.

He opted to say nothing and simmered a little.

"Oh, we've been working hard to settle in," replied Fay. "We're celebrating tonight, aren't we Jack?"

"Oh yes, all done. Goodbye England, Bonjour France," added Jack finishing with a flourish of his glass, a toast and a smile.

"Really?" asked Shelly.

"Yes, it's final," replied Fay smiling, "I imagine our crate of stuff we are keeping is leaving Dover - right about now."

"Wow, you guys," added Shelly, "that's so cool."

And with that Shelly drained her glass....

"So Shelly, what have we been missing?" asked Fay feigning interest that only Jack could detect.

Jack could not brood for long and not leave Fay carrying the burden of making conversation. Jack drained his fifth glass and he just couldn't give a shit anymore. Bygones were bygones, his life then paled to what he had now. As the alcohol sloshed inside him, he concluded that he owed Shelly something of a debt. He'd always fancied Fay and Shelly dumping him shook him out of his complacency. Fay was handling Shelly adroitly, laughing at her jokes and asked plenty of open questions. Whilst the synthetic nature of Fay's interest could be detected by Jack, Shelly was keen to chat animatedly.

Jack engaged his charming, if mischievous self, adding his own pithy observations and none of them could be described as genteel. Shelly lapped it up and Fay only encouraged the bawdier subjects of conversation. So-and-so is shagging someone; somebody was caught giving a blowjob in the club toilets to someone else.

Whilst Jack had done some growing up, it was clear that Shelly hadn't changed at all. She was still the same frothy, slightly air-headed ditzy provincial girl and despite her come-to-bed beauty, had one-dimensional superficiality was completely genuine.

Fay was certainly reciprocating Shelly's frothy banter and commenting on make-up, nails and hair when that threatened to dry up. Fay was engaging enough to draw out more of Shelly's character as they approached the completion of another bottle of Champagne. As Fay began to catch Shelly more and more off guard, Fay and Jack could pick up on Shelly flirting with her.

As Shelly recanted another piece of gossip, already six months old which was about someone that Jack might have gone out drinking with once, Shelly was trying hard not to repeat herself or forget anyone's name. To lubricate the conversation and to anesthetise Jack's undercurrent of irritation, Jack ordered another bottle of Champagne.

Looking to the clock over the bar, they had been in the Marshall for almost two hours and Jack smiled that considering the awkwardness of it; the evening was flying along nicely.

"Ok, ladies, nature calls," said Jack.

As Fay watched Jack disappear amongst the throng, she turned back to see Shelly looking over the crowd as she sipped at her Champagne. Fay smiled and sitting back into the booth, moved closer to Shelly. Shelly smiled with a mix of friendliness and apprehension in equal measure.

"Jack looks so happy." stated Shelly opening her gambit with Fay.

"Oh he is, he's so carefree in France," replied Fay in a measured tone to not rise to Shelly's bait. "He works hard and he's picked up the language well, better than me anyway." 

"And you? I guess you haven't done badly either," added Shelly, "he was always a catch." 

"I guess and not bad for the office bike heh?" asked Fay sardonically, leaning forward.

Fay wanted Shelly to look down her dress again, to see if she could catch her in the act of another surreptitious ogle of her breasts. As the alcohol had weakened Shelly's circumspection, Fay was not disappointed. As Shelly's eyes met Fay's, she watched a chasten look of embarrassment flush her face – she had been caught in the act.

"And?" asked Fay with a slight pause to indicate her indignation. "I have no white bits, I'm tanned and smooth."

Fay paused enjoying Shelly's discomfort.

"Smooth all over," added Fay quietly.

Shelly pondered on the image of Fay's naked body, she wanted to summon a look of genuine revulsion but instead managed only a faux half-hearted shake of the head.

"You always were a slut," added Shelly visibly smarting.

Fay's hand reached out to caress Shelly's knee, her fingertips softly caressed the inside of her thigh.

"You make it sound like a bad thing," replied Fay mockingly.

Shelly let out a expectant gasp.

"Would it surprise you to know that Jack approves and positively encourages me?" stated Fay calmly. "I find it hard to keep up with him, he has such stamina."

Shelly threw her a wounded look, affronted that the office slut had clearly brought bumbling, sexually fretful Jack out of his shell. Fay's fingers maintained their pressure on her sheer clad lower thigh.

"Well, you would know, you've had enough men," taunted Shelly in return.

"True, I would," returned Fay, "and when he fucked me that first time. He fucked me with the hunger of a man stuck in a long loveless marriage."

"And you'd know that too, I suppose." replied Shelly trying to deflect this line of conversation. "I heard you weren't fussy."

As Fay's fingers softly caressed her tender flesh, it was beginning to distract her with a nagging pleasure.

"You want to know the big difference between me and you?" asked Fay leaning closely in toward Shelly.

Shelly stopped, her new-found look of disgust melting into a look of puzzlement.

"At least I'm honest," whispered Fay, "I like sex and you clearly don't."

Fay's brazenness was unexpected and those words stung her. They stung in equal measure for the truth they were as much as a challenge to prove her wrong. The sublime tenderness of Fay's fingers paralysed Shelly's need to argue and admonish her. Shelly conjured thoughts of sharing her body with Fay and Jack.

"After all Shelly, you've had that big fat cock right?" retorted Fay asssertively, "Wouldn't you like to feel it now he knows what to do with it?" 

Shelly mumbled her answer, only a shake of her head conveyed any meaning.

"Of the men I've had, " added Fay, "Jack is the only man who really knows how to fuck." 

Fay fingertips continued their skilful caress inside Shelly's sheer-clad thigh. Shelly's composure was comprehensively unsettled, the abrasive nature of their conversation contrasted with the delicious friction she felt on her inner thigh.

"And what do you mean by that?" asked Shelly, her annoyance beginning to weaken.

"I mean that he can really fuck," asserted Fay in a moment of womanly intimacy, "y'know?"

The look on Shelly's face said it all - she didn't know.

"I can really fuck too," added Fay sensing Shelly's weakness, "boys and girls."

Fay finger-teasing glided seductively further up her thigh and it felt sublime to Shelly.

"Wouldn't you like to feel that cock in you again, only this time really giving it you?" asked Fay seductively.

Shelly was dumbstruck.

"Only this time, with my tongue sucking on your clit as you explode all over him," continued Fay knowing that her words were hitting their target.

It felt dangerous, Fay had been here before and that time, Shelly went home and masturbated herself to a crashing, deeply gratifying orgasm. When she saw Jack that night, she had to have him to absolve her of her guilt and enjoy a man's cock inside her. It was a profound disappointment..

Shelly's body no longer felt the regret of that moment. Fay was forcing proudly suppressed sensations to the fore. Her objections were melting and yet she clung to the fact that it was improper. Shelly tried in vain to feel anger from Fay's provocative words but she felt tremendous pleasure from her touch. Shelly felt exposed, betrayed by her body and yet she was still fighting the desire to yield to this more assertive, yet inferior, woman.

"How about it Shelly?" asked Fay.

It was wrong, Shelly thought, she wanted to fight it. Shelly looked at Fay's body in that deeply sensual dress; she wanted to relent to her and urgently. Shelly fidgeted away a little as Fay edged closer to her, her evocative scent completing Fay's seduction.

"You are not always so preoccupied with men are you?" whispered Fay. "You want me to take my hand away?"

Her body spoke for Shelly, the giddy sensations were overwhelming her and making her knees weaken. Fay sensed her opportunity moving her hand further up her leg. On seeing Shelly's eyes half-closed and her lips half-open; Fay smiled in victory.

"No, I didn't think so," added Fay with amusement, it was the answer to both her questions.

A small gasp left Shelly's pouting mouth, Fay watched as her breathing deepened. Her deep breathing crushed her breasts in her dress and it emboldened Fay to push her fingers further up her thigh.

"Please, don't," pleaded Shelly finally summoning words from the depths of her inner resolve.

Fay ignored her protest and looked into Shelly's eyes again with lustful intent. Fay watched as Shelly squeezed her eyes closed as her mouth opened sensually. Fay's fingers could feel the end of her stocking tops past the clammy smooth skin of her inner and touched the soft folds of her sex.

"No knickers too," added Fay as Shelly's mouth emitted another shallow gasp. "dirty bitch."

Using her fingertips, they splayed her fine pussy lips easily and Fay felt Shelly's wetness ease from her. As Fay watched Shelly's eyes open in surprise, she slid a single finger inside her unopposed.

"You like this don't you?" asked Fay rhetorically. "Admit it."

"No, please don't," pleaded Shelly again.

Fay smiled as Shelly's delicately bit her lower lip. Her cunt was hot and wet and her copious juices easily allowed Fay to slide two fingers into her as Shelly's hips betrayed her words.

"I mean it, don't, I don't want to," pleaded Shelly once more with an air of desperation.

This time, Fay leant in closer still as her fingers fully penetrated Shelly and in response, let out another airy gasp. She knew Fay was close enough to lean in and kiss her. Shelly's mind yielded, she wanted to kiss her and tell her what she wanted.

"I'm not going to stop," added Fay pausing as she forcefully fingered Shelly's cunt, "you like it don't you?"

Shelly nodded her head shamefully.

"Good," replied Fay, "not bad for the office slut huh?"

And with that, she impaled Shelly's cunt fully again and held them there. Whatever objections Shelly had, they melted completely.

"So, seeing as we've cleared that up," asked Fay enjoying Shelly's helpless situation, "perhaps you'd like to feel the new improved Jack inside you too?" .

Shelly let out a soft, quiet whimper oblivious to the sounds of the packed bar. Her only crumb of comfort at her sexuality so remorselessly exposed was the privacy of the table covering Fay's hand up her skirt.

"You want his fat rampant cock fucking you, don't you?" hissed Fay. "You want to feel that soreness that he leaves behind too, don't you?"

Shelly fought hard not to moan again and risk attracting attention.

"I want to see his seed leaking from you." added Fay. "I want to see your scarlet well fucked cunt when he's finished and eat it out of you."

The yearning look of need on Shelly's face was her final betrayal. Fay smiled sweetly at her quarry stuck firmly in her trap.

"Good," added Fay working hard to suppress her glee, "think of it as your reward for being my plaything tonight."

As Shelly squirmed a little, she looked up to lock eye contact with Fay to nod her head compliantly. Fay smiled and without warning withdrew her fingers. Returning to sit up straight and Fay rubbed Shelly's musky greasy arousal between her fingers. Shelly sat motionless, her legs still apart and looked lustfully at Fay for more attention.

Fay looked at her and laughed quietly.

"See? Me and you maybe aren't that different, are we?" asked Fay quietly, taking a sip from her Champagne glass.

A highly aroused and defeated Shelly shook her head, closing her legs slowly and adjusting her dress.

"Good. That gives me something to work with," added Fay.

"You're serious aren't you?" asked Shelly with concern.

Fay laughed this time, a commanding assertive laugh.

"Oh yes," nodded Fay. "what's more, you've wanted this for a long time, haven't you?"

Shelly let only a small gesture escape to reveal the tinge of shame she felt. Absently, she nodded only once to admit she wanted more, she craved more and Shelly knew that Fay would simply take it anyway.

"Good." replied Fay reaching for the bottle of Champagne refilling Shelly's glass. "Now, drink your champagne."

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